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18 May 2007 - UNICEF and ECHO promote Plumpy’nut therapeutic food production in Niger

Tape#: JN7096
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Plumpy'nut therapeutic food has helped save thousands of young lives in Niger.

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Production date: 2-7 May 2007

Duration: 1:50

Keywords: UNICEF, children, Niger, malnutrition, Plumpy’nut, therapeutic feeding centre

Main shooting locations: Tillabery, Madarounfa and Niamey, Niger

Main sequences: Two years after Niger’s severe food and nutrition crisis, the sight of undernourished children may be less common than it was. But chronic malnutrition still affects half of the country's young children. Now undernourished children are being fed with a therapeutic food called Plumpy'nut, which is produced at a factory in Niger and distributed by UNICEF with support from the European Commission. 

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