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Middle East and Northern Africa

Gaza’s children deserve much better
AMMAN, 4 May 2018 - “Over the past five weeks, five children were killed and hundreds were injured in largely peaceful protests in Gaza.

Nearly 5 million Syrian children accessing education despite over seven years of war on children
BRUSSELS/AMMAN, 23 April 2018 -  Against all odds, 4.9 million Syrian children continue to have access to education despite more than seven long years of war, violence and displacement.

Military action on and around water infrastructure jeopardizes efforts to prevent another outbreak of cholera in Yemen
AMMAN, 17 April 2018 – “Yemen continues to be one of the world’s most water-scarce countries. Access to drinking water is extremely costly for the most vulnerable people: 8.6 million children in Yemen don’t have sufficient access to water, sanitation and hygiene services.

Geneva Palais briefing note on the situation of children in Afrin and Eastern Ghouta, Syria
GENEVA, 10 April 2018 - This is a summary of what was said by Christophe Boulierac, UNICEF spokesperson in Geneva – to whom quoted text may be attributed – at today's press briefing at the Palais des Nations in Geneva.

UNICEF calls for the protection of children in the Gaza Strip
AMMAN, 10 April 2018 - “In the last 10 days, three children were killed and dozens more were seriously injured in the recent tragic events in the Gaza Strip. UNICEF deplores all acts of violence against children.

In Yemen, children’s education devastated after three years of escalating conflict
SANA'A, 27 March 2018 – Nearly half a million children have dropped out of school since the 2015 escalation of conflict in Yemen, bringing the total number of out-of-school children to 2 million, according to a UNICEF assessment released today.  Meanwhile, almost three quarters of public school teachers have not been paid their salaries in over a year, putting the education of an additional 4.5 million children at grave risk.

Geneva Palais briefing note on the situation of children in Idlib, Afrin and Eastern Ghouta, Syria
GENEVA, 23 March 2018 - This is a summary of what was said by Marixie Mercado, UNICEF spokesperson in Geneva – to whom quoted text may be attributed – at today's press briefing at the Palais des Nations in Geneva.

Geneva Palais briefing note on the situation of children in Afrin and Eastern Ghouta, Syria
GENEVA, 20 March 2018 - This is a summary of what was said by Marixie Mercado, UNICEF spokesperson in Geneva – to whom quoted text may be attributed – at today's press briefing at the Palais des Nations in Geneva.

Briefing note on the situation of children in Afrin and Eastern Ghouta, Syria
GENEVA, 16 March 2018 - This is a summary of what was said by Marixie Mercado, UNICEF spokesperson in Geneva – to whom quoted text may be attributed – at today's press briefing at the Palais des Nations in Geneva.

Geneva Palais briefing note on UNICEF Rohingya Joint Response Plan
GENEVA, 16 March 2018 - This is a summary of what was said by Marixie Mercado, UNICEF spokesperson in Geneva – to whom quoted text may be attributed – at today's press briefing at the Palais des Nations in Geneva.

No end in sight to seven years of war in Syria: children with disabilities at risk of exclusion
BEIRUT/AMMAN/DAMASCUS, 12 March 2018 – With no end in sight to the war in Syria, children with disabilities risk being excluded and forgotten.

UNHCR and UNICEF chiefs, on joint visit to Lebanon, call for more action to protect and empower Syrian refugee women and girls as world marks International Women’s Day
BEIRUT, 8 March 2018 – With women and girls making up more than half of the registered Syrian refugee population in Lebanon, and with nearly 40 per cent of refugee households in the country headed by women, Filippo Grandi, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, and Henrietta H. Fore, Executive Director of UNICEF, called for stronger action to protect and empower women refugees.

Geneva Palais briefing note: Children in Syria
GENEVA, 2 March 2018 - This is a summary of what was said by Geert Cappelaere, UNICEF Regional Director for the Middle East and North Africa– to whom quoted text may be attributed – at today's press briefing at the Palais des Nations in Geneva.

85 per cent of Syrian children in host communities in Jordan live in poverty - UNICEF
AMMAN, 25 February 2018 – Syrian refugee families living in host communities in Jordan are increasingly struggling to meet their basic needs, including educating and protecting their children, UNICEF said today. 85 per cent of registered Syrian refugee children are living below the poverty line, according to UNICEF’s latest assessment.

The war on children in Syria: Reports of mass casualties among children in Eastern Ghouta and Damascus
AMMAN, 20 February 2018- “No words will do justice to the children killed, their mothers, their fathers and their loved ones”[1].

In Iraq, years of violence and conflict leave 4 million children in need
AMMAN/CAIRO/BAGHDAD, 11 February 2018 – Violence may have subsided in Iraq, but it has upended the lives of millions across the country, leaving one in four children in poverty and pushing families to extreme measures to survive.

East Ghouta, another reminder that there is no respite from nightmare for children in Syria - UNICEF
NEW YORK, 8 February 2018 – “This week, dozens of children have reportedly been killed and many more injured by extreme and intensifying violence in several parts of Syria.

Violence leaves 750,000 children in Mosul struggling to access basic health services
MOSUL, Iraq, 7 February 2018 – As many as 750,000 children in Mosul and surrounding areas are struggling to access basic health services, UNICEF warned today. While violence has subsided, less than 10 per cent of health facilities in Ninewa governorate are functioning at full capacity, with those that are operational stretched to breaking point.

Geneva Palais briefing note: Nearly seven years since beginning of war in Syria, children continue to be killed, injured, displaced
GENEVA, 6 February 2018 – In the first month of this year, nearly 60 children were reportedly killed across Syria in relentless violence in East Ghouta, Damascus, Idlib and Afrin. Many more have been injured in the ongoing fighting.

Conflicts in the Middle East and North Africa take a brutal toll on children - UNICEF
AMMAN, 5 February 2018 - “In this dark month of January, conflicts and violence in the Middle East and North Africa have once again taken a devastating toll on children. They were killed in ongoing conflicts, suicide attacks, or frozen to death as they fled active warzones.

'Is the world becoming numb to the killing of children in Syria?'
DAMASCUS, 26 January 2018 – “The grim tally of children killed in Syria in the past two weeks has increased daily as violence escalates in several areas across the country.

Statement by Geert Cappelaere, UNICEF Regional Director for the Middle East and North Africa, on Syrian children freezing to death while crossing from Syria to Lebanon
AMMAN, 20 January 2018 - “It is tragic that at least 12 Syrians including two children died in Eastern Lebanon near the Masna’ border crossing with Syria." 

At least one in four children in Iraq impacted by conflict and poverty
BAGHDAD/AMMAN, 19 January 2018 – “Iraq today hosts one of UNICEF’s largest operations in the world, responding with humanitarian and development assistance to the needs of the most vulnerable girls and boys across the country.

3 million children born into war in Yemen
SANA’A, 16 January 2018 – More than 3 million children have been born in Yemen since the escalation in violence in March 2015 according to a new UNICEF report. Born into War details how children in Yemen have been scarred by years of violence, displacement, disease, poverty, undernutrition and a lack of access to basic services including water, health care and education.

A bloody start to a new year in Syria

AMMAN/DAMASCUS, 14 January 2018 – “At a time when most parents are filled with the new year’s hope for their children’s future, mothers and fathers in Syria are left grieving for the children they have lost. 

WHO, WFP and UNICEF: Yemen’s families cannot withstand another day of war, let alone another 1,000
NEW YORK, 29 December 2017 – “We have passed the grim milestone of 1,000 days of war in Yemen. As violence has escalated in recent days, children and families are yet again being killed in attacks and bombardments.

Children under attack at shocking scale in conflicts around the world, says UNICEF
NEW YORK, 28 December 2017 – Children in conflict zones around the world have come under attack at a shocking scale throughout the year, UNICEF warned today, with parties to conflicts blatantly disregarding international laws designed to protect the most vulnerable.

UNICEF airlifts nearly 6 million doses of vaccines for children in Yemen amid intensifying violence and import restrictions
SANA’A, 20 December 2017 – A UNICEF-chartered plane landed today in Sana’a and delivered nearly 6 million doses of essential vaccines to protect millions of children at risk of preventable diseases, including the current diphtheria outbreak that has reportedly infected over 300 people and killed 35. Most diphtheria cases and deaths are among children.

Deepening water crisis in Yemen amid severe fuel shortages
AMMAN/SANA’A, 19 December 2017 – Recent restrictions on imports of fuel to Yemen have sparked critical shortages and price hikes across the country, severely impacting access to safe water and other vital services for children including health care and sanitation. The cuts are the latest challenge to containing Yemen’s acute watery diarrhea and cholera outbreak. Yemen has for decades struggled with extreme water scarcity.

36,000 Child Migrants in Libya in Need of Assistance – IOM and UNICEF
TUNIS, 18 December 2017 - 36,000 migrant children are in need of assistance in Libya, figures revealed today on International Migrants Day show. Out of an estimated 400,000 migrants, nine per cent are children and, shockingly, more than 14,000 children are also unaccompanied.

Intense violence in Syria’s East Ghouta shuts schools, deprives children of medical care - UNICEF
DAMASCUS/AMMAN, 10 December 2017 – Continuing violence across East Ghouta, some 10km outside the Syrian capital, Damascus, has reportedly led to the closure of most schools in the area over the past month and stranded scores of children in need of medical evacuation.

United Nations leaders call on the Saudi-led coalition to fully lift blockade of Yemeni Red Sea ports
GENEVA/ROME/NEW YORK, 2 December 2017 - The partial lifting of the blockade of Yemen’s Red Sea ports by the Saudi-led coalition in recent days is allowing humanitarian organizations to resume the provision of life-saving assistance to people in desperate need. Given the massive scale of Yemen’s humanitarian crisis, however, all this does is slow the collapse towards a massive humanitarian tragedy costing millions of lives. It does not prevent it. Without the urgent resumption of commercial imports, especially food, fuel and medicines, millions of children, women and men risk mass hunger, disease and death.

Child malnutrition levels increase sharply in besieged Syrian town of East Ghouta
AMMAN/DAMASCUS, 29 November, 2017 – Violence, lack of humanitarian access and sky-rocketing food prices have worsened malnutrition among young children in besieged East Ghouta. Nearly 400,000 people – half of them are estimated to be children – remain trapped in the area which has been under siege since mid-2013.

UNICEF press conference: Geert Cappelaere, Regional Director for the Middle East and North Africa, on the humanitarian situation of children in Yemen
AMMAN, 26 November 2017 - This is a summary of what was said by Geert Cappelaere, UNICEF Regional Director for the Middle East and North Africa – to whom quoted text may be attributed – at today's press briefing at in Amman, Jordan.

UNICEF plane landed in Sana’a airport today with lifesaving vaccines for children in Yemen
SANA’A/AMMAN/NEW YORK, 25 November 2017 - A UNICEF-chartered aircraft carrying lifesaving vaccines has landed in Sana’a airport earlier today.

UN Leaders appeal for immediate lifting of humanitarian blockade in Yemen – Millions of lives at imminent risk
NEW YORK/GENEVA, 16 November 2017 – “While the Saudi-led military coalition has partially lifted the recent blockade of Yemen, closure of much of the country’s air, sea and land ports is making an already catastrophic situation far worse. The space and access we need to deliver humanitarian assistance is being choked off, threatening the lives of millions of vulnerable children and families.

Geneva Palais Briefing Note: The impact of the closure of all air, land and sea ports of Yemen on children
This is a summary of what was said by Meritxell Relano, UNICEF Representative in Yemen  – to whom quoted text may be attributed – at today's press briefing at the Palais des Nations in Geneva.

Statement by UNICEF Executive Director Anthony Lake on the situation in Yemen
NEW YORK, 9 November 2017 – “Yesterday, Mark Lowcock, UN Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator, called on all parties to the conflict to provide safe, rapid, unhindered humanitarian access to people in need, through all ports and airports, including Hudaydah port and Sana’a airport. 

9,500 children dying from diarrhoea each year in Afghanistan – UNICEF
KABUL, NILI, Afghanistan, 02 November 2017 – Although the number of children under five years dying from diarrhoea each year in Afghanistan has dropped below 10,000 for the first time, the disease still claims the lives of 26 children each day across the country, UNICEF said today. 

1.5 million vulnerable children in the Middle East threatened as winter approaches
AMMAN, 26 October 2017 – The coming winter is the latest threat to children affected by crises in the Middle East. As UNICEF races to provide warm clothing, winter supplies and blankets before the cold sets in, the organisation is facing a $60 million gap that could leave up to 1.5 million children exposed to the cold.

Endless violence shutters schools, teachers unpaid for a year, threatening education for 4.5 million children in Yemen
AMMAN, 18 October 2017 - “More than two and a half years of renewed conflict in Yemen have once again put the education of 4.5 million children on the line, adding to the long list of bitter hardships that children have endured. Three quarters of teachers have not received their salaries in nearly a year, and the violence has forced one in ten schools across the country to close.

Muzoon Almellehan returns to Jordan to meet Syrian refugees striving to get an education
AMMAN/NEW YORK, 16 October 2017 – UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Muzoon Almellehan travelled to Jordan to meet children who, like her, fled the Syria conflict and are now determined to go to school despite extremely challenging circumstances. It was the first time Muzoon had returned to the country – where she spent three years in refugee camps, before being resettled in the United Kingdom with her family in 2015.

Violence in al-Mayadin district, Deir ez-Zor, reportedly destroys cold room and vaccines
AMMAN/DAMASCUS, 12 October, 2017 – “UNICEF has received reports that ongoing violence in Deir ez-Zor in eastern Syria has destroyed a UNICEF-supported vaccine cold room in al-Mayadin district, with at least 140,000 doses of vaccines lost, including some planned for use in tackling vaccine-preventable childhood diseases in the area. UNICEF is currently verifying this alarming report.

UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Priyanka Chopra meets with Syrian children and youth in Jordan

NEW YORK/AMMAN, 13 September 2017 – UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Priyanka Chopra wrapped up a two-day visit to Jordan this week where she met with Syrian children, young people and their families whose lives have been greatly affected by the conflict.

One in five children across the Middle East and North Africa needs humanitarian aid
AMMAN, 11 September 2017 – Nearly one in five children across the Middle East and North Africa need immediate humanitarian assistance, according to latest data and analysis. Over 90 per cent of these children live in countries affected by conflict.

Spread of acute watery diarrhoea and suspected cholera slows in Yemen amid unprecedented response efforts from unsung local heroes
AMMAN/SANA’A, 28 August, 2017 – The Yemeni people continue to be hit by an unprecedented and mostly man-made humanitarian crisis. Amid the suffering, ordinary Yemenis are leading a heroic daily fight against acute watery diarrhoea and cholera which is now paying off.

Displaced, disoriented and shocked, children from Raqqa and Deir-ez-Zor need urgent assistance and protection
QAMISHLI, Syria, 25 August 2017 - “The impact of war on children across Syria continues to be staggering. Ongoing and heavy fighting has displaced thousands of families from Raqqa city and Deir-ez-Zor.

More than 355,000 children under five years-old vaccinated against polio in hard to reach areas of Syria

DAMASCUS, 18 August 2017 – UNICEF, the World Health Organisation and partners have completed the first round of a vaccination campaign in response to the recent outbreak of vaccine-derived polio in Syria.

More than half a million children in Libya need humanitarian assistance
TRIPOLI, 10 August 2017- “Six years since the crisis began in Libya, over 550,000 children need assistance because of political instability, on-going conflict, displacement, and economic collapse. Heavy violence in some parts of the country has forced families to flee their homes. More than 80,000 children are internally displaced and migrant children in Libya are particularly vulnerable to abuse and exploitation, including in detention centres.

Clooney Foundation for Justice partners with UNICEF to open seven public schools to Syrian refugee children
NEW YORK, 31 July 2017 – The Clooney Foundation for Justice today announced a $2.25 million partnership, which includes a generous donation from Google.org, and an additional $1 million technology grant from HP, to support formal education for Syrian refugees in Lebanon. The partnership with UNICEF will help seven public schools to provide critical education opportunities to nearly 3,000 currently out-of-school refugee students this school year, and will also support a pilot of technology tools in these schools to advance learning outcomes for refugee children and Lebanese youth.

Statement by UNICEF Executive Director, Anthony Lake, WFP Executive Director, David Beasley and WHO Director-General, Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, following their joint visit to Yemen
ADEN/SANA’A, 26 July 2017 – “As the heads of three United Nations agencies – UNICEF, the World Food Programme (WFP) and the World Health Organisation (WHO) – we have travelled together to Yemen to see for ourselves the scale of this humanitarian crisis and to step up our combined efforts to help the people of Yemen.

Children on the move from Africa do not first aim to go to Europe, new UNICEF study shows
GENEVA, 25 July 2017 – Children on the move into Europe from Africa take the decision to leave home on their own and do not initially intend to go to Europe. For the majority the systematic trauma and abuse they witnessed or suffered in Libya caused them to flee to Europe and take the terrifying Central Mediterranean sea route, according to a new study commissioned by UNICEF and carried out by REACH.

UNICEF thanks the State of Kuwait for its support to Yemen’s children
AMMAN, 24 July 2017 – As the humanitarian crisis in Yemen deepens and with no end in sight, UNICEF welcomes the latest contribution of over US$2 million from the State of Kuwait to support children affected by the acute watery diarrhoea /cholera outbreak.

UN agencies partner with Government of Djibouti in effort to achieve SDGs
DJIBOUTI, 23 July 2017 – World Health Organization Director-General Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, World Food Programme Executive Director David Beasley and UNICEF Executive Director Anthony Lake met President Ismail Omar Guelleh today and discussed United Nations cooperation with Djibouti.

Abused, exploited and abandoned - Children caught up in violence in Mosul and conflicts in the region need immediate care and protection
AMMAN, 22 July 2017 – “The worst of the violence in Mosul may be over but for too many children in Mosul and in the region, extreme suffering continues.

Children paying a disproportionate price as famine looms across Somalia, South Sudan, north-east Nigeria and Yemen
WASHINGTON D.C., 18 July 2017 – This is a summary of a prepared statement by Justin Forsyth, UNICEF Deputy Executive Director – to whom quoted text may be attributed – today to the Senate Foreign Relations Subcommittee on Multilateral International Development, Multilateral Institutional Economic, Energy and Environmental Policy.

UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Angelique Kidjo meets Syrian and Lebanese youth in refugee settlements
BEIRUT, Lebanon, 18 July 2017 – UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador and three time Grammy Award winner, Angelique Kidjo, met with Syrian and Lebanese youth in refugee settlements in Lebanon to mark World Youth Skills Day on Saturday 15 July.

Mosul’s children, sick, alone, wounded and scarred, are in urgent need of assistance and protection
BAGHDAD, 13 July 2017 – “Although the battle for Mosul is coming to an end, children’s deep physical and mental scars will take time to heal. Some 650,000 boys and girls, who have lived through the nightmare of violence in Mosul, have paid a terrible price and endured many horrors over the past three years.

UNICEF statement on Qatari contribution to the Syria crisis response
NEW YORK/AMMAN, 08 July 2017 – “UNICEF welcomes the announcement of a contribution from Qatar to provide assistance to children impacted by the conflict in Syria.

UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Muzoon Almellehan available for interviews at G20 Summit

NEW YORK/HAMBURG, 3 July 2017 - Muzoon Almellehan will officially represent UNICEF at the G20 Summit. Muzoon, a 19-year-old education activist and Syrian refugee, was appointed as UNICEF’s youngest ever Goodwill Ambassador this past June. After fleeing Syria in 2013, Muzoon lived in refugee camps for three years during which time she began campaigning with UNICEF for the rights of children to education. She is a young, credible voice on education in emergencies.

UNICEF calls for the protection of children trapped in west Mosul’s violence
BAGHDAD, 29 June 2017 – “Thousands of children continue to be trapped in relentless violence in West Mosul’s Old City neighborhoods as the fighting heavily intensified over the past hours.

Children continue to bear the brunt of multiple emergencies in Sudan
KHARTOUM, Sudan, 28 June 2017 - Over the last few months, Sudan has faced multiple emergencies with the rapid spread of suspected cases of acute watery diarrhea across 12 of its 18 states, a significant influx of South Sudanese refugees, and high rates of malnutrition, especially in the Jebel Marra Area of Central Darfur.

UNICEF airlifts lifesaving supplies to Yemen to combat cholera as cases surpass 200,000
SANA’A, 28 June 2017 –Three UNICEF charter planes have delivered 36 tons of lifesaving medical and water purification supplies to Yemen to scale up efforts to combat the world’s worst cholera outbreak.

Statement from UNICEF Executive Director Anthony Lake and WHO Director-General Margaret Chan on the cholera outbreak in Yemen as suspected cases exceed 200,000
NEW YORK/GENEVA, 24 June 2017 – “The rapidly spreading cholera outbreak in Yemen has exceeded 200,000 suspected cases, increasing at an average of 5,000 a day. We are now facing the worst cholera outbreak in the world.

Crisis ‘far from over’ as malnutrition, thirst and disease threaten lives of millions of children in north-east Nigeria, Somalia, South Sudan and Yemen
NEW YORK/DAKAR/NAIROBI/AMMAN, 23 June 2017 – The welcome announcement of an end to famine conditions in South Sudan this week should not distract from the fact that severe food insecurity continues to put the lives of millions of children at risk in north-east Nigeria, Somalia, South Sudan and Yemen, UNICEF warned today.

Nowhere To Go: Children in Iraq trapped in cycles of violence and poverty as conflict reaches unprecedented levels
BAGHDAD/NEW YORK, 22 June 2017 - Three years since the intensification of violence in Iraq, children are trapped in an endless cycle of violence and increasing poverty, according to a UNICEF assessment, Nowhere to Go.

Severe funding gaps threaten assistance to 9 million children in Syria and neighbouring countries
AMMAN/GENEVA/NEW YORK, 16 June 2017- UNICEF-supported programmes for over 9 million children inside Syria and neighbouring countries are on the verge of being cut off due to a critical US$220 million funding gap.

Children account for half of all suspected cholera cases in Yemen
SANA’A, 13 June 2017- “The cholera outbreak in Yemen continues to spread at an alarming speed. Over 124,000 cases have been recorded – almost half of them are children.

More than 40,000 children in the line of fire in Ar-Raqqa, Syria, as fighting intensifies
DAMASCUS/AMMAN/GENEVA/NEW YORK, 9 June 2017- “Heavy violence in the Syrian city of Ar-Raqqa is threatening the lives of more than 40,000 children who remain trapped in extremely dangerous conditions. UNICEF has received alarming reports that at least 25 children have been killed and scores injured in the latest violence in Ar-Raqqa city.

Number of suspected cholera cases reaches 100,000 in Yemen
SANA’A, Yemen, 8 June 2017 – The number of suspected cholera cases in Yemen continues to rise, reaching 101,820 with 791 deaths as of 7 June 2017. Worst affected are the country’s most vulnerable: children under the age of 15 account for 46 per cent of cases, and those aged over 60 represent 33 per cent of fatalities.

100,000 children threatened as conflict escalates in west Mosul
ERBIL, 5 June, 2017 – “We are receiving alarming reports of civilians including several children being killed in west Mosul. Some were reportedly killed as they desperately tried to flee the fighting which is intensifying by the hour.

Unprecedented spread of cholera in Yemen as health workers race against time to save children
SANAA/DJIBOUTI/AMMAN, 2 June, 2017 – “I have just concluded a trip to Yemen to oversee UNICEF’s response to the unprecedented cholera outbreak that is gripping the country.

Over 1,000 children seek treatment for watery diarrhoea daily as number of suspected cholera cases in Yemen soars – UNICEF
NEW YORK/SANA’A, 31 May 2017 – In the past 72 hours, the number of suspected cholera cases in Yemen has risen by 10,000 to a total of 65,300. Over 1,000 children suffering from acute watery diarrhoea have been reporting to health facilities every day. In just one month, cholera has claimed at least the lives of 532 people, including 109 children. These numbers represent only verified cases and actual figures are expected to be much higher.

Statement attributable to Geert Cappelaere UNICEF Regional Director on the spread of cholera in Yemen
AMMAN, 30 May 2017- “As the UN Security Council yet again holds consultations on the situation in Yemen, UNICEF is reporting an unprecedented increase in the number of suspected cholera cases across the country, many of those affected are children.

From cholera in Yemen to attacks on hospitals in Syria, conflict threatens lives of over 24 million children in the Middle East and North Africa
AMMAN, 24 May 2017 – Violence and conflict in the Middle East and North Africa have put in jeopardy the health of 24 million children in Yemen, Syria, the Gaza Strip, Iraq, Libya and Sudan. Damage to health infrastructure is depriving children of essential health care. Water and sanitation services have been compromised, causing waterborne diseases to spread while preventative health care and nutritious food are insufficient to meet children’s needs.

At least one in four children live in poverty in the Middle East and North Africa
RABAT, 15 May 2017 – According to a recent UNICEF analysis covering 11 countries in the Middle East and North Africa[1], poverty continues to impact at least 29 million children – one in four children in the region. These children are deprived of the minimum requirements in two or more of the most basic life necessities including basic education, decent housing, nutritious food, quality health care, safe water, sanitation and access to information.

Leo Messi Foundation helps UNICEF get Syrian children back into the classroom
Damascus/Buenos Aires, 2 May 2017 – UNICEF has installed 20 new prefabricated classrooms in Tartus, Syria, and rural areas of Damascus, thanks to a generous donation from the Leo Messi Foundation.

UNICEF Advocate Ishmael Beah helps give a voice to young people affected by the conflict in Syria
AMMAN, 27 April 2017– Ishmael Beah, author, former child soldier and UNICEF Advocate for Children Affected by War, wrapped up a three-day visit to Jordan today to help amplify the voices of vulnerable young people affected by the conflict in Syria.

Race against time to save millions of lives in Yemen
AMMAN/SANA’A, 25 April 2017- The continuing violence in Yemen is fuelling one of the worst hunger crises in the world, with nearly 7 million people not knowing where their next meal will come from and in desperate need of food assistance. Nearly 2.2 million children are malnourished, including half a million who are severely malnourished and at imminent risk of death if they do not receive urgent care and specialized treatment.

More than 150 children estimated to have died taking Central Mediterranean migration route this year - UNICEF
NEW YORK / GENEVA, 21 April 2017 – According to UNICEF estimates, more than 150 children have died crossing the Central Mediterranean from North Africa to Italy so far this year. Yet the true number of child casualties is almost certainly higher given that many children on the move are unaccompanied, so their deaths often go unreported.

Statement by Anthony Lake, UNICEF Executive Director, on reported child killings in Syria
NEW YORK/DAMASCUS/AMMAN, 16 April 2017 – “After six years of war and human carnage in Syria ... six years of heartbreak for so many Syrian families... there comes a new horror that must break the heart of anyone who has one. More than 60 children reportedly killed in an attack on a bus convoy yesterday outside Aleppo. A convoy of families who for so long had already known so much suffering. Now the survivors must bear such a new and terrible loss.

Nationwide immunization campaign protects 5 million children against polio in war-torn Yemen
SANA’A, 8 April 2017— In an effort to keep Yemen polio-free, nearly 5 million children under the age of five have been vaccinated in a nationwide campaign covering all governorates in the country. The campaign was supported by a partnership between the World Bank, UNICEF and WHO launched in February 2017.

