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8 January 2007 - Information a potent weapon in Viet Nam’s fight against bird flu

Tape#: JN 6826
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An education campaign in Viet Nam is raising awareness about avian influenza, particularly in rural areas where backyard flocks often roam freely through human living spaces.

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Production date: 5-6 October 2006

Duration: 2:21

Keywords: UNICEF, children, Vietnam, Avian flu

Main shooting locations: Hanoi; Dai Yen Commune, Vietnam

Main sequences: UNICEF is raising awareness about avian influenza in Viet Nam to prevent the spread of the virus among birds and avoid its transmission to humans. Millions of poultry birds had to be slaughtered to contain the 2004-2005 bird flu outbreak, devastating rural communities. The current campaign is supported by the Japanese Government. 

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