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13 July 2009 - Waiting for Clean Water Supply in Rural Kosovo

Tape#: 8363
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Children and families in rural areas of Kosovo struggle to find sources of safe water.

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Production date: May 2009

Duration: 3:38

Keywords: UNICEF, children, Kosovo, water, well, meningitis, children, CRC

Main shooting locations: Obri and surrounding area, Kosovo

Main sequences: 

It's cold, clear – and it's disappearing fast. In Central Kosovo, the main source of water for many rural families starts to dry up in early summer.

For the people who live in and around the village of Obri, water – or the lack of it – is a major source of concern.

A mild winter and spring rains give every appearance of plenty – but people like Shukrije know that both quantity and quality are highly unreliable.


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