At least 27 children killed in Idlib attack - UNICEF
NEW YORK/AMMAN, 6 April 2017 – At least 27 children were confirmed killed in the attack in Idlib, northwest of Syria, UNICEF said today. A further 546 people, among them many children, have been injured. Casualty figures are expected to rise.

Statement by UNICEF Executive Director Anthony Lake on reports of chemical weapons attacks on children and families in Syria
NEW YORK, 4 April 2017 - “The images of children choking and dying in the streets of Idlib, Syria, following alleged chemical weapons attacks, are as horrific as they are heartbreaking.  Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families.

27 million people lack safe water in countries facing or at risk of famine
NEW YORK/DAKAR/NAIROBI/AMMAN, 29 March 2017 – Water shortages, inadequate sanitation, poor hygiene practices and disease outbreaks are posing an additional threat to severely malnourished children in northeast Nigeria, Somalia, South Sudan and Yemen, UNICEF said today.

Time is running out for children as famine, drought and war threaten millions
NEW YORK/DAKAR/NAIROBI/AMMAN, 28 March 2017 – More than a month after famine was declared in South Sudan, time is running out for more than a million children as drought and armed conflict devastate lives in northeast Nigeria, Somalia, South Sudan and Yemen, UNICEF said today.

Families in Yemen turning to extreme survival measures as war hits two-year mark
SANA'A, 27 March 2017 – After two years of brutal conflict, families in Yemen are increasingly resorting to extreme measures to support their children, said UNICEF in a report released today as the war in the Middle East’s poorest country enters its third year.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dubai Cares and UNICEF call for investment in childhood development
DUBAI, 15 March 2017 - Dubai Cares, the global philanthropic organization based in United Arab Emirates (UAE) and UNICEF, in coordination with the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MOFAIC), came together today in Dubai at a two-day event to urge greater investment in early childhood development (ECD).

Yemen needs urgent assistance to prevent famine - FAO, WFP, UNICEF
SANA'A/AMMAN, 15 March 2017 - Severe food insecurity threatens more than 17 million people in conflict-ridden Yemen, according to the latest Integrated Food Security Phase Classification (IPC) analysis released by the United Nations and humanitarian partners today.

Hitting rock bottom: Children's suffering in Syria at its worst - UNICEF
DAMASCUS/AMMAN, 13 March 2017 – Grave violations against children in Syria were the highest on record in 2016, said UNICEF in a grim assessment of the conflict’s impact on children, as the war reaches six years.

National polio immunization campaign reaches five million children in Yemen as conflict intensifies
SANA’A, 8 March 2017 – Amid escalating violence, UNICEF and partners have completed the first round of a nationwide door-to-door vaccination campaign reaching 5 million children under the age of five with oral polio vaccine and vitamin A supplementation.

A deadly journey for children: The migration route from North Africa to Europe
NEW YORK/GENEVA, 28 February 2017 – Refugee and migrant children and women are routinely suffering sexual violence, exploitation, abuse and detention along the Central Mediterranean migration route from North Africa to Italy, UNICEF warned in a new report.

Statement attributable to Geert Cappelaere, UNICEF Regional Director, urging all parties at Geneva talks to put Syria’s children first
DAMASCUS/AMMAN, 23 February 2017 – "The heart-wrenching image of a young boy screaming for his father just minutes after losing both his legs in an apparent assault in Idlib last week is another brutal reminder that children continue to come under attack in Syria’s conflict."

Statement by UNICEF Regional Director Geert Cappelaere on reports of children killed and injured in Syria
AMMAN, 10 February 2017 – ”Violence in Syria this week has reportedly killed at least 20 children and injured others in several areas across the war-torn country.

Statement by UNICEF Executive Director Anthony Lake on killing of ICRC workers in Afghanistan and SARC workers in Syria
NEW YORK, 8 February 2017 – “We are saddened and outraged by the cruel killings today of six workers for the International Committee of the Red Cross in northern Afghanistan, and two workers for the Syrian Arab Red Crescent in Aleppo, Syria.

Deadliest winter for refugee and migrant children crossing the Central Mediterranean, says UNICEF
NEW YORK/GENEVA/BRUSSELS, 3 February, 2017 – A record number of refugee and migrant deaths in the Central Mediterranean over the past three months, including an estimated 190 children, has prompted an urgent appeal from UNICEF to leaders of European Union member states meeting in Malta.

Two refugees, generations apart, tell their story in new UNICEF film
NEW YORK, 3 February 2017 – A powerful new UNICEF film presenting the parallel stories of a young Syrian refugee and a World War II child refugee was released today as a stark illustration of the challenges that refugee children continue to face.

New open source app helps protect children displaced by conflict
NEW YORK, 31 January 2017 – A life–saving service for vulnerable children caught up in crises is now available to government, aid agencies and social service workers through an open source app developed by UNICEF and its partners.

Schools in Syria rise from the rubble
DAMASCUS/AMMAN, 31 January 2017 - In the past weeks, UNICEF has supported the re-opening of 23 primary schools in the eastern parts of Aleppo city, allowing nearly 6,500 children to return to school.

UNICEF statement on child refugees
NEW YORK, 30 January 2017 – “The needs of refugees have never been greater. Worldwide 28 million children have been uprooted by conflict, driven from their homes by violence and terror. They need our help.

Schools reopen in East Mosul as violence subsides
BAGHDAD, 24 January, 2017 — As fighting subsides in East Mosul, 30 schools reopened on Sunday with help from UNICEF, allowing over 16,000 children to resume their education.

Humanitarians fear for the 750,000 civilians in western Mosul
BAGHDAD, 24 January 2017 -  100 days after military operations to retake Mosul started, humanitarian partners are expressing deep concern about the plight of the estimated 750,000 civilians who are currently living in the western sections of the city where fighting is expected to start in coming weeks.

Statement attributable to Geert Cappelaere, UNICEF Regional Director, on the children of Deir Ez Zor
DAMASCUS/AMMAN, 23 January 2017 – “Children living in the besieged city of Deir Ez Zor have come under intense attack in the past week.

UNICEF launches interactive glimpse into Syrian children’s struggle for education
BEIRUT, 23 January 2017 – A new interactive documentary providing an intimate look into the lives of Syrian school-aged children living as refugees in Lebanon was launched by UNICEF today. #ImagineaSchool provides a first-hand account of the challenges Syrian refugees face in their struggle to access education.

EU and UNICEF inaugurate Gaza’s largest seawater desalination plant
GAZA, 19 January 2017 – Today the European Union and UNICEF officially inaugurated the largest seawater desalination plant built in the Gaza Strip so far.

Joint Statement on Syria- WFP, UNICEF, OCHA, WHO, UNHCR
DAVOS, Switzerland, January 16 2017– While efforts to fully implement a ceasefire in Syria continue, we again appeal for immediate, unconditional, and safe access to reach the children and families who are still cut off from humanitarian aid across the country.

Statement attributable to Meritxell Relaño, UNICEF Representative in Yemen, on attacks near a school
SANA’A, Yemen, 10 January 2017 – “One girl is confirmed dead and four others injured in two attacks this morning near a school in the Nihm district outside the Yemeni capital, Sana’a.

Update on water cuts in Syria
GENEVA, 6 January 2017 – Millions of people in Damascus and surrounding areas have been cut off from running water for two weeks. Fighting in and around Wadi Barada, on the outskirts of Damascus where the two primary water sources are located, has resulted in damages to the water network.

Winter is the latest threat to children living on the brink across the Middle East
AMMAN, 20 December 2016 – Unseasonably cold temperatures and winter weather are sweeping across the Middle East, threatening millions of children affected by crisis in the region. UNICEF is facing a $38 million funding gap as it races to provide life-saving assistance – including warm clothing, blankets and winter supplies - to children and families as the cold settles in.

Statement attributable to Geert Cappelaere, UNICEF Regional Director, on the evacuation of children from an orphanage in East Aleppo
AMMAN, 19 December 2016 – "This morning, all 47 children trapped in an orphanage in east Aleppo were evacuated to safety, with some in critical condition from injuries and dehydration."

Statement by Anthony Lake, UNICEF Executive Director, on children trapped in Aleppo
NEW YORK, 16 December 2016 – “More than 2,700 children have been evacuated from east Aleppo in the past 24 hours, including some who were sick, wounded or without their parents.

Statement attributable to Geert Cappelaere, UNICEF Regional Director, on the children of Aleppo
AMMAN, 13 December 2016 - “As violence continues to escalate in Aleppo today, thousands of children are suffering in silence, and coming under brutal attack as the world watches.

Malnutrition amongst children in Yemen at an all-time high, warns UNICEF
SANA'A, 12 December 2016 – Nearly 2.2 million children in Yemen are acutely malnourished and require urgent care. At least 462,000 children suffer from Severe Acute Malnutrition (SAM), a drastic increase of almost 200 per cent since 2014. An additional 1.7 million children suffer from Moderate Acute Malnutrition.

Across the Middle East and North Africa, conflict threatens decades of progress for children
AMMAN, 11 December 2016 – Nearly one in five children across the Middle East and North Africa is in need of immediate humanitarian assistance, according to UNICEF.

UN provides vital food and aid to 42,000 people in eastern Mosul
BAGHDAD – 9 December 2016 In the single largest humanitarian aid delivery in eastern Mosul since the current conflict began, the World Food Programme (WFP), UNICEF and the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) yesterday provided food, dignity kits, water purification tablets, jerry cans, baby hygiene kits and more for 42,000 people in eastern Mosul. For the first time in over two weeks, security conditions have allowed humanitarian agencies to reach families living in the suburbs of eastern Mosul, many of whom are in desperate need of assistance.

Statement by UNICEF Syria Representative, Hanaa Singer, on the deteriorating situation for children in Aleppo and across the country
ALEPPO/DAMASCUS, 7 December 2016 – "I have just travelled back from Aleppo where the situation continues to plummet to even greater lows.

Almost half of Mosul’s children cut off from clean water as fighting intensifies - UNICEF
BAGHDAD, 30 November 2016 – Nearly 300,000 children in Mosul – almost half of all the children in the city – and their families have reportedly been cut off from access to clean water after a major water pipeline was destroyed amid the ongoing conflict.

Statement by UNICEF Regional Director Geert Cappelaere to the Security Council on the Situation of Children in Syria
NEW YORK/AMMAN, 30 November 2016 – “Thank you, Mr. President, distinguished members, ladies and Gentlemen.

Half a million children live under siege in Syria
NEW YORK/AMMAN/DAMASCUS, 27 November 2016 – As violence continues to escalate across Syria, the number of children living under siege has doubled in less than one year. Nearly 500,000 children now live in 16 besieged areas across the country, almost completely cut off from sustained humanitarian aid and basic services.

Stop bombing schools and hospitals, says UNICEF
AMMAN, 21 November 2016 – “It has been a horrific week for Syria’s children – living and dying under the relentless bombardment of schools, homes and hospitals.

UNICEF Executive Director Anthony Lake statement on ceasefire agreement in Yemen
NEW YORK, 19 November 2016 - “The ceasefire announced in Yemen offers new hope in a situation that is increasingly catastrophic for children.

Massive humanitarian needs one month since start of military operations to retake Mosul
BAGHDAD, Iraq, 17 November 2016 – Today marks one month of intensified military operations to retake the city of Mosul. With tens of thousands of families in newly retaken areas urgently requiring life-saving assistance, the humanitarian community in Iraq faces a massive scope of need. These latest developments further exacerbate a humanitarian crisis in a country where 10 million people already were in need of aid.

UNICEF leads convoy into Mosul city with emergency supplies for 15,000 children
BAGHDAD Iraq, 15 November 2016 — A UNICEF-led multi-agency humanitarian convoy was on Sunday the first to enter the Iraqi city of Mosul together with WFP and UNFPA.

UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Liam Neeson meets with Syrian children and youth in Jordan
NEW YORK/AMMAN, 10 November 2016 – UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Liam Neeson wrapped up a two-day visit to Jordan this week, along with his eldest son Micheal, where he met with Syrian children, young people and their families whose lives have been greatly affected by the conflict - now close to its sixth year.

Statement attributable to Hanaa Singer, UNICEF representative in Syria on the killings of children at a kindergarten in Harasta, Rural Damascus
DAMASCUS, 6 November 2016 - “A kindergarten was reportedly hit in an attack today in the town of Harasta, in Rural Damascus, a few kilometres from the capital, killing at least four children and injuring many more.

Statement attributable to Peter Hawkins, UNICEF Representative in Iraq on the children of Mosul
ERBIL, 4 November 2016 – “An estimated 2,500 children and their families have arrived in the past 24 hours at camps south east of Mosul as Iraqi forces today for the first time entered the city streets and intensified their battle to retake Mosul.

9,700 children displaced since start of Mosul operation – UNICEF
BAGHDAD/NEW YORK, 3 November 2016 – Some 20,700 people have been displaced since the operation to retake Mosul started on 17 October. UNICEF estimates that 9,700 of them are children in urgent need of assistance.

Statement by UNICEF Executive Director Anthony Lake on multiple attacks on schools in Syria
NEW YORK, 27 October 2016 – “Yesterday, when a school compound in Syria was repeatedly attacked, killing dozens of children and teachers, we thought we had seen the depths of depravity.

Statement by UNICEF Executive Director Anthony Lake on deadly attacks on schools in Idlib, northwest Syria
NEW YORK/AMMAN, 26 October 2016 – “Twenty-two children and six teachers were reportedly murdered today when their school compound was repeatedly attacked in Idlib, Syria.

Major campaign launched to immunize 5.8 million Iraqi children against polio
BAGHDAD, Iraq, 24 October 2016 – A five-day polio vaccination campaign is under way in Iraq to reach an estimated 5.8 million children below the age of five in Iraq, regardless of previous vaccination status.

Children in war-torn Syria risk their lives to go to school
DAMASCUS/ GENEVA, 21 October 2016- With the start of the school year in Syria, over 1.7 million children remain out of school and another 1.3 million are at a risk of dropping out, according to new education data.

Keep children safe in Mosul operation, UNICEF says
BAGHDAD, 17 October 2016 – More than half a million children and their families in Mosul will be at extreme risk in the coming weeks, UNICEF warned today as a military operation to retake the northern Iraqi city gets under way.

Statement attributable to Hanaa Singer, UNICEF Representative in Syria, on children killed in Aleppo
DAMASCUS, 14 October 2016 - “Yesterday’s attack near the Hatem Al Taai primary school in Aleppo city killed four children and injured three others.  The children were on their way to school in the morning hours when mortars hit the area.

Statement attributable to Hanaa Singer, UNICEF Representative in Syria, on attack on a school in Daraa
DAMASCUS, 12 October 2016 - “UNICEF deplores yesterday’s attack on the “That al-Netaqeen” primary school in the city of Daraa which killed five school children, aged between four and 16, and left 15 other children injured. The conflict in Syria has plummeted to such lows that children are now risking their lives just to attend school.

UNICEF calls for safety of schools in Yemen as the new school year opens
SANA’A/GENEVA, 4 October 2016- As schools open this week in Yemen, UNICEF urges all parties to the conflict to protect schools

Mobile health teams help save children’s lives in Yemen – UNICEF
SANAA, 28 September 2016 – UNICEF and its partners have completed an ambitious drive to reach children and women in Yemen with critical health and nutrition services to save lives as the conflict continues.

"The murder of the innocents in Aleppo must stop" - UNICEF Executive Director Anthony Lake
NEW YORK, 29 September 2016 – “In Aleppo, 96 children killed and 223 children injured in merciless attacks this week alone.  Each one, a daughter or a son.

Children in Aleppo trapped in “living nightmare” - UNICEF Deputy Executive Director Justin Forsyth
NEW YORK, 28 September 2016 – At least 96 children have been killed and 223 have been injured in Eastern Aleppo since Friday, UNICEF said.

Statement attributable to Hanaa Singer, UNICEF Representative in Syria, on attacks and deliberate water cuts in Aleppo
DAMASCUS, 23 September 2016 – “Nearly 2 million people in Aleppo are once again with no running water through the public network.

The United Nations welcomes the release of 21 child soldiers by the Government of Sudan
KHARTOUM, 22 September 2016 - The United Nations welcomes the release yesterday by the Government of Sudan of twenty one children allegedly associated with armed groups.  These children, who have been in the custody of the government security forces, were captured during fighting between the Government of Sudan and the Justice and Equality Movement in Darfur, in 2015.

Statement by UNICEF Executive Director Anthony Lake on attack on humanitarian convoy in Aleppo, Syria
NEW YORK, 20 September 2016 – “All those with a conscience must condemn the attack on a humanitarian convoy in Aleppo that killed and injured humanitarian workers.

EU-UNICEF partnership helps address learning and protection needs of children and youth affected by the Syria crisis
AMMAN, Jordan/BRUSSELS/NEW YORK, 19 September 2016 – As a new school year gets under way across the Middle East, a major injection of funds from the European Union is boosting efforts to provide learning opportunities and protection to hundreds of thousands of children and youth who have fled the Syria conflict.

Statement by UNICEF Executive Director Anthony Lake on the humanitarian pause in Aleppo, Syria
NEW YORK, 26 August 2016 - “Today is another sad and dangerous day for the children in Syria, in particular those living in Aleppo.

Statement by UNICEF Executive Director Anthony Lake on the situation of children in Aleppo, Syria
NEW YORK, 19 August 2016 –“What human being can see the stunned suffering of Omran Dagneesh, the small boy rescued from a destroyed building in Aleppo, Syria, and not feel an overwhelming sense of empathy?

UNICEF Appoints World Renowned Pianist Zade Dirani as Regional Ambassador for the Middle East and North Africa
AMMAN, 15 August 2016 – UNICEF today appointed world famous Jordanian pianist and composer, Zade Dirani, as Regional Ambassador for the Middle East and North Africa with a special focus on advocating for the most marginalised children especially those caught in conflict, violence and poverty.

UNICEF Statement on the killings of children in Sa’ada, Northern Yemen
SANA’A, Yemen, 13 August 2016 – “An airstrike this morning has killed at least seven children and injured 21 others in a religious school in the Sa’ada governorate in northern Yemen.

Statement on the killings of children in recent escalation of violence in Yemen
SANA’A, Yemen, 9 August 2016 – “Four children were reportedly killed and three were injured on 7 August in the Nihm District, east of the Yemeni Capital, Sana’a.

Taps run dry for 2 million people as fighting intensifies in Aleppo
DAMASCUS, Syria, 9 August 2016 – Two million people in Aleppo are left with no access to running water through the public network, as escalation of attacks and fighting damaged electricity networks essential to pump water supplies throughout the city.

UN agencies deliver urgent relief to people stranded at Syria-Jordan border
AMMAN, 4 August 2016 – World Food Programme (WFP) Executive Director Ertharin Cousin, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) Filippo Grandi, UNICEF Executive Director Anthony Lake, and International Organization for Migration (IOM) Director-General William Lacy Swing today announced the successful completion of a relief operation to provide more than 75,000 people with food and humanitarian relief items.

UNICEF Regional Director for the Middle East and North Africa, Saad Houry, calls for the protection of all children in Aleppo
AMMAN, 2 August 2016 – UNICEF is extremely concerned for the safety and wellbeing of all children caught up in the escalating violence in the city of Aleppo in northern Syria.

UNICEF Ambassador Ewan McGregor visits refugee and displaced children on Iraq frontline
LONDON/ERBIL, 2 August 2016 – UNICEF Ambassador Ewan McGregor travelled to northern Iraq last week to see how the conflicts sweeping across Iraq and Syria are devastating children’s lives. Tens of thousands of children have been killed, injured, separated from their parents, forced to work, tortured and recruited into fighting.

Statement attributable to Hanaa Singer, UNICEF Syria Representative, on attacks in Qamishli and Idlib
DAMASCUS, 28 July 2016 – UNICEF deplores yesterday’s shocking attack which reportedly killed more than 50 people, including many children, in the northern Syrian city of Qamishli. Local hospitals are overwhelmed treating more than 150 injured people. UNICEF is informed that 32 children are being treated at the main hospital in Qamishli city, many with serious injuries.

UNICEF Statement on attacks on hospitals in Aleppo city
AMMAN, 26 July 2016 – “Four hospitals in eastern Aleppo city – al-Dakkak, al-Bayan, al-Hakim and al-Zahraa – and a blood blank were reportedly hit several times on 23 and 24 July disrupting key life-saving health services for up to 300,000 civilians.

UNICEF on Syria: "Absolutely nothing justifies attacks on children”
DAMASCUS, Syria, 20 July 2016 – “This week in Syria, more than 20 children were reportedly killed in air strikes in Manbij and a 12-year-old boy was brutally murdered on-camera in Aleppo.

UNICEF-UNRWA condemn bombing of child friendly space in Khan Eishieh Camp in Syria
Amman/Damascus, 5 July 2016- The latest attack on Khan Eishieh Refugee Camp, home to Palestinian refugees and internally displaced Syrians, is the latest example in the Syria conflict of the inhumane disregard for life, particularly that of children and infrastructure on which they depend.

UNICEF Statement on the Killings of Children and Families in Baghdad
BAGHDAD, 3 July 2016— At least 125 people were reportedly killed and hundreds wounded, many of them children, in two separate bombings in Baghdad early this morning.

In South Sudan, children uprooted by recent violence receive measles vaccination
WAU, South Sudan, 2 July 2016 – UNICEF is launching today an urgent measles immunization campaign to protect 13,000 children displaced by fighting in the city of Wau, South Sudan.

Iraq Crisis: 3.6 million children now at risk from increasing violence
BAGHDAD/AMMAN, 30 June 2016 - 3.6 million children in Iraq – one in five in the country - are at serious risk of death, injury, sexual violence, abduction and recruitment into armed groups, according to a new UNICEF report.

UNICEF Statement on the Killings of Children in Deir-ez-Zor, eastern Syria
AMMAN, 26 June 2016 - According to UNICEF’s local partners in Syria, 25 children were reportedly killed yesterday in air-strikes on al-Quriyah town, in the eastern countryside of Deir-ez-Zor.

African youth to African leaders: “You must do more to end conflicts in Africa”
GAMBELLA, Ethiopia/DAKAR, Senegal/NAIROBI, Kenya 16 June 2016 – African leaders are not doing enough to stop conflicts in Africa, said two-thirds of the nearly 86,000 youth surveyed in a recent mobile-based poll conducted in nine African countries.

“If you try to run, they shoot you; if you stop working they beat you. It was just like the slave trade.”
GENEVA, 14 June 2016 – More than 9 out of 10 refugee and migrant children arriving in Europe this year through Italy are unaccompanied, prompting UNICEF to warn of the growing threats of abuse, exploitation and death facing them.

UNICEF official: Attacks on medical facilities in Syria "should shake the moral compass of the world."
AMMAN, 8 June, 2016 – “Everyone must question their humanity when babies have to be taken out of incubators because of attacks on hospitals.

“We came with nothing, we have nothing”: Thousands flee Fallujah as fighting intensifies
BAGHDAD, 6 June 2016 – The UN and partners are in a race against time to provide life-saving assistance to people fleeing escalating violence in Anbar, particularly around the battle for Fallujah

UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Ricky Martin traveled to Lebanon to meet refugee children who have fled Syria conflict
BEIRUT, 3 June 2016 - World-renowned singer and UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Ricky Martin calls for increased focus on safeguarding the futures of millions of children affected by the Syria conflict, whose lives have been shaped by displacement, violence and a persistent lack of opportunities.

Vaccination campaign at risk as fighting intensifies in Syria
AMMAN/CAIRO, 2 June 2016 - “As fighting and violence escalate across Syria, we risk losing the opportunity to vaccinate and save the lives of more than one million children.

Iraq: UNICEF calls for protection of the children of Fallujah
BAGHDAD, 1 June 2016 – “As the violence continues to escalate in Fallujah and across Iraq, we are concerned over the protection of children in the face of extreme and rising danger.

UNICEF with Christian and Islamic leaders in Egypt release studies on FGM and other violence against children
CAIRO, 9 May 2016 - Al-Azhar Al-Sahrief, Al-Azhar University and the Coptic Orthodox Church, in cooperation with the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), today launched three publications by religious scholars on Islamic and Christian perspectives on protecting children from violence and harmful practices.

Statement by Margaret Chan, WHO Director-General, and Anthony Lake, UNICEF Executive Director on attacks on medical facilities and personnel in Syria
GENEVA/NEW YORK, 29 April 2016 - We join the many voices expressing outrage at the attack on Al Quds Hospital in Aleppo.  Among those killed were two doctors, including one of the only remaining pediatricians in the city, three paramedics, and numerous patients, among them children.

Yemen children bearing the brunt of brutal conflict – UN
NEW YORK/AMMAN, Jordan, 10 April 2016 – “The children of Yemen are bearing the brunt of a brutal conflict. The cessation of hostilities that has come into effect today is an opportunity for parties to take action to improve their protection.

Yemen’s children on the brink as country risks becoming a failed state
SANA’A/AMMAN, 29 March 2016 - A brutal conflict and a fast-deteriorating humanitarian situation are devastating the lives of millions of children in Yemen and have brought the country to the point of collapse. A UNICEF report “Children on the Brink” highlights the heavy toll that the violence in Yemen is having on children and the deterioration in an already precarious humanitarian situation.

UNICEF urges EU leaders and Turkey to find common ground for refugee and migrant children
GENEVA, 18 March 2016 – With the lives of more than 20,000 children in Greece and in the Balkans on hold, UNICEF urges leaders of the European Union and Turkey to find common ground for refugee and migrant children when reaching an agreement that could have serious consequences for them. 

More than 100 humanitarian agencies call for immediate and sustained access in Syria
GENEVA/NEW YORK, 15 March 2016 – Today, 102 humanitarian agencies urged sustained and unconditional humanitarian access to all Syrians.

1 in 3 Syrian children has grown up knowing only crisis as conflict reaches 5 year point – UNICEF
AMMAN/NEW YORK, 14 March 2016 - An estimated 3.7 million Syrian children – 1 in 3 of all Syrian children - have been born since the conflict began five years ago, their lives shaped by violence, fear and displacement, according to a UNICEF report. This figure includes more than 306,000 children born as refugees since 2011.

UNICEF responds to EU and Turkey summit, calls for protection of refugee and migrant children
GENEVA, 8 March, 2016 - With regard to the outcome of the EU Summit with Turkey, UNICEF reiterates that in the implementation of such decisions the fundamental humanitarian principle of ‘do no harm’ must guide authorities across Europe, the Balkans and Turkey at every step when it comes to the care of refugee and migrant children.

Water restored to Aleppo after a 48-days deliberate shutdown of water facility
DAMASCUS, 6 March 2016 – The resumption of operations on 4 March of the al-Khafseh water treatment facility is critical for the lives and well-being of more than two million people.

UNICEF Statement on Baquer Namazi
NEW YORK, 3 March 2016 – Current and former UNICEF colleagues are deeply concerned about the health and wellbeing of Baquer Namazi, who was detained in Iran on February 22.

Statement by UNICEF Executive Director Anthony Lake following his visit to Syria
HOMS, SYRIA – 1 March 2016 – “I complete this visit to Syria, together with Dr. Peter Salama, UNICEF Regional Director, on the eve of the fifth anniversary of this war.  My previous trip came on the eve of the third anniversary, two years of suffering ago.  Now, the cessation of hostilities offers the Syrian people the possibility of peace.

