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15 January 2010 - Potential Health Threats to the Victims of the Earthquake in Haiti

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Dr. Robin Nandy, UNICEF Senior Emergency Health Advisor talks about the health ramifications of the earthquake in Haiti.

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Production date: 15 January 2010

Duration: 1:17

Keywords: Haiti, emergency, earthquake, health, epidemic, UNICEF, children, women

Main shooting locations: New York City, USA

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There are approximately three million people living without shelter, food or water and this is an immediate priority.  The other health specific priorities is the risk of communicable diseases.  The lack of water, the lack of sanitation or the breakdown of sanitation services—there’s a huge risk of communicable diseases such as diarrhea and measles.  And this could cause a large amount of illness as well as deaths among women and children in particular. 


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