Water is essential for life

"The most important thing for a mother is the health of her children"

Krman Kamal
A family portrait from Duhok, Iraq.
UNICEF Iraq/2017/Anmar
26 February 2018

In 2013, Yousif and Hajar with their six children fled from Syria and came to Domiz camp. They faced many challenges, such as not having a place to stay in and not having a job to support them financially. Domiz was a new place for them, and there was little aid available.

“Now we have almost everything to survive, and we thank everyone who contributed in providing water for us. Water is essential for life. We can’t live without it.” Yousif said.

Domiz Camp in Iraq
UNICEF Iraq/2017/Anmar
WASH activities in Domiz Camp are funded by the United States Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration.

With funds from the United States Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration, UNICEF provides targeted support focusing on water, sanitation, and hygiene for more than 5,000 refugees that live in Domiz camp.

A girl standing in her kitchen
UNICEF Iraq/2017/Anmar
Hajar is using the provided water for cooking.

The most important thing for a mother is the health of her children. When I see my children drinking clean water, I am confident that they won’t get any diseases,


UNICEF and partners ensure that the water is safe for drinking and all domestic chores. The continued donations are essential for maintaining the water infrastructure and regular quality testing.

A girl standing in her laundry room
©UNICEF Iraq/2017/Anmar
Hajar uses the water for many household chores.

The safe, clean supply of water makes Hajar’s life a lot easier especially doing laundry for a family with six children.

Yousef and his children
UNICEF Iraq/2017/Anmar
Yousif spends good time with his children.

Yousif, the proud father of the family, came from a humble background. He could not finish his education as he needed to work to support his parents. He has higher dreams for his children. Although the future life of Yousif and his family is uncertain, he is doing his best to make sure his children finish their education, because he thinks that with education his children will have better opportunities in their life.