Statement by UNICEF Executive Director Anthony Lake on the Cessation of Hostilities Agreement in Syria
NEW YORK, 22 February, 2016 - For Syria’s children, today’s agreement on the terms of a cessation of hostilities is welcome news after five years of brutal conflict.  UNICEF welcomes this diplomatic progress.  Now it must be matched by action. 

Strikes against children in a hospital in Syria - Statement by the Executive Director of UNICEF, Anthony Lake
NEW YORK, 15 February, 2016 – We at UNICEF are appalled by reports of attacks against four medical facilities in Syria – two of which were supported by UNICEF. One is a child and maternal hospital where children were reportedly killed and scores evacuated.

Humanitarian ceasefire and access to Syrian civilians urgently needed – aid agencies
NEW YORK, 10 February 2016 -160 humanitarian agencies are appealing for immediate ceasefire and unimpeded, sustained access to bring lifesaving relief to those affected by worsening violence in Syria.

US$1.4 billion needed to get every Syrian child back in school, say aid agencies
AMMAN, Jordan, 2 February 2016 – The future of a generation of Syrian children and youth is in jeopardy unless donors meeting in London this week prioritise the funding needed to get them back to school, say aid agencies leading the response to the brutal conflict ravaging the country.

An appeal to end the suffering in Syria
NEW YORK, 21 January, 2016 - More than 120 humanitarian organizations and United Nations agencies issued a joint appeal today urging the world to raise their voices and call for an end to the Syria crisis.

Concern over health of children on the move during harsh winter - UNICEF
GENEVA, 19 January 2016 – Children arriving into a harsh winter in southeastern Europe are physically exhausted, scared, distressed and often in need of medical assistance, UNICEF warned.

Statement attributable to Hanaa Singer, UNICEF Representative in Syria on the besieged area of Madaya
DAMASCUS, Syria, 15 January 2016 – “UNICEF welcomes the access granted to trapped children this week and can confirm that cases of severe malnutrition were found among children in the besieged Syrian town of Madaya following our participation in the second joint UN/Syrian Arab Red Crescent/ICRC humanitarian mission to the area on Thursday*.

UNICEF and WHO appeal for the lifting of siege on communities in Syria
AMMAN/CAIRO, 14 January 2016 – “This week’s delivery of urgently-needed humanitarian supplies* to the besieged communities of Madaya, Foua’a and Kafraya is a welcome step for a population in desperate need.

War in Yemen poses ever-growing threat to children
SANAA, Yemen, 12 January 2016 – “With no end in sight to the deadly conflict in Yemen, nearly 10 million children inside the country are now facing a new year of pain and suffering.

UNICEF plans to reach 2.6 million Syrian children with winter supplies and cash assistance
AMMAN, Jordan, 7 December 2015 – Another harsh winter is looming for more than eight million Syrian children living inside the war-ravaged country or as refugees around the region and beyond.

Statement by UNICEF Iraq Representative, Peter Hawkins and UN Special Representative of the Secretary General for Iraq, Ján Kubiš
BAGHDAD, Iraq, 3 December 2015 - The ongoing conflict in Iraq is taking a heavy toll on the country’s most vulnerable citizens – its children.

Harsh weather, border restrictions – New blow to children on the move, says UNICEF
GENEVA, 1 December 2015 – Unpredictable border restrictions and harsh weather are compounding the hardships and challenges for refugee and migrant children and women who now account for more than half of all arrivals by sea.

Statement by Hanaa Singer, UNICEF Representative in Syria on airstrikes against the Al-Khafsa water treatment facility in Aleppo
DAMASCUS, Syria, 1 December 2015 -  “In Syria, the rules of war, including those meant to protect vital civilian infrastructure, continue to be broken on a daily basis.

Child brides in Africa could more than double to 310 million by 2050 - UNICEF
NEW YORK/LUSAKA, Zambia, 26 November 2015 – If current levels persist, the total number of child brides in Africa will rise from 125 million to 310 million by 2050, according to a UNICEF report released at the African Union Girls Summit in Lusaka, Zambia, today.

Statement attributable to Peter Salama, UNICEF Regional Director for the Middle East and North Africa on Universal Children’s Day
AMMAN, 20 November 2015 -  “Twenty-six years ago today, the world made a solemn promise to the children of the world, to protect and promote their rights to survive and thrive, to learn and grow, to make their voices heard and to reach their full potential.

Violence denies millions of children across Iraq access to education
BAGHDAD, Iraq 30 October 2015– The staggered start of the academic year in Iraq concludes this week with close to two million children nationwide out of school. An additional 1.2 million children age 5 to 14 years old are at risk of dropping out.

Attack in Yemen: UNICEF appeals to those involved to respect international humanitarian law
NEW YORK, 27 October 2015 – “The health facility reportedly attacked today in Saada, Yemen, is the 39th health centre hit since the violence escalated in March. Critical shortages of fuel, medications, electricity, petrol and water threaten to stop many more from operating.

Statement by UNICEF Executive Director Anthony Lake
NEW YORK, 10 October 2015 – Everyone who has the best interests of the Palestinian and Israeli peoples at heart must be increasingly alarmed at the escalating violence in the area

Six months of violence in Yemen leave more than 500 children dead, some 1.7 million at risk of malnutrition: UNICEF
GENEVA/SANA’A, Yemen, 2 October 2015 – Six months of unremitting violence in Yemen have left at least 505 children dead, 702  injured and more than 1.7 million at risk of malnutrition, UNICEF said today.

Safer learning for more than 2 million children caught in Syrian conflict
NEW YORK/BRUSSELS, 1 October 2015 – More than 2 million children whose lives have been torn apart by the conflict in Syria will have better access to education in safe environments through an agreement signed today by the European Union (EU) and UNICE

UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Orlando Bloom calls for greater protection for refugee and migrant children on the move in Europe
GEVGELIJA/ GENEVA, 29 September 2015 – UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Orlando Bloom has called for greater protection for tens of thousands of refugee and migrant children as they continue their journeys to seek safety in Europe.

Conflicts, instability uproot over 4.5 million children in 5 countries: UNICEF
NEW YORK, 29 September 2015 – Conflicts and instability in five countries alone have uprooted at least 4.5 million children, UNICEF said on the eve of a United Nations high-level meeting on the global migrant and refugee crisis.

Statement on killings of children in Syria, attributable to Hanaa Singer, UNICEF Representative in Syria
DAMASCUS, Syria, 28 September 2015 – “As violence increases in Syria, UNICEF once again reiterates its call on all parties to immediately stop indiscriminate attacks in civilian populated areas in accordance with International Humanitarian Law.

Mortar attacks which killed children in Aleppo “reprehensible” -- UNICEF
DAMASCUS, 16 September 2015 - “UNICEF condemns, in the strongest terms, yesterday’s mortar attacks on civilian areas of Aleppo which reportedly killed at least 19 children including six in a UNICEF-supported child friendly space.

Millions of children across conflict-hit Syria deprived of education
GENEVA/DAMASCUS, Syria, 15 September 2015 - ­As children around the world return to school, there are more than two million in Syria who will not be able to join them. According to UNICEF, another 400,000 are at risk of dropping out as a result of conflict, violence and displacement.

UNICEF urges European leaders to quickly turn new commitments for refugees and migrants into action for children
NEW YORK, 11 September 2015 - UNICEF welcomes increasing commitments by European leaders to support refugees and migrants – commitments that should now trigger urgent action by all EU Member States to fully protect children.

Child refugee crisis in Europe will only grow if humanitarian needs in Syria and the region are not met, warns UNICEF
NEW YORK, 10 September 2015 – The refugee and migrant crisis in Europe will only worsen if greater efforts are not made to end the protracted conflict in Syria and address the humanitarian needs of the millions affected by the violence, says UNICEF today.

Rising numbers of women and children pass through the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Serbia to seek refuge in Europe - UNICEF
SKOPJE/BELGRADE/GENEVA, 8 September 2015 – Women and children seeking refuge in Europe continue to pass through the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Serbia in growing numbers. Nearly 10,000 people, approximately 40 per cent of whom were women and children, were registered crossing into the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia at Gevgelija from Greece between 1 and 6 September. More than 7,720 people were also registered crossing into Serbia through Presevo over the same time period.

United action needed now for child refugees: UNICEF
NEW YORK/GENEVA, 5 September 2015 – Europe has a brief window of opportunity, before winter approaches, to protect and care for the tens of thousands of children seeking refuge, UNICEF said today.

Conflict drives 13 million children out of school in the Middle East and North Africa
AMMAN, Jordan, 3 September 2015- Surging conflict and political upheaval across the Middle East and North Africa are preventing more than 13 million children from going to school, according to a UNICEF report released today.

Severe water shortages compound the misery of millions in war-torn Syria - says UNICEF
AMMAN, Jordan, 25 August 2015- Amid the unremitting brutality of the war in Syria and a scorching summer heat wave, there is increasing evidence that parties to the conflict are using water to achieve military and political gains.

Yemen Conflict: Over a thousand child casualties so far – UNICEF
SANAA, Yemen, 19 August 2015 – An average of eight children are being killed or maimed every day in Yemen as a direct result of the conflict gripping the country, according to a report released by UNICEF.

Statement by Anthony Lake, UNICEF Executive Director on attack on teachers’ office in Yemen
NEW YORK, 19 August 2015 - Last night, 13 educators and four of their children paid a most terrible price in the continuing conflict in Yemen – killed in an airstrike on a teachers’ office in Amran, just north of Sana’a. Twenty people, including one child, were injured. The latest casualties inflicted by all sides.

UNICEF condemns killing of infant in West Bank attack
NEW YORK, 31 July 2015 - “The death of an 18-month old Palestinian baby in an arson attack on his home in the West Bank is a tragedy - and an outrage.

Amid conflict in Yemen, UNICEF helps get children back to learning
SANA’A Yemen/GENEVA, July 24, 2015- The ongoing conflict in Yemen is having a devastating impact on the country’s education system – and on the chances of millions of children to access learning.

Water cuts in Aleppo threaten children amid intense heat wave
DAMASCUS, Syria, 22 July 2015 – The restoration of water supplies to the war-torn city of Aleppo has come as a welcome relief to residents whose taps have run dry in recent weeks due to the fighting and frequent power cuts. The disruption to piped water supplies – which in some cases was deliberately implemented by parties to the conflict - increased the risk of water-borne disease especially among children.

UNICEF Ambassador Eddie Izzard meets Yemeni refugees fleeing the horror of war by sea
LONDON, 16 July 2015 – Earlier this week, UNICEF UK Ambassador Eddie Izzard met child refugees in Djibouti who have fled the devastating war in Yemen, the country of his birth.

Amid surging conflict in Yemen, UNICEF mobile teams respond to children’s urgent health needs
ADEN, Yemen, 10 July 2015 - With health services across Yemen disintegrating under the impact of a brutal conflict, UNICEF and its partners are stepping up nutrition screening, vaccinations and other life-saving interventions for millions of children caught up in the ongoing crisis.

Millions of children in Syria at high risk of disease amid water scarcity and summer heat
DAMASCUS, 10 July 2015 – Dwindling supplies of safe drinking water during Syria’s scorching summer months are exposing children to the threat of water-borne diseases, UNICEF warns.

Children make up one fifth of cholera deaths in South Sudan: UNICEF
JUBA, South Sudan/NAIROBI, Kenya, 7 July 2015 –  More than 700 cholera cases have been reported in Juba and Bor so far, resulting in 32 deaths – one in five of which are children under five, UNICEF said today. Stressing the role of education in stemming the cholera outbreak in South Sudan, the UN children’s agency is working with children and teachers throughout the country to raise awareness on how to prevent the disease from spreading further.

Urgent action needed to tackle child labour caused by Syrian Crisis: Save the Children and UNICEF
AMMAN, 2 July 2015 - The conflict and humanitarian crisis in Syria are pushing an ever increasing number of children into exploitation in the labour market, and much more needs to be done to reverse the trend, according to a new report released by Save the Children and UNICEF.

Children at risk from cholera outbreak in South Sudan
JUBA, South Sudan/NAIROBI, Kenya, 23 June 2015 – Eighteen people, including two children under 5 years of age, have died from cholera in the most recent outbreak to hit South Sudan. The first cholera case was reported on 27 May in the Protection of Civilians (PoC) site in Juba. Since then, 170 suspected cases have been reported inside the site and in villages across Central Equatoria State.

Statement attributable to Julien Harneis, UNICEF Representative in Yemen
SANA’A, Yemen, 16 June 2015 –  "The number of children in Yemen who have been killed as a result of conflict over the last 10 weeks is four times that of all those confirmed to have been killed in 2014*. At least 279 children have been killed and 402 injured since the escalation of violence in Yemen which began on 26 March 2015, compared with 74 and 244, respectively, that were reported in the whole of last year.

UNICEF welcomes latest Kuwait donation for children of Syria
NEW YORK, 12 June 2015 – Millions of Syrian children will benefit from the generous US$45 million donation made by the Government of Kuwait, UNICEF said today. This brings Kuwait’s total donations to UNICEF in just three years to US$134.5 million to support the humanitarian response for Syrian children.

Iraq on the brink of humanitarian disaster due to surging conflict and massive funding shortfall warns UN
BRUSSELS, 4 June, 2015 – Vital aid operations supporting millions of people affected by the conflict in Iraq risk closure unless funds are made available immediately, the official overseeing humanitarian operations in the country said today.

Statement on situation in Yemen by UNICEF Executive Director Anthony Lake
NEW YORK, 24 May 2015 – “The toll seems to grow higher by the day. Reports that two more children have been killed and six more children injured in the escalating conflict in Yemen underscore the urgent need for action to protect children -- and to bring an end to the hostilities that are devastating their lives and futures.

Children killed, abducted and raped in South Sudan attacks – UNICEF
JUBA, South Sudan/NAIROBI, Kenya, 18 May 2015 -  Dozens of children have been killed, at least 12 raped and others abducted and recruited in a series of attacks in South Sudan’s Unity State over a two-week period, according to eyewitness accounts received by UNICEF.

UNICEF’s critical supplies reach affected children and families during Yemen humanitarian pause
SANA’A, Yemen 17 May, 2015 – UNICEF is distributing critical humanitarian aid for hundreds of thousands of children and affected civilians across Yemen during a five day humanitarian pause. Despite reports of heavy fighting in certain parts of the country, lifesaving supplies are reaching hospitals, health centres, affected communities and displaced people. These include medicine for childhood illnesses like diarrhea and acute respiratory infections, nutrition supplies, midwifery and hygiene kits and water tanks.

UNICEF delivers lifesaving supplies to Aden as Yemen runs out of medicine, equipment
SANA’A, Yemen/AMMAN, Jordan, 28 April 2015 – A UNICEF shipment of urgent medical supplies reached Yemen today and will benefit more than 500,000 people, mostly women and children, for the next three months.

Salma Hayek visits Lebanon with UNICEF to raise funds for Syrian refugees through Gucci’s CHIME FOR CHANGE Campaign
NEW YORK, 27 April 2015 - Hayek visited Syrian refugees in Lebanon on April 25 to draw attention to the urgent humanitarian needs of children and families whose lives have been upended by the brutal conflict in Syria over the last four years. Across the region, UNICEF estimates that 14 million children have been affected and are at risk of becoming a lost generation, including 2.6 million children who are no longer in school, and close to two million who are living as refugees in neighboring countries.

Hundreds of children killed or maimed in deadly month-long fighting in Yemen - UNICEF
SANA’A, Yemen/AMMAN, Jordan/GENEVA, 24 April 2015 – At least 115 children have been killed and 172 maimed as result of conflict in Yemen since 26 March, UNICEF said today.

Measles vaccination campaign aims to immunize over 2.6 million Syrian children
DAMASCUS, Syria, 24 April 2015 - A 10-day measles immunization campaign is underway in Syria to protect children from this deadly disease. Launched on 19 April, the campaign is aimed at children between six months and five years of age. Vaccination will be provided in 1,209 health centres, and nearly 6,000 health staff and mobile teams are participating in the campaign.

282 boys and 1 girl freed in final release of children from Cobra Faction in South Sudan
JUBA, South Sudan/NAIROBI, Kenya/NEW YORK, 24 April 2015 – 282 boys and 1 girl have been freed in the final release of children associated with the Cobra Faction armed group, in South Sudan.  

Nearly 8 million children in Sudan to be immunized against measles following deadly outbreak – UNICEF
KHARTOUM, Sudan/ GENEVA / NAIROBI 22 April 2015 – Following one of the worst measles outbreaks in Sudan’s recent history, the Ministry of Health with support from UNICEF, the Measles and Rubella Initiative (M&RI) and national partners, is launching a massive campaign to immunize 7.9 million children aged six months to 15 years against this life-threatening disease.

School enrolment rates up but 21 million children in the Middle East & North Africa risk missing out on an education
BEIRUT, Lebanon, 15 April 2015 – Despite impressive progress in raising school enrolment over the past decade, one in every four children and young adolescents (more than 21 million) in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) are either out of school or at risk of dropping out.

New UNICEF consignment of essential supplies arrives in war-torn Yemen
SANA’A/AMMAN, 14 April 2015 – A second aircraft loaded with UNICEF lifesaving supplies has arrived at Sana’a International Airport, bringing nearly 76 metric tonnes of antibiotics, bandages, syringes, IV sets and other materials.

Medical supplies for children being unloaded now at Sana’a Airport
SANA’A/AMMAN, 10 April 2015 – A first airlift of urgent medical and other supplies from UNICEF is being unloaded now on the tarmac at Sana’a International Airport, as the conflict in Yemen continues to exact a heavy toll on children and their families.

Sudan: Children abducted in Abyei released after UN mediation
KHARTOUM, Sudan, 9 April, 2015 – UNICEF confirms that a group of four children recently abducted by an armed group in Abyei has been released.

Airstrike on Al Rasheedi school in Yemen - Statement
SANA’A/AMMAN, 8 April 2015 – “Yesterday’s airstrike on Al Rasheedi school in Yemen's Ibb governorate, which left at least two children dead and two injured, is a stark reminder of the appalling risks facing children as the conflict in Yemen intensifies.

Increasing violence in Yemen taking intolerable toll on children: UNICEF
SANA’A/AMMAN, 6 April 2015 – With conflict escalating in many parts of Yemen, children continue to be killed, injured, displaced and put at increasing risk from disease, UNICEF said today.

Protect children from escalating violence in Yemen, UNICEF appeals
NEW YORK/AMMAN, 31 March 2015 – At least 62 children have been killed and 30 injured during fighting in Yemen over the past week, according to UNICEF. The fighting is severely damaging basic health services and education, while violence and displacement are leaving children terrified.

Yemen: Work for children continues, UNICEF says
NEW YORK, 28 March 2015 – “Although the deteriorating situation in Yemen is curtailing operations, UNICEF continues to work to provide vital assistance for children in the country through a small number of international staff and more than 100 national staff, working with local as well as international partners

UNICEF Yemen statement on yesterday's killings in Sana'a
SANAA, Yemen, 21 March 2015 - "UNICEF strongly condemns yesterday's attacks on mosques in Sana'a in which at least 13 children were killed and 19 were injured. The attacks claimed the lives of at least 137 people and injured more than 300. 

As Syria conflict enters a fifth year, what does it take to end the crisis and end the suffering?
NEW YORK/GENEVA/ROME/AMMAN, 13 March 2015 -  “The appalling crisis in Syria is entering a fifth year. A crisis that continues to exact an unconscionable human cost. A crisis that the international community has failed to stop.

14 million children impacted by conflict in Syria and Iraq: UNICEF
NEW YORK/AMMAN, 12 March 2015 – Some 14 million children across the region are now suffering from the escalating conflict sweeping Syria and much of Iraq, said UNICEF today.

Amid conflict in South Sudan, 400,000 children will go back to school
JUBA/NAIROBI/NEW YORK, 19 February 2015 – Approximately 400,000 children whose schooling has been interrupted by the conflict in South Sudan will have the chance to return to their studies over the next 12 months.

Despite deepening political crisis in Yemen, UNICEF to stay and deliver
SANA’A, Yemen/GENEVA, 13 February 2015 – As the political crisis deepens in Yemen, UNICEF reaffirms its commitment to stay and deliver for the children of Yemen.

More children released from armed group in South Sudan
JUBA/NAIROBI/GENEVA/NEW YORK, 10 February 2015 – UNICEF and partners are overseeing the release of another 300 children from an armed group in South Sudan.

UNICEF: South Sudan on the edge of nutrition catastrophe if hostilities don’t end now
JUBA, South Sudan, 4 February 2015 – UNICEF urged warring groups in South Sudan to follow up fast on the ceasefire deal reached Monday or face potentially catastrophic food shortages in the conflict areas of the country.

UNICEF emergency supplies flown in as crisis worsens in Darfur
KHARTOUM, 28 January 2015 – UNICEF flew in today emergency supplies in response to the growing influx of displaced persons into Um Baru locality, north east of the State capital, El Fasher, in North Darfur.  Over the last two weeks some 4,000 additional people have arrived to the locality, most of them are women and children.  Their number continues to increase daily.

Devastating Middle East polio outbreak on verge of being stopped, say experts
BEIRUT, 27 January 2015 - A 12-month emergency immunization response across the Middle East appears to have halted an outbreak of polio that began in Syria and Iraq, according to health experts meeting in Beirut.

UNICEF Steps Up Assistance for Syrian Children Affected by the Bitter Winter Sweeping through the Middle East
GENEVA/AMMAN, 13 January 2015 – Amidst the harshest conditions of the winter so far, UNICEF has delivered warm clothing, blankets, heating supplies, cash and vouchers to more than 900,000 children in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey.

UNICEF and WFP partner to help vulnerable Syrian families in Za’atari and Azraq camps protect their children against the winter cold
AMMAN, 7 January 2015 – As Jordan braces for a winter storm in the next few days, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) in partnership with the UN World Food Programme (WFP) today launched a winter cash assistance programme to provide 41,000 vulnerable Syrian refugee children under the age of 14 in Za’atari and Azraq refugee camps with 14 Jordanian Dinars (JOD) each, to allow their families to get them winter clothes.

New Year in Syria offers little chance of children's education as schools remain targets of conflict
GENEVA/DAMASCUS6 January 2015 – Continuing conflict and the recent closure of some schools in Raqqa and Deir-ez-Zour governorates and parts of rural Aleppo in Syria is believed to have disrupted education for 670,000 children of primary and lower high school age, said UNICEF today.

Launch of the 2015 Strategic Response Plan for Syria and the Regional Refugee and Resilience Plan - 2015-16
AMMAN, December 18, 2014 - “The Syria crisis represents the biggest threat to children of recent times. By the end of 2015, the lives of over 8.6 million children across the region will have been torn apart by violence and forced displacement. That compares to a figure of 7 million just one month ago.

UNICEF Statement on deadly attacks on children in Yemen and Pakistan
NEW YORK, 16 December 2014 – The massacre today of more than 100 children in an attack on a school in Pakistan, and the reported killing of at least 15 school girls in a car bombing in Yemen, mark a dark day in the closing weeks of a bleak year for children around the world.

Children’s winter needs are greater than ever in Middle East but limited access and funds hamper UNICEF response
AMMAN/GENEVA, 14 November 2014 – As seasonal cold winds, freezing rain, and frigid temperatures close in on conflict-torn parts of the Middle East, UNICEF and partners have begun the distribution of warm clothes and other winter items to ensure that one million of the most vulnerable children are kept warm and healthy.

Statement on release of kidnapped UNICEF staff member in Yemen
NEW YORK/SANA'A, 8 November 2014 – Colleagues at UNICEF are delighted that James Massaquoi, who was abducted in Yemen in October 2013, has today been released and is safe and well.

Statement by Hanaa Singer, UNICEF Representative for Syria on attack on the Al Hayat Primary School in Eastern Damascus
DAMASCUS, Syria, 7 November 2014 – The attack on the Al Hayat Primary School in the district of Qaboun in eastern Damascus on Wednesday killed 11 children and injured many more – yet another horrific reminder of the terrible price Syria’s children are paying in a brutal conflict now well into its fourth year.

UNICEF supplies reach children displaced by fighting in Ain Al Arab/Kobane
ALEPPO Syria, 21 October 2014 - Lifesaving UNICEF supplies including hygiene kits, blankets, water and high energy biscuits have been delivered to northern Aleppo where thousands of children from the besieged Syrian border city of Ain Al Arab/Kobane have taken refuge.

UNICEF welcomes release of 70 Kurdish children
GENEVA / DAMASCUS, 3 October 2014 - “UNICEF welcomes the release of 70 Kurdish children after 120 days of captivity. These children were kidnapped on 29 May 2014 while traveling from their home-town of Ai’n Al Arab in the northern Syrian governorate of Aleppo to take their final school examinations.

Statement by Hanaa Singer, UNICEF Representative in Syria, on double bombing in Homs
DAMASCUS, 1 October 2014 – “Today’s double vehicle-born bombing close to Akrama Al Makhzomi Elementary School in the Akrama neighbourhood of Homs city was a despicable act against innocent children.

UNICEF and WFP: Missions reach more than 500,000 in South Sudan
JUBA, South Sudan, 30 September 2014 – The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) and UNICEF are wrapping up their 25th joint emergency mission to deliver lifesaving supplies and services in the most remote and conflict-hit regions of South Sudan.

First batch of 50,000 household protection kits arrives in Liberia
MONROVIA, Liberia, 25 September 2014 – With Ebola cases in Liberia spiralling upwards – now over 3,500 cases – UNICEF’s first shipment of new household protection kits landed in the Liberian capital on Wednesday. 

No Lost Generation Initiative: One Year On
NEW YORK, 23 September, 2014 - Press briefing following a high-level meeting on the No Lost Generation Initiative. Progress and achievements of the initiative to date and the objectives for 2014/15, plus major new donor commitments will be announced.

Increased investment in education and protection helps safeguard the future of a generation of children affected by Syria crisis
NEW YORK, 24 September 2014 – Over the last year, an additional 770,000 children affected by the Syria crisis benefitted from some form of education and almost 660,000 children received psychological support.

Significant new pledges announced but more resources still required for children affected by the Syria crisis
NEW YORK, 24 September 2014 – UNICEF welcomes $347 million in new funding commitments to the No Lost Generation Initiative announced at a meeting held at UNICEF House today.

Joint WHO – UNICEF statement regarding deaths of children in Idlib, northern Syria
AMMAN/CAIRO, 17 September 2014 - “UNICEF and WHO have been shocked and saddened to learn of the deaths of at least 15 young children in Idlib, Syria. The deaths of the children occurred in areas where a measles immunization campaign had been under way.

More than half a million Gaza students return to school after a shattering summer
GAZA, 14 September 2014 – More than half a million students are returning to school in Gaza today, with memories still fresh of 50 days of intense violence that engulfed the territory during July and August, say 11 members of the education cluster.  The violence – which ended with a ceasefire on August 26 - left more than 500 children killed, 3,300 injured and many thousands more distressed by their traumatic experiences.

UNICEF provides emergency support to get Gaza’s children back in school
GENEVA/AMMAN/GAZA, 9 September 2014 - UNICEF is playing a key role in urgent preparations underway in Gaza ahead of the start of a new academic year beginning this Sunday.

Amid ongoing conflict, Iraq successfully implements polio campaign supported by UNICEF and WHO
ERBIL / AMMAN, 1 September 2014 – A mass polio immunization campaign across Iraq earlier this month succeeded in reaching 3.75 out of the  4 million children under the age of 5, despite the ongoing violence  sweeping much of the country.

