UNICEF MENA CoViD-19 Situation Report No.2

1-15 April 2020



  • In Yemen, the first case of COVID-19 was reported in the Hadramaut Governorate. UNICEF is supporting authorities to establish WASH facilities in 49 quarantine and 10 isolation centers, in six governorates. 10,000 Yemeni returnees and migrants received hygiene kits. 
  • UNICEF increased its digital and online activities through various social media platforms, including WhatsApp and mobile networks. Using two-way communication channels such as Interactive digital social media engagements and Interactive radio platforms, UNICEF reached and engaged with more than 34 million users. 
  • UNICEF is providing critical medical and WASH supplies in 10 out of 20 countries in the region. More than 1.5 million units were procured. 
  • In 11 countries, UNICEF is supporting plans for the reopening of schools, including disinfection, procuring hygiene supplies, developing safe school guidelines, or preparing catch-up education strategies. 
  • In a positive development, eight Governments are starting to put in place measures to release children from places of detention. Challenges remain to support their reintegration given reduced social services. 
  • UNICEF is engaging with the World Bank to support Governments in expanding social cash transfers for vulnerable families and children, WASH and Education. In Jordan, the Government will receive temporary financial support for cash transfers for 300,000 households. 
  • UNICEF MENA Regional Office gathered 21 mobile operators from 15 countries to accelerate work on RCCE, facilitate distant learning, and support the delivery of cash transfers. 
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