North East Syria Response Situation Report #4

14 October 2019

families in the back of a truck


  • On 13 October, the Kurdish Self Administration (KSA)/SDF announced an agreement with the Government of Syria (GoS). According to the agreement the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) would deploy along the entire length of the border with Turkey. This deployment is aimed to assist the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in countering the Turkish forces. As a direct result of this agreement, the SAA was deployed to Al-Tabqa and Ain Issa towns in rural Raqqa and established a presence in Tal Tamer in rural Hasakeh
  • Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has signalled that Turkish troops and their Syrian opposition allies are ready to launch an assault on the Syrian-Kurdish held city of Manbij. Erdogan told reporters on 14 October “We are about to implement our decision on Manbij.”
  • After the deployment of SAA in Tel Tamer and surrounding areas, some cross-border WASH partners have reportedly evacuated international staff and suspended their activities including water trucking to eight locations. Total water trucking volume which has now been suspended was 45m3 per day, intended for 2,500 people. UNICEF will begin trucking water on 15 October to meet the gap in these locations. 
  • A polio campaign started on 13 October in accessible camps and the collective shelters in Hasakeh City through the Directorate of Health.
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