UNICEF Statement on latest deaths of children in Israel and Gaza
NEW YORK, 23 August 2014 - "The death of a four year old Israeli child in a rocket attack yesterday and the reported deaths of two Palestinian children in Gaza in an airstrike this morning, add to those of 478 other Palestinian children killed in attacks in Gaza over the last month. The deaths of children on all sides constitute further tragic evidence of the terrible impact the conflict is having on children and their families on all sides.

Horrifying accounts of child rights violations emerge from survivors of violence in north-western Iraq
DOHUK, Iraq, 20 August 2014 – Testimonies gathered from civilians who fled the recent offensive by armed groups in the Sinjar district of north-western Iraq have revealed appalling accounts of killing, abduction and sexual violence perpetrated against women and children, according to UNICEF.

UNICEF to provide cash assistance to displaced Iraqis
ERBIL, Iraq 20 August, 2014 – In response to the continuing humanitarian crisis in Iraq, UNICEF and the Governorate of Dahuk have signed a USD $5 million dollar agreement supporting one-time direct cash assistance to vulnerable, displaced families in the Governorate.

Aid agencies work to improve conditions for Iraqi refugees arriving in neighbouring Syria

AL MALKIYA, Syria-Iraq border, 18 August 2014 – Several thousand children are among an estimated 12,000 Iraqi refugees now sheltering at a camp in neighbouring Syria after crossing the remote border between the two countries.

UNICEF scaling up support and protection to children in Gaza amid fragile cease-fire
GAZA, 16 August 2014 – A pause in fighting has helped UNICEF bring life-saving assistance to children in Gaza, but a sustained peace is needed to reach hundreds of thousands more children who desperately need support to rebuild their lives.

UNICEF Steps up Humanitarian Response in Northern Iraq
ERBIL, Iraq 12 August, 2014 – As the humanitarian crisis continues to unfold in Iraq, UNICEF and other humanitarian actors are stepping up efforts to meet the urgent needs of up to 30,000 members of the ethnic Yazidi minority who are being extracted from Sinjar Mountain, in addition to helping meet the needs of a further 12,000 displaced people who are now sheltering in the Kurdish capital, Erbil.

Mass Polio Vaccination Campaign Supported by WHO and UNICEF Kicks Off in Iraq
ERBIL/AMMMAN, 11 August 2014 – Iraq has launched a polio immunization campaign aiming to protect over four million children under the age of 5 throughout the country against the crippling disease.

Reality of Gaza destruction haunts families and children amid ceasefire
JERUSALEM, 7 August 2014 – As the three-day ceasefire in Gaza draws to a close, families are struggling to cope with the aftermath of 28 days of violence and destruction that has left an estimated 65,000 people homeless.

Statement on child deaths in Iraq; attributable to Marzio Babille, UNICEF Representative
ERBIL, 5 August 2014 – The reported deaths of 40 children from minority groups who were displaced from Sinjar city and district by armed violence are of extreme concern.

UNICEF on Gaza, Israel: “Outrage has become commonplace”
NEW YORK, 30 July 2014 - “Another school in Gaza has come under fire, killing more children in a conflict where such an outrage has become commonplace.

UNICEF on Gaza: Using or attacking school premises is unacceptable
AMMAN, 25 July 2014 – "Yesterday’s attack on Beit Hanoun Elementary Co-Ed A and D School – the third school hit this week – is proof that much more needs to be done to protect innocent children.

Mass global action needed to protect children against polio in Syria, Iraq and region
AMMAN/CAIRO, 22 July 2014 – In a report released today, WHO and UNICEF announced completion of the first phase of the biggest polio vaccination campaign ever undertaken in the history of the Middle East. Twenty-five million children under the age of five were reached in seven countries in 37 rounds.

Three humanitarian workers released in North Darfur
EL FASHER, 19 July 2014 – Three Sudanese humanitarian workers abducted in Kutum, North Darfur, on 18 June 2014, were freed today in the same locality after 32 days in captivity. 

Basic services for children under assault in Gaza
NEW YORK, 18 July 2014 – As the violence in Gaza claims even more young lives and as its toll on children on both sides deepens, basic services for children are under assault, UNICEF says

Agencies welcome UN Security Council Resolution on humanitarian access in Syria
NEW YORK/ROME, 16 July, 2014 -- We welcome Security Council Resolution 2165 on humanitarian access in Syria, which should enable us to reach up to 2.9 million more people with vital aid. This resolution represents a breakthrough in our efforts to get aid to Syrians in need.

Child marriage shows no sign of abating in Jordan, UNICEF study shows
AMMAN, Jordan, 16 July 2014 -- More than 1 out of 10 girls in Jordan marries before the age of 18, a rate that has been relatively consistent over the past decade, despite a sharp increase among Syrian refugees in the country, according to the findings of a new UNICEF study.

Over 10 million Yemenis struggle for food, UNICEF and WFP food security survey shows
SANA’A, Yemen, 15 July 2014 – Preliminary findings of a new survey by UNICEF and the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) show that while food security has improved in some areas, over 10 million Yemenis – more than 40 percent of the population – don’t know where their next meal will come from.

Statement by UNICEF Executive Director Anthony Lake on impact of violence on children in Gaza and Israel
NEW YORK, 13 July 2014 - Children are bearing the brunt of the worsening violence in Gaza and Israel with at least 33 children killed in Gaza in recent days, and hundreds more injured.

Escalating violence in the Gaza Strip and Israel threatens devastating harm for children - UNICEF
NEW YORK, 10 July 2014 – The escalating violence in Gaza and Israel threatens devastating harm for children on all sides, UNICEF said today, urging restraint to protect all children.

Number of Syrian children in need increased by 2 million while UNICEF’s funding crisis looms
AMMAN, 5 July 2014 – Well into the fourth year of the Syrian crisis, its impact on children is becoming ever more devastating, newly-released United Nations data shows.

UNICEF reaches displaced children in Iraq's Sinjar Province
DOHUK, Iraq, 2 July 2014 – UNICEF said today it made its first delivery of essential humanitarian supplies to Sinjar, a town in the western Ninevah Governorate of Iraq, to assist some of the thousands of people who fled there over the past few days.

Concerted international efforts needed to avert crisis in Somalia and Yemen, say UN emergency directors
NEW YORK, 2 July 2014 - John Ging, Operations Director for the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, and Ted Chaiban, Emergency Director of UNICEF, told media after a week-long mission to Somalia and Yemen that urgent action is needed to prevent worsening in crises in both of these fragile contexts, addressing both immediate needs and long term drivers of instability.

UNICEF statement on killing of school girls in Rural Homs
DAMASCUS, 2 July 2014 – UNICEF is appalled at the senseless deaths of four young girls who were killed by a mortar explosion as they left their school in Homs governorate earlier this week (29 June).

UNICEF Statement on violence against children in Jerusalem and the West Bank
NEW YORK, 2 July 2014 – “The justified outrage at the killing of a Palestinian teenager in Jerusalem today, and that seen at the funerals yesterday of three young Israelis murdered in the West Bank, are a reminder that we must never become accustomed to such attacks against children, anywhere, in any way, and at any time.

One month on, UNICEF calls for immediate and safe return of abducted school boys in Syria
AMMAN, 1 July 2014 – “UNICEF is following with grave concern the situation of some 140 Kurdish schoolboys between 14 and 16 years old who were reportedly kidnapped in northern Syria last month by the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

UNICEF condemns killing of teenagers in West Bank
NEW YORK, 30 June 2014 – “UNICEF strongly condemns the abduction and killing of three Israeli young people in the West Bank. We join the UN Secretary-General in expressing our deepest sympathy to their families. 

Population displacement in Sudan – a Children’s crisis
GENEVA / KHARTOUM, 27 June 2014 - The current IDP and refugee crisis in Sudan is manifesting itself clearly as a children’s crisis, with up to 70 per cent or more of people on the move being children; active conflict in nine of the country’s 18 states; and more than a hundred locations with people in need of humanitarian assistance.  Since the beginning of the year, the Darfur region alone has seen 267,600 new IDPs.

UNICEF: Children on the frontlines of Iraq conflict
NEW YORK/ERBIL, Iraq, 27 June 2014 – Homeless, scared and destitute – this is the reality for many children displaced by the last two weeks of violence in Iraq, UNICEF said today.

Statement by UNICEF Iraq Representative Marzio Babille on the Latest Displacement of Civilians including Children in Northern Iraq
ERBIL, Iraq, 26 June 2014 – “UNICEF is alarmed by the latest mass displacement of civilians in northern Iraq. Approximately 1,500 people, including large numbers of children and elderly, arrived in Erbil yesterday from Hamdaniya, Ninevah Governorate, and reports indicate a significantly larger group of displaced is on the move. Many of these displaced people have travelled long distances on foot and some bear injuries sustained in the recent violence.

UNICEF scales up humanitarian assistance to displaced Iraqi children
ERBIL, Iraq, 24 June 2014 – Safe water and hygiene are at the centre of UNICEF’s humanitarian response to children and families affected by the on-going conflict in Iraq. The latest crisis, which began on 11 June, resulted in the displacement of an estimated 500,000 people, half of them children.

Government of South Sudan Recommits to Action Plan to End Recruitment and Use of Children
JUBA, South Sudan, 24 June, 2014 – In a ceremony at the headquarters of the Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA) in Juba this morning, the Government of South Sudan formally renewed its commitment to the Action Plan signed in 2012 with the United Nations to end the recruitment and use of children in Government armed forces and other grave violations against children.

UNICEF to roll out mass vaccination campaign in Kurdistan region of Iraq
ERBIL, Iraq, 19 June 2014 – UNICEF and Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) authorities have agreed to urgent measures to prevent the spread of polio and other diseases among the large number of children displaced by continuing violence into the Kurdish Region of Iraq.

UNICEF airlifts humanitarian supplies for displaced, conflict-affected children in Iraq
ERBIL, Iraq, 18 June 2014 – A cargo plane carrying emergency supplies for children affected by the conflict in Iraq arrived in Erbil on Tuesday.

New Yemen report shows girls lagging behind
SANA’A, Yemen, 17 June 2014 – Girls in Yemen continue to lag behind boys, with fewer chances to go to school and reach their potential and increased vulnerability to early marriage and maternal mortality, according to new research by UNICEF and the Government of Yemen launched today.

Thousands of children at risk as families flee Iraqi city of Mosul: UNICEF
NEW YORK/AMMAN/BAGHDAD, 11 June 2014 – Around 500,000 people, up to half of them children, have been forced to flee their homes since violence erupted on 5 June in the Iraqi city of Mosul, authorities say, and the violence is spreading.

Attack on school in Mosul, Iraq
Baghdad/Erbil, IRAQ, 8 June 2014 – UNICEF is horrified by reports from the northern Iraqi city of Mosul of multiple child casualties when a school was directly targeted by mortar fire during clashes between militants and government forces on Saturday 7 June. Any attack which targets children or schools is a grave violation against the rights of the child as outlined in Security Council Resolutions 1612 and 1882.

Lowest rainfall in over 50 years is latest threat to children in Syria and region
AMMAN/GENEVA, 6 June 2014 – Parts of Syria are suffering their lowest levels of rainfall in more than half a century, placing more than 4 million children in the war-torn country at even greater risk, UNICEF warned today. The agency said its own work aimed at mitigating the region’s worsening water and sanitation crisis is only 20 per cent funded for 2014.

Cholera cases rapidly multiplying in South Sudan
JUBA, South Sudan, 19 May 2014 – The caseload of cholera is rapidly increasing in South Sudan and the deadly, highly contagious disease appears to be spreading, UNICEF said today.

Children, Not Soldiers: Yemen Signs Action Plan to End Recruitment and Use of Children by Armed Forces
SANAA, Yemen, 14 May – In a landmark development for the protection of children today, the Government of Yemen signed an action plan with the United Nations to end and prevent the recruitment of children by the Yemeni Armed Forces.

UNICEF Syria statement on killing of children in Hama and Aleppo
DAMASCUS, 4 May 2014 – UNICEF calls on all parties to the Syrian conflict to stop the continuous spiral of deadly violence, which is taking an unacceptable toll on civilians, particularly children.

UNICEF condemns latest attacks on children in Syria
AMMAN, 30 April 2014 – UNICEF is outraged by the latest wave of indiscriminate attacks perpetrated against schools and other civilian targets across Syria which left dozens of children killed and injured.

Joint statement by heads of UN humanitarian agencies on Syria
NEW YORK, GENEVA, ROME, 23 April 2014 - One year ago, as leaders of UN agencies struggling to deal with the growing human impact of the Syrian crisis, we issued an urgent appeal on behalf of millions of people whose lives and futures hang in the balance: Enough, we said, enough!

UNICEF: Desperate water shortages facing children in Bentiu, South Sudan
JUBA, South Sudan, 22 April 2014 – Tens of thousands of people who fled targeted ethnic violence in Bentiu last week are receiving just one litre of safe drinking water per day in the desperately overcrowded UN base, UNICEF said today.

UNICEF condemns attack on school in Damascus, Syria
DAMASCUS, Syria, 16 April 2014 - The latest reported mortar attack on a school inside the old city of Damascus on Tuesday during school hours is a stark and horrific reminder of the violence that children across Syria are enduring on a daily basis. The attack is reported to have resulted in the death of one child and the injury of many others.

UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Orlando Bloom meets with Syrian children
NEW YORK/AMMAN, Jordan, 12 April 2014 – UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Orlando Bloom wrapped up a visit this week to Jordan where he met with children from Syria and their families whose lives have been devastated by the conflict - now in its fourth year.

Child malnutrition in South Sudan could double, warns UNICEF
JUBA, South Sudan, 11 April 2014 - The youngest citizens of the world’s newest nation are on the verge of a nutrition crisis and nearly a quarter of a million children will suffer severe acute malnutrition by the end of the year if more is not done now, says UNICEF.

UNICEF welcomes new Kuwait donation for children of Syria
NEW YORK, 7 April 2014 – Millions of Syrian children will benefit from a generous US$ 34.5 million donation by the government of Kuwait, UNICEF said today.

First mass vaccination campaigns start since polio found in Iraq
AMMAN, 6 April 2014 – Polio vaccination campaigns commenced in Syria, Iraq and Egypt today, aiming to reach more than 20 million children over the next five days.

Statement by UNICEF Syria on Reported Deaths of Children in Recent Violence
DAMASCUS, 4 April 2014 - The reported killing of 11 children in two separate attacks this week in Rural Damascus and in Al Qalamoun Mountains in Syria is a horrific and tragic reminder of the human cost of the conflict inflicted by all sides in the fighting.

Urgent Supplies Reach Remote Areas in South Sudan, with Joint Operation
JUBA, South Sudan, 28 March 2014 – An urgent operation to deliver food, vaccines, nutrition supplements and other vital relief supplies to one of the most isolated areas of conflict-affected South Sudan has begun today, as part of a joint response by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and the UN World Food Programme (WFP).

Time running out for children in South Sudan says UNICEF
NEW YORK, 25 March 2014 - Unless the humanitarian situation inside South Sudan improves rapidly and radically for children and families, nearly a million people - mostly women and children - will face an even greater crisis both inside the South Sudan and in neighbouring countries, UNICEF said today.

Japanese Government supports UNICEF’s programmes in Yemen
SANA’A, Yemen, 20 March 2014 – The Government of Japan has announced significant new funding to support UNICEF’s programmes for women and children in Yemen.

Three years of Syria conflict have devastated lives of millions of children
BEIRUT, 15 March 2014 – As the crisis in Syria reaches the end of another year of brutal violence today, five of the world’s leading aid organizations say that the three-year old conflict has devastated the lives of millions of children and young people – and a generation is at risk of being lost forever.

European parliamentarians mark third year of Syrian conflict and mobilize for children of Syria
STRASBOURG, France, 12 March 2014 - Leading Members of the European Parliament today joined ‘No Lost Generation’, the global initiative launched by UNICEF and other organisations to mark the third year of the Syrian conflict, with a call on world leaders to support the children of Syria.

Number of children suffering more than doubles in third year of Syria conflict
AMMAN, Jordan/GENEVA/NEW YORK, 11 March 2014 – As the conflict in Syria approaches another sombre milestone, more than twice as many children are now affected compared to 12 months ago, says a new report by UNICEF published today. Particularly hard hit are up to a million children who are trapped in areas of Syria that are under siege or that are hard to reach with humanitarian assistance due to continued violence.

UNICEF report: Silent threat emerging among Syrian refugee children in Lebanon
BEIRUT, 25 February 2014 – A UNICEF-led joint nutrition assessment on the situation of Syrian refugees in Lebanon was launched today, revealing malnutrition as a silent, emerging threat.

Public urged to voice their outrage and demand action to prevent a lost generation in Syria
NEW YORK, 24 February 2014 – UNICEF, the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR), Mercy Corps, Save the Children and World Vision today issued an impassioned appeal to the general public, urging it to voice its outrage at the devastating impact on children and alarming long-term consequences of a lost generation as the conflict in Syria approaches its fourth year.

UNICEF gets assistance to children evacuated from besieged area of Homs
HOMS, Syria, 11 February 2014 – At least 500 women and children were among civilians evacuated from the besieged old city of Homs over the past few days during the ongoing humanitarian operation being undertaken by the United Nations and the Syrian Arab Red Crescent.

UNICEF statement on Report of the UN Secretary-General on children and armed conflict in the Syrian Arab Republic
NEW YORK, 5 February 2014 – The first report of the UN Secretary General on children and armed conflict in the Syrian Arab Republic provides a chilling account of the brutality and abuses that children have suffered for nearly three years, and a clear reminder of why this horrific conflict must end. 

New data on child malnutrition in Sudan a gold mine, UNICEF says
KHARTOUM, Sudan, 29 January 2014 – Data collected in Sudan is revealing for the first time the difference in performance of health and nutrition services in each of Sudan’s 18 states. This has been thanks to the Simple Spatial Survey Methodology (S3M) used to collect data on child malnutrition.

European Commission’s Humanitarian Office supports fight against child malnutrition in Sudan with grant of €2 million for UNICEF
KHARTOUM, Sudan/ BRUSSELS, 22 January 2014 - UNICEF Sudan will receive €2 million from the European Commission’s Humanitarian Office to help in the fight against child malnutrition in Sudan.

UNICEF airlifts urgent supplies to humanitarian crisis in South Sudan
JUBA, South Sudan, 21 January 2014 – The first of two UNICEF charter planes, each carrying 35 tons of urgently needed supplies for children and women in South Sudan, landed this morning at Juba International Airport.

Candidates sit for primary school graduation exams while sheltering at UN compounds in Juba
JUBA, 14 January 2014 – Hundreds of students in the capital of South Sudan are this week sitting their primary school graduation exam at the United Nations compounds where they have been living since violence erupted in the city almost a month ago.

UNICEF participates in 2nd High Level International Humanitarian Pledging Conference for Syria, January 15, 2014
Media Advisory: UNICEF participates in 2nd High Level International Humanitarian Pledging Conference for Syria, January 15, 2014

Statement by UNICEF Syria Representative, Youssouf Abdel-Jelil, on car bombing in Al-Kafat, Syria
Damascus, 10 January 2014 – UNICEF deplores yesterday’s car bombing near a school in Al-Kafat village, Hama governorate, in which as many as 20 people were reportedly killed and around 100 reportedly injured. Although details of the attack are still filtering out, many children from Al-Kafat school -- less than 100 metres away from the blast -- are believed to be among the dead and injured. A number of children had just finished exams and were leaving the school to return to their homes when the car bomb was detonated.

Secretary-General supports Children of Syria as No Lost Generation initiative launched
NEW YORK, 7 January 2014 - The Secretary-General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon today added his support to a campaign led by UNICEF, UNHCR, Save the Children and UNICEF that calls for Champions for the Children of Syria as part of the new No Lost Generation strategy.

Global champions and $1 billion investment needed to prevent a lost generation of Syrian children
NEW YORK, 7 January 2014 - UNICEF, UNHCR, Save the Children, World Vision and other partners today called for governments, aid agencies and members of the public to become champions for the children of Syria and support the “No Lost Generation” strategy, which aims to provide those affected by the conflict with the chance to shape a more stable and secure future.

Children in grave danger amid increasing violence in South Sudan
JUBA, 24 December 2013 - As the violence in South Sudan escalates and tens of thousands of civilians take refuge in UN compounds around the country, children are in grave danger, says UNICEF.

UNICEF to receive €18 million from EU for Syrian crisis
BRUSSELS, 19 December 2013 – UNICEF Executive Director Anthony Lake on Wednesday signed a major contribution agreement with the European Union for €18 million to deliver vitally needed aid to children directly affected by the Syrian crisis.

Statement on the reported killing of children in Aleppo; attributable to Maria Calivis, UNICEF Regional Director for the Middle East and North Africa
Amman, December 16, 2013 - UNICEF is horrified by reports of a bombing raid in Aleppo that may have killed as many as 28 children.

UNICEF ramps up aid to children as winter storm hits Lebanon
Beirut, 12 December 2013 – UNICEF ramps up aid to children as the first winter storm hits Lebanon. Over 110,000 of refugee children and their families face extreme weather conditions as increasingly dire conditions are reported at informal tented settlements and collective shelters. Families are running out of fuel to keep children warm and ramshackle tents are buckling under the weight of the falling snow.

Decline in education for Syrian children “worst and fastest in region’s history”
GENEVA/NEW YORK/AMMAN, 13 December 2013 - The decline in education for Syrian children has been the sharpest and most rapid in the history of the region, according to a new paper published today.

EU donates additional € 10 million to UNICEF for education of children in Syria
Brussels, 9 December 2013 - The European Union has given an additional € 10 million to UNICEF to support access to education for vulnerable and displaced children in Syria.

Polio immunization campaign kicked off in the State of Palestine as part of massive regional efforts
GAZA, 9 December 2013 - Joining efforts to stop a polio outbreak in Syria from spreading across the region, UNICEF is supporting Palestinian Ministry of Health partners to immunize up to 630,000 children aged five years and younger against polio.

Over 23 million children to be vaccinated in mass polio immunization campaign across Middle East
CAIRO/AMMAN, 9 December 2013 – The largest-ever immunization response in the Middle East is under way this week, aiming to vaccinate more than 23 million children against polio in Syria and neighbouring countries over the coming weeks.

UN Humanitarian chiefs strongly condemn attacks on medical personnel and facilities by all parties to the Syria conflict
NEW YORK/GENEVA, 6 December 2013 - We strongly condemn attacks on health and any other civilian facilities in Syria and are deeply concerned by the serious implications for patients, health personnel and provision of critical medical supplies.

UNICEF supplies reach conflict-affected areas of Syria as part of large UN convoy
Damascus, 15 November 2013 – A joint UN-Syrian Arab Red Crescent convoy successfully crossed the lines of conflict to deliver much needed emergency supplies to around 42,000 people in Syria’s besieged Homs governorate.

Statement on Syria by Maria Calivis, UNICEF Regional Director for the Middle East and North Africa
Damascus, 12 November 2013 – The killing of innocent children continues in war-torn Syria. UNICEF is outraged by the latest deadly attacks on schools in and around Damascus.

Over 20 million children to be vaccinated in Syria and neighbouring countries against polio, say WHO and UNICEF
GENEVA, NEW YORK, 8 November 2013 – The largest-ever consolidated immunization response in the Middle East is under way to stop a polio outbreak, aiming to vaccinate over 20 million children in seven countries and territories repeatedly.

Match Lebanon's commitment to Syrian refugee children with global investment in nation's public services: UNICEF Executive Director
BEIRUT, 1 November 2013 - Lebanon's generosity in supporting more than 400,000 refugee children from Syria should be matched by further international investment in public services such as education, said UNICEF Executive Director Anthony Lake as he ended a visit to the country.

UNICEF and senior Syrian officials agree on urgency of reaching more war-affected children, as UNICEF Executive Director visits Syria
DAMASCUS, 29 October 2013 - Following 'businesslike and encouraging' discussions, senior Syrian officials and UNICEF Executive Director Anthony Lake agreed on the importance of reaching hundreds of thousands of children in some of the worst-affected parts of war-torn Syria with life-saving vaccines, including those against polio, as Mr Lake ended a two-day visit to Damascus.

Millions of children in Syria and region to be vaccinated against polio, measles, mumps and rubella
AMMAN, GENEVA, 25 October 2013 - As Syria awaits confirmation of suspected polio cases in the east of the country, UNICEF has joined the World Health Organisation and other partners in mounting a large-scale immunisation effort aimed at protecting as many children as possible both in the country and across the region against polio, as well as other vaccine-preventable diseases.

UNICEF airlifts humanitarian supplies for conflict-affected children in Syria
DAMASCUS, 24 October 2013 – A UNICEF charter plane carrying urgently-needed vaccines and complementary food for children in Syria has arrived in Beirut. Supplies will be moved by truck into Syria.

Statement by Marzio Babille, UNICEF representative in Iraq, on deadly school attack
ERBIL, Iraq, 7 October 2013 – “A suicide bomb attack yesterday on a primary school in Tal Afar in northern Iraq left at least 10 children and their teachers dead and many others injured.

Additional US$45 million contribution to Syria’s children, as EU becomes largest donor to UNICEF appeal
NEW YORK, 24 September 2013 – UNICEF and the European Union (EU) signed a new cooperation agreement today that provides an additional US$45 million (€ 34. 2 million) to protect children affected by the Syria crisis and promote access to learning in Syria, Jordan and Lebanon.

Action needed now to reach and protect children trapped by Syria conflict, says UNICEF
NEW YORK, 23 September 2013 - The plight of civilians trapped by the conflict inside Syria is becoming increasingly desperate, and more efforts are needed now to enable the humanitarian access that will safeguard thousands of children’s lives, said UNICEF.

Amidst conflict, UNICEF boosts efforts to get children in Syria back to learning
Damascus, 15 September 2013 – As the new school year starts in Syria today, many children face extraordinary challenges to continuing their education. Now in its third year, the conflict has left almost 4,000 schools – or around one in five – damaged, destroyed or sheltering internally displaced families.

Syria conflict leaves invisible scars on children
AMMAN/GENEVA, 10 September 2013 – Prolonged exposure to violence and stress, multiple displacement, loss of friends and family members, and a severe deterioration in living conditions are leaving the children of Syria with lasting  scars, UNICEF said today.

Return to learning vital for children amid Syria crisis
AMMAN, 6 September 2013 - Since last school year, almost two million Syrian children have dropped out of school, nearly 40 per cent of all pupils registered in grades 1 to 9. One million Syrian children are now refugees and helping them back to school is proving challenging.

UNICEF Continues Massive Humanitarian Operation for Syria’s Children
AMMAN, 4 September 2013 - Amidst heightened tensions across the region and as the number of Syria’s refugees rises beyond 2 million – half of them children – UNICEF continues to provide urgent life-saving supplies to children inside Syria and in Jordan, Lebanon, Turkey, Iraq and Egypt.

Critical supplies for Syrian refugee children airlifted to Erbil
ERBIL, Iraq, 1 September 2013 – A plane carrying 100 tonnes of UNICEF emergency supplies to assist Syrian refugee children and families arrived this evening in Erbil, Kurdistan Region of Iraq.

A million refugee children mark shameful milestone in Syria crisis
GENEVA/NEW YORK, 23 August 2013 – With Syria’s war well into its third year, the number of Syrian children forced to flee their homeland as refugees has now reached one million.

