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25 September 2008 - Iraqi children flood Damascus schools putting pressure on education system

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Iraqi children head to schools in Damascus at the beginning of the new school year. Their families fled the conflict in Iraq, and schools in Syria are now overcrowded

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Production date: September 9th, 2008

Duration: 2:51

Keywords: UNICEF, children, Iraq, Syria, education, war

Main shooting locations: Damascus, Syria

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It is the beginning of the new school year in Syria. But most of the children in schools are not Syrians but Iraqis. Iraqis whose families have fled from the war.
More than 50 000 Iraqi youngsters are studying in Syrian schools and the education system is under pressure. This school on the edge of Damascus has doubled in size. The numbers in one class has reached 50 to 55. And the ministry of education is expecting new enrolments to rise again this year.


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