North East Syria Response Situation Report #3

13 October 2019

a child walking next to his mother

  • On 12 October, Turkish Armed forces reportedly took control of Ras al-Ain and surrounding suburbs/outskirts of both Tell Abiad and Ras al-Ain cities. Some reports mentioned that some 15 villages in rural Tell Abiad, north rural Ar-Raqqa, were now under Turkish control. Ein-Issa camp and city are now also reportedly under Turkish control.
  • UNICEF and other partners are supporting response efforts at the 33 collective shelters identified in Ar-Raqqa (1 shelter), Al-Hasakeh (14 shelters), and Al Tamr (18 shelters) cities. 
  • Households (5,033 people) who relocated from Mabrouka to the new site in Areesha camp, have been provided with safe drinking water (total 75 cubic metres per day) and 52 latrine units (each unit 4 latrines). UNICEF is also supporting desludging of the sewage system via partners.
  • It has been reported that one of the electric lines supplying Allouk water pumping station was damaged on 13 October. It is anticipated that SARC and ICRC will move on site on 14 October to repair the damage. It is unclear whether the damage has been caused by the current hostilities on-going around the area or by structural damage.
  • Water in five out of 10 boreholes in Al-Hassakeh City has been found to be contaminated. UNICEF has requested partners to conduct water quality testing to determine remedial actions.
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