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14 December 2006 - Peer treatment centre combats drug abuse in tsunami-affected Maldives communities

Tape#: JN 6726 – Tsunami two year – Maldives Drug Addicts
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© UNICEF/HQ06-2105/Jason Taylor

Young men stand in front of "Journey", where daily drug awareness counselling, outreach activities and 12-step programmes are provided by the staff of 12 recovering addicts.

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Production date: November 2006

Duration: 2:21

Keywords: UNICEF, children, tsunami, drug, Maldives, addict, recovering, overdose

Main shooting locations: Male, Maldives

Main sequences: Tsunami two-year anniversary: Even before the tsunami, heroin use was blamed for severe economic losses in the Maldives. Social dislocations since the disaster have exacerbated the drug problem. 

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