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UNICEF airlifts nearly 6 million doses of vaccines for children in Yemen amid intensifying violence and import restrictions
SANA’A, 20 December 2017 – A UNICEF-chartered plane landed today in Sana’a and delivered nearly 6 million doses of essential vaccines to protect millions of children at risk of preventable diseases, including the current diphtheria outbreak that has reportedly infected over 300 people and killed 35. Most diphtheria cases and deaths are among children.

New funding will allow countries to secure sustainable vaccine supplies and reach children more quickly - UNICEF
COPENHAGEN, 13 December 2017 – UNICEF announced today that funding for its Vaccine Independence Initiative (VII), a mechanism to help countries secure a sustainable supply of life-saving vaccines, has more than doubled in the past year, increasing from $15 million to $35 million.

Bangladesh moves to protect Rohingya children from diphtheria
COX'S BAZAR, Bangladesh, 12 December 2017 - The Government of Bangladesh, with the support of UNICEF, the World Health Organization and GAVI, the Vaccine Alliance, today launched  a vaccination campaign against diphtheria and other preventable diseases for all Rohingya children aged 6 weeks to 6 years living in 12 camps and temporary settlements near the Myanmar border.

Violence in al-Mayadin district, Deir ez-Zor, reportedly destroys cold room and vaccines
AMMAN/DAMASCUS, 12 October, 2017 – “UNICEF has received reports that ongoing violence in Deir ez-Zor in eastern Syria has destroyed a UNICEF-supported vaccine cold room in al-Mayadin district, with at least 140,000 doses of vaccines lost, including some planned for use in tackling vaccine-preventable childhood diseases in the area. UNICEF is currently verifying this alarming report.

World’s second largest oral cholera vaccination campaign kicks off at Rohingya camps in Bangladesh
COX'S BAZAR, Bangladesh, 10 October 2017 – A massive cholera immunization campaign started today near Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, to protect newly arrived Rohingya and host communities from the life-threatening diarrheal disease. 900 000 doses of the vaccine have been mobilized and are being delivered by more than 200 mobile vaccination teams, making it the second largest oral cholera vaccination campaign ever.

More than 355,000 children under five years-old vaccinated against polio in hard to reach areas of Syria

DAMASCUS, 18 August 2017 – UNICEF, the World Health Organisation and partners have completed the first round of a vaccination campaign in response to the recent outbreak of vaccine-derived polio in Syria.

1 in 10 infants worldwide did not receive any vaccinations in 2016
GENEVA/NEW YORK, 17 JULY 2017 ─ Worldwide, 12.9 million infants, nearly 1 in 10, did not receive any vaccinations in 2016, according to the most recent WHO and UNICEF immunization estimates. This means, critically, that these infants missed the first dose of diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis (DTP)-containing vaccine, putting them at serious risk of these potentially fatal diseases.

Nationwide immunization campaign protects 5 million children against polio in war-torn Yemen
SANA’A, 8 April 2017— In an effort to keep Yemen polio-free, nearly 5 million children under the age of five have been vaccinated in a nationwide campaign covering all governorates in the country. The campaign was supported by a partnership between the World Bank, UNICEF and WHO launched in February 2017.

From coast to coast: Africa unites to tackle threat of polio
GENEVA/BRAZZAVILLE/NEW YORK/DAKAR, 24 March 2017-  More than 190,000 polio vaccinators in 13 countries across west and central Africa will immunize more than 116 million children over the next week, to tackle the last remaining stronghold of polio on the continent.

National polio immunization campaign reaches five million children in Yemen as conflict intensifies
SANA’A, 8 March 2017 – Amid escalating violence, UNICEF and partners have completed the first round of a nationwide door-to-door vaccination campaign reaching 5 million children under the age of five with oral polio vaccine and vitamin A supplementation.

