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13 April 2006 - Primary school fees abolished in Kenya

Tape#: JN6173
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Maureen Akinyi, 14, in class in Kibera, Kenya. She is one of 1.3 million new pupils who poured into the country’s schools after the national abolition of school fees in 2003.

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Production date: 13 April, 2006

Duration: 4:38

Keywords: UNICEF, children, Kenya, Education

Main shooting locations: Kibiri Township, Kenya

Main sequences: When her parents died of AIDS, 12-year-old Maureen Akinyi left school. Now she is back in school, riding on the wave of a revolution in Kenya: free primary schooling. Families of many young children couldn’t afford the old school fees. Their abolition gives these children a chance to get a basic education. 

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