Yemen Humanitarian Situation Report

April 2017

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  • A resurgence of the cholera outbreak was reported during the final week of April with over 14,000 suspected cases in 18 governorates. Currently, more than 24 million people are at risk. Health, WASH and C4D partners, including UNICEF, have revised and scaled up an integrated operational plan for the next six months to control the outbreak, prevent further spread, and minimize the risk of recurrence
  • In April, 154,325 children from 6 to 59 months were screened for acute malnutrition through routine nutrition services; of these, 18,596 children were treated for SAM and 20 were referred by UNICEF mobile teams to inpatient treatment programmes due to medical complications.
  • UNICEF and WHO are supporting the Tetanus vaccination round. Led by the Ministry of Public Health and Population, this round is targeting 0.5 million girls and women from 15 to 49 years of age, across eight governorates.
  • Through an agreement between Yemen Executive Mine Action Center and the Ministry of Education -with UNICEF support - 127 teachers have been trained to conduct Mine Risk Education activities in 35 schools in Amanat Al Asimah and Sana’a governorates.
  • By the end of April, UNICEF’s funding gap stands at 60 per cent, at least US$141.7 million are required to provide urgent assistance including nutrition, health, WASH, education and protection services, reaching almost 10 million children and their families


Situation in Numbers 


9.6 million children affected out of 18.8 million people affected

1.6 million children internally displaced (IDPs) and returnees out of 2.9 million IDPs and returnees (Task Force on Population Movement 14th report, Protection Cluster, May 2017)

462,000 children under 5 suffering Severe Acute Malnutrition (SAM)

14.5 million people in need of WASH assistance

14.8 million people in need of basic health care


UNICEF Appeal 2017

US$236.6 million

2017 Funds available

US$94.8 million 

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