Statement attributable to UNICEF on alleged use of chemical weapons in Syria
NEW YORK, 21 August 2013 – “The reports of attacks on civilians, presumably including children, on the outskirts of Damascus are deeply disturbing.

Life-saving supplies reach children and families in conflict-affected Aleppo
AMMAN/DAMASCUS/GENEVA/NEW YORK, 23 July 2013 – UNICEF and partners have just completed the delivery of life-saving supplies to the embattled city of Aleppo in northwestern Syria.

UNICEF: Summer heat adds to perils facing children of Syria
AMMAN, 21 June 2013 – Soaring summer temperatures, overcrowding and worsening hygiene are the latest threats facing some 4 million children affected by the ongoing conflict in Syria, UNICEF said today.

UNICEF concerned about reports of children trapped in Qusayr
DAMASCUS/AMMAN/GENEVA, 21 May 2013 – UNICEF is extremely concerned about the safety of civilians in the embattled city of Qusayr in Syria and fears that thousands of children and women could be trapped there by fighting.

UNICEF reaches some of the heaviest conflict areas in Syria
DAMASCUS/AMMAN/GENEVA, 17 May 2013 – Despite heavy fighting, UNICEF and partners have provided life-saving supplies over the last week to some of the hardest to reach areas in Syria, including Aleppo and Al Houla, as well as children and women who fled recent violence in Al Bayda and Baniyas.

Statement on Syria by Maria Calivis, UNICEF Regional Director for the Middle East and North Africa
AMMAN, May 5, 2013 – “UNICEF is appalled and outraged by the latest reported killings in Al Bayda and Baniyas.

Mass vaccination campaigns in Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq and Turkey amid measles outbreaks
AMMAN/GENEVA, 30 April 2013 – UNICEF and partners have stepped up vaccination campaigns in Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq and Turkey amid a number of measles outbreaks in a region already struggling to provide humanitarian assistance to millions of people affected by the Syrian crisis.

UNICEF: Emergency supplies for women and children reach Aleppo and Homs
DAMASCUS/AMMAN, 19 April 2013 – UNICEF and partners have just completed delivery of life-saving humanitarian assistance to the difficult to reach embattled northern city of Aleppo, while a separate mission this week brought much needed emergency supplies for children and women in Talbiseh near Homs, one of the hardest hit conflict areas in Syria.

Mass measles and polio immunization campaign starts in Jordan
AMMAN, 17 April 2013 – Amid rising concern over the risk of disease outbreaks, a mass vaccination campaign has been launched at Za’atari refugee camp, where over 100,000 refugees currently live in overcrowded conditions.

UNICEF thanks Kuwait for US$53 million in urgent assistance to the children of Syria
NEW YORK, 16 April 2013 – UNICEF today welcomed the Government of Kuwait's contribution of US$53 million that will serve as an urgently needed lifeline for millions of Syrian children.

Appeal by heads of leading UN humanitarian agencies for the people of Syria
Joint Statement - We, leaders of UN agencies charged with dealing with the human costs of this tragedy, appeal to political leaders involved to meet their responsibility to the people of Syria and to the future of the region.

Japan provides $1.5 million to assist Syrian refugee children in Iraq
Baghdad, 10 April 2013 – The Government of Japan has contributed $1.5 million to the United Nations Children’s Fund’s (UNICEF) emergency response to Syrian refugee children and women in Iraq.

Painful choices - funding gap threatens refugee response in Lebanon
BEIRUT, 9 April 2013 - The UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) and partner UN agencies and NGOs today warned that lack of funding is forcing to cut basic programmes and humanitarian assistance for Syrian refugees in Lebanon.

UNICEF and UNESCO condemn bomb attack near school in Kirkuk
BAGHDAD, 13 March 2013 – The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) condemn the attack that took place on March 11 near Wlad secondary school in the town of Dibis in Kirkuk governorate, 290 kilometres north of Baghdad, Iraq.

British Royals see how UNICEF makes a difference to Syrian children’s lives in Jordan
AMMAN, 13 March 2013 – In the week marking two years since the crisis in Syria began, the Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall visited a refugee camp in Jordan and met families who have fled the fighting.

A generation of Syrian children at risk as conflict enters third year - UNICEF
AMMAN/GENEVA/NEW YORK, 12 March 2013 – The unrelenting violence, massive population displacement, and damage to infrastructure and essential services caused by the Syrian conflict risk leaving an entire generation of children scarred for life, according to a UNICEF report issued today.

Palestinian children need improved protection in Israeli military detention – UNICEF
JERUSALEM, 6 March 2013 – UNICEF today outlined practical measures that could be adopted to improve the treatment of Palestinian children who are in contact with the Israeli military detention system.

Syria conflict depriving hundreds of thousands of children of their education
AMMAN/DAMASCUS, 5 March 2013 – Almost two years into the Syria crisis, the escalating level of violence is threatening the education of hundreds of thousands of children, a UNICEF assessment says.

Nationwide school assessment shows great need for investment in Libyan education sector
TRIPOLI, 28 February 2013 – Some 40 percent of the schools in Libya were damaged in the 2011 revolution according to a report released by the Ministry of Education (MoE) and UNICEF today.

Statement on Syria by UNICEF Regional Director for the Middle East and North Africa Maria Calivis
AMMAN, 26 February 2013 – UNICEF is appalled by the reported deaths of at least 70 children as a result of missile strikes that hit residential areas of Aleppo on 18 and 22 February.

UNICEF scales up emergency help to Syria’s children and families in face of intensifying conflict and funding gap
GENEVA/DAMASCUS, 19 February 2013 – Despite worsening violence and significant funding gaps, UNICEF is stepping up its delivery of humanitarian assistance in Syria, targeting increasing numbers of the more than 4 million people known to be in need of humanitarian assistance.

Water, hygiene and sanitation severely disrupted by conflict in Syria, says UNICEF
DAMASCUS/AMMAN, 8 February 2013 – Syrian children are at increased risk of disease because of the severe disruption of services, damage done to water and sanitation systems and a lack of access to basic hygiene during the nearly two-year conflict, UNICEF said today.

UNICEF begins delivery of water treatment supplies for 10 million people in Syria
AMMAN, 4 February 2013 – A large-scale operation is under way in Syria to secure safe water supplies for more than 10 million people – close to half the population, UNICEF said today.

Syria: Some 210,000 children in Homs need urgent humanitarian assistance, UNICEF says following UN mission
GENEVA/AMMAN, 1 February 2013 – A United Nations joint mission to the western Syrian governorate of Homs has found that 420,000 people, half of whom are children, need immediate humanitarian assistance.

UN Emergency Directors shocked by appalling plight of people in Syria
BEIRUT, 22 January 2013 - OCHA Operations Director John Ging and Emergency Directors from six other UN humanitarian agencies spoke today of what they...

Statement on Syria by UNICEF Regional Director for the Middle East and North Africa Maria Calivis
Statement - 18 January 2013

UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Mia Farrow to meet Syrian refugees in Lebanon
NEW YORK, 11 January 2013 – UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Mia Farrow will visit Lebanon next week to meet refugees from the conflict in Syria...

Severe weather worsens problems for Syrian children in northern Jordan refugee camp
ZA’ATARI CAMP, JORDAN, 10 January 2013 – Severe weather conditions across northern Jordan – including heavy rain, snow and sub-zero temperatures...

Humanitarian agencies appeal for US$1 billion as Syrian refugee exodus grows
GENEVA, 19 December 2012 – The UN Refugee Agency, UNHCR, and its partners today appealed to international donors for US$1 billion to support refugees...

Findings launched of major survey of children and women in Iraq
BAGHDAD, 12 December 2012 – The Government of Iraq and UNICEF today launched the results of the most comprehensive survey on the situation of...

Iraq launches national education strategy
BAGHDAD, 9 December 2012 – The Government of Iraq has launched a new national education strategy to improve access to quality education for Iraq’s 33...

Amid conflict and displacement, Syrian children receive lifesaving vaccinations
DAMASCUS, 7 December 2012 – An emergency vaccination campaign is under way in Syria to protect young children against measles and polio, diseases that...

UNICEF Statement on school shelling near Damascus
Statement - 5 December 2012

UNICEF readies winter supplies for Syria crisis
DAMASCUS/AMMAN/GENEVA, 23 November 2012 – UNICEF is urgently mobilizing more than 100,000 children’s clothing kits and around 160,000...

5.3 million Children in Iraq still deprived of many rights
BAGHDAD, 20 November 2012 – On Universal Children’s Day, UNICEF calls for urgent action for Iraq’s most vulnerable children...

ECHO provides €7 million to help UNICEF combat child malnutrition in Yemen
SANA’A/BRUSSELS, 19 November 2012 - The European Commission’s Directorate General for Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection (ECHO) is increasing...

UNICEF calls for children to be protected in Gaza and Israel
NEW YORK, 16 November 2012 – UNICEF is deeply concerned about the deteriorating situation in Gaza and Israel and its impact on children...

Looming threat of winter key concern among Syrian refugees
MAFRAQ, Jordan, 15 October 2012 – UNICEF is accelerating plans to help children and families displaced by the Syria crisis deal with the coming winter...

UNICEF to reach more Syrian children and families
AMMAN, 9 October 2012 – UNICEF is expanding its operation within Syria and in the countries affected by the Syrian crisis to cope with the growing needs of...

UNICEF, partners in race to assist displaced & refugee Syrian children return to learning
AMMAN, 17 September 2012 – Children across Syria are returning to school this week for the start of the new academic year, but they do so in a state of

As refugee crisis escalates, Syrian children in Jordan need urgent support
AMMAN, 27 August 2012 – UNICEF is urgently appealing for additional funds to meet the emergency health, protection, and water and sanitation needs of...

Children bearing the brunt of the Syrian conflict, says UNICEF
NEW YORK, 3 August 2012 – As violence engulfs many parts of Syria, UNICEF is alarmed that children continue to bear the greatest brunt of the tragedy...

UNICEF scales up response amid spike in Syrian refugee children and families reaching Jordan
AMMAN, 29 July 2012 – With intensified conflict in Syria causing a dramatic increase in the number of Syrian children and families fleeing to Jordan, UNICEF...

UNICEF response amid the ongoing violence in Syria
DAMASCUS/AMMAN, 21 July 2012 - Despite the upsurge in fighting in Damascus and elsewhere in Syria this week, UNICEF is continuing to deliver essential aid...

One year on for the world’s youngest nation: The future of South Sudan’s children hangs in the balance
JUBA, South Sudan, 6 July 2012 - UNICEF calls for the rights and well-being of children to be made an urgent priority in the development of the country as the...

UNICEF supports Libyan moves to strengthen child protection in the post-conflict period
TRIPOLI, Libya, 5 July 2012 – The Libyan Minister of Social Affairs with support from UNICEF and the International Medical Corps (IMC) today launched a...

Syria refugee crisis requires urgent funding to scale up response for children -- UNICEF
AMMAN/GENEVA, 29 June 2012 – UNICEF urgently requires $14.4 million to meet the emergency needs of a growing number of Syrian refugee children...

UN and partners appeal for $193 million to help Syrian refugees
GENEVA, 28 June 2012 - UN humanitarian agencies and partner organizations appealed on Thursday for urgent new funds to help meet the needs of growing...

Statement by Anthony Lake, UNICEF Executive Director on the latest killings of children in Syria
Statement - 9 June 2012

Libya: Celebrating World Environment Day 2012 with tree planting
TRIPOLI, Libya, 05 June 2012 – To mark World Environment Day, the Libyan Ministry of Education and UNICEF came together with children at a Tripoli...

UNICEF outraged by child massacre in Syria
Statement - 26 May 2012

Make malnutrition the first priority for Yemen, UNICEF urges
SANAA, 25 May 2012 – UNICEF today urged that fighting malnutrition in Yemen should be an absolute priority following a Friends of Yemen meeting in Riyadh...

UNICEF steps up its response to children affected by the crisis in Syria
GENEVA / AMMAN, 23 March 2012 — As the impact of the ongoing crisis in Syria ripples across the region, UNICEF has unveiled plans to address...

Yemen - nationwide measles campaign launched as child deaths from the disease increase
SANA’A, 10 March 2012 - The Government of Yemen in collaboration with UNICEF, WHO, USAID, ICRC and other partners today launched a...

UNICEF concerned over the impact of violence on children in Gaza and Southern Israel
JERUSALEM, 12 March 2012 – UNICEF expressed today deep concern over the impact on children of the recent escalation of violence in the Gaza Strip and...

UNICEF denounces killings of children, women in Syrian city of Homs
AMMAN, 12 March 2012 – UNICEF today denounced the reported killing of children and women whose bodies were found in the Syrian city of Homs on Sunday

Government of Japan donates $6.6 million to UNICEF to address grave humanitarian situation amongst Yemen’s children
SANA’A, 5 March 2012 - Humanitarian efforts for children in Yemen have received a critical boost as the Government of Japan continues its support to...

Statement by UNICEF Executive Director Anthony Lake on Syria following the report of the independent international commission of inquiry
Statement - 23 February 2012

UNICEF statement on children caught in the bloodshed in Syria
Statement - 7 February 2012

UNICEF: In conflict and crisis, children with disabilities must not be forgotten
DOHA, Qatar, 24 January 2012 – Children with disabilities must not be forgotten during crises and conflict, UNICEF said at an international conference...

On first official visit to Yemen, new UNICEF Regional Director voices concern over child malnutrition
SANAA/AMMAN, 24 January 2012 – UNICEF Regional Director Maria Calivis concludes today a two-day visit to Yemen where she saw first-hand...

Kuwait funds UNICEF to help victims of the Van earthquake in Turkey
NEW YORK, 24 January 2012 – The State of Kuwait has contributed $250,000 to UNICEF in Turkey to support UNICEF's humanitarian response to victims of the...

Conflict over, 1.2 million children to return to school in Libya
TRIPOLI/BENGHAZI, Libya, 6 January 2012 – More than 1.2 million children return to school in Libya on Saturday, 10 months after evacuating classrooms...

Statement by Philippe Duamelle, UNICEF Representative in Egypt, on the plight of children in demonstrations
Statement - 22 December 2011

UNICEF welcomes Israeli Government’s release of 55 Palestinian child detainees
Statement - 18 December 2011

UNICEF deplores deaths among children in recent armed clashes in Taiz, Yemen
SANAA, 5 December 2011 - UNICEF is following with great concern the armed confrontation in Taiz with direct impact on the most vulnerable - women...

Statement by UNICEF Executive Director Anthony Lake in Bangkok on the Human Rights Council Resolution on the human rights situation in Syria
Statement - 2 December 2011

UNICEF seeks strengthened cooperation with Governments, international organizations in the Gulf
DOHA, 21 November 2011 – UNICEF Deputy Executive Director a.i. Rima Salah has just concluded a one-week trip to the Gulf to strengthen cooperation...

Arab youth, key drivers of Arab development and democratization
BEIRUT, 18 November 2011 – Young men and women in the Arab world have faced numerous constraints and inequities over the years, significantly...

UNICEF hails decision by Government of West Darfur to recruit 1,000 new teachers
KHARTOUM, 11 October 2011 - UNICEF warmly welcomes the decision by the State Government of West Darfur to recruit an additional 1,000 teachers...

Statement by Anthony Lake, UNICEF Executive Director, on the worsening situation in Yemen
Statement - 5 October 2011

Survey on the state of the environment in Iraq launched
BAGHDAD, 22 September 2011 - The Government of Iraq, in cooperation with UNICEF and the European Union, today launched the findings of a survey...

Statement by Shahida Azfar, UNICEF Regional Director for the Middle East and North Africa, on education in the region
Statement - 20 September 2011

WFP and UNICEF partner to deliver vital humanitarian assistance to Libya
TRIPOLI, 5 September 2011 - A World Food Programme (WFP) humanitarian vessel carrying 500,000 litres of bottled water on behalf of UNICEF has...

Over one million go back to school in occupied Palestinian territory
JERUSALEM, 4 September 2011 - Over one million Palestinian students returned to school today in occupied Palestinian territory...

UNICEF responds to the urgent water needs of 500,000 people in Tripoli
NEW YORK/BENGHAZI, Libya, 2 September 2011 – Due to the critical needs in Tripoli, UNICEF has delivered an additional 500,000 litres of bottled...

UNICEF responds to the emerging water crisis in Tripoli
NEW YORK/ BENGAZI, Libya 27 August - UNICEF has delivered 23,000 bottles of water for the emergency use in Tripoli as the situation is expected...

On the Day of the Iraqi Child, UNICEF reconfirms its commitment to protect the rights of children in Iraq
BAGHDAD, 13 July 2011 - On the occasion of the Day of the Iraqi Child, UNICEF reconfirms its commitment to protect and promote the rights of Iraq's...

UNICEF and Handicap International raising risk awareness through programs for children in Libya
BENGHAZI, Libya, 8 July 2011 - As the crisis in Libya drags into its fifth month, children are at increasing risk of exposure to mines and explosive remnants of war...

UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Shakira visits school in Jerusalem
JERUSALEM, 21 June 2011 - Global education advocate and UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Shakira visited the Max Payne “Hand in Hand” School for Bilingual...

UNICEF Launches 'Facts for Life' in Lebanon
BEIRUT, 15 June 2011 - In the presence of Dr. Salim Sayegh, Minister of Social Affairs, Mrs. Shahida Azfar, UNICEF Regional Director for the Middle East and...

Statement by UNICEF Sudan Representative Nils Kastberg calling on north and south Sudan governments to allow immediate humanitarian access
Statement - 13 June 2011

UNICEF and partners step up their response to the needs of children displaced by Sudan’s Abyei Crisis
JUBA, SOUTHERN SUDAN, 6 June 2011 - A large scale humanitarian relief operation is underway in southern Sudan to provide for the needs of an estimated...

UNICEF alarmed about reported extreme violence against children in Syria
Statement - 31 May 2011

UNICEF and DFID deliver life-saving nutrition supplies to Sa’ada, northern Yemen
SANA’A, 21 May 2011 - In cooperation with the UK department for International Development, UNICEF Yemen has delivered life-saving nutrition supplies to the...

UNICEF appeals for $20.5 million for humanitarian operations in Libya and neighbouring countries
AMMAN, 18 May 2011 - UNICEF appealed today for $20.5 million for humanitarian operations to address the needs of children and women inside Libya as well as...

Kadhum Al-Sahir launches song for Iraq’s most deprived children
BAGHDAD, 9 May 2011 - UNICEF announced today the appointment of renowned Iraqi singer, Kadhum Al-Sahir, as its Ambassador to Iraq...

Statement by UNICEF Executive Director Anthony Lake on situation of children in the Middle East and North Africa
NEW YORK, 20 April 2011 – "UNICEF is greatly concerned about the effects of violence on children caught in escalating conflicts...

UNICEF calls for an immediate end to the siege of Misrata
AMMAN, 11 April 2011 – UNICEF called today for an immediate end to the siege of Misrata, warning that tens of thousands of children were at risk in the conflict...

WFP ship delivers vital humanitarian assistance at frontline of Libya conflict
ROME/NEW YORK, 7 April 2011 - A World Food Programme (WFP) cargo ship carrying food, medical supplies, doctors and other relief items has docked in...

UNICEF concerned about impact of Libya hostilities on children
AMMAN, 5 April 2011 – UNICEF expressed deep concern today at the continuing hostilities in Libya and their impact on children. “The current fighting in Libya is...

UNICEF Deputy Executive Director calls for concerted efforts to tackle key issues for children in Southern Sudan
JUBA, Southern Sudan, 27 March 2011 – UNICEF’s Deputy Executive Director, Hilde F. Johnson today ended a four-day trip to Southern Sudan where she had been...

Statement by Shahida Azfar, UNICEF Regional Director for the Middle East and North Africa, on unrest in the region
Statement - 24 March 2011

UNICEF, European Union and Government of Iraq start €17M programme to improve primary education in Iraq
BAGHDAD, 17 March 2011 - The European Union is contributing 17 million euro to improve access to quality basic education in Iraq. The EU is partnering with...

UNICEF Ambassadors Mia Farrow and Martin Bell express concern over the impact of armed conflict on children in Southern Sudan
JUBA, Southern Sudan, 16 March 2011 – Mia Farrow and Martin Bell wrapped up an eight day visit to Southern Sudan today where they witnessed firsthand the...

UNICEF supplies arrive near Tunisian-Libyan border
RAS JEDIR, Tunisia, 15 March 2011 – Some 47 tons of UNICEF supplies have arrived in the town of Ben Guerdane near the Tunisian-Libyan border, to cover needs...

Investing in adolescents can break the cycle of poverty and inequity
AMMAN, 6 March 2011 – Under the patronage of Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah, UNICEF Eminent Advocate for Children, UNICEF’s Regional Office for the Middle East...

UNICEF mobilizes staff and supplies to respond to the humanitarian needs caused by the unrest in Libya
NEW YORK/TUNISIA, 2 March 2011 - As concern mounts over the influx of returnees and migrant workers to Tunisia, UNICEF is mobilizing staff and relief supplies to...

UNICEF strongly urges protection of all children during unrest in the Middle East and North Africa
BRUSSELS/NEW YORK, 26 February 2011 – UNICEF is deeply concerned by reports that children and adolescents have been killed or injured in the escalating violence that...

Kuwait funds UNICEF for flood affected areas in Pakistan
NEW YORK, 15 December 2010 - The State of Kuwait has contributed $250,000 to UNICEF in Pakistan for flood response. The support was announced by His Excellency...

Children’s rights events across Iraq conclude; several governorates agree to establish child rights committees
BAGHDAD, 10 December 2010 - As Iraq marks International Human Rights day today, government officials, community leaders and thousands of children across...

UNICEF to participate in international forum to end human trafficking
Media advisory

Thousands of Iraqi students conclude Global Handwashing Day celebrations; Handwashing with soap could save thousands of children’s lives in Iraq
BAGHDAD, IRAQ, 20 October 2010 - Celebrating Global Handwashing Day on October 15th, over thirty thousand school children across Iraq...

More disaster looms for children caught in Sa’ada emergency
SANA’A, YEMEN, October 20, 2010 - UNICEF is sounding a loud alarm over staggering rates of child malnutrition in Sa’ada, a northern governorate...

Narrowing the gaps to meet the MDGs in Yemen
SANA’A, 11 October 2010 - Half a million children in Yemen, including refugees, internally displaced and other war-affected children, are headed...

UNICEF expresses concern over the situation of children in southern Yemen
SANAA/AMMAN/GENEVA, 1 October 2010 – Over the past few weeks, there has been a steady increase in violent clashes, including air strikes...

Palestinian children deprived of basic rights to education
WEST BANK, 15 September 2010 - The Minister of Education and Higher Education, UNICEF, and the United Nations relief and Works Agency (UNRWA)...

UNICEF hails new child protection measures by the government of Southern Sudan
JUBA, SOUTHERN SUDAN, 31 August 2010 – UNICEF today welcomed the formation and launch of a Child Protection Unit by the government of...

UNICEF and Government of Yemen jointly launch the First Inter-Agency Comprehensive Child Protection Assessment Report in Conflict Affected Areas in the north of Yemen
SANA’A, 9 August 2010 – Today marks a major milestone in the annals of child rights in Yemen as the first ever consolidated Inter Agency Child...

Pau Gasol cheers attempt by Gaza children to break Guinness basketball record
JERUSALEM, 22 July 2010 - National Basketball Association Superstar and UNICEF Spain Ambassador Pau Gasol delivered a video message...

New UNICEF report reveals alarming conditions for children in Djibouti
DJIBOUTI, 14 June 2010 – A new report reveals that the majority of children in Djibouti live in abject poverty, which exposes them to life-threatening situations...

Malaria risk in Somalia declines by over 50 per cent
NAIROBI / KENYA, 25 April 2010 – New research commissioned by UNICEF Somalia into estimates of malaria transmission in Somalia indicates a major decline in risk from the disease...

Statement by Sigrid Kaag, UNICEF Regional Director for the Middle East and North Africa, on the death of 12-year-old Yemeni girl, three days after her marriage
Statement - 7 April 2010

UNICEF in Sudan marks World Water Day 2010 with focus on water quality
KHARTOUM/JUBA, SUDAN, 22 March, 2010 - UNICEF in Sudan is calling for improved access to safe drinking water across the country to mark...

Project to strengthen juvenile justice launched in Yemen
SANA’A, 6 March 2010 – A three-year project to strengthen juvenile justice systems in Yemen was launched today by the Ministry of Justice, in cooperation...

Despite progress, millions of children still live in poverty in Egypt, UNICEF study says
AMMAN, 18 February 2010 – A study looking at the impact of poverty on children in Egypt reveals that while significant progress has been made...

Sudan: UNICEF Regional Director calls for greater investment in basic services for children
JUBA, February 11, 2010 – At the end of a mission to Sudan, UNICEF's Regional Director for the Middle East and North Africa, Sigrid Kaag...

Thousands of Iraqis to benefit from training on dangers of guns
SULIMANIYAH, IRAQ 20 January 2010 - Mine Advisory Group (MAG) and UNICEF have commenced a training on the dangers of small arms...

UNICEF Sudan calls on young people to become ambassadors for peace
KHARTOUM/JUBA, 31 December 2009 – UNICEF Sudan is urging young people to sign up as “peace ambassadors” during this year’s National...

On first official visit to the UAE, UNICEF Regional Director Sigrid Kaag discusses children’s rights with HH Sheikha Fatima
ABU DHABI, 9 December 2009 – The situation of women and children in the United Arab Emirates was at the center of discussions that UNICEF...

On eve of Eid holiday, UNICEF draws attention to plight of children in northern Yemen
SANAA/AMMAN, 26 November 2009 - UNICEF Regional Director for the Middle East and North Africa Sigrid Kaag has just concluded a...

UNICEF welcomes renewed commitment by the Sudan People’s Liberation Army to prevent and end its association with children
JUBA, SUDAN, 23 November 2009 – UNICEF has hailed as a key milestone the signing of a new action plan by the Sudan People’s Liberation Army...

UNICEF Sudan calls for religious leaders to support A World Day of Prayer and Action for Children
KHARTOUM/JUBA, SUDAN, 18 November 2009 – UNICEF’s Representative in Sudan Nils Kastberg is appealing for religious leaders to pray...

Statement by Sigrid Kaag, UNICEF Regional Director for the Middle East and North Africa about the escalation in Northern Yemen
Statement - 13 November 2009

UNICEF announces 2009 winners of Media Awards on Child Rights for Middle East and North Africa
BEIRUT/AMMAN, 5 November 2009 – UNICEF’s Regional Office for the Middle East and North Africa announced today the winners of the...

The Netherlands donates $23.5 million for safe water in Sudan
KHARTOUM/JUBA, 6 November 2009 – The Dutch Government has given $23.5 million to UNICEF in Sudan which will be used to provide safe...

UNICEF Regional Ambassador Mahmoud Kabil appeals for urgent aid to displaced children in northern Yemen
AMMAN/SANAA, 20 October 2009 – UNICEF Regional goodwill Ambassador for the Middle East and North Africa, Mahmoud Kabil has just concluded...

UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Mia Farrow concludes visit to Israel and occupied Palestinian territory (oPt)
JERUSALEM, 18 October 2009 – World renowned actress Mia Farrow ended today a six-day mission to the occupied Palestinian territory and Israel...

