08 May 2022

Regional High-Level Meeting on young people

Meeting outcomes, Young people address challenges and explore opportunities of transition from learning to employment in the Middle East and North Africa/Arab States region, Home to the highest rates of unemployed youth in the world, the region needs to create more than 33.3 million new jobs by 2030 “While children and young people make up almost half of the population, the Middle East and North Africa/ Arab States Region is home to the highest rates of youth unemployment in the world. Current education systems and…, You can follow the event virtually on our different social media platforms., The Sessions, 23 May - 09.45-11.20 | Opening Session,    JOIN SESSION, 23 May - 11.20-12.20 | Youth-led plenary “Our Reality”, The meaningful engagement and participation of young people in the conceptualization, design, preparation, delivery, and follow-up to the High-Level Meeting was identified as a key determinant of success for this event. Young people across the region were engaged in a Youth Advisory Board and led several thematic roundtables to identify key…, 23 May - 13.30-15.00 | Parallel Thematic session 1.1 “Young People develop the Market-Relevant Skills for Work and Life, with focus on the most vulnerable”, Education and training systems across the region are often constrained by outdated pedagogy, learning techniques and examination practices, and are not aligned with contemporary realities and labour market requirements. Traditional teacher-centred and knowledge-based approaches are failing to develop the skills that are essential for lifelong…, 23 May - 13.30-15.00 | Parallel Thematic session 1.2 "Future of work: realizing young people’s full potential", The future of work (FoW) is being shaped by four main megatrends: globalization, technology, demography, and climate change. Each of these trends brings about new opportunities for the region’s labour markets but also new challenges in terms of the new and emerging modes of work. This session aims to identify the sectors and jobs that are most…, 23 May - 15.30-17.00 | Parallel Thematic session 2.1 Young People are connected with Multiple Pathways of Learning, with focus on those left furthest behind, Education and training systems across the region aggravate inequalities, with almost 1/5 of young people dropping out of school before finalizing lower-secondary education, and even more than 1/3 of young people leaving formal schooling before graduating upper-secondary education. Ensuring continuity of learning and preparation for life and work,…, 23 May - 15.30-17.00 | Parallel Thematic session 2.2 Young women and men leading social enterprises to address developmental challenges, The session addresses the role of social entrepreneurship for youth and their societies. Issues such as access to finance, lack of skills, access to market and legislative/administrative barriers are critical challenges for youth, especially women, to create social impact and start their social enterprises. The session brings together relevant…, 24 May - 9.15- 10.45 | Opening plenary Day 2 “The Power of Partnerships”, This session is designed to profile and inspire public-private-youth partnerships which support responding to and addressing key bottlenecks in the transition of young people in MENA from Learning to Earning. This session will inspire the audience to seek partnership approaches with UN agencies, national governments, private sector, civil society…, 24 May 11.00-12.30 | Parallel Thematic session 3.1: Connecting young women and men with decent jobs: Building systems and improving practices, Youth across the region have been struggling with difficult and delayed transitions from learning to decent work for many decades, with young people three times more likely to be unemployed than adults, with young women 40% more likely not to be in employment, education or training. Their search for decent work often lasts years, giving rise to…, 24 May - 11.00-12.30 | Parallel Thematic session 3.2 Entrepreneurship as a Livelihood for young people, Driven by increasing awareness of the need to address fragile livelihoods against a changing environment, and the potential capacity of entrepreneurship in reducing unemployment, countries across the region have paid increasing attention to skilling youth, better engaging the private sector; building entrepreneurial and life skills; accommodating…, 24 May - 13.30-14.30 | Youth-led plenary “Connecting with Young People”, The session will focus on the challenges of some of the most vulnerable young people and familiarize delegates with the challenges of those furthest behind through young people’s personal stories. It will show the creativity and ingenuity young people have employed to overcome their challenges. JOIN SESSION, 24 May 14.30-15.30 | Community session Refugee Youth as changemakers, A session dedicated to discussing the specific challenges that young refugees face in the transition from learning to earning, as well as some of the responses and solutions that have been put in place, specifically based on the experiences from the No Lost Generation (NLG) and PROSPECTS initiatives. After a short introduction, the core of the…, 24 May - 14.30-15.30 | Community session Volunteering & Service learning, Volunteerism plays a fundamental role in promoting peace and development and the value-based work of more than 800 million people volunteering worldwide paves the way for more equal and inclusive societies as well as for positive social impact across any number of sectors – from child protection to climate resilience to pandemic response. For…, 24 May - 14.30-15.30 | Community session Just Opportunities for Girls and young women, The objective of this session is to bring participants into a reflection on how to break the gender barriers for females transition from learning to earning. In doing so, the session will bring attention to key issues regarding female transition into the workforce, but these structural inequalities will be discussed with a solution-oriented…, 24 May - 14.30-15.30 | Community session Green jobs and skills, The shift to a green economy is increasing the pace of change in labour markets and skills needs. Economies moving towards greener production can seize the potential for job creation if they deal effectively with the coming structural change and transformation of existing jobs. While few new occupations emerge in the transition to greener work,…, 24 May - 16.00-17.15 | Closing plenary,     JOIN SESSION Youth at the Meshawary programme, Resources, L2E Website Cover Design, Regional High-Level Meeting, on Young People's Learning, Skilling and Transition to Decent Work JOIN US LIVE