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2 June 2006 - In an Indonesian village, coping with life after the earthquake

Tape#: JN 6302
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UNICEF has been working to provide a safe environment for children affected by the earthquake, opening special centres to restore some normalcy into their lives.

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Production date: June 1-2, 2006

Duration: 6:27

Keywords: UNICEF, children, Nogosari, Bantul, central Java, Indonesia, earthquake, child centres, hygiene kits, schools

Main shooting locations: Nogosari and Bantul, central Java, Indonesia

Main sequences: The village of Nogosari in Central Java has just received a fresh shipment of essential UNICEF supplies, including family hygiene kits, tarpaulins and cooking kits. In this village, where 75 per cent of the buildings were damaged or destroyed by the 27 May earthquake, UNICEF has been working to provide a safe environment for children, opening special centers to restore some normalcy to their young lives. The agency is also working with local governments to set up temporary schools. 

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