UNICEF Whole of Syria Humanitarian Situation Report, 31 October 2021

1 to 31 October 2021

UNICEF staff member talks to families after receiving their new winter clothing kits distributed by UNICEF in Roj camp, northeastern Syria.


From the start of the COVID-19 pandemic to 31 October 2021, 166,848 cases of COVID-19 including 5,726 deaths have been confirmed across the whole of Syria. From when schools reopened on 5 September to 28 October, 1,740 COVID-19 cases have been identified among teachers and students. A lockdown in Tabqqa District, Ar-Raqqa has closed schools for 50,000 children as well as 2,000 students supported by UNICEF with nonformal education. It is believed that the fourth wave, which began in August 2021, may be in decline as of the last week of October.

An attack on Ariha in Idleb Governorate killed 10 civilians including four children who were on their way to school. More than 20 civilians were injured. The UNICEF Regional Director released a statement on these deaths. The statement noted that the numbers of children injured and killed in Syria continue to increase.

In 2021, UNICEF requires $334,430,070 to provide lifesaving assistance to 9.1 million people (including 5.5 million children) across Syria according to the Humanitarian Action for Children. $216,610,938 is currently available, with a $118,048,340 (35 per cent) gap.


UNICEF Whole of Syria Humanitarian Situation Report - October 2021 Cover
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