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21 August 2008 - Somalia’s Forgotten Crisis

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© UNICEF Somalia/2008

Food distribution site in ‘100-Bush’ camp in Bossaso, where displaced mothers receive bags of UNIMIX for their children under the age of five.

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© UNICEF Somalia/2008

Production date: 9,10 August 2008

Duration: 2:03

Keywords: UNICEF, children, Somalia, food crisis, malnutrition, Puntland, plumpynut, Unimix

Main shooting locations: Bossaso, Puntland, Somalia

Main sequences: Malnutrition is the one of the biggest challenges facing Somali children today, and according to an upcoming UN report, it could be getting worse. The report, to be issued by the Food Security Analysis Unit of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, indicates that soon 3.6 million people – one-half of the population – will be totally dependent on food aid and emergency assistance. 

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