North East Syria Response Situation Report #7

17 October 2019

People filling water buckets from a truck


  • Late on 17 October it was announced that the United States and Turkey had reached an agreement for Turkey to suspend military operations in northeast Syria (NES) for 120 hours. The YPG will be expected to withdraw from the Turkey-defined “safe zone”, approximately 32 kilometres deep. Should this YPG withdrawal be confirmed, Turkey will commit to a permanent cease-fire and the United States will lift sanctions imposed last Monday against Turkey. 

  • Over 1,000 refugees reportedly received in Iraq from NES. Most have been sent to Bardarash camp where they are being provided with basic support.

  • On 17 October, OCHA released the first IDP report, based on partners’ assessments, with details of the current location of 161,813 people (32,031 households) hosted in communities and in collectives shelters across the NES region. The vast majority is hosted in communities.

  • Despite ongoing UNICEF and partner response, the needs across the region remain significant, stretching existing capacities. The response plan to meet the potential needs of 500,000 people in the NES over the next 3 months has been finalized, with analysis of needed resources and supplies. The response plan is undergoing a final review and will be cleared on Monday.

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