UNICEF alarmed by deteriorating humanitarian situation in northern Yemen
AMMAN/SANAA/GENEVA, 13 October 2009 – It has been eight weeks since fighting escalated in northern Yemen and humanitarian agencies are yet to be...

Statement by Sigrid Kaag, UNICEF Regional Director for the Middle East and North Africa, on death of children in air raid on Yemen camp
Statement - 17 September 2009

Statement by UNICEF Executive Director Ann M. Veneman on the death of 12-year-old child bride from Yemen
Statement - 14 September 2009

UNICEF and health authorities join forces to tackle malaria in Sudan
KHARTOUM, 10 September 2009 – A renewed effort to reduce the risk of malaria in Sudan will get underway on Sunday 13 September, as the...

UNICEF Regional Director for the Middle East and North Africa, Sigrid Kaag on the situation in northern Yemen
Statement - 8 September 2009

UNICEF appeals for over $6 million to help women and children in northern Yemen
AMMAN/GENEVA, 2 September 2009 – UNICEF launched today an appeal for $6.1 million to meet the needs of women and children affected by the current...

Statement by Ann M. Veneman, UNICEF Executive Director, on the situation in Yemen
Statement - 24 August 2009

UNICEF concerned about deteriorating humanitarian situation in Yemen
AMMAN/ GENEVA, 21 August 2009 – UNICEF expressed concern today about the impact on children and women of the current crisis in Yemen...

Government of Japan provides $5.6 million to health programmes in Sudan
KHARTOUM, 29 July 2009 – The Government of Japan will sign a new agreement with UNICEF tomorrow, making available US$ 5.6 million...

Renewed efforts underway to increase level of birth registration in Sudan
KHARTOUM, 28 July 2009 – Partners from Sudan’s Government of National Unity, state-level authorities, UN agencies and non-governmental organizations...

Women religious leaders in Algeria spread the word about maternal and child health
ALGIERS, 13 July 2009 – UNICEF and the Algerian ministries of Religious Affairs and Health launched a series of training sessions for mourchidates...

$10 million European Community water and sanitation project underway in Iraq; UNICEF relocates Country Office to Baghdad
BAGHDAD, 30 June 2009 - A $10 million project funded by the European Community to improve Iraq’s water and sanitation services is underway...

UNICEF Executive Director Ann M. Veneman visits Syrian Arab Republic
DAMASCUS, 29 June 2009 – On the first visit ever of a UNICEF Executive Director to the Syrian Arab Republic, Ann M. Veneman met with Syrian President...

New education institute inaugurated in Southern Sudan
RUMBEK, 25 June 2009 – The first education institute in Southern Sudan will be inaugurated today, marking an important step in strengthening...

UNICEF Morocco supports First Social Policies and Child Rights forum
RABAT, 25 May 2009 - To mark National Day of Child Rights, Morocco hosted the First Social Policies and Child Rights Forum to discuss...

Iraq commits $30 million for children
BAGHDAD, 4 May 2009 -  Iraq’s Ministry of State for Marshlands has committed $30 million for projects to assist children in rural areas of the...

Kenya convenes experts and advocates on child-friendly schools
NAIROBI, KENYA,  4 May 2009 – UNICEF, government officials and partners from several African nations today kicked off a three-day meeting...

Situation of children in Gaza remains precarious 100 days after end of conflict
GAZA, 28 April 2009 – More than three months after the cessation of hostilities in Gaza, the Israeli blockade and inter-Palestinian tension...

UNICEF applauds the launch of first Child Act for Southern Sudan
JUBA, Southern Sudan, 8 April 2009 – The President of the Government of Southern Sudan H.E. General Salva Kiir Mayardit will tomorrow...

New education strategies in North of Sudan to boost enrolment of girls and nomadic children
KHARTOUM, 24 March 2009 – The Federal Ministry of General Education is taking another step on the road towards the Millennium....

World Water Day in Sudan focuses on shared responsibility for management of vital resources
KHARTOUM, 21 March 2009 - The celebration of World Water Day 2009 in Sudan tomorrow, 22 March will provide an opportunity to focus on the...

Second phase of Sudan national polio immunization campaign intensifies efforts against the virus
KHARTOUM, 22 March 2009 - The second round of National Immunization Days against polio will get underway on Monday 23 March in Sudan, as...

New initiative to reduce child and maternal mortality gets underway in Southern Sudan
TORIT, 20 March 2009 – The Ministry of Health of the Government of Southern Sudan, backed by UNICEF and other partners, today will ...

Statement on the Humanitarian Situation in Darfur
Statement - 6 March 2009

UNICEF Executive Director visits Israel and Occupied Palestinian Territory
JERUSALEM, 7 March  2009 – UNICEF Executive Director Ann M. Veneman on Saturday concluded a week-long Middle-East mission that included field visits to the West Bank, southern...

UNICEF Executive Director in visit to Jordan on first leg of regional mission
AMMAN, 3 March 2009 – UNICEF Executive Director, Ann M. Veneman, concluded a 2-day visit to Jordan which focused on the country’s...

New nutrition policy for northern states of Sudan to strengthen child health, reduce mortality
KHARTOUM, 19 February 2009 - Sudan’s Federal Ministry of Health will unveil a new nutrition policy covering the 15 northern states of the countrY...

Renewed immunization efforts aim to make Sudan "Polio Free"
KHARTOUM, 12 February 2009 - Renewed efforts are being made to eradicate polio in Sudan, as the first mass immunization campaign of 2009, targeting nine...

Sudan commemorates International Day against Female Genital Mutilation
KHARTOUM, 6 February 2009 - As the world commemorates International Day of Zero Tolerance of Female Genital Mutilation today, UNICEF has...

UNICEF seeks $34.5 million to address urgent recovery needs for children and families in Gaza
AMMAN/GENEVA, 3 February 2009 – UNICEF is seeking $34.5 million to address urgent recovery needs for children and their families in Gaza.

UNICEF provides educational supplies and safe spaces for children in Gaza
NEW YORK, 26 January 2009 – With the return of hundreds of thousands of children to school in Gaza, UNICEF is providing essential educational...

UNICEF: In Gaza, nearly one-third of fatalities are children; massive destruction of homes, schools and health facilities
NEW YORK, 16 January 2009 -  After three weeks of fighting, the Office of the UN’s Humanitarian Coordinator (OCHA) reports that nearly one-third of those killed ...

UNICEF aid for Gaza arriving, despite challenges
GENEVA, 15 January 2009 - The humanitarian operation in Gaza has been dealt a blow by the strike today that devastated warehouses in the United Nations compound ...

New curriculum to protect young people from HIV and AIDS in Northern Sudan
KHARTOUM, 13 January 2009 – A new curriculum for schools, focusing on the risks from HIV and AIDS, will be launched in the northern states of Sudan ...

UNICEF: Number of child casualties still rising in Gaza
JERUSALEM/NEW YORK, 9 January 2009 - The number of children being killed and injured in the fighting in Gaza continues to climb and the humanitarian situation ...

Statement By UNICEF Executive Director Ann M. Veneman regarding the humanitarian operation in Gaza
8 January 2009

UNICEF: During short ceasefire, some life-saving supplies delivered in Gaza
AMMAN, 7 January 2009 – A three-hour ceasefire today provided a limited opportunity for UNICEF to release some life-saving supplies for delivery to families in Gaza ...

HM Queen Rania on the children of Gaza
Statement - 5 January 2009

UNICEF Statement on the crisis in Gaza
AMMAN, 5 JANUARY 2009 – The humanitarian crisis caused by the current violence in Gaza is hitting children and women the most. Children form over half...

UNICEF delivers supplies for children suffering as a result of critical shortages of food, fuel and medicine in Gaza
AMMAN / JORDAN, 5 January 2009 -  In an effort to reduce the suffering faced by children in Gaza, UNICEF is delivering urgent supplies of food, fuel and medicine to Gaza hospitals.

SG statement on continued escalation in and around Gaza
Statement by Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon, 29 December 2008

UNICEF signs agreement with Sudanese government and partners to work together to protect children in Sudan
KHARTOUM, 23 December 2008 - UNICEF welcomes the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between Sudan Armed Forces (SAF), the National...

Morocco to host fourth edition of UNICEF’s Regional Media Forum on children’s issues
Amman, 18 November 2008 – Morocco is hosting a 3-day regional media forum from 25-27 November, bringing together leading journalists, broadcasters...

Almost five million children reached in latest Iraq polio drive
AMMAN/BAGHDAD, 4 November 2008 – In its determination to maintain polio-free status, the Government of Iraq successfully completed another...

UNICEF staff member killed in Southern Somalia
NAIROBI, 20 October 2008 – UNICEF today strongly condemned the killing of a Somali staff member who was shot on Sunday, 19 October, in Huddur, southern Somalia.

Promise of youth in MENA
AMMAN, 12 August 2008 - The Middle East and North Africa is witnessing an unprecedented “youth boom” with more than half of the population...

150,000 children in Niger benefit from Dubai Cares and UNICEF Education Project
DUBAI, 16 July 2008 – Dubai Cares, a charitable organization that aims to provide primary education to one million children in developing countries ...

UNICEF supports Girls' Education Day in Southern Sudan
RUMBEK, 8 July 2008 - On 7 July 2008, Southern Sudan celebrated its annual Girls’ Education Day, an opportunity to acknowledge achievements in girls’ enrollment ...

UNICEF urges Sudanese households to prioritize hygiene and prevent disease
KHARTOUM, JUBA 30 June 2008 - With most of Sudan experiencing the onset of the annual rainy season, UNICEF is urging households to prioritize ...

UNICEF signs an agreement with the International Islamic Relief Organization
RIYADH, 9 June 2008 –UNICEF today signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the International Islamic Relief Organization (IIROSA)...

Statement by Ms. Hilde F. Johnson, UNICEF Deputy Executive Director, on her visit to Sudan
Statement - 22 May 2008

Visit of UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Mia Farrow to the Central African Republic
BANGUI,  22 May 2008 – The threat of kidnappings, rape and killings are an everyday part of life for people living in the Central African Republic...

Workshop on psychosocial care and protection of children in crisis in Jordan
AMMAN, 13 April 2008 – UNICEF in collaboration with Jordan’s Ministry of Education organized a workshop to provide counsellors with appropriate...

UNICEF and partners organize national peer education workshop on HIV and AIDS in Yemen
SANA’A, 13 April 2008 - Over 120 young people from Aden, Hadhramout, Mahweet, Hodeida, Taiz and Sana’a met here today in a three-day workshop...

On anniversary of “Go to School” campaign more than a million children benefit from education in Southern Sudan
JUBA, 1 April 2008 - As children in Southern Sudan celebrate the second anniversary of the UNICEF-supported ‘Go to School’ initiative, 1.3 million...

Lebanon starts national anti-measles and rubella campaign targeting over 900,000 children
Beirut, 31 March 2008 – Lebanon started a national anti-measles and anti-rubella vaccination campaign today targeting more than 900,000 children, as part of its...

UNICEF relieved at release of state water corporation drivers in Darfur, but repeats call for end to all attacks
KHARTOUM, 28 March 2008 - UNICEF today expresses its relief at the release of four drivers from the State Water Corporation in North Darfur, who...

Sanitation becoming a luxury in Iraq
AMMAN/ERBIL/GENEVA, 20 March 2008 – Lack of sanitation and polluted water supplies are reaching crisis levels in Iraq, causing illness in children and increased hardship, according...

UNICEF supporting the Government of Chad to reunite children taken by French NGO with their families
NEW YORK, 7 March 2008 - The Government of Chad, supported by UNICEF, UNHCR, ICRC and the Chadian Red Cross, is working towards the immediate...

UNICEF Statement on situation in Gaza
Statement - 1 March 2008

UNICEF-Dubai Cares partnership benefits schoolchildren in Djibouti
DUBAI /NEW YORK, 25 February 2008 – UNICEF and Dubai Cares announced today the launch of new education programmes in Djibouti that will help accelerate access to education...

UNICEF and Dubai Cares join forces to help provide education for one million children
New York/Dubai, 19 February 2008 – UNICEF and Dubai Cares announced today a new partnership to boost access for children to education.

UNICEF trains Government of Southern Sudan water managers
JUBA, 28 January 2008 - UNICEF and the Government of Southern Sudan are conducting a three weeks intensive capacity-building training programme...

Niger measles drive targets 2.9 million under five children
NIAMEY, 7 January 2008 – President Tandja of Niger today kicked off a major campaign to vaccinate 2.9 million children against measles.

UNICEF ready with critical supplies for children affected by unrest in Kenya
NAIROBI, 4 January 2008 - As roads begin opening in Kenya and transport becomes possible, UNICEF is working with the Kenya Red Cross to....

Little respite for Iraq’s children in 2007
ERBIL/AMMAN/GENEVA, 21 December 2007: An estimated 2 million children in Iraq continue to face threats including poor nutrition, disease...

UNICEF appeals for checkpoint access to health services in Mogadishu
NAIROBI, 7 December 2007 – UNICEF Representative, Christian Balslev-Olesen, has appealed to all parties in the current Mogadishu conflict to help to reduce...

UNICEF immunises 100,000 children and women in camps in southern Somalia
AFGOYE-MOGADISHU CORRIDOR, 5 December 2007 - Approximately 47,600 children under five and 56,000 women who live in camps along the Mogadishu-Afgoye corridor will...

Joint emergency assistance for 103 abducted children in Abeché
Abeché, 1 November 2007 – Recent events in Abeché, eastern Chad, leading to the arrest of some members of an NGO called ‘Children Rescue/Arche de Zoe...

Training of teachers on how to give psychosocial support in emergencies
TEHRAN, 15 October 2007 – “Training teachers and counselors on how to provide psychosocial support to children and their families before a disaster...

Iraqi children return to school with hope and fear
AMMAN/BAGHDAD/ERBIL, 6 October 2007 - Nearly six million Iraqi children are going back to the classroom this week - a remarkable achievement...

Yemen’s efforts to accelerate girls’ education get boost from Dubai Cares campaign
SANA’A, 3 October 2007 - UNICEF’s endeavours to accelerate girls’ education in Yemen received a major boost early this week with a visit to Yemen by...

Her Highness Sheikha Maitha Bint Mohammed of the UAE underlines every child’s right to education on first visit to Sudan
KHARTOUM/JUBA, 1 October 2007 -  On her first visit to Sudan, Her Highness Sheikha Maitha Bint Mohammed Al Maktoum of the United Arab Emirates...

Mobinil and UNICEF join hands during Ramadan to assist Egyptian children
CAIRO, 19 September 2007 - UNICEF and Mobinil, Egypt's largest mobile telecommunications provider, launched a partnership during this Ramadan called "Caring for...

UN health sector partners launch an appeal to meet the health needs of Iraqis displaced in neighbouring countries
GENEVA, 18 September 2007 - Today, UN health sector partners, United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR), UNICEF...

New polio drive to protect Iraqi children
AMMAN/BAGHDAD, 2 September 2007 – Another massive effort begins today to deliver a critical vaccine to as many Iraqi children under five years old as...

UNICEF helps to combat cholera outbreak in Iraq
AMMAN/ERBIL, 29 August 2007 – UNICEF has rushed emergency aid to help victims of a cholera outbreak in Suleimaniya and Kirkuk in northern Iraq.

Queen Rania opens Baby Friendly Hospital
AMMAN, 29 August 2007 – Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah inaugurated Dr. Jamil Tutounji Hospital in Sahab a Baby Friendly Hospital on Wednesday as part of ongoing activities marking World Breastfeeding week.

Amidst heavy floods, disease prevention efforts in Sudan show results
KHARTOUM, 23 August 2007 – Efforts to prevent major disease outbreaks during the annual rainy season appear to be showing results, with less than 800 cases of acute watery diarrhoea...

UNICEF welcomes Jordan's offer of education to Iraqi children
AMMAN / GENEVA, 10 August, 2007 - UNICEF welcomes the Government of Jordan's recent announcement that it will open all public schools to Iraqi children. They and their families have...

US Government and UNICEF team up to support flood relief for Sudan
KHARTOUM, 8 August 2007 - The United States Government and UNICEF have joined forces to provide temporary shelter for 78,000 households affected by recent flooding in the north...

Polio immunization campaign to protect nearly five million children in northern Sudan
KHARTOUM, 6 August 2007 - An estimated 4.9 million children across northern Sudan are being targeted in a special round of polio immunization beginning on Monday 6 August.

Pierrette Vu Thi on UNICEF, UNHCR appeal for education of Iraqi children in host countries
GENEVA, 27 July 2007 - Over the past year and a half, we have the seen the conflict in Iraq spill over its borders, pushing families in distress to neighbouring countries like Syria and Jordan. In these situations, children often suffer the most.

UNHCR and UNICEF issue joint appeal to get Iraqi children back to school
GENEVA, 27 July 2007 - UNICEF and the UN refugee agency today issued a $129 million joint appeal aimed at getting tens of thousands of uprooted Iraqi children back in school.

MoU signed between the Saudi Public Campaign, UNICEF Gulf Area Office
JEDDAH, 10 July 2007 - A Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the Saudi Public Campaign for the Assistance of Pakistan Earthquake Victims represented by Said Al-Arabi Al Harthy Advisor to HRH Minister of Interior and Head of the Campaign and UNICEF Gulf Area Office represented by Dr. Ayman A. Abu Laban for a total amount of $2 million.

Statement by Dan Toole, Acting Deputy Executive Director, on OPT, Zimbabwe
GENEVA, 16 July 2007 - First, many thanks for joining me today. I want to take advantage of being here for ECOSOC to really talk about a couple of emergencies.

One year after conflict, Lebanon’s children try to recover under the shadow of new crises
BEIRUT, GENEVA, NEW YORK, 12 July 2007 – One year after conflict erupted in southern Lebanon, children’s ability to fully recover and move forward is seriously compromised by ongoing political instability and security threats throughout the country. 

Syrian Arab Red Crescent and UNICEF agree on humanitarian support to Iraqi children refugees
SYRIA, 9 July 2007 – The Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) and UNICEF Syria signed a cooperation agreement providing humanitarian support to children and women refugees from Iraq.

Japanese Ambassador to Sudan sees progress in education
RUMBEK, 9 July 2007 – His Excellency Yuichi Ishii, Japanese Ambassador to Sudan, has seen first hand the progress being made in education in Southern Sudan with the support of Japan.

Humanitarian community provides rapid response to floods in north of Sudan
KHARTOUM, 9 July 2007 – As flooding affects areas of Khartoum, White Nile, Blue Nile and Kassala States in the north of Sudan, a multi-agency emergency response from the humanitarian community has ensured that thousands of affected families are receiving vital assistance.

Yemen's religious leaders increase support for children
SANA’A, 3 July 2007 – UNICEF’s goal of partnering with religious leaders received a strong boost yesterday when the Minister for Endowment and Guidance, Hamoud Bin Abdulhamid Al-Hitar, offered unequivocal support for the well-being of children. 

Fresh progress toward the elimination of female genital mutilation and cutting in Egypt
CAIRO, 2 July 2007 – The momentum to completely eliminate female genital mutilation and cutting (FGM/C) in Egypt has accelerated in recent days with the passage of a ministerial decree and an anti-FGM/C statement by the country's top Muslim institution.

Alternative family-based care for abandoned and orphaned children launched in north of Sudan
KHARTOUM, 2 July 2007 – The Ministry of Social Affairs for Khartoum State and UNICEF today announced the launch of a communication campaign to prevent the abandonment of infants, change public attitudes to the issue, and increase kaffala – the Islamic system of community care for vulnerable children – marking a step away from institutional care towards placement of children with alternative families.

UNICEF calls for more awareness-raising to prevent spread of HIV in Iran
TEHRAN, 27 June 2007 – Everything possible must be done to prevent HIV and AIDS becoming a general epidemic in Iran, said Omar Abdi, UNICEF Deputy Executive Director...

UNICEF concerned at conditions for orphans and vulnerable children in Iraq
AMMAN/GENEVA/NEW YORK, 22 June 2007 - UNICEF said today that the discovery and broadcast images of children in a Baghdad orphanage suffering horrific...

UNICEF sends emergency supplies in response to growing humanitarian needs in Gaza
JERUSALEM/NEW YORK/GENEVA, 22 June 2007 - UNICEF is delivering emergency medical supplies and vaccines to help prevent outbreaks of disease among children in Gaza.

Networks across the Arab region to lend a hand in stamping out violence against children
SANA’A, 20 June 2007 – The wrap-up of a three day conference on child abuse and neglect here today provided insightful contributions from government delegations...

UNICEF condemns shooting outside Afghan school
KABUL/NEW YORK/GENEVA, 13 June 2007 – UNICEF strongly condemned the shooting yesterday, in front of a girls’ school in the Logar province of Afghanistan, which killed two...

UNICEF welcomes agreement to hand over children by Sudan Liberation Movement in Darfur
KHARTOUM, 11 June 2007 – UNICEF today welcomed an announcement by the Sudan Liberation Movement/Army (SLM/A) – one of the signatories to the Darfur Peace Agreement – that it would begin...

Palestinian youth in northern Lebanon head back to school two weeks into refugee camp crisis
BEIRUT, 5 June 2007 – As fighting continues in Nahr El Bared Palestinian refugee camp near Tripoli in north Lebanon, eight school buses are bringing some normalcy into the disrupted lives...

Queen Rania Visits UNICEF Projects in Morocco, Highlights Achievements in Child Welfare
Fez/ Morocco, 1 June 2007 - As part of her mandate as UNICEF's first Eminent Advocate for Children, Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah visited two UNICEF supported...

UNICEF Lebanon joins UNRWA response to urgent needs of children and women caught in El Bared camp crisis
BEIRUT, 29 May  2007 – UNICEF continues to work in close coordination with the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA), as well as...

UNICEF Lebanon joins UNRWA response to urgent needs of children and women caught in El Bared camp crisis
BEIRUT, 25 May 2007 – Tens of thousands of Palestinian civilians continue to flee  Nahr El Bared camp in northern Lebanon, and the toll of conflict and displacement...

UNICEF calls for aid to Iraqi children
GENEVA/NEW YORK/AMMAN, 23 May 2007 – Conditions for Iraqi children affected by violence and displacement have reached a critical point, UNICEF said today.

WHO-UNICEF multi-country infant and young child feeding workshop in Damascus
DAMASCUS, 10 May 2007– A four-day regional workshop initiated by WHO and UNICEF ended today with agreement to significantly...

British Airways staff visit street children centres in Cairo
CAIRO, 10 May 2007 – This week, a group of British Airways staff members are visiting Egypt to witness projects for children supported through money collected from the Change for Good...

Memorandum of Understanding and expansion of cooperation agreement on Children Formerly Involved in Camel Racing
ABU DHABI, 25 April 2007 – UNICEF and the Government of the United Arab Emirates, together with delegates from Pakistan...

Lifesaving immunization drive for 3.9 million children in Iraq
AMMAN, 20 April 2007 – In one of the biggest humanitarian operations in Iraq in the last two years, a wave of 8,000 vaccinators will set out across the country starting this...

Damavand Mineral Water Company and UNICEF team up for girls’ education in Iran
TEHRAN, 18 April 2007 – Iranian Mineral Water Company Damavand and UNICEF Iran launched a new partnership today whereby Damavand will donate a portion of the revenues of...

Actor Khaled Abol Naga is appointed UNICEF Egypt Ambassador
CAIRO, 10 April 2007 - UNICEF Egypt has announced the appointment of leading actor Khaled Abol Naga as an Ambassador.

Children in the Frontline: Launch of UNICEF's Arabic Humanitarian Action Report 2007
Amman, 29 March 2007 – UNICEF's Humanitarian Action Report 2007 calls on donors and the international community to contribute to a USD $635 million appeal...

School enrolment more than doubles in Southern Sudan as new academic year opens
JUBA/SUDAN, 2 April 2007 – Some 850,000 children are enrolled in school today in Southern Sudan – a major increase from an estimated 343,000 during the war.

National Immunization days aim to keep Sudan polio-free
KHARTOUM/JUBA, 25 March 2007 - The first round of Sudan’s National Immunization Days against polio in 2007 gets underway on Monday 26 March, with a focus on ensuring that no eligible child is...

UNICEF Executive Director commends Egypt’s progress towards Millennium Development Goals
CAIRO/GENEVA/NEW YORK, 20 February 2007 – UNICEF Executive Director Ann M. Veneman today ended a three-day visit to Egypt which included discussions with government officials and...

New classroom supplies give welcome boost to Iraq’s schoolchildren
AMMAN, 14 February 2007 – Millions of school bags, books, pencils and other essential learning materials are now being delivered to Iraq’s primary schoolchildren...

UNICEF Mourns Staff Member Killed in Iraq
AMMAN, 9 January 2007 - UNICEF today confirms that staff member Mr. Janan Jabero has been killed in Iraq. Initial reports from local authorities indicate that Mr. Jabero, a 52 year-old Iraqi national...

MENA Masters on Child Rights reaches a successful conclusion
AMMAN, 19 December 2006 – A contingent of seventeen students from different backgrounds last week completed the third and final session of a UNICEF-supported Executive Masters Degree in Child Rights in the region...

UAE commits $9 million to help former camel jockeys
NEW YORK, 18 December 2006 – UNICEF today welcomed the allocation of $9 million by the Government of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to assist former camel jockeys who have returned home to their communities.

Women’s rights essential to Iraq’s recovery
AMMAN, 11 December 2006 - Iraqi women need urgent action to protect and promote their rights, UNICEF’s Iraq Office said today.  The call follows the launch of a global UNICEF report saying that equal rights for women is the key to stronger societies.

Despite difficulties, polio immunization drive underway in Iraq
GENEVA, NEW YORK, AMMAN, 14 November 2006 - A national polio immunization drive to protect 4.8 million Iraqi children was launched by the Iraqi Ministry of Health. The campaign was delayed for a week because of security concerns across parts of the country.

Sudan polio immunization campaign to protect nearly eight million children, despite ongoing security concerns
KHARTOUM/JUBA, 2 November 2006 - An estimated 7.8 million children across Sudan will be targeted in the next round of polio immunization, which starts on Sunday.

Lebanon launches nation-wide vaccination campaign to protect children against polio
BEIRUT/LEBANON, October 30 2006 – This week, more than 320,000 young children throughout Lebanon will receive the first round of polio vaccinations in a two-phase national immunization campaign.

Lebanon takes a vital step in post-conflict recovery as students return to school
ANSARIEH/GENEVA, 17 October 2006 – Lebanon’s children are returning to public school one month late following a conflict that destroyed schools and disrupted the education, and lives of hundreds of thousands of students.

National Back-to-School campaign launch
13 October 2006 - Media advisory

UN Condemns Massive Upsurge in Rape in Darfur
NEW YORK, 9 October 2006 - Violence against women and children by warring groups in Darfur is reaching alarming levels.

School kits operation has started in Djibouti for the third consecutive edition
DJIBOUTI, 21 September 2006 – UNICEF, USAID and the Ministry of Education jointly launched the third consecutive school kits distribution in Djibouti City.

Private Sector comes forward to support girls’ education
YEMEN, 30 August 2006 - Yemen’s national efforts for acceleration of girls education and reduction of the gender gap are getting a major boost with the launch of Business Partnership for Girls Education here on Saturday that marks the beginning of a novel tripartite coalition between government, private sector and UNICEF.

