When you are educated, you guide the next generation to enlightenment

Good education for a bright future

Marco Carraro
03 January 2022

“Learning new things with my classmates is so much fun!” exclaims Lujain, 10, from outside her grade 3 classroom.  Holding onto her rucksack handles with a smile beaming from ear-to-ear, Lujain prepares herself for her first day back at school.

For children in Za’atari Refugee Camp, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought about unprecedented changes to their daily lives and in particular a disruption to their learning. On 15 March 2020, the Government of Jordan closed all schools, kindergartens and universities, impacting 2.37 million learners. For children, such as Lujain, the risks of being unable to access education are all too great, with many being vulnerable to child labour and child marriage.

Lujain, 10, grade 3 gets ready to enter her classroom in a school in Za’atari Refugee Camp in Jordan.

With the generous support of the EU Madad Trust Fund, during the school closures, UNICEF supported children with remote learning options to continue their education away from the classroom. This included sending educational materials via messaging services and providing other blended learning opportunities such as through the Learning Bridges programme. 

For Lujain, however, like many students, in-person learning was sorely missed. Not having a teacher to explain things one-on-one created some challenges. Now Lujain is back at school she can fully engage herself in developing her passions and realizing what the future holds for her.

“I want to become a vet, an animal doctor. I feel sad when I see a sick animal and I feel bad if I see animals die. So, I want to save all animals!" 



I like going to school because it gives us a chance for the future. I know it’s hard work to study, but it’s worth a try!”

Leena, 16 years, grade 10.

Leena, 16, stands outside of her Grade 10 classroom  with her schoolbooks, ready to be back in school.

Like Lujain, Leena also prefers in person learning as it provides her with the opportunity to discuss different concepts in detail in order to gain a deeper understanding of what she is learning.

“The support we received during the closures and now has been great, but I wished we had more,” explains Lujain. “It’s extremely frustrating to know that I may not get a scholarship and not be able to afford to go to university”.

Leena is currently excelling in Arabic and Chemistry. While Arabic is her favourite subject, Chemistry has really taken her interest and has opened up to her the possibility of a new career pathway.

“Learning all about the periodic table and all of the elements just fascinates me,” says Leena. “My dream when I grow up is to work in a test laboratory. I visited a university recently and saw these students studying in labs, I was fascinated by it.”

For girls like Leena and Lujain, education is transformative. They understand that by having a good education, a bright future is more likely despite the difficult circumstances in which they are living currently.

“Education is a must because when you are educated, you guide the next generation to enlightenment.” - Leena

Thanks to generous support from the European Union MADAD Trust Fund, UNICEF continues to reach the most vulnerable boys and girls in Jordan with educational services.