4.7 million children in vaccination campaign against measles in northeast Nigeria
ABUJA, Nigeria, 26 January 2017 – In a major vaccination campaign concluding this week, 4.7 million children are being vaccinated in response to a measles outbreak in northeast Nigeria. The campaign is covering the three states most affected by the Boko Haram conflict – Adamawa, Borno and Yobe – where insecurity has limited vaccination efforts. In 2016, there were approximately 25,000 cases of measles among children in Nigeria; 97 per cent of the cases were in children under the age of ten and at least a hundred children died.

Measles jab saves over 20 million young lives in 15 years, but hundreds of children still die of the disease every day
NEW YORK/ATLANTA/GENEVA, 10 November 2016 – Despite a 79 per cent worldwide decrease in measles deaths between 2000 and 2015, nearly 400 children still die from the disease every day, leading health organizations said in a report released today.

New polio cases in northeastern Nigeria underline risks for children in conflict - UNICEF
NEW YORK, 11 August 2016 – The sobering news that two children have been paralyzed by wild poliovirus in northeastern Nigeria underscores the urgency of eradicating the disease in conflict-affected areas, UNICEF said today.

In South Sudan, children uprooted by recent violence receive measles vaccination
WAU, South Sudan, 2 July 2016 – UNICEF is launching today an urgent measles immunization campaign to protect 13,000 children displaced by fighting in the city of Wau, South Sudan.

Two-thirds of unimmunized children live in conflict-affected countries – UNICEF
NEW YORK/GENEVA, 22 April 2016 – Almost two-thirds of children who have not been immunized with basic vaccines live in countries that are either partially or entirely affected by conflict, UNICEF said ahead of World Immunization Week.

Spike in measles deaths among children troubling, UNICEF says
NEW YORK/GENEVA, 13 November 2014 – UNICEF today expressed alarm at new data showing that the number of child deaths from measles jumped from an estimated 122,000 in 2012 to 145,700 in 2013.

Liberia’s immunization programme gets a 15-generator boost from UNICEF and GAVI
MONROVIA, Liberia, 6 June 2014 – UNICEF has officially handed over 15 generators to the Government of Liberia to help ensure all children are immunized with vaccines that have been properly and safely stored.

Statement on the United States Government’s announcement on vaccination campaigns
NEW YORK, 20 May 2014 - “WHO and UNICEF appreciate the commitment by the U.S. Government to stop making operational use of immunization campaigns.

Measles outbreak threatens children's lives in Guinea
CONAKRY, 21 January 2014 – UNICEF and its partners have begun to organize a campaign to vaccinate over 1.6 million children to stop a measles outbreak in Guinea amid growing number of cases among children especially in the capital Conakry.

Liberia begins protecting its children against pneumococcal disease
MONROVIA, Liberia, 9 January 2014 – Children across Liberia are now receiving protection against one of the leading vaccine-preventable killers of children as the country today celebrates the introduction of pneumococcal vaccine (PCV).

Over 20 million children to be vaccinated in Syria and neighbouring countries against polio, say WHO and UNICEF
GENEVA, NEW YORK, 8 November 2013 – The largest-ever consolidated immunization response in the Middle East is under way to stop a polio outbreak, aiming to vaccinate over 20 million children in seven countries and territories repeatedly.

Millions of children in Syria and region to be vaccinated against polio, measles, mumps and rubella
AMMAN, GENEVA, 25 October 2013 - As Syria awaits confirmation of suspected polio cases in the east of the country, UNICEF has joined the World Health Organisation and other partners in mounting a large-scale immunisation effort aimed at protecting as many children as possible both in the country and across the region against polio, as well as other vaccine-preventable diseases.

Olympiacos FC and UNICEF join forces to immunize children
PIRAEUS, Greece, 21 October 2013 - Olympiacos FC and UNICEF today launched their partnership to immunize children in countries that urgently need support. The aim of the partnership is to raise funds and awareness, both in Greece and globally, for UNICEF’s ‘100% Campaign’ to immunize children not currently reached by vaccination programmes.

