Multi-country review on the state of the social service workforce

in the Middle East and North Africa Region

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The purpose of the Multi-Country Review of the State of the Social Service Workforce in the Middle East and North Africa Region was to create and analyse a baseline of information and data on

the status of the SSW in eight countries in the region: Djibouti, Iran, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine, Sudan and Tunisia. The aim is to guide and assist country-level action plans to strengthen the SSW. The review was designed to highlight unique aspects of each country’s workforce, identify common challenges or trends, and suggest evidence-based strategies that countries could consider when developing their country-level action plans. It was expected that the review would ultimately help address the question of whether governments currently have the capacity to address the needs of vulnerable children and families with the existing SSW, and if not, what strategies, approaches and resources would be needed to fill the gaps.

Specific objectives of the multi-country review of the SSW were to:

  • Provide a basic overview of the context for workforce strengthening, including supportive legislation and policies, financial resources, information management systems, availability of different levels of education and training, including field placements, existence and role of professional associations, and the existence and authority of regulatory bodies that establish licensing, standards and/or a professional code of ethics;
  • Provide data (where possible) at the national and sub-national levels on the workforce itself, including numbers of workers by cadre and employer, their roles and functions, and vacancy rates;
  • Assess workers’ perceptions of challenges and opportunities, including work environment, supervision, job satisfaction, ongoing professional development, career paths and aspirations and their recommendations for improvements; and Identify implications for SSW strengthening based on national and regional analyses.
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