"The most effective measure of reducing vaccine hesitancy is informing parents of the overwhelming benefits of immunization"


Angela Capcelea,  UNICEF Moldova Health Officer, speaking at Radio Free Europețs morning show.

Between April 24 and 30 European Immunization Week is marked in the Republic of Moldova. On this occasion, UNICEF Moldova Health Officer, Angela Capcelea, spoke to Radio Free Europe journalists about the awareness of the benefits of immunization and how those who see vaccines as danger to their children's health can be informed about these benefits.

"The most effective measure is parents' confidence that they do the right thing for their children. Unfortunately, the level of vaccination in the Republic of Moldova has dropped significantly in the last 15 years. That's why I think the government is looking into how to raise the immunization rate. One measure is to raise awareness of the need to vaccinate children attending school. That would require informing parents of the benefits of vaccination, in addition to pointing out the serious consequences to which non-vaccination can lead," said Angela Capcelea, Health Officer at UNICEF Moldova

Asked about the quality of the vaccines that arrive in the Republic of Moldova and about their innocuousness, Angela Capcelea said:
"These are important questions to be asked and doctors need to be able to communicate the answers in an accessible manner. Currently, UNICEF has begun a training cycle to convey new scientific evidence on immunization to Moldovan specialists. The training also aims to provide doctors with the communication skills required to convey efficiently the comprehensive evidence on the benefits of vaccination. We hope that these trainings and these learning and communication models will be of great aid for doctors and parents alike."

We remind that vaccines save around 2-3 million deaths globally. In the Republic of Moldova, as a result of vaccination, successes have been achieved in the prevention of 12 preventable diseases, with tuberculosis, polio, diphtheria and tetanus among them.



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