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Life-saving supplies reach children and families in conflict-affected Aleppo
AMMAN/DAMASCUS/GENEVA/NEW YORK, 23 July 2013 – UNICEF and partners have just completed delivery of life-saving supplies to the embattled city of Aleppo in north-western Syria.

In Turkey, teachers learn how to work better with their Syrian refugee pupils
ISKENDERUN, Turkey, 11 July 2013 – In a large training room, an instructor asks a group of 200 people to hold a chickpea in their palms and to imagine that it is a tree.

In Domiz refugee camp, Iraq, a Syrian family makes the best of a terrible situation
DOMIZ CAMP, Iraq, 5 July 2013 – “In Syria,” Mahmoud said, his eyes watering with the memory, “we lived like kings and queens.” And then he fell silent.

Embracing the everyday, dreaming of the future
ZA’ATARI CAMP, Jordan, 3 July 2013 – As the sun rises upon the vast desert surrounding Za’atari camp, people wake to another intensely hot summer day. It is the second-largest refugee camp in the world, and for the 120,000 Syrians living here, it is a place to call home – at least for now.

Protecting children, in Domiz refugee camp, Iraq
DOMIZ CAMP, Iraq, 27 June 2013 – You drive over the mountains that surround Dohuk City, and Domiz refugee camp opens up before you – a community of 45,000 people that wasn’t there just a year ago.

Campaign to prevent disease as temperatures rise at Za’atari refugee camp, Jordan

AMMAN, Jordan, 24 June 2013 – The sweat running down Mohamed’s face reflects the intense summer sun that has descended on Jordan’s vast Za’atari refugee camp.

Summer heat adds to perils facing children of Syria
AMMAN, 21 June 2013 – Soaring summer temperatures, overcrowding and worsening hygiene are the latest threats facing some 4 million children affected by the ongoing conflict in Syria, UNICEF said today.

European Commission grants additional €5 million to UNICEF’s Syria crisis response
Amman/Damascus/Brussels, 19 June 2013 – UNICEF’s response to the Syria crisis received a new financial boost recently, with a new €5 million donation from the European Commission Humanitarian Aid Department (ECHO).

UN agencies and partners launch largest ever humanitarian appeal for Syrians: US$4.4 billion
GENEVA, 7 June 2013 – Millions of ordinary men, women and children are bearing the brunt of the brutal conflict in Syria, said Emergency Relief Coordinator, Valerie Amos and High Commissioner for Refugees, Antonio Guterres, as they appealed today for an additional US$3.1 billion to meet growing humanitarian needs in Syria and among refugees in the surrounding region this year. The total requirements for the entire year 2013 are $4.4 billion.

Statement by Ted Chaiban, UNICEF Director of Emergencies, at the launch of new UN appeals for Syria
GENEVA, 7 June 2013 – “The Syria conflict is one of the gravest crises facing children anywhere in the world today. Four million children’s lives have been devastated and an entire generation is at risk.

A perilous journey to school through Homs, Syrian Arab Rebublic
HOMS, Syrian Arab Republic, 5 June 2013 – The more than two-year conflict in Syria has long made it difficult to drop my children off at school. But, I never imagined that, one day, all the roads except one would be closed – and that it could keep my daughter from completing ninth grade. We had come too far to let that happen.

UNICEF concerned about reports of children trapped in Qusayr
DAMASCUS/AMMAN/GENEVA, 21 May 2013 – UNICEF is extremely concerned about the safety of civilians in the embattled city of Qusayr in Syria and fears that thousands of children and women could be trapped there by fighting.

UNICEF reaches some of the heaviest conflict areas in Syria
DAMASCUS/AMMAN/GENEVA, 17 May 2013 – Despite heavy fighting, UNICEF and partners have provided life-saving supplies over the last week to some of the hardest to reach areas in Syria, including Aleppo and Al Houla, as well as children and women who fled recent violence in Al Bayda and Baniyas.