UNICEF tender supports Middle Income Country access to affordable new vaccines
COPENHAGEN, 3 January 2013 – To help improve global access to new vaccines that protect children against the leading killers of pneumonia and diarrhoea...

Amid conflict and displacement, Syrian children receive lifesaving vaccinations
DAMASCUS, 7 December 2012 – An emergency vaccination campaign is under way in Syria to protect young children against measles and polio, diseases that...

The Central African Republic organizes the African Week of Vaccination
BANGUI, Central Africa Republic, 4 MAY 2012 - Following other countries in Africa, the Central African Republic is organizing its African Week of Vaccination from the 4 to 10 May. This is the second round of a campaign that was very successful in April 2011.

UNICEF marks World Malaria Day
NEW YORK, 25 April 2012 – Despite great progress in the fight against malaria, the disease remains the third largest killer of children globally, UNICEF said today on World Malaria Day

Burundi introduces vaccine against pneumococcal disease
BUJUMBURA, 20 September 2011 – Burundi today intensified its efforts in the fight against vaccine-preventable diseases, through the introduction of the...

Vaccination campaigns for children underway in the Horn of Africa
NAIROBI, 26 July 2011 – This week, UNICEF, the Kenya Ministry of Health and WHO have launched a vaccination campaign for children living in the...

Injection safety efforts eliminate immunization-related infections in sub-Saharan Africa
GENEVA/NEW YORK/WASHINGTON/ATLANTA, 1 July 2011 – The Measles Initiative and the GAVI Alliance (formerly the Global Alliance for Vaccines and...

UNICEF applauds donor pledges to children’s health
LONDON, 13 June 2011 - The generosity and commitment of the donors at today’s GAVI replenishment conference will benefit the lives of millions of the poorest...

Vaccinate every child, says UNICEF, as donors map out new immunization programmes
NEW YORK/LONDON/GENEVA/COPENHAGEN, 6 June 2011 - As world leaders prepare to converge on London for the GAVI Alliance pledging conference...

UNICEF promotes vaccine pricing transparency
COPENHAGEN – 27 May 2011 - UNICEF is improving transparency around vaccine supply by making vaccine prices available on its website. As the largest buyer of...

UNICEF Liberia – Measles campaign underway in Nimba County
NIMBA COUNTY, Liberia, 1 February 2011 – A measles vaccination campaign targeting all children in Nimba County, which hosts over 30,000 refugees from the Ivory...

UNICEF Côte d’Ivoire – Yellow fever vaccination campaign underway
ABIDJAN, Côte d’Ivoire, 20 January 2011 – A vaccination campaign against yellow fever is scheduled to get underway tomorrow in this West African nation, targeting...

Global health leaders launch Decade of Vaccines Collaboration
NEW YORK, 2 December 2010 — The World Health Organization (WHO), UNICEF, the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) and the...

134 million Indian children targeted for second dose of measles vaccination drive
NEW DELHI, 9 November 2010 – The Government of India today launched the second dose of measles vaccination in the states of Assam (Morigaon district)...

UNICEF, WHO: Nearly 100 million children to be vaccinated against measles in China
BEIJING, CHINA, 1 September 2010 – Nearly 100 million children across China will be vaccinated against measles from 11-20 September in one...

Financial threat to global supply of vaccine puts 120 million at risk of yellow fever
NEW YORK 16 June 2010 – More than 120 million people will remain at risk from yellow fever if planned mass vaccination campaigns are not carried out...

Sixty thousand Haitian children to receive life-saving vaccination as part of Vaccination Week of the Americas
PORT-AU-PRINCE, 29 April 2010 - An estimated 60,000 Haitian children under the age of five will receive life-saving immunization in the next...

Bangladesh to vaccinate 20 million children against measles
DHAKA, 13 February 2010 - Bangladesh will vaccinate more than 20 million children against measles during a two-week measles campaign starting...

