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11 January 2007 - Youth radio keeps indigenous culture alive in Venezuela

Tape#: JN 6628 Venezuela indigenous youth radio
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© UNICEF Venezuela/2007/Markisz

Young radio producers broadcast their cultural programme at Radio Fe y Alegria.

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Production date: 22 August 2007

Duration: 2:34

Keywords: UNICEF, children, indigenous, Wayuu, Venezuela, language, culture, youth, radio, Wayuunaiki

Main shooting locations: Guajira, Venezuela

Main sequences: Using the power of radio, indigenous Wayuu youths in Venezuela are educating a new generation to help preserve their cultural heritage. With support from UNICEF and the Ministry of Education, the youth-produced cultural radio show ‘Ouliwou’ is broadcast in both Spanish and Wayuunaiki, the indigenous group’s native language. 

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