State of Palestine Humanitarian Situation Report No. 9 (Escalation), 06 December 2023


  • 1.9 million people are displaced. Hostilities resumed after the humanitarian pause. Humanitarian and physical space is severely shrinking.

  • Two months into the escalation of hostilities, 17,177 Palestinians have reportedly been killed and more than 46,000 injured, as well as 1,200 Israelis and foreign nationals killed, and more than 7,500 injured. The impact of children is tremendous and severe with more than 5,350 children reported killed and 8,663 children injured.

  • In the occupied West Bank since 7 October, at least 69 children have been reported killed in conflict-related violence in the past eight weeks, nearly double the number of children killed in all of 2022.

  • The humanitarian pause ended on 1 December, increasing the challenges for UNICEF to deliver safely humanitarian aid. While aid is slowly entering Gaza, it is not enough, and the needs are immense. In addition, challenges continue to be linked to insecurity and logistics bottlenecks.

  • UNICEF distributed in the past week 660,000 litres of lifesaving bottled water in the north of the Gaza Strip, benefitting over 220,000 people.

  • Through national partners, UNICEF expanded child health services in the 20 shelters in North Gaza in the past week. Over 16,000 of the 71,000 IDPs residing in these shelters received primary health care services.

  • UNICEF delivered 50,000 blankets to shelters in the reporting period.

  • UNICEF reached with multipurpose cash assistance nearly 310,000 people (40,500 families, including 145,000 children, 14,400 people with disabilities, and 9,900 female-headed households).

  • UNICEF sent 48 trucks into Gaza in the past week with 319,000 diapers to benefit over 106,000 children; 165,000 jerry cans; bottled water to serve over 11,000 people for seven days, and tents for 1,320 people.

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