Statement by UNICEF Executive Director Ann M. Veneman applauding Gates Foundation $10 billion pledge for vaccines
Statement - 2 February 2010

UNICEF and partners kick off fifth annual Global Immunization Meeting
GENEVA, 1 February 2010 - UNICEF together with WHO and the GAVI Alliance, its global partners in the fight against vaccine-preventable...

Largest-ever yellow fever vaccination campaign targets nearly 12 million people
Geneva / New York, 17 November 2009 – The largest-ever yellow fever mass vaccination campaign is set to kick off next week across three...

Global health experts report childhood vaccines at all-time high, but access not yet equitable
WASHINGTON, D.C. 21 October 2009 — Reversing a downward trend, immunization rates are now at their highest ever and vaccine development...

More than two million children in Tajikistan vaccinated against measles and rubella
DUSHANBE, TAJIKISTAN, 12 October 2009 – More than 2.2 million children in Tajikistan have been vaccinated during a national measles and rubella...

Ministry of Health and UNICEF Zambia join with mobile phone companies for Child Health Week
LUSAKA, 16 July 2009 – To highlight Zambia’s Child Health Week activities, which this year focus on preventing polio, the Ministry of Health and...

UNICEF supports Child Health Days in Guinea Bissau that provide key interventions
BISSAU, 6 July 2009 – UNICEF Bissau is supporting a nation-wide vaccination campaign aimed at protecting children against killer diseases...

International Health Organizations Urge more Funding for Yellow Fever Vaccine Stockpile
GENEVA/PARIS/NEW YORK, 26 May 2009 – The International Coordinating Group (ICG) on Yellow Fever Vaccine Provision is warning...

Second phase of Sudan national polio immunization campaign intensifies efforts against the virus
KHARTOUM, 22 March 2009 - The second round of National Immunization Days against polio will get underway on Monday 23 March in Sudan, as...

Fourth annual Global Immunization Meeting opens in New York
NEW YORK, 17 February 2009 – Partners in the global fight against vaccine-preventable diseases gathered today in New York for the fourth annual...

Bangladesh introduces new vaccine to prevent severe forms of child pneumonia and meningitis
KHULNA, BANGLADESH, 15 January, 2009 - Today, Bangladesh introduces a new combination vaccine that will protect its children against five killer diseases ...

Largest ever, life saving campaign to reach 1.5 million Somali children
NAIROBI, 29 December 2008 – Over 1.5 million children under the age of five and women of child-bearing age across the entire country of Somalia will benefit ...

African health ministers to introduce new vaccine to prevent deadly meningitis epidemics
YAOUNDE, 4 September 2008 - Health Ministers from countries of the African Meningitis Belt today committed themselves to introduce a highly promising...

Strengthening the cold chain system to preserve vaccines in Myanmar
YANGON, 12 August 2008 - UNICEF and WHO handed over a new cold chain facility to the Myanmar Ministry of Health today...

Japan boosts child survival in Nigeria with $8 million grant
ABUJA, 20 June 2008 - UNICEF today received a grant of N940 Million (US $ 8.04 million) from the Government of Japan for child survival programmes in Nigeria.

Experts gather at UNICEF to review major yellow fever campaigns in Africa
NEW YORK, 28 May 2008 – Global health experts who make up the International Coordinating Group set up to fight yellow fever are gathering at...

UNICEF immunises 100,000 children and women in camps in southern Somalia
AFGOYE-MOGADISHU CORRIDOR, 5 December 2007 - Approximately 47,600 children under five and 56,000 women who live in camps along the Mogadishu-Afgoye corridor will...

More than four million mothers and children to benefit during Madagascar’s third ‘Mother and Child Health Week’
Antananarivo, 30 October 2007 – Today marks the end of Madagascar’s third Mother and Child Health Week, which was officially launched by the Government...

Polio immunization campaign to protect nearly five million children in northern Sudan
KHARTOUM, 6 August 2007 - An estimated 4.9 million children across northern Sudan are being targeted in a special round of polio immunization beginning on Monday 6 August.

