On May 16, 2023, Sondus Falah Ali, 16 years old, poses for a portrait inside an informal educational center run by UNICEFs and TdH in Talafar district, Ninewa governorate. "We had to leave our homes. I have not attended school for the last 4 years." I´m feeling good here as I can achieve my dreams. I just want to be independent and become a doctor. The community will not allow me to keep my education. I want to put an end to this circle and prove to them that I can finish my education. I was just thinking a
UNICEF/ IRAQ/Ibarra Sánchez

من النجاة إلى التطور

تعمل اليونيسف والاتحاد الأوروبي معًا لدعم حكومة العراق في الوصول إلى الأطفال واليافعين بهدف تحديد الأطفال خارج المدارس وايجاد طرق لعودتهم إلى التعليم.

Alix Reboul-Salze
02 حزيران / يونيو 2023