Request for proposals

UNICEF, UNHCR, & WFP (LOUISE Agencies) Joint Request for Proposal for the establishment of Call Center(s) I.


The LOUISE Agencies; UNICEF, UNHCR and WFP would like to invite you to a pre-bid meeting for tender # LRPS-2020-9164380-  LOUISE Call Center.


Meeting schedule: Friday 22 January 2021 - 2:00pm.    

Link: Teams


This meeting intends to provide more clarification about the scope of work needed and to answer queries you might have for a proper and compliant submission.


Please confirm your attendance by replying to and



UNICEF, UNHCR, and WFP (hereinafter referred to collectively as “LOUISE agencies”) are humanitarian and/or development actors providing assistance to vulnerable populations in Lebanon. The agencies have a common delivery mechanism for cash and voucher assistance through a common card, also known as the Lebanon One Unified Inter-Organizational System for e-cards (LOUISE). Other programs and responses developed by each agency, are channeled through different delivery mechanisms outside of the LOUISE common card.
Communication with Communities (CwC) and Accountability to Affected Populations is an essential component of any humanitarian and development operation. LOUISE agencies are working to ensure that vulnerable populations not only have the right to participate in making decisions that affect their lives, but also receive the information required for their protection, and have access to life-saving services and support.

UNICEF, on behalf of LOUISE Agencies, will lead the tendering process to select a Service Provider to establish reliable call center(s) to provide UNICEF, UNHCR, and WFP beneficiaries with points of contact for their questions, concerns, and grievances. The awarded contract is for an initial period of 2 years with an option to extend for a maximum of 1 year (resulting in a total term of up to 3 years), upon delivery of satisfactory services to LOUISE Agencies and their beneficiaries, and at the discretion of the agencies. LOUISE agencies are launching a common RFP in the interest of combining efforts and resources to enhance the quality and efficiency of the service to be provided through a joint contractual agreement.

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