TBC Bank awards nurses with highest immunization coverage
TBILISI, Georgia, 10 July, 2007 - TBC Bank is awarding nurses who have achieved high immunization coverage in their respective regions with special gifts at a special Thank You Ceremony organized by the TBC Bank in collaboration with the Ministry of Labour, Health and Social Affairs and UNICEF.

New phase of largest-ever measles vaccination campaign begins in Pakistan
WASHINGTON D.C., June 29, 2007 —The government of Pakistan is launching a new phase of the largest-ever national measles vaccination campaign, with a goal of reaching more than 63 million children by March 2008. This campaign will protect millions of children against measles in Pakistan, and will also be a significant step toward reaching the global goal of reducing measles deaths by 90 per cent by the year 2010 (compared to 2000).

Lifesaving immunization drive for 3.9 million children in Iraq
AMMAN, 20 April 2007 – In one of the biggest humanitarian operations in Iraq in the last two years, a wave of 8,000 vaccinators will set out across the country starting this...

European Immunization Week marked in Bosnia and Herzegovina
SARAJEVO, 19 April 2007 - European Immunization Week is being marked this year in Bosnia and Herzegovina for the first time with the declarative slogan “Every child has the...

Scaling up Child Survival in Sierra Leone
FREETOWN/SIERRA LEONE, 16 April 2007 - The Sierra Leone Ministry of Health and Sanitation, WHO, UNICEF and other partners are launching a week long Integrated Child Survival Campaign on Maternal and...

National Immunization days aim to keep Sudan polio-free
KHARTOUM/JUBA, 25 March 2007 - The first round of Sudan’s National Immunization Days against polio in 2007 gets underway on Monday 26 March, with a focus on ensuring that no eligible child is...

Nationwide communication campaign on immunization kicks off in Georgia
TBILISI, 27 February 2007 - A campaign to improve immunization coverage for children below one year of age and reduce the spread of vaccine-preventable diseases began today in Georgia.

Unlikely partners unite to fight preventable disease in Haiti
PORT-AU-PRINCE, 23 February 2007 – Yesterday, the Expanded Programme of Immunization (EPI) support plan was launched in Port-au-Prince. The EPI support...

Despite difficulties, polio immunization drive underway in Iraq
GENEVA, NEW YORK, AMMAN, 14 November 2006 - A national polio immunization drive to protect 4.8 million Iraqi children was launched by the Iraqi Ministry of Health. The campaign was delayed for a week because of security concerns across parts of the country.

Sudan polio immunization campaign to protect nearly eight million children, despite ongoing security concerns
KHARTOUM/JUBA, 2 November 2006 - An estimated 7.8 million children across Sudan will be targeted in the next round of polio immunization, which starts on Sunday.

Ghana’s bid to save 20,000 young lives
ACCRA, 1 November 2006 – In an unprecedented attempt to save the lives of 20,000 infants and children in the coming year, Ghana today began nationwide distribution of 2.1 million long-lasting bed nets as part of a massive integrated child health campaign.

Nepal a world leader in boosting child survival, despite conflict: UNICEF
KATHMANDU, 18 September 2006 - Nepal is one of only seven countries in the world on track to cut child mortality by two thirds between 1990 and 2015.

Measles vaccination campaign faces up to challenges of ongoing Lebanon conflict
BEIRUT, 7 August  2006 – The campaign to protect tens of thousands of children displaced by the ongoing conflict in Lebanon against the twin threat of measles and polio is moving up a gear this week.

UNICEF and partners begin immunisation campaign for children displaced by the Lebanon conflict
BEIRUT, 4 August 2006 - UNICEF measles campaign in Beirut has been seriously hampered by recent bombings. While the campaign is still going on, it has been greatly disrupted.

New cases of polio prompts further immunization drive in Bangladesh
DHAKA, 4 August 2006 – Only one month after completing three polio National Immunisation Days (NIDs), the Government of Bangladesh has ordered a  further three polio NIDs this year in response to at least 10 new cases of polio detected in the country.

