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14 June 2006 - Paris conference to spotlight urgent needs of children affected by HIV/AIDS

Tape#: JN 6336
video b-roll still
© UNICEF/HQ05-0865/Noorani

A child holds a dose of antiretroviral drugs at a UNICEF-supported youth centre in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

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Production date: 13 June, 2006; 10 January, 2006; 19 May, 2005; 1 October, 2004; 17 May, 2006

Duration: 6:09

Keywords: UNICEF, children, HIV, AIDS, HIV-positive, treatment, Paris

Main shooting locations: NY, USA; Angola; Botswana; Laos; Russia

Main sequences: Twenty-five years of the AIDS pandemic have redefined the very meaning of childhood. On 15-16 June, a special ‘Childhood and AIDS’ conference in Paris, France will highlight the urgent need to help millions of children who have been left vulnerable by this worldwide catastrophe 

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