Statement on Syria by Maria Calivis, UNICEF Regional Director for the Middle East and North Africa
AMMAN, May 5, 2013 – “UNICEF is appalled and outraged by the latest reported killings in Al Bayda and Baniyas.

Mass vaccination campaigns in Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq and Turkey amid measles outbreaks
AMMAN / GENEVA, 30 April 2013 – UNICEF and partners have stepped up vaccination campaigns in Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq and Turkey amid a number of measles outbreaks in a region already struggling to provide humanitarian assistance to millions of people affected by the Syrian crisis.

UNICEF: Emergency supplies for women and children reach Aleppo and Homs
DAMASCUS/AMMAN, 19 April 2013 – UNICEF and partners have just completed delivery of life-saving humanitarian assistance to the difficult to reach embattled northern city of Aleppo, while a separate mission this week brought much needed emergency supplies for children and women in Talbiseh near Homs, one of the hardest hit conflict areas in Syria.

Mass measles and polio immunization campaign starts in Jordan
AMMAN, 17 April 2013 – Amid rising concern over the risk of disease outbreaks, a mass vaccination campaign has been launched at Za’atari refugee camp, where over 100,000 refugees currently live in overcrowded conditions.

UNICEF thanks Kuwait for US$53 million in urgent assistance to the children of Syria
NEW YORK, 16 April 2013 – UNICEF today welcomed the Government of Kuwait's contribution of US$53 million that will serve as an urgently needed lifeline for millions of Syrian children.

Appeal by heads of leading UN humanitarian agencies for the people of Syria
Joint Statement - We, leaders of UN agencies charged with dealing with the human costs of this tragedy, appeal to political leaders involved to meet their responsibility to the people of Syria and to the future of the region.

Painful choices - funding gap threatens refugee response in Lebanon
BEIRUT, 9 April 2013 - The UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) and partner UN agencies and NGOs today warned that lack of funding is forcing to cut basic programmes and humanitarian assistance for Syrian refugees in Lebanon.

British Royals see how UNICEF makes a difference to Syrian children’s lives in Jordan
AMMAN, 13 March 2013 – In the week marking two years since the crisis in Syria began, the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall visited a refugee camp in Jordan and met families who have fled the fighting.

A generation of Syrian children at risk as conflict enters third year - UNICEF
AMMAN/GENEVA/NEW YORK, 12 March 2013 – The unrelenting violence, massive population displacement, and damage to infrastructure and essential services caused by the Syrian conflict risk leaving an entire generation of children scarred for life, according to a UNICEF report issued today.

Syria conflict depriving hundreds of thousands of children of their education
AMMAN/DAMASCUS, 5 March 2013 – Almost two years into the Syria crisis, the escalating level of violence is threatening the education of hundreds of thousands of children, a UNICEF assessment says.

Water, hygiene and sanitation severely disrupted by conflict in Syria, says UNICEF
DAMASCUS/AMMAN, 8 February 2013 – Syrian children are at increased risk of disease because of the severe disruption of services, damage done to water and sanitation systems and a lack of access to basic hygiene during the nearly two-year conflict, UNICEF said today.

UNICEF begins delivery of water treatment supplies for 10 million people in Syria
AMMAN, 4 February 2013 – A large-scale operation is under way in Syria to secure safe water supplies for more than 10 million people – close to half the population, UNICEF said today.

Syria: Some 210,000 children in Homs need urgent humanitarian assistance, UNICEF says following UN mission
GENEVA/AMMAN, 1 February 2013 – A United Nations joint mission to the western Syrian governorate of Homs has found that 420,000 people, half of whom are children, need immediate humanitarian assistance.

UN Emergency Directors shocked by appalling plight of people in Syria
BEIRUT, 22 January 2013 - OCHA Operations Director John Ging and Emergency Directors from six other UN humanitarian agencies spoke today of what they...


Life-saving supplies reach children and families in conflict-affected Aleppo

Summer heat adds to perils facing children of Syria



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