UNICEF and Ministry of Health and Social Welfare working to expand reach of vaccination coverage
MONROVIA, 27 July 2006 – In partnership with the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, UNICEF has turned over new four-wheel drive vehicles, motorcycles, and computers to the Government of Liberia. The supplies will be used to support the Ministry’s Expanded Programme of Immunization and Environmental Health Sections as well as all 15 of Liberia’s County Health Teams.

Bringing hope to Angolan children
WASHINGTON, D.C., 12 July 2006 – The government of Angola and its partners in the Measles Initiative, the Global Fund on AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, and the U.S. President’s Malaria Initiative are launching a major health campaign to provide life-saving interventions for Angolan children. The integrated campaign is targeting more than 3.5 million children with measles and polio vaccinations, vitamin A, de-worming medication, and, in seven provinces, long-lasting insecticide treated nets (LLINs). The campaign begins on 12 July in Luanda, with an official launch event on 13 July in Mbaza Congo.

Partners team up in Kenya to fights measles and malaria
WASHINGTON, 8 July 2006 – The government of Kenya has launched a two-phase integrated measles vaccination campaign, targeting more than five million children between nine months and five years of age. In addition to measles vaccinations, the campaign will provide other life-saving health interventions, including polio vaccinations (in select districts), vitamin A and de-worming medicine. Residents in the Nyanza and Western provinces will also receive insecticide-treated nets, proven to be one of the most effective and cost-efficient means of preventing malaria.

Eritrea to vaccinate all children under five years old against measles in national campaign
ASMARA, 28 June 2006 – The Eritrean Ministry of Health, supported by UNICEF and the World Health Organisation, is targeting the country’s almost half a million children between six months and five years old in a nationwide measles vaccination and Vitamin A supplementation campaign.  The campaign was launched today by Dr. Zemuie Alemu, Director of Family and Community Health.

One million children in Southern Sudan protected against measles as campaign moves into Unity State
BENTIU, 16 June 2006 – A massive campaign to stop deadly outbreaks of measles in Southern Sudan has passed a key milestone.  Over one million children have been immunized since November 2005.  The Mass Measles Campaign is a joint effort by the Federal Ministry of Health of the Government of Southern Sudan, WHO and UNICEF targetting 4.5 million children under 15 across all ten states of Southern Sudan.  The rolling campaign has now begun in Unity State.

Measles vaccination to target 30,000 displaced children in Dili
DILI, 12 June 2006 - The Ministry of Health and UNICEF will launch a mass measles vaccination campaign on 13 June targeting all children aged six months to 14 years living in displacement camps in Dili, the capital of Timor-Leste.

Two million children to be reached in Afghan polio immunization drive
KABUL, 1 May 2006 – More than two million children in southern, south-eastern and eastern Afghanistan will be targeted by a new three-day polio eradication drive, to be launched on Sunday 7 May.  The immunization campaign comes shortly after the country’s health authorities reported a sixth case of the polio virus in the south of the country this year.

Viet Nam Eliminates Maternal and Neonatal Tetanus
HANOI/MANILA/BANGKOK, 28 February, 2006 - Viet Nam has eliminated maternal and neonatal tetanus as a public health problem, the Ministry of Health of the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam, the World Health Organization (WHO) and the UNICEF announced today. 

Bangladesh prepares for its largest public health campaign: 33.5 million children vaccinated against measles in three weeks
DHAKA / GENEVA, 17th February 2006: Bangladesh is getting ready to mount the biggest Measles vaccination campaign in the world from 25th February-16th March 2006. An estimated 33.5 million children aged between 9 months and under 10 years will be vaccinated during the 20 day period.

Benin Measles Campaign Marks Culmination and Success of Measles Initiative Five-Year Goal
WASHINGTON, December 12, 2005 — The Benin campaign will mark the culmination and success of the Measles Initiative’s original goal of reducing measles deaths by vaccinating 200 million children in more than 40 countries, and preventing 1 million children from dying from measles over five years.

