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18 September 2006 - Childhood lost: Former camel jockeys struggle to adjust to new lives in Bangladesh

Tape#: JN 6516
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© UNICEF Bangladesh/2006/Nettleton

Rubel (left), 13, and his younger brothers, Shumon (right) and Nuruddin, at their home in Moheshpur, eastern Bangladesh.

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Production date: 22 May 2006

Duration: 2:46

Keywords: UNICEF, children, camel, jockey, Bangladesh, dubai, ban, child labour

Main shooting locations: Moheshpur, Bangladesh

Main sequences: Thirteen year old Rubel moved from Bangladesh to Dubai, lured by the promise of work. Rubel and his brothers spent most of their childhoods working as camel jockeys. They’re now back home in Bagladesh. But have found the road to re-assimilation is long and hard. 

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