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15 January 2010 - First UNICEF plane with water supplies arrives in Haiti.

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UNICEF spokesperson Patrick McCormick provides an update on the arrival of supplies arriving to Haiti and addresses the logistical challenges that UNICEF faces in the days ahead.

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Production date: January 15, 2010

Duration: 2:03

Keywords: Haiti, earthquake, emergency, relief effort

Main shooting locations: New York City, USA

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The first plane arrived at 1am this morning and it's got rehydration salts, water tanks and purification tablets, as water is the most critical supply that we need to get to these people as soon as possible.
I think the biggest logistical problems will be actually transporting the supplies to the people who need them.  We've also got logistical problems at the airport with a bottleneck which is already beginning to cause problems for us getting our supplies.


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