With an Additional US $1 Billion Per Year, Immunization Could Save Ten Million More Lives in a Decade
NEW DELHI, 9 December, 2005 — According to global immunization experts, ten million additional lives could be saved through child and maternal immunization between 2006-2015 at an average annual cost of US $1 billion, according to a new study by the World Health Organization (WHO) and UNICEF.

UNICEF Executive Director Embarks on Year-End Trip
NEW YORK, 6 December, 2005 - UNICEF Executive Director Ann M. Veneman travels to India and the U.K. this week for an international trip that focuses on issues critical to children’s health and protection.

New Southern Sudan Government and UN Launch Measles Immunization Campaign
JUBA, SOUTHERN SUDAN, November 28, 2005 - The biggest-ever immunisation campaign in Southern Sudan kicks off today in the capital, Juba.

UNICEF measles immunization campaign to reach 800,000 children of quake-hit Pakistan administered Kashmir
MUZAFFARABAD, 16 November 2005 - In an extensive and accelerated campaign UNICEF is working with WHO and the Ministry of Health targeting 800,000 children under 15 years of age for immunization against measles. The two week long campaign will cover the whole of Pakistan administered Kashmir (PAK) with a focus on the remote valleys where access remains difficult.

Uganda expands life-saving tetanus immunizations
KAMPALA, 10 November 2005 – UNICEF in Uganda today announced its support for an expanded campaign to immunize thousands of children and women against the threat of tetanus, with vaccinations being completed in nine, high-risk districts throughout this month.

Bangladesh Measles Campaign reaches 98 per cent of targeted children
DHAKA, 10 October 2005 - Phase one of the recently completed National Measles Vaccination campaign in Bangladesh successfully reached 98 per cent of the target population aged between nine months and ten years of age.

One in four infants still at risk from vaccine preventable diseases
NEW YORK, 29 September 2005- New country-by-country data reveal inadequate progress on protecting children and women from vaccine-preventable diseases, despite the availability of low cost vaccines, according to a UNICEF study released today.

Japan donates US$ 5 million to counter malaria outbreak and spread of polio in Ethiopia
ADDIS ABABA, 15 August 2005 – The Government of Japan today donated US$ 5 million to UNICEF to help wipe out polio and prevent an epidemic of malaria across Ethiopia.

UN calls for observance of days of security in Sudan during polio vaccination campaign
KHARTOUM - 6 July 2005 -- On the road to eradicate poliovirus, WHO, UNICEF and national and international NGOs are joining efforts with the Sudanese Ministry of Health in order to conduct an additional immunization campaign. WHO reported that as of 10 April 2005, 152 polio cases have been identified in 18 of Sudan’s 26 states since mid-2004 when polio first reappeared after a three-year hiatus.

Governments welcome new WHO/UNICEF global immunization strategy that aims to avert millions of deaths
GENEVA, 25 May, 2005 - Governments meeting at the World Health Assembly officially committed to adopting an ambitious new global strategy to fight vaccine-preventable diseases, which kill more than two million people every year, two-thirds of whom are young children . The Global Immunization Vision and Strategy (GIVS) was designed by the WHO and UNICEF.

1.2 million children immunized in West Bank and Gaza strip
RAMALLAH/GAZA CITY, 5 May 2005 –An immunization campaign against measles, mumps and rubella was launched today for 1.2 million children and young people in the West Bank and Gaza strip.

Lao PDR high level leaders focus on mother and child health
VIENTIANE, 6 April 2005 - Over 200 high level participants from central government and provinces gathered with donors and international agencies in Vientiane today to celebrate World Health Day on the theme: “Make every mother and child count”.

Three million Angolan children targeted by live-saving health days
LUANDA, ANGOLA, 14th March 2005 – Angola’s commitment to reduce child mortality through routine vaccination and increased access to basic health care moves up a gear.