UNICEF Regional Director outlines priorities as south Lebanon moves into recovery phase
TAIBEH, 31 August 2006 – Restoring water and health services - and dealing with the menace of unexploded ordnance - will be UNICEF’s priorities as humanitarian efforts gather pace in south Lebanon, according to UNICEF Regional Director, Omar Abdi.

UNICEF thanks Bahrain for Lebanon donation
BEIRUT, 24 August 2006 – UNICEF said today that it had received an unprecedented donation from the Kingdom of Bahrain for its relief operation in Lebanon.

UNICEF backs government efforts to ensure Lebanese children return to school on time
BEIRUT, 23 August 2006 - International donors have been urged to support the Lebanese government’s efforts to ensure that the destruction and upheaval caused by the recent conflict does not prevent children returning to class for the new academic year.

Donation of $30,000 from the Iranian Football Federation kick starts UNICEF Iran’s ‘Children of Lebanon Appeal’
TEHRAN, 23 August  2006 – The Iranian Football Federation has donated $30,000 to UNICEF Iran’s Children of Lebanon Appeal to help support UNICEF’s ongoing relief efforts in Lebanon. The money came from a charity football match that took place earlier this month between the Iranian Celebrities’ Club (ICC) and a team made up of two of Iran’s most popular clubs, Pirouzi and Esteghlal.

UNICEF identifies clean water as the number one challenge facing relief efforts in south Lebanon
GENEVA/BEIRUT/TYRE, 22 August 2006 – Preliminary assessments have revealed major destruction done to water and sanitation systems by the month-long conflict in south Lebanon.

UNICEF strengthens support to Lebanese returnees in the South
BEIRUT/AMMAN/TYRE, 16 August 2006 – With a fragile ceasefire continuing to hold in south Lebanon, UNICEF and sister agencies are stepping up efforts to bring humanitarian assistance to the tens of thousands of displaced people as they return to their villages.

UN moves aid south of Litani immediately after cessation of hostilities
BEIRUT, 14 August 2006 – Following the announcement of a cessation of hostilities by both sides in Lebanon today, United Nations aid agencies immediately stepped up their efforts to bring relief to the hundreds of thousands of civilians affected by the conflict. The priority is to deliver supplies to the area south of the Litani river, which has borne the brunt of the fighting.

Statement of UNICEF Executive Director Ann M. Veneman on Lebanon
NEW YORK/GENEVA/BEIRUT, 11 August 2006 – Humanitarian access is urgently needed to reach families and children who are affected by the crisis in the Middle East.  Over 900,000 people have fled their homes in Lebanon, many of whom are living in temporary shelters and schools, while nearly 180,000 refugees have crossed the border into Syria.

UNICEF helps children cope with the hidden effects of Lebanon’s ongoing conflict
BEIRUT, 9 August  2006 - Children in Beirut have been deeply affected by the terrifying events they and their families have experienced, including the loss and injury of loved ones, and the destruction of their homes and schools.

Measles vaccination campaign faces up to challenges of ongoing Lebanon conflict
BEIRUT, 7 August  2006 – The campaign to protect tens of thousands of children displaced by the ongoing conflict in Lebanon against the twin threat of measles and polio is moving up a gear this week.

UNICEF and partners begin immunisation campaign for children displaced by the Lebanon conflict
BEIRUT, 4 August 2006 - UNICEF measles campaign in Beirut has been seriously hampered by recent bombings. While the campaign is still going on, it has been greatly disrupted.

Statement on Gaza by United Nations Humanitarian Agencies working in the occupied Palestinian territory
3 August 2006 – The United Nations humanitarian agencies working in the occupied Palestinian territory are deeply alarmed by the impact continuing violence is having on civilians and civilian infrastructure in Gaza, which has resulted in a sharp decline in the humanitarian situation facing 1.4 million people, more than half of them children. We are concerned that with international attention focusing on Lebanon, the tragedy in Gaza is being forgotten. We estimate that since 28 June, 175 Palestinians have been killed, including approximately 40 children and eight women, and over 620 injured in the Gaza Strip. One IDF soldier has been killed and 25 Israelis have been injured, including 11 Israelis injured by homemade rockets fired from the Gaza Strip. Palestinians have fired on average between 8-9 homemade rockets per day towards Israel (319 in total) and the Israeli military has fired on average 200-250 artillery shells per day  into the Gaza Strip and conducted at least 220 aerial bombings. The latest IDF incursion in the area around the Gaza Airport overnight has left eight Palestinians dead, including a 12 year-old girl and 20 injured.  UNRWA estimates that at least 475 people have fled their homes in the area and are now being sheltered in an UNRWA school in nearby Rafah.

Statement by Dan Rohrmann, UNICEF Special Representative in occupied Palestinian territory
JERUSALEM, 1 August 2006 – As the international media is focused on the humanitarian disaster unfolding in Lebanon, sadly enough the humanitarian crisis in Gaza is on the verge of being forgotten.  For the 1.44 million Palestinians living in Gaza, out of which 838,000 are children, the humanitarian situation is a daily reality.

Second UNICEF humanitarian air cargo to reach Beirut today
AMMAN/BEIRUT, 31 July 2006 – A Royal Jordanian Air Force plane left Amman at 12:00 today, carrying a shipment of UNICEF emergency supplies to Lebanon.

Jordan’s Air Force carries essential UNICEF supplies to Lebanon
AMMAN/BEIRUT, 28 July 2006 – Today a Royal Jordanian military aircraft arrived in Beirut at 13:20 with UNICEF humanitarian supplies. The flight carried 250 boxes of family water kits sufficient for 2,500 families and over 500,000 water purification tablets. It also carried 32 boxes of medical supplies for WHO, including urgently needed insulin.

UNICEF statement on Lebanon
TAMALE, GHANA 26 July 2006 – UNICEF announced today the arrival of the first convoy of humanitarian aid for children in Tyre, southern Lebanon, the hardest hit part of the country. The convoy consists of 40 tonnes of humanitarian supplies aimed at the tens of thousands children displaced due to the escalating violence in that country.  UNICEF’s supplies include water purification tablets, soap and other hygiene necessities.

UNICEF appeals for $23.8 million as part of flash appeal for Middle East crisis
NEW YORK/GENEVA/BEIRUT, 24 July 2006 – UNICEF today launched an appeal for $ 23.8 million to support children caught in the crisis in Lebanon and Syria. The appeal is part of the overall UN flash appeal for nearly $150 million.

Statement by UNICEF and the World Health Organization on escalating violence in Lebanon and Israel
NEW YORK, GENEVA, AMMAN, BEIRUT, 19 July 2006 – UNICEF and the World Health Organization (WHO) today expressed serious concern about civilian casualties and new risks to health from escalating violence in Lebanon and Israel:

Statement by the United Nations Agencies working in the occupied Palestinian territory
8 July 2006 – The United Nations Humanitarian Agencies working in the occupied Palestinian territory, are alarmed by developments on the ground, which have seen innocent civilians, including children, killed, brought increased misery to hundreds of thousands of people and which will wreak far-reaching harm on Palestinian society. An already alarming situation in Gaza, with poverty rates at nearly eighty per cent and unemployment at nearly forty per cent, is likely to deteriorate rapidly, unless immediate and urgent action is taken.

Salt producers and health workers join forces to combat iodine deficiency disorder
CAIRO, 21 June 2006 – Preparations for a fresh campaign against iodine deficiency disorder (IDD), the single most important preventable cause of brain damage among children, have been boosted following the completion of a training workshop for staff from the Ministry of Health and Population, National Nutrition Institute and other concerned bodies including, for the first time, experts from the Egyptian salt industry.

One million children in Southern Sudan protected against measles as campaign moves into Unity State
BENTIU, 16 June 2006 – A massive campaign to stop deadly outbreaks of measles in Southern Sudan has passed a key milestone.  Over one million children have been immunized since November 2005.  The Mass Measles Campaign is a joint effort by the Federal Ministry of Health of the Government of Southern Sudan, WHO and UNICEF targetting 4.5 million children under 15 across all ten states of Southern Sudan.  The rolling campaign has now begun in Unity State.

211 Children Released from the SPLA in Southern Kordofan
KHARTOUM, 18 June 2006 – UNICEF today welcomed the demobilization of 181 children – 174 boys and 7 girls – from the Sudan People’s Liberation Army (SPLA).  This release took place on 6 June in Julud in the Nuba Mountains area of Sudan (Southern Kordofan), and the children have been reunited with their families over the past two weeks.

UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Mia Farrow calls for children to be at the centre of peace and recovery of Darfur
KHARTOUM/AMMAN/GENEVA/LONDON/BERLIN, 16 June 2006 – During a recent visit to Darfur, UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Mia Farrow appealed to government officials and rebel groups to make sure that children are placed at the center of peace and recovery for Darfur.

Seminar discusses juveniles in conflict with the law
TEHRAN, 15 June 2006 - Top officials from different sectors, including judges, legal experts, police and members of the State Welfare Organization gathered in the city of Orumiyeh this week to discuss juvenile justice in Iran.  The seminar was organized by the Department of Judicial Development of the Iranian Judiciary with support from UNICEF.  It is one of a series of juvenile justice events aimed at aligning Iran’s child protection and juvenile justice practices with international conventions.

Combating Violence against Children project receives grant from the Netherlands
AMMAN, 14 June 2006 – UNICEF Jordan received today a grant of approximately JD 78,000 from the Embassy of the Netherlands to continue strengthening responses to combat violence against children in the country.

Commitment to protecting the children of Darfur
KHARTOUM/AMMAN 12 June 2006 – UNICEF today welcomed the outcomes of a landmark child protection workshop for Darfur, organized 7-9 June in collaboration with the Darfur States and the National Council for Child Welfare.

Mia Farrow and Ronan Farrow return to Darfur
NEW YORK, 9 June, 2006 - UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador and American actress Mia Farrow is returning to Darfur on Sunday, 11 June through Thursday, 15 June.  From there she travels to London and Berlin then returns to New York to conduct media interviews about her visit.  Accompanying Ms. Farrow is her son, Ronan, a UNICEF Spokesperson for Youth.  Mia Farrow traveled to Darfur in November, 2004.

League of Arab States and UNICEF focus on teacher qualifications
Amman / Cairo, May 30, 2006 - Formulas to advance the quality of education in the Arab World by focusing on teacher training and professional qualifications was the subject of a first League of Arab States (LAS) - UNICEF expert meeting in Cairo. According to UNESCO, the Arab region needs to train an additional 450,000 teachers by 2015.

Food Insecurity in Iraq Persists: Children Suffer
AMMAN/BAGHDAD, 11 May 2006 – Despite the laudable efforts of the Public Distribution System (PDS) of food baskets, many of Iraq’s poorer households are still food insecure, according to a Food Security and Vulnerability Analysis launched today, based on the most recent data from 2005.

Arab media enthusiasm to promote girls' education enjoys renewed momentum
DUBAI, May 4, 2006 – Media representatives and experts at the Second Arab Regional Media Forum today concluded an extensive review of the situation surrounding Arab girls' access to education and remaining challenges in several countries to ensure sustained enrolment and retention in school.

Second Arab Regional Media Forum on child rights kicks off in Dubai
DUBAI, May 2, 2006 – Arab media professionals, human rights organizations, academia and UN agencies today initiated an in-depth dialogue on the issue of girls' education in the Arab world, with expectations to leverage enhanced commitment from governments, civil society and communities to support girls’ sustained access to quality education.

Second Arab Regional Media Forum to Address Girls' Education
UNICEF, in partnership with the World Food Programme, UNESCO, the Dubai Humanitarian, the Dubai Press Club, Al Bayan Newspaper, the Arab Institute for Human Rights and the Center for Arab Women for Training & Research are holding the Second Arab Regional Media Forum from 2-4 May 2006, an event calling for enhanced partnerships between media professionals, development agencies and humanitarian partners to promote sustainable opportunities for girls' primary and secondary schooling in the region.

‘Education for All’ week in Yemen brings teachers on board
SANA’A, 25 April 2006 – During ‘Education for All’ week, Yemen is stepping up efforts to overcome barriers to universal primary education.  This year’s theme ‘Every Child Needs a Teacher’ strikes a major chord in Yemen, where the number of teachers lags far behind the actual requirements.  Meeting the looming teacher shortage is one of the greatest barriers to education in Yemen, where the number of female teachers is especially short, particularly in rural areas. 

UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Johann Koss to Visit Sudan
KHARTOUM/AMMAN/NEW YORK, 25 April 2006 – UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Johann Koss, the four-time Olympic gold medal speed skater from Norway, will visit Sudan from April 30 to May 4.  His trip will highlight the situation of the children in difficult conditions in the camps for displaced people near the capital, Khartoum, as well as the progress being made in Southern Sudan as the result of the comprehensive peace agreement signed in January 2005.

UNICEF welcomes child demobilisation in Southern Sudan
MALAKAL, SOUTHERN SUDAN, 24 April 2006 – UNICEF welcomes the renewed process of disarmament and demobilisation of children associated with armed forces and groups in Southern Sudan. The latest demobilisation, of about 250 children in Upper Nile State today, is the biggest of its kind since the signature of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement in January 2005 which commits the parties (the Sudan People's Liberation Movement/Army-SPLM/A and the then Government of Sudan) to child demobilisation throughout the country.

Reduce Vulnerabilities that Push Iraqi Children to the Edge, Says UNICEF
AMMAN/BAGHDAD, 13 April 2006 – The special needs of thousands of Iraqi children who find themselves in trouble with the law and being held in juvenile institutions as well as detention centres was the focus of a workshop that concluded today.  Iraqi Government representatives, UNICEF and non-governmental organizations partners working with vulnerable and marginalized groups deliberated the issue for over five days.

UNICEF: Arab world to play important role in emergencies
DUBAI, April 10, 2006 – Speaking at the inauguration of the Dubai International Humanitarian Aid and Re-Development Conference, DIHAD 2006, UNICEF Deputy Executive Director Rima Salah today stressed the need for enhanced Arab collaboration in the field of humanitarian assistance to crisis countries around the world.

Southern Sudan “goes to school”
JUBA, SOUTHERN SUDAN, 1 April 2006 – Hundreds of thousands of children will go to school for the first time in Southern Sudan this year. A massive “Go To School” campaign aims to more than double the number of children in primary school during the course of the school year, which starts on Monday.

UN condemns violence in Iraq
BAGHDAD/AMMAN, JORDAN, 1 March 2006: The United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) and the UNICEF Iraq Country Office strongly condemn the continuing violent attacks in Iraq which are taking an ever-increasing number of civilian lives, particularly those of children. 

More than 1 million children beyond aid net in Darfur
Khartoum/London/New York, 20 December 2005 – A new report by UNICEF details the impact of conflict on children’s lives in Darfur, almost three years after the violence began.

UNICEF and Al-Azhar University Present New Manual Designed to Underscore Importance of Children in Islam
CAIRO, 29 November 2005 – UNICEF and Al-Azhar University released today a new manual designed to underscore how the care, protection and development of children is central to Islam.

UNICEF and UAE Partners Shaping Model Humanitarian Agreements for Pakistani Children
AMMAN, 28 November 2005 --- An innovative approach to emergency response following the October 8th earthquake in Pakistan has engaged important partners in the UAE in a strategy that combines financial contributions with hands-on action to help meet the needs of children in devastated areas, UNICEF Deputy Executive Director Rima Salah said today, following a mission to the Middle East and South Asia.

Egyptian TV wins International Children’s Day of Broadcasting Award
NEW YORK, 21 November 2005 – Egyptian TV won the International Children’s Day of Broadcasting (ICDB) award at the 33rd International Emmy Awards Gala on Monday night.  The special prize is awarded every year by the International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences and UNICEF.

Sudan pushes polio into retreat: Mass immunization drive launched to reach 6.3 million children
KHARTOUM, 15 November  - As the latest in a series of major polio immunization drives gets underway in Sudan, the Ministry of Health announced that the polio epidemic that hit the country last year seems finally to be in retreat. The epidemic paralysed 152 children over the course of the last 12 months.  But since June, cases have fallen to zero thanks to an unprecedented year-long immunization effort backed by UNICEF, WHO, Rotary International and other organizations.

Ministers from Islamic countries take strong stand in favour of children
RABAT, 8 November 2005 – On issuing a Declaration calling for an end to harmful traditional practices, elimination of gender disparity in education and urgent action to address the unacceptably high rates of child and maternal mortality in some Islamic countries, the more than 200 participants of The First Islamic Ministerial Conference on the Child hailed the meeting as a major success and a ground-breaking initiative for the Islamic world.

Ministers from Islamic countries convene for landmark meeting on children
RABAT, 7 November 2005 - Senior representatives of almost 50 Islamic countries and nearly 20 international organizations have convened for a landmark meeting intended to make a real and lasting difference for more than a quarter of the world’s children, who are disproportionately burdened by poverty, malnutrition and disease.

Second year of ‘One Schoolbag For Every Primary School Student’ in Djibouti sees dramatic increase in school enrollment figures
Djibouti, 25 October 2005 - For the second consecutive year, 49,000 school children in Djibouti received school kits aimed at ensuring every child has the quality school materials they need.

UNICEF helps the city of Bam launch its first ever telephone hotline service for children
TEHRAN, 10th October 2005. The city of Bam in south east Iran has launched its first ever telephone hotline service for children and their families. The hotline, which is open 12 hours a day, is staffed by social workers from the State Welfare Organisation, one of UNICEF’s key partners in the city, after it was hit by a devastating earthquake in December 2003.

UNICEF urges plan to combat IDD among Egyptian children
CAIRO, September 28, 2005 -- Efforts to end the scourge of iodine deficiency disorder (IDD) among Egyptian children are the focus of a workshop in Cairo this week organized jointly by the Ministry of Health and Population (MOHP) and UNICEF Egypt.

Children, the Focus for Islamic Solidarity
A new report says action is urgently needed to tackle a range of problems facing over 600 million children in the Islamic world, from poverty and disease to education and protection.

Children must be safe during Gaza withdrawal
NEW YORK, 12 August 2005 -- UNICEF today urged that children be kept out of harm’s way during the planned withdrawal from the Gaza Strip and parts of the northern West Bank.

36 Bangladeshi camel jockeys arrive home
DHAKA, 11 August 2005 - UNICEF is pleased to announce that the first group of Bangladeshi camel jockeys has been repatriated from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and arrived safely in Dhaka this morning.

Desirable rate of exclusive breastfeeding, still a distant goal in most of the Arab world
AMMAN, 4 August 2005 – In spite of notable achievements by countries like Syria and Egypt having reached more than fifty percent of exclusive breastfeeding at their national levels, the Middle East and North Africa region has yet to engage in more resolute action to ensure that infants are breastfed between 0-6 months of age.

UNICEF joins Sudan in mourning John Garang
NEW YORK, 1 August 2005 – UNICEF today joined the people and Government of Sudan in mourning the loss of Dr. John Garang, First Vice President of the Republic of Sudan, following the announcement early Monday of his death in a helicopter crash.

Statement on Iraq child deaths
Responding to the deaths today of 26 Iraqi children in a suicide car bombing, UNICEF said that it deplores the actions of those who would target innocent children.

UN calls for observance of days of security in Sudan during polio vaccination campaign
KHARTOUM - 6 July 2005 -- On the road to eradicate poliovirus, WHO, UNICEF and national and international NGOs are joining efforts with the Sudanese Ministry of Health in order to conduct an additional immunization campaign. WHO reported that as of 10 April 2005, 152 polio cases have been identified in 18 of Sudan’s 26 states since mid-2004 when polio first reappeared after a three-year hiatus.

MENA consultation on violence against children
CAIRO / 26 June 2005 - The first regional meeting dealing exclusively with violence against children is opening tomorrow amid calls for countries in the region to do more to prevent physical and psychological harm to young people.

National Immunization Days to curb spread of polio outbreak in Yemen
AMMAN/ SANA’A, 2 June 2005 – With 179 cases of polio now confirmed in Yemen, the Yemen Ministry of Health has launched a nationwide immunization campaign to break the back of the epidemic and stop the virus travelling further.

NCCM to host MENA Regional Consultation on Violence Against Children
CAIRO, 25 May 2005 – Calling on media outlets and journalists to “support dynamic cooperation in ventilating violence issues affecting children in the Arab countries, the Middle East and Iran”, Ambassador Moushira Khattab, Secretary General of the National Council of Childhood and Motherhood officially announced the MENA Regional Consultation on Violence Against Children, to take place in Cairo next June 27-29th.

Sudan continues effort to close down polio epidemic
Khartoum, 24 May 2005 -- In a continuing all-out effort to eradicate polio from Sudan, the Ministry of Health, backed by UNICEF, WHO and other organizations, today launched a three-day polio immunization campaign. The goal of this fourth round of National Immunization Days in 2005 is to immunize all children under five years, particularly those living in the poorest communities or those cut off by conflict.  These children are the key to stopping the spread of the disease.

Six million polio vaccines arrive in Yemen
YEMEN, 20 May 2005 - Six million doses of polio vaccines procured by UNICEF arrived today in Sana'a for use in the second phase of the nationwide National Immunization Days scheduled to start from May 30 to immunise all of the country's children under the age of five years. The forthcoming round of NIDs has assumed special urgency in view of the reported polio cases.

Six million doses of vaccine shipped to Yemen for emergency polio outbreak response
GENEVA, 10 May 2005 - Six million doses of monovalent oral polio vaccine type 1 (mOPV1) have been shipped to Yemen, as part of emergency measures to stop the ongoing polio outbreak in the country.

UAE supports UNICEF in safe return of camel jockeys to home countries
DUBAI/AMMAN – 8 May 2005 – In a major step to provide protection and support to children involved in camel racing, the UAE Ministry of Interior and UNICEF today signed an agreement to provide some $2.7 million to help in return and re-integration of child camel jockeys in their home communities.

1.2 million children immunized in West Bank and Gaza strip
RAMALLAH/GAZA CITY, 5 May 2005 –An immunization campaign against measles, mumps and rubella was launched today for 1.2 million children and young people in the West Bank and Gaza strip.

First global report on efforts to roll back malaria highlights progress and challenges
CAIRO/GENEVA/NEW YORK, 3 May 2005 – More people are accessing prevention and treatment services for malaria, sparking hope that the number of people who become sick and die from malaria will begin to decline.

Golden opportunity for Arab nations to boost reform in favour of children
CAIRO, 11 April 2005 – With solid progress for children achieved in the last decade, Arab nations have come a long way in reaching global development targets, UNICEF Deputy Executive Director Rima Salah said today in Cairo.

UNICEF calls for enhanced global commitment to support countries in crisis
DUBAI, 5 April 2005 – Speaking from the the Dubai International Convention Centre, UNICEF Deputy Executive Director Rima Salah today launched the Humanitarian Action Report 2005 and called on the donor community, Arab funds and humanitarian agencies to exert improved effort in leveraging the region’s capacity to respond to persisting emergencies around the globe.

UNICEF launches global website in Arabic
DUBAI, April 6 2005 – Following remarkable success of Dubai’s support to the southeast Asia tsunami crisis, UNICEF’s Director of the Division of Communication, Sharad Sapra, today launched the organisation’s global website in Arabic at the Dubai Media City, a futuristic media complex where IT innovation and communication expertise come together.

UNICEF brings critical supplies to the isolated children of Gaza Strip
GAZA CITY, March 30, 2005 - UNICEF today began delivery of a series of critical health and sanitation as well as education supplies to the isolated and deprived children of the Gaza Strip enclave of Al-Mawasi.

UNICEF sends emergency supplies to Zarand quake
TEHRAN, 23 February 2005 - UNICEF has dispatched some emergency latrine slabs and plastic sheeting for immediate use in the earthquake stricken villages surrounding the town of Zarand, south west Iran.

UNICEF emergency team goes to scene of Iran earthquake
TEHRAN, 22 February 2005 - An emergency team from UNICEF has arrived in the town of Zarand, south west Iran to make a preliminary assessment and to discuss with the Iranian authorities the need for international assistance after an earthquake measuring 6.4 on the Richter scale hit the region early this morning.

Gaza students receive boost to support their commitment to education
GAZA CITY, 08 February 2005 -- About 10,000 children in impoverished areas in the Gaza Strip today received a boost in the form of educational supplies to support their commitment to education.

Statement on shooting of a three-year old girl in occupied Palestinian territory
JERUSALEM, 27 January 2005 - The UNICEF Special Representative in oPt, Dan Rohrmann, expressed his sadness today in the aftermath of the latest fatality, when yesterday, a three-year-old Rahma Ibrahim Abu Shamas was struck dead by a bullet while sitting in her house in a very poor area in the central Gaza Strip.

UNICEF preparing for surge in enrolment in southern Sudan
KHARTOUM / RUMBEK, 27 January 2005 – Building on the groundswell of hope that is being felt throughout Sudan, Africa’s largest country, UNICEF is stockpiling tents and classroom materials, training teachers, building schools and assisting education officials to enroll thousands more children in the first academic year of the post-war period.

Gates Foundation funds new polio vaccine to accelerate global eradication efforts
GENEVA/NEW YORK, 27 January – WHO and UNICEF announced today that they have received grants totalling $10 million from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to develop and introduce a powerful new polio vaccine – a critical part of the strategy to end poliovirus transmission worldwide by the end of 2005.

One year on, children of Bam still face challenges - Alert to broadcasters
NEW YORK/ BAM, IRAN,  26 December 2004 -  One year after the devastating earthquake in Bam, Iran, that took more than 30,000 lives, left some 80,000 people homeless and reduced the city to rubble and dust, the well-being of the children of the city must be the government’s top priority, UNICEF said today.

Combating sexual exploitation and abuse of children: let the real work now begin
RABAT, 14 December, 2004 - The message from the opening session of the second Arab-African Forum against Sexual Exploitation and Abuse of Children was clear.

UNICEF video package highlights children of Bam, Iran, one year after earthquake
UNICEF is working to ensure that the children of Iran are in school, and that the process of healing, inwardly and outwardly, is proceeding.  The devastating earthquake killed 26,000 people in 12 seconds, destroying  nearly all of the schools, hospitals and homes and displacing thousands.

The rights of young Iraqis in conflict with the law “must be respected”
AMMAN, JORDAN, 28 September 2004: Senior members of the Iraq government reaffirmed Tuesday that young Iraqis who come into conflict with the law must have their rights respected in accordance with international standards and the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

More than one million Palestinian children return to school
JERUSALEM, 6 September 2004 - Some 1.2 million children returned to school last week in the West Bank and Gaza Strip after a summer break.

Dafur breeding new generation of "child survivors"
Khartoum/Geneva/ New York, 2 July 2004 – UNICEF reports today that a significant number of children displaced in Darfur have either been direct victims of violence or have witnessed violent acts.

Demobilization programme for former Afghan child soldiers reaches 2,000 children
KABUL, 24 June 2004 – The programme to demobilize and re-integrate former child soldiers in Afghanistan, led by UNICEF with Government, NGO partners and local communities, has now helped to demobilize 2,203 children in eight provinces of the country, since its launch in February. The majority of children demobilized to date – all of whom are boys – are aged between 14 and 18 years old.

After 21 years of war, the children of Southern Sudan need more than a lifeline
NAIROBI/RUMBEK, 16 June 2004 - A girl born in southern Sudan has a better chance of dying in pregnancy or childbirth than of completing primary school. To put it another way, one in nine women dies in pregnancy or childbirth but only one in a hundred girls completes primary school.

