Reform of social protection in Egypt

Takaful and Karama Programme (TKP) A pro-women programme


Conclusion and the way forward

The key feature of TKP is that it is not just a cash transfer programme targeted to extremely poor households, but it can be a core for the country social protection system. In 2017, TKP facilitated the integration of some social protection interventions/services in place to help the most vulnerable groups, those components used TKP database as a way to identify the vulnerable population. An example is that TKP contributed to a National Health Insurance Scheme, providing free health insurance to priority groups including children, pregnant women, the elderly and disabled, and extremely poor families.

To support systems for the long-term reform, the Government has launched a Unified National Registry (UNR) initiative, led by the Ministry of Planning and Administrative Reform (MoPAR). The objective of the UNR is to establish a national database platform to support the consolidation of SSN programmes and facilitate coordinated targeting and delivery mechanisms. The UNR initiative has already made some progress toward linking the Family Smart Card (food subsidy) and social security databases through the national ID. The completion of this mission will help to filter out those ineligible beneficiaries and assign a welfare ranking for all those registered based on asset ownership and consumption trends.

The government vision is to institutionalise the programme by integrating Daman with TKP. The plan is to have only (400,000) beneficiaries under Daman by end of 2018, a majority of those shifted beneficiaries will be persons with disability (800,000), who will be assessed and will be added to TKP if they are eligible. Overall, building on the success of the programme for the upcoming years is of paramount importance not only for its success but most importantly to the reform of the social protection system and for establishing a model which links social protection and social services (including TKP) to the (UNR) data.

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