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9 February 2007 - UNICEF: Educating children about unexploded munitions in southern Lebanon

Tape#: JN 6918 Lebanon awareness campaign on unexploded ordnance
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A class in session to educate children about the dangers of unexploded munitions in southern Lebanon.

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Production date: February 2007

Duration: 2:14

Keywords: UNICEF, children, Lebanon, war, explosion, unexploded, munitions, ordnance, bombs, landmines

Main shooting locations: Southern Lebanon

Main sequences: UNICEF and its partners have made educating and protecting Lebanese children from unexploded munitions a top priority.The UN estimates that there are nearly 1 million unexploded munitions, including cluster bombs, littered throughout southern Lebanon – left there by the war that ended six moths ago. Since August, exploding ordinance has killed or injured more than 200 people.  

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