UNICEF Libya Flash Update: Western Libya Response

Humanitarian Situation Overview


1.5 million people are affected of which 500,000 are children.

40,000 people have been displaced.

  • UNICEF calls on all the member states with influence to continue advocating for the belligerent parties to adhere to the International Humanitarian Law and refrain from committing child rights violations, including recruitment or any association of them to the armed groups.
  • UNICEF is concerned by the use of explosive weapons in highly inhabited areas and call on all parties to the conflict to protect the civilian infrastructure such as water and sanitation installations, schools, medical facilities, humanitarian warehouses, power stations and others.
  • The aid-workers and health personnel should be protected by belligerent parties at all times and should not be targeted in any way. The aid workers should have unrestrained access to the affected girls and boys and their families.
  • UNICEF calls on the authorities to refrain from using schools to host internally displaced families as alternative options should be sought.
  • UNICEF calls on the authorities to end the detention of children and find child-friendly alternatives.
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