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23 May 2006 - In drought-parched Somalia, pastoralists are on the move, desperately seeking scarce resources

Tape#: JN6199
video b-roll still
© UNICEF/HQ06-0153/Kamber

Nomadic girls and women fill containers with water from a large puddle in the middle of the road near the town of Wajid in the southern Bakool Region of Somalia.

(Real format)

Production date: 8-9 April, 2006

Duration: 4:24

Keywords: UNICEF, children, Horn of Africa, Drought, Malnutrition, Somalia

Main shooting locations: Bakool Region, Southern Somalia

Main sequences: Just 12 years old, Nuuriyo’s daily struggle has never been school work. She spends hours everyday just collecting water. In Somalia and in the rest of the Horn of Africa, pastoralists are on the move now more than ever, desperately seeking scarce resources. Part of UNICEF’s Horn of Africa Child Alert 

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