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Eradicating Polio


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Duration: 15 minutes

Keywords: Polio eradication, vaccines, conflict areas, immunization day

Main shooting locations: Angola, Bangladesh, Democratic Republic of Congo, Peru, United States

Main sequences: 1. Democratic Republic of Congo: National Immunization Day
2. Carol Bellamy immunizes children
3. Cold storage of vaccines
4. Volunteers go house to house immunizing children
5. Angola: children affected by polio in the street
6. Immunization team arrive in Kuito
7. Vaccinators approach family in villages
8. Bangladesh: Claudia Schiffer arrives in helicopter
9. Claudia Schiffer gives oral vaccine to children
10. United States: Universal International news report from archive, 1955
11. Peru: Luis Fermin Cortez, the last person affected by polio in Latin America
12. Interview bite with UNICEF Executive Director Carol Bellamy  

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