UNICEF calls for the protection of children in Rafah
JERUSALEM, 19 May 2004 – UNICEF said today it is deeply concerned about the impact on children of the ongoing military operation in the Gaza Strip, particularly a missile strike Wednesday that claimed the lives of at least 10 Palestinians, many of them children.

SPLA begins demobilization of children in southern Sudan
TAM, SOUTHERN SUDAN, 21 January 2004 – Officials from the rebel SPLA movement of southern Sudan have begun a large demobilization of children in the volatile Western Upper Nile region. The first batch of 94 child soldiers, who are among an estimated 800 in the area, were ordered by commanders to put down their guns, give back their uniforms, return to their families and go to school during a ceremony in the village of Tam.

Statement by UNICEF on death of children in Kandahar
KABUL, 7 January 2004 – Following the news announcements that a majority of those killed in the 6 January bomb blast in Kandahar were children, the UNICEF Afghanistan Country Office has released a statement.

UNICEF organises roundtable for Islamic leaders, experts, civil society and NGOs
AMMAN, 30 September 2003 - The Chief of Islamic Justice and Special Advisor to His Majesty King Abdullah II, Sheikh Izzidin Khatib Tamimi, today called for the establishment of a specialised division for family guidance and counseling  in local law courts. At a one-day roundtable discussion on ”Mechanisms to Protect Family Unity from Divorce,” Tamimi emphasized the importance of reaching family reconciliation through counseling before reverting to the courts.

Iraq: UNICEF repairs pipeline damaged by explosion
BAGHDAD, 18 August 2003 - A major water pipeline in Baghdad that was blown up yesterday cutting off vital water supplies to over 300,000 people has been repaired by UNICEF just 24 hours after it was damaged. 

New study to assist Iraq’s most vulnerable children launched
BAGHDAD 26 June 2003 – UNICEF has teamed up with five international aid organizations to investigate the situation in which children live in Iraq today. The study will focus on the risks to children’s wellbeing and the coping mechanisms that exist within their families and communities to help them overcome the current challenges they face in post-war Iraq.

IRAQ: Cleaning up neglected, damaged water system, clearing away garbage
BAGHDAD, 27 May 2003 - UNICEF recently supported an assessment of Baghdad’s water distribution network. The survey was conducted by staff from the Mayoralty of Baghdad water authorities. They found that 40 per cent of the network was damaged, and that there were over 500 separate “breaks” in the distribution system. Estimates are that up to 50 per cent of the city’s water supply is lost as a result of these breaks. (News Note)

Iraq: Unsafe water making children unhealthy
Basra/Amman - 10 May 2003 -The lack of clean drinking water is posing a very real threat in the south to Iraq's most vulnerable population - its children.  (News Note)

With chlorine supplies dwindling, children face onslaught of water-borne diseases
Tuesday, 29 April 2003 – UNICEF warned today that rapidly dwindling supplies of chlorine gas in southern Iraq will leave drinking water untreated within weeks, with potentially calamitous effects on the lives of Iraqis. (Press release)

UNICEF opens summer camps for Palestinian children
GAZA, 6 July 2002 - A record number of Palestinian children will have a chance to attend child-friendly summer camps this year, with the first of more than 180 such camps opening in the Occupied Palestinian Territory today, UNICEF said.

UNICEF expresses alarm over the fate of captive children
New York, 29 March 2002 -- UNICEF Executive Director Carol Bellamy expressed alarm today over the dangers faced by thousands of abducted girls and boys caught in the midst of a major military offensive that has escalated dramatically in southern Sudan in recent days.

First supplies distributed to Kabul schools
Kabul, 12 March 2002: The first student and classroom materials for Kabul schoolchildren began to roll out of the capital's distribution centre Monday, as the nationwide "Back to School" campaign moved up a gear this week. The campaign, which is led by the Afghan Interim Administration and supported by UNICEF, the United Nations Children's Fund, aims to equip up more than 1.5 million primary school age children in over 4,000 schools and other learning environments by the start of the new school year on 23 March.

Sudan must protect civilians and relief workers
NEW YORK, 21 February 2002 - We strongly condemn the 20 February 2002 attack by a Government of Sudan helicopter gunship that killed 17 civilians and wounded an unknown number of others at a food distribution site near Bieh, Sudan. The Sudanese authorities had cleared this food distribution, and vulnerable populations had gathered in the location to receive humanitarian relief assistance provided by the United Nations.

UNICEF Deputy Exec. Dir. Toshiyuki Niwa to visit Egypt
CAIRO, 20 May 2004 – The Deputy Executive Director of UNICEF, Mr Toshiyuki Niwa begins a visit to Egypt on Friday during which he will meet senior government officials and representatives of other UN agencies based in Cairo.

UN agencies say violence is pushing Gaza into humanitarian crisis
JERUSALEM, 5 October 2004 - Twelve United Nations organizations working in Gaza today stated that the ongoing violence on top of the sharply deteriorating humanitarian situation this year is pushing the Palestinian population into a deep crisis.

In devastated Bam, children head back to school
BAM, 19 January 2004 – Less than one month after the devastating earthquake that destroyed much of the southern Iranian city of Bam, the first children will return to a Ministry of Education school today. The first of 26 temporary schools is scheduled to open in the city’s Zone 10, catering for up to 50 primary school children in an inflatable tent provided by UNICEF. The tent was erected late yesterday evening by UNICEF and Department of Education staff assisted by a group of willing students, eager to return to learning. More tents will be provided to this location Monday to help increase capacity for both primary and secondary school children in the coming days.

Malnutrition down by half among Iraqi children
BAGHDAD / GENEVA / NEW YORK, 21 November, 2002 - Child malnutrition rates in the south and center of Iraq have fallen to the lowest level since they peaked in 1996, according to a new survey released today by UNICEF.

Iran and Turkey launch world's largest measles campaigns
TEHRAN/ANKARA/GENEVA, 9 December 2003 – UNICEF said today that Iran and Turkey have launched the largest and most ambitious measles campaigns in the world, reaching a combined total of 53 million people over the next year.

UNICEF chief to visit devastated region in Iran
Media Advisory, 9 January 2004 - Carol Bellamy, Executive Director of UNICEF, will arrive in Iran on Saturday, January 10, for a two-day day visit to inspect the damage caused by the earthquake in December and to assess the ongoing relief effort for children affected by the crisis. She will hold meetings in both Bam and Tehran.

National diarrhoea week gets underway in Afghanistan
KABUL, 25 May 2003 -- This week is National Diarrhoea Prevention Week in Afghanistan, a country where diarrhoeal disease is responsible for over 50 per cent of deaths amongst children under the age of five. The summer months are traditionally those when the disease is at its height, and so prevention campaigns are of critical importance in reducing the risk of death at this time of year. (News Note)

UNICEF hails new research on missing children in Sudan
Wednesday, 28 May 2003 – UNICEF praised new research released today by the Rift Valley Institute that shows that over 10,000 children and adults abducted by militia groups in Sudan over the past 20 years are still missing. UNICEF said the new information would make the ongoing search for those still missing “far more effective, far more meaningful, and far more hopeful.” (Press release)

UNICEF starts distribution of 40,000 school bags in Gaza Strip
GAZA CITY, October 19, 2004 - UNICEF today began distribution of more than 40,000 school bags to children in the Gaza Strip, starting with schools damaged by the recent military incursions into the North.

Global Polio Eradication Initiative welcomes OIC decision to step up effort to eradicate polio
MALAYSIA, 20 October 2003 – The spearheading partners in the global fight to eradicate polio – World Health Organization (WHO), Rotary International, US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and UNICEF – today welcomed a landmark resolution by the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) to wipe out polio from remaining polio-infected OIC countries.

World Health Day, plight of Afghanistan's children cause for concern
KABUL, 6 April 2003 - On the occasion of World Health Day, which is celebrated on 7 April, the United Nations Children's Fund is drawing attention to the continuing health and nutritional problems faced by millions of children and women in Afghanistan.  (News Note)

Cold, illness, and trauma stalk the children of Bam
TEHERAN / GENEVA, 31 December 2003 – UNICEF relief workers on the ground in Bam say that children who escaped the earthquake are still facing a major struggle to survive.  Thousands of children are without proper clothing and shelter, exposing them to severe cold at night. Cases of diarrhoea are on the rise as children drink dirty water. And the clean-up effort in devastated Bam is kicking up so much dust that children are beginning to suffer from acute respiratory infections.

UNICEF says killing of Iraqi children an “unconscionable slaughter of innocents”
NEW YORK, 30 September 2004 - UNICEF said that the killing of dozens of children in bombings in Baghdad today showed a disregard for innocent lives that recalled the recent massacre of children in Beslan, Russia.

UN bodies concerned about safe access for 60,000 Palestinian school students to Tawjihi exam sites
JERUSALEM, 7 June 2004 – Ten United Nations institutions call on the Israeli authorities to ease restrictions on movement in the occupied territory to enable 60,000 Palestinian students to sit for their Tawjihi matriculation final exams beginning today 7th of June.

UNICEF Iran sends 40 tons of high protein biscuits and medical supplies for Iraqi children to Baghdad today
Tehran, 30 April 2003 – Two trucks carrying high protein biscuits and medical supplies provided by UNICEF Iran crossed the Khosravi border point in western Iran today en route for Baghdad.  (News Note)

Japan donates $2 million for immunization coverage in OPT
Jerusalem, 31 October 2003 – The Government of Japan has donated US$2 million to UNICEF in support of the prevention of infectious diseases for Palestinian Children and Women in the Occupied Palestinian Territory (OPT).

Thousands of Palestinian children denied access to schools
JERUSALEM, 2 October 2002 - A month into the Palestinian school year, the UNICEF Special Representative in the Occupied Palestinian Territory, Pierre Poupard, today expressed serious concern over the number of Palestinian children being prevented from attending school by Israel-imposed restrictions.

Bellamy heads to stricken Darfur region
NEW YORK, 11 June 2004 – UNICEF Executive Director Carol Bellamy heads to the troubled Darfur region of Sudan this weekend to see first-hand the life-threatening situation facing hundreds of thousands of children caught in one of the world’s most rapidly developing humanitarian crises.

Jordan launches national plan of action for children
AMMAN, JORDAN, 25 October 2004 - The Jordanian National Plan of Action (NPA) for Children was launched by His Majesty King Abdullah II and Her Majesty Queen Rania at noon today at Le Meridian Hotel, Amman.

One million go back to school in Occupied Palestinian Territory
Jerusalem, 01 September 2003 -  About one million students returned to school today in the West Bank and Gaza Strip after a summer break during a “Back to School” campaign supported by UNICEF.

UNICEF provides out of school youth with new hope
ANTANANARIVO, MADAGASCAR, 12 August 2004 -  At a “graduation” ceremony for 258 out-of-school youth, UNICEF and the Ministry of Education praised the joint initiative that has helped over 400 young people, over the course of the past year; attain both basic education and vocational skills.

UNICEF and Partners Push Ahead With Polio and Measles Campaigns for Iraqi Children
GENEVA / NEW YORK, 18 February 2003 - In the shadow of ongoing international debate over a potential conflict in Iraq, health workers are expected to fan out across the country from 23-27 February to immunize more than 4 million Iraqi children against polio, UNICEF announced today. (Press Release)

New year of 'Back to School' for millions of Afghan children
KABUL, 18 March 2004 – Immediately following the country’s New Year festivities this weekend, up to 5.5 million school children are expected to return to their classrooms in Afghanistan, as the nation prepares for Back to School celebrations on Sunday 21 March.

UNICEF seeks $166 million to help Iraq's children
Friday, 28 March 2003 - With more than 200 staff still on the ground throughout Iraq working to meet emergency needs, UNICEF today appealed for $166 million to support urgent humanitarian aid for children and women most at risk from the war. (Press release)

UNICEF airlifts 81 tons of supplies for Darfur refugees in Chad
N'DJAMENA, 20 August 2004 -  In order to accelerate its humanitarian aid for the Darfur refugees in eastern Chad, UNICEF is airlifting 81 tons of emergency supplies by special cargo this week to N’Djamena.

UN calls on Israel to ensure respect for int'l standards concerning prisoners
JERUSALEM, 27 August 2004 - Thirteen United Nations institutions* operating in the occupied Palestinian territory expressed concern today about the hunger strike that reportedly more than 2,900 Palestinian prisoners and detainees have joined.

Thousands of Darfur’s children get measles vaccine
KHARTOUM/GENEVA/NEW YORK, 8 September 2004 – In a unique follow-up to a June campaign that reached over 2 million children in Darfur with vaccination against measles, a campaign was launched yesterday to reach another 150 000 children from 9 months to 15 years in remote areas of North Darfur controlled by the Sudanese Liberation Movement (SLM).

UNICEF racing to bolster 400,000 malnourished children in Iraq
Tuesday, 11 March 2003 - With the threat of war looming over Iraq, UNICEF is providing special therapeutic food for over 400,000 malnourished children across the country in an urgent effort to bolster their chances of survival in the event of a conflict. Working closely with the Ministry of Health, UNICEF has trucked more than 1,000 metric tonnes of high-protein biscuits into Iraq in recent days. The biscuits, which the government is now delivering to health centres across the country, are part of an ongoing UNICEF campaign to reach Iraqi children with life-protecting nutrients and vaccines ahead of a possible conflict. (Press release)

New campaign to tackle water and sanitation related disease in Afghanistan
KABUL, 24 June 2004 – The Afghan Ministry of Health and Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development is joining forces with UNICEF and other partners to launch a new nationwide campaign to tackle water-related disease in Afghanistan. The campaign, which is officially launched on Sunday 27 June, will combine a number of initiatives, including hygiene education, health promotion and the physical safeguarding of the water supply.

Japan becomes UNICEF’s #1 donor on Iraq relief
Monday, 2 June 2003 – The Government of Japan has donated $10.2 million to UNICEF to support the reopening of schools across the country, bringing its total contributions to UNICEF’s emergency relief efforts in Iraq to more than $15 million and making Japan the leading governmental donor to UNICEF’s appeal for Iraqi children so far. (Press release)

UNICEF Afghanistan speeds emergency support to Iran
KABUL, 28 December 2003 – Following the devastating earthquake that hit the city of Bam in south-east Iran on Friday 26th December, the Afghanistan office of the United Nations Children’s Fund, UNICEF, has despatched urgently needed medical and shelter supplies to the stricken region today.

UNICEF trains Sudanese police to assist child victims of sexual violence
Khartoum/Geneva/New York, 26 July 2004 – Amidst widespread reports of sexual violence and rape of women and children in Darfur, UNICEF concluded a three-day training of Sudanese police officers designed to assist them in investigating cases of rape of children. 

Thanks to FIFA, football is more than just a game
PARIS/GENEVA/NEW YORK, 20 May 2004 -  On the 100th anniversary of FIFA, soccer’s international governing body, UNICEF congratulated the organization for harnessing the power of soccer to improve the lives of the world’s neediest children.

UNICEF Statement on Iraq
GENEVA / NEW YORK, 11 May 2004 – UNICEF is profoundly disturbed by news reports alleging that children may have been among those abused in detention centres and prisons in Iraq.  Although the news reports have not been independently substantiated, they are alarming nonetheless. 

War is over, but the battle to protect Iraq’s children is far from won
BAGHDAD / GENEVA / NEW YORK, 2 May 2003 – Iraqi children still face grave threats to their survival, health and general well-being, despite the end of the war and the rapid process of change underway in the country, UNICEF warned today.  (Press Release)

Sanitation gaps make Darfur ripe for disease outbreaks affecting children
UNICEF reported today that while almost half of the 1 million displaced persons in Sudan’s Darfur region have access to safe water, poor sanitation conditions still pose great risk to tens of thousands of children.

UNICEF dispatches 10 million measles vaccines across Madagascar
ANTANANARIVO, August 17, 2004 – Over the past few days, trucks and planes loaded with measles vaccines, auto disable syringes, communication materials and manuals for mobilisers began leaving the capital and port cities of Antananarivo and Tamatave towards all 111 (health) districts of the country.

UNICEF hails North-South peace progress in Sudan
NEW YORK/NAIVASHA/KHARTOUM, 26 May 2004 - UNICEF today welcomed the agreement of key protocols between the Government of Sudan and the Sudan People's Liberation Movement (SPLM), saying that full-fledged peace is essential for the immediate survival and long-term well-being of Sudan's 15 million children.

UNICEF warns of worsening situation for children in Iraq
Wednesday, 9 April 2003 - UNICEF issued a warning today that despite significant progress in humanitarian cross-border trucking operations, early attempts by UNICEF to reach Iraqi children and women were being significantly hampered by what it called "a residue of fear and chaos." (Press release)

UNICEF lauds Iraqi "commonsense" push to return to school
Friday, 25 April 2003 -Iraqi children must be allowed to resume their schooling without delay, the Executive Director of UNICEF, Carol Bellamy, said today. The UNICEF chief praised what she called "the innate wisdom" of Iraqi parents and educators who are pushing for the prompt resumption of classes throughout Iraq. They must be "supported, encouraged, lauded, and imitated" for the speed with which children have already begun to return to school throughout the country. (Press release)

New health facilities and training to provide vital lifeline to women in northern Afghanistan
KABUL, 3 June 2004 – Women in northern Afghanistan are to be provided with improved obstetric care services following the opening of the region’s first Centre of Excellence in emergency obstetric care on Saturday 5 June.

UNICEF reports 4 million children vaccinated against polio in Iraq
BAGHDAD, 4 March 2003 - Preliminary results from UNICEF and the Iraqi Ministry of Health revealed today that 98 per cent of 4.2 million children under five were successfully reached in a nationwide polio immunization campaign last week. This result was achieved through the dedication of 14,000 volunteer Iraqi health workers from over 880 health clinics in the country.  (News Note)

Immunization begins for millions of Darfur children
NEW YORK/GENEVA, 7 June 2004  – WHO and UNICEF said today that an ambitious plan to vaccinate millions of children against measles in Sudan’s troubled Darfur region began over the weekend.

In Iraq, unexploded munitions become child’s play
BAGHDAD/GENEVA, 17 July 2003 – UNICEF says that although the conflict may be largely over, Iraqi children continue to be maimed and killed at a steady pace by the remnants of war.

Afghan maternal and neo-natal tetanus vaccination campaign reaches 3.6 million women
KABUL, 20 June 2004 – Figures now collated from around Afghanistan show that at least two doses of tetanus toxoid vaccine have been administered to more than 3 million Afghan women in 2004, and that 3.6 million women of child-bearing age have received at least one dose, following a nationwide vaccination campaign.

UNICEF says 'Nobel Prize is like a gift to children'
NEW YORK, 10 October 2003 –  UNICEF today trumpeted the award of the Nobel Peace Prize to Iranian lawyer Shirin Ebadi, saying the selection “is like a gift to children everywhere.”

Sudan ratifies two protocols for the protection of children’s rights
KHARTOUM/GENEVA/NEW YORK, 31 October 2004 – UNICEF welcomed today the ratification by the President of Sudan, Omar el-Bashir, of two UN Optional Protocols to the Convention on the Rights of Child. The Optional Protocols aim at strengthening the protection of children from recruitment into armed forces and from sexual exploitation.

Girls' education in Afghanistan lifts off with school supply shipment
Thursday, 6 February 2003 - Six weeks before Afghanistan's children return to the classroom at the start of the second full year of learning, the Afghan Ministry of Education is taking delivery of new school materials supplied by UNICEF as part of the Back to School 2003 campaign. (News note)

UNICEF rushes relief supplies to Iran quake zone
NEW YORK, 28 December 2003 --  UNICEF is rushing over 40 tonnes of relief supplies to Iran to help tens of thousands of children affected by Thursday's earthquake near the town of Bam, the agency confirmed today.Two UNICEF relief flights will arrive in Iran on Sunday.  The first will come from neighboring Afghanistan, where UNICEF's ongoing relief effort is making available vital emergency supplies from its stocks.  That flight will land in Bam on Sunday morning carrying medicines and medical equipment, tents, tarps and children's blankets.  The flight will be accompanied by a medical doctor from UNICEF's staff in Kabul.

UNICEF: Iraq survey finds child health sliding
BAGHDAD / GENEVA / NEW YORK, 14 May 2003 – Two months after the start of the Iraq war, UNICEF has called for urgent action to halt what it believes is the plummeting nutritional status of Iraqi children.  (Press Release)

Over $4 million needed for Sudanese refugees in Chad
CHAD, 13 January 2004 - About 90,00 Sudanese refugees are in Chad along the border with Sudan to escape the fighting in Darfur. Movements along the border began in July 2003 with the highest concentration between the border towns of Adré and Tiné. So far, assistance to refugees has been minimal. The raining season, expected to start in June, will render the whole region almost inaccessible, making a quick humanitarian response necessary. UN agencies will require over US$4 million to meet emergency needs.

UNICEF calls for halt to Darfur fighting
NEW YORK/GENEVA/KHARTOUM, 20 February 2004 - UNICEF said today that attacks on civilians in the Darfur region of Sudan are threatening the lives of the hundreds of thousands of children who have fled their homes. Speaking from New York, UNICEF Executive Director Carol Bellamy called on the government of Sudan to “enforce the rule of law, and take aggressive steps to protect civilians.” She also called on the warring parties to agree to an immediate cease-fire, and ensure safe access for humanitarian agencies and supplies for all those displaced by the fighting.

Funeral service held for UNICEF staff member killed in Baghdad
COURTENAY, BRITISH COLUMBIA, 31 AUGUST 2003 – The funeral of Chris Klein-Beekman, the Canadian serving as UNICEF programme coordinator in Iraq when he was killed by last week’s bomb explosion at UN headquarters in Baghdad, was held today at the Comox Recreation Centre, near his parents’ hometown of Courtenay on Vancouver Island.

UNICEF condemns killing of children in ongoing Iraq fighting
NEW YORK, 21 April 2004 – Responding to the deaths Wednesday of children on a school bus in Basra, UNICEF said it is alarmed by the growing impact of the ongoing fighting on Iraqi children. 

UNICEF urges all parties to protect Iraqi children
AMMAN/GENEVA/ NEW YORK - "UNICEF is deeply concerned about the impact of this war on Iraqi children and women. We know that in wartime children are the most vulnerable population. This is especially so in Iraq, where poor governance, two prior wars, and years of international sanctions have combined to weaken the Iraqi population.  (News Note)

Tunisia helps restore normalcy among Palestinian school children
TUNIS/RAMALLAH, 3 November 2004 – A Tunisian non-governmental organization ‘Children First’ is giving US 65,000 to UNICEF in support of emergency education activities for Palestinian children in the occupied Palestinian territory (OPT).

Afghan women and their new-borns immunized for tetanus
Friday, 31 January 2003 - UNICEF today announced a week-long campaign to immunize thousands of Afghan women against tetanus as part of a global campaign to eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus by 2005. Running from February 2-8, health workers and volunteers aim to reach some 740,000 Afghan women aged 15 to 45. (Press release)

UNICEF lauds Japanese government gift to Iraq
NEW YORK, 23 May 2003 - UNICEF thanked the Japanese government for its generous gift of $10.2 million for Iraq to be used in the rebuilding and supply of schools devastated by the war.  (News Note)

UN Condemns the Detention of Health Workers in Sudan
New York, 1 April, 2002 - The Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) and the World Health Organization (WHO) have condemned the recent detention of fourteen health workers in Sudan, saying the incident represents a major setback to the polio eradication effort in Sudan and other countries affected by conflict.

Salt iodation plant to open in Northern Afghanistan
KABUL, 15 January 2004 – A simple but effective solution for preventing Iodine Deficiency Disorders—iodised salt—will now be more readily available in the Northern Region of Afghanistan with the inauguration next week of a salt iodation plant in Shebergan.

First ever campaign to immunize Afghan women against tetanus set to begin
Sunday , 26 January 2003 - A groundbreaking campaign to immunize Afghan women against the killer disease tetanus will be launched on Saturday, 1 February by His Excellency Hamid Karzai, President of Afghanistan. The campaign, which is supported by UNICEF, aims to reach every woman of child-bearing age between now and the end of 2005 as part of a worldwide effort to eliminate the disease by that date. (Press release)

UNICEF launches teacher training program in Bam
BAM, 3 March 2004 - In a joint effort with the Iranian Ministries of Health and Education, UNICEF today launched a Plan of Action consisting of a comprehensive school reinsertion strategy including a teacher training programme aimed at building capacity for a total 1,500 teachers in the earthquake-stricken city of Bam, southeast Iran.

Helping Iraq's children get back to school
DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, 7 September 2004 - The near US$2 million raised so far as a result of the Back to School telethon, (Dubai TV, September 3) will provide timely and essential support to help rebuild Iraq’s devastated schools.

UNICEF provides water to thousands in parched Darfur region
NEW YORK/GENEVA, 25 May 2004 - UNICEF said today that despite having doubled the numbers of people in recent weeks who have access to clean water in Darfur, hundreds of thousands of people are still excluded from access to safe wells and water points.

Canadian money for Iraq marks way forward
BEIJING/NEW YORK/GENEVA, 16 October 2003 – UNICEF said today that a large Canadian cash contribution will be used to expand and strengthen the delivery of health and education services to Iraqi children and women.

Ministers of Health: 'We will finish polio before year's end'
GENEVA, 15 January 2004 - Polio should be relegated to the history books within the next twelve months, Ministers of Health from the six remaining polio-endemic countries declared today at a high-level meeting in Geneva.  The Ministers unveiled a bold new plan to immunize 250 million children multiple times during a series of massive polio immunization campaigns in 2004.

Hundreds of media agencies in Madagascar mobilize around measles
ANTANANARIVO, 20 August 2004 – In the weeks preceding the official launch of the measles campaign in Madagascar, which targets 7.5 million children, media and press agencies around the country have gotten together, in workshops organized by the National Measles Steering Committee, with the assistanceof UNICEF, to see what they can do, in addition to giving air time, to spread the word about the campaign.

With Sudan ceasefire in place, UNICEF begins emergency response work
AMMAN / KHARTOUM, 26 April 2004 – The temporary ceasefire in western Sudan is allowing humanitarian aid workers first time access to hundreds of thousands of displaced people who were previously unreachable.

UNICEF calls on donors for emergency aid for Algeria's earthquake victims
GENEVA / ALGIERS, 26 May 2003 - UNICEF launched on Monday an emergency appeal to donors for help in providing emergency relief supplies to victims of the massive earthquake that struck Algeria on May 21, killing more than 2,000 people and injuring 9,000 others. (News Note)

Asian and North African countries close to ending polio, announce accelerated plans to 'mop-up' new cases
GENEVA/NEW YORK, 17 May 2004 - Asian and North African countries could be polio-free within months, while west and central African countries must change track to stop the virus, according to data presented in Geneva today by Health Ministers from the world's six remaining polio-endemic countries.  The ministers announced a two-pronged strategy to further accelerate eradication activities in both areas.

After war, child friendly space give Iraqi children a chance to play
BAGHDAD/ 7 August 2003 – With Iraq still in a state of post-war crisis, UNICEF and Italian NGO – INTERSOS, are spending the summer break providing Iraqi children with a chance to play.

Bellamy to Baghdad to see Iraqi children, thank UNICEF staff
16 May 2003 – UNICEF Executive Director Carol Bellamy will visit Iraq this weekend to draw attention to the difficult situation of children. Her three-day stay will encompass activities in Baghdad and the north of the country. (Press release)

Carol Bellamy addresses the 2nd World Youth Congress
Statement to the opening session of the World Congress of Youth.

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