North East Syria Response Situation Report #8

20 October 2019

People filling water buckets from a truck

  • Three days after it was negotiated and announced, the 17 October ceasefire for north-eastern Syria remains fragile. Breaches have been reported by both sides, particularly in Ras al-Ain. There also are differing interpretations of the extent of the area covered under the US/Turkey agreement.
  • Official reports shared by UN OCHA give the displacement figures as being at least 165,000 people including an estimated 70,000 children. Of those displaced, around 8,000 people are being hosted in 48 collective shelters across eight sub-districts of Al-Hassakeh Governorate, with one known collective shelter in Al Raqqa governorate (though partners are still collecting additional information). The majority are residing in surrounding host communities.
  • On 19 October, after successful deconfliction facilitated by UN OCHA, the Syrian Arab Red Cross (SARC) with a local technical team were able to reach the Allok Pumping Station. Fuel provided by UNICEF (16,000 litres) was delivered and the team conducted light maintenance to the existing three generators and tested them to check their capacity and readiness as a backup, should there be power outage to the station. 
  • With recent access to Ain Alarab Town through the Aleppo Directorate of Health (DoH), UNICEF has supported supplies for a vaccinations campaign in the location. Over a three-day period, the DoH has reached 5,133 children under 5 years with Polio vaccination and 40 children under one year with routine immunization: the campaign is on-going to reach the largest possible number of children in the area.
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