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   معاناة أطفال سوريا في الحضيض بعد ستّ سنوات من النّزاع


  Hitting Rock Bottom: Children's suffering in Syria at its worst.

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   Progress for children with equity in MENA

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It has been one year since world leaders committed to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a global agenda to improve the lives of all people, particularly the poorest, by 2030. This ambitious global agenda addresses a range of social rights including education, health and social protection. Building on their global commitments, countries must take ownership and establish national frameworks for these goals, including putting appropriate data systems in place for tracking and measuring progress.

This publication is a first attempt to consolidate available statistical evidence for the period 1990 – 2015, which demon­strates progress and achievements of MENA countries in the realization of the rights of their children. But it is not merely about numbers and percentages, because behind any statistics are the lives and well-being of thousands or millions of children.

By focusing on MDG and SDG indicators relevant to children, the publication serves as a basis for assessing the achievement of the global MDG targets and for the setting of national SDG targets for the next 15 years. Rather than presenting regional averages, the report uses data at the national and sub-na­tional level. Inter-country and in certain instances intra-country comparisons, building upon available data, help identify disparities between countries as well as in-country inequalities, thus pointing to the most deprived children.

The publication identifies some data gaps in a number of areas relevant to children, partic­ularly in the context of the SDG agenda and its indicators’ framework. Therefore, it can serve to substantiate in-country dialogues and inform specific commitments to strengthen national statistical systems. 

  الجائزة الاقلينية للاعلام حول حقوق الاطفال 2016

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إضغط هنا لتحميل استمارة الترشيح باللغة العربية

  Regional Media Awards 2016: Children's Rights

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      UNICEF Sudan Humanitarian Situation Report December 2016 

• An important interagency assessment has taken place from 27 to 31 December 2016 in Bau and Kurmuk localities of Blue Nile State to assess the humanitarian situation, including the needs related to child protection, education, health, nutrition, water, sanitation and hygiene.

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     UNICEF Libya Humanitarian Situation Report November 2016 

  • The Humanitarian Country Team finalized Libya Humanitarian Response Plan 2017 with a total budget of US$151.5 million to respond to the humanitarian needs of 980,000 people.

    UNICEF Yemen Humanitarian Situation Report November 2016 
  • 10.3 million children out of 18.8 million people are affected by the ongoing conflict in Yemen 
  • 1.4 million children have been displaced 

   UNICEF Iraq Humanitarian Situation Report October 2016 

  • On 17 October the Government of Iraq announced the start of military offensive to re-take Mosul in northern Ninewa, held by ISIL since mid-2014. As of 31 October, almost 18,000 individuals were displaced from areas surrounding the city. At least 47 percent of these were children under 18.
   UNICEF Yemen Humanitarian Situation Report October 2016 

  • By the end of October, the Yemeni Ministry of Public Health and Population (MoPHP) has confirmed 71 cholera cases in 11 governorates. At least 7.6 million people are at risk, nearly 40 per cent are children under 15.

   UNICEF Sudan Humanitarian Situation Report October 2016 

  • For the first time in six years, UNICEF secured access to Golo, Jebel Marra (Central Darfur) to undertake an education assess-ment from 19-22 October 2016. The initial report indicates ur-gent assistance is needed for 3,739 children in five schools and 9,000 out of school children. This area has been inaccessible to humanitarian interventions since 2010.

   UNICEF Libya Humanitarian Situation Report September 2016 

  • The United Nations estimates that 79,400 people (including 32,000 children)
are in need of immediate life-saving humanitarian assistance and protection
services as a consequence of the military activities in Sirte.

   Iraq Crisis Flash Update #1: Mosul Response

  • As of 31 October 17,748 people - around half of them children under 18 - are newly displaced as a result of military operations to retake the city of Mosul, Ninewa governorate. In addition, an estimated 5,400 people have been temporarily displaced, but have since returned to areas newly under control of government security forces.

  سبتمبر 2016  تقرير الوضع  الإنساني في اليمن

  • يستمر الوضع التغذوي في اليمن بالتدهور في ظل تفاقم الوضع الاقتصادي وتردي النُظم الحكومية،

    ما جعل ملايين الأطفال والأسر في اليمن عرضة لخطر فقدان الحصول على الخدمات الأساسية .

    لتحميل الملف اضغط هنا
   UNICEF Yemen Humanitarian Situation Report September 2016 

  • 9.9 million children affected out of 21.2 million people affected 

   UNICEF Yemen Cholera Outbreak Situation Report #2 October 2016 

  • 31 confirmed cases of cholera in six governorates 

   UNICEF State of Palestine Humanitarian Situation Report July - September 2016 

  • The Gaza strip experienced a series of airstrikes and shelling during the month of August, the most intensive attacks since the ceasefire in August 2014. The violence in the West Bank including East Jerusalem also increased recently. There were more than 250 clashes between Palestinians and Israeli Security Forces (ISF), leaving more than 300 Palestinians and more than 15 Israelis, including a number of ISF personnel, injured. There were more than 15 stabbing incidents reported.

   UNICEF Iraq Humanitarian Situation Report September 2016 

  • With the official start of the new school year scheduled for 29 September in areas not affected by insecurity, UNICEF and the Iraqi Ministry of Education launched a nationwide Back to School campaign. About 1 million school-aged children are internally displaced. 70 per cent have missed a school year.

   UNICEF Yemen Cholera Outbreak Situation Report #1 October 2016 

  • 11 cases of Cholera confirmed in Sana'a 



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