Copy of State of Palestine Humanitarian Situation Report No. 7 (Escalation), 24 November 2023


  • In the Gaza Strip, since 7 October, there have been over 115 Palestinan children reported killed each day. Children account for forty per cent of the deaths, which is unprecedented. The number of Palestinian children killed was reported to exceed 5,350.
  • WHO reports 335 attacks on health care facilities between 7 October and 20 November, including 164 attacks in the Gaza Strip and 171 attacks in the West Bank. The hospital bed capacity in Gaza has gone down from 3,500 beds before 7 October to 1,400 beds, leaving critical gaps for patients with injuries and illnesses.
  • UNICEF was part of the inter-agency mission to relocate 31 infants from Al Shifa hospital on Sunday, 19 November.
  • UNICEF delivered medical supplies to one hospital in Khan Younis within the past week, including Interagency Emergency Health Kits (IEHK) for medicines and basic supplies, in addition to other medical consumables, benefitting at least 100,000 people for 3 months.
  • In anticipation of the humanitarian pause, UNICEF has scaled up operations with additional teams on the ground and supplies ready to go into Gaza.

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