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26 April 2005 - Philippines: Typhoons victims recover

Tape#: JN5222
© UNICEF video

Children play with hand puppets

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Production date: March 2005

Duration: 2:34

Keywords: Philippines, typhoon, UNICEF

Main shooting locations: Quezon, Philippines

Main sequences: 1. AERIAL SHOT – Philippines river/landscape
2. MS – Women walking by downed tree
3. WIDE SHOT pans over to show devastation—flooded buildings and people walking in mud
4. ZOOM OUT to reveal damaged bridge
5. MS – Dumagats (indigenous people) eating
6. MS – another angle of Dumagats eating
7. Wide Shot of same
8. SOUNDBITE (language unknown?) ELSA DE LA CRUZ, Survivor: “Our house was swept away. Everything including our clothes and livelihood.”
9. Wide Shot – volunteer with microphone talking to villagers
10. CUTAWAY - Villagers
11. REVERSE ANGLE, WIDE – Woman on microphone
12. CUTAWAY - Villagers
13. CU – Woman
14. CU – grains being weighed
15. MS – woman pours grains on scale
16. CU – Water pump spouting water
17. MS – woman ties bag of grains
18. MS – man stacks bag of grains
19. MS – Teacher shows book on hygiene to students
20. CU – kitchen accessories and supplies
21. MS – female volunteer demonstrates how to use accessories
22. CU – Hands putting supplies in tin can
23. CU – relief supplies on table
24. MS – Volunteer talks to Dumagat family
25. WIDE SHOT – Supplies piled up in front of relief center.
26. MS – volunteers gives construction supply packet to Dumagat man
27. MS – Dumagat men look at construction supplies
29. WIDE SHOT – Girl hanging on tree branch
30. CU – Dumagat child looking straight at camera
31. MS – Child holds puppet
32. SOUNDBITE (language unknown?) JOSEPHINE, survivor: “The morning after, I saw corpses at the town center. Some had blod on their nostrils, others had bloated stomachs. Many more dead children were wraped in sacks.”
33. MS – Teacher displays drawing of typhoon
34. MS – Crowd of students looking on
35. MS – different angle of same
36. WIDE SHOT – Children watch teacher and assistant displaying drawing.
37. SOUNDBITE (language unknown?) BEVERLY ADORNADO, Survivor: “When the teachers cae, the fear slowly subsided. The activities took my mind away from the tragedy. Now the horror I felt is gone.”
38. CU – Hand planting seeds
39. MS – Men digging
40. CU – Hands hammering
41. WIDE SHOT of men building house
42. MS – Man sawing wood
43. WIDE SHOT – Crowd of students yell out with puppets in hand
44. CU – Girl planting a seed.
45. CU – Pouring water on soil
46. WIDE – same girl pouring water on seed

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