On May 16, 2023, Sondus Falah Ali, 16 years old, poses for a portrait inside an informal educational center run by UNICEFs and TdH in Talafar district, Ninewa governorate. "We had to leave our homes. I have not attended school for the last 4 years." I´m feeling good here as I can achieve my dreams. I just want to be independent and become a doctor. The community will not allow me to keep my education. I want to put an end to this circle and prove to them that I can finish my education. I was just thinking a
UNICEF/ IRAQ/Ibarra Sánchez

From Survival To Development

UNICEF and the EU are working together to support the Government of Iraq in reaching children and adolescents with the aim to identify out-of-school children and modalities for their return to school.

Alix Reboul-Salze
02 June 2023