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21 July 2008 - Supporting better health and medical knowledge for Palestinian refugees in Syria

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Noujoud Moh’d, a Palestinian refugee and mother of five children, relies on assistance from the United Nations Relief and Works Agency and UNICEF to meet her family’s basic needs.

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Production date: February 2008

Duration: 2:00

Keywords: UNICEF, children, Palestinian, refugees, Jaramana, anemia, sickle cell, thalassemia

Main shooting locations: Jaramana Refugee Camp, Syria

Main sequences: Six kilometers east of Damascus … more than 20,000 Palestinian refugees live in the Jaramana camp.  The vast majority of them live in poverty … most are unemployed.  Those that do work find day labor in construction and industry.  Interfamily marriages are common here … resulting in a high incidence of genetic disorder 

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