Harnessing the power of tennis for child immunization
PALM SPRINGS, California, U.S.A. 11 March 2005 – UNICEF and ATP, the governing body of the men’s professional tennis circuit, announce today a new global partnership aimed at harnessing the power of tennis to help ensure the health, education and protection of children everywhere. 

Gates Foundation funds new polio vaccine to accelerate global eradication efforts
GENEVA/NEW YORK, 27 January – WHO and UNICEF announced today that they have received grants totalling $10 million from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to develop and introduce a powerful new polio vaccine – a critical part of the strategy to end poliovirus transmission worldwide by the end of 2005.

UNICEF hails Gates and Norway vaccine contribution
NEW YORK, 25 January 2005 –  UNICEF today welcomed the major new contributions from The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the Government of Norway to global immunization programs, totaling more than $1 billion over ten years.

UNICEF launches $144.5 million appeal
NEW YORK, 6 January 2005 - UNICEF is seeking $144.5 million to support urgent humanitarian aid for the estimated 1.5 million affected children in South Asia, many of which have been orphaned or separated from their families and are in critical need of basic care and support. UNICEF has estimated that children account for more than one-third of tsunami deaths.

UNICEF supports immunization campaign in Tamil Nadu and Kerala
DELHI, 2 January 2005 – UNICEF is supporting the Governments of Tamil Nadu and Kerala to launch a measles and Vitamin A immunization campaign targeting children affected by the tsunami disaster. 100,000 children in Tamil Nadu and 15,000 children in Kerala will be immunized as part of the emergency operation over a one-week period.

Bellamy to visit Tsunami zone
NEW YORK, 1 January 2005 – UNICEF Executive Director Carol Bellamy begins a five-day tour of the worst-affected tsunami zones this weekend, where she will survey the needs of hundreds of thousands of children and assess the UNICEF relief efforts to date.

First mass measles vaccination in 3 years in Tubmanburg, Liberia
MONROVIA, 29 AUGUST 2003 - The first mass immunization measles campaign following the cessation of hostilities in Liberia will be launched today in Tubmanburg, Bomi County, by UNICEF and its partners.   Tubmanburg is a base of the Liberians United for Reconciliation and Democracy (LURD), one of the two rebel groups in Liberia, and is home to thousands of displaced persons, the majority of whom are women and children, from Gbarpolu and Lofa Counties.

UNICEF launches guide on partnering with religious groups to advance immunization
GENEVA - 13 May 2004 - Partnering with religious groups is crucial to the successful implementation of vaccination programmes worldwide, UNICEF said today, launching a guide that outlines effective methods of establishing and continuing such partnerships. The guide highlights the increasing importance of community organizations in global public health initiatives.

UNICEF Executive Director praises Ecuador for increased investment in children
QUITO, ECUADOR, 5 August 2003 –  UNICEF Executive Director Carol Bellamy today applauded the commitment of Ecuador’s government to improving children’s lives through increased social spending, but said that more investment is necessary to reach all children with basic services.

15 million children to be immunized against polio in Nigeria as disease spreads
NEW YORK/GENEVA, 22 October 2003 - A new polio outbreak spreading from Nigeria to neighbouring countries is putting 15 million children at risk, requiring a massive immunization campaign across five countries in west and central Africa. Beginning today, hundreds of thousands of volunteers and healthworkers in Benin, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Niger and Togo will aim to reach every child in those countries with polio vaccine in just three days.

Vaccines and logistical support to boost services in Zimbabwe
HARARE, 23 October 2003 - The British Department for International Development (DFID) pledged 1.88 million pounds to UNICEF Zimbabwe today to secure urgently needed vaccines and logistical support for the country’s Expanded Programme on Immunization (EPI) from January to June 2004.  The funding comes at a time when the health system, once one of the best in the region, is deteriorating as the combination of the HIV/AIDS pandemic, the economic crisis and the severe food shortages have left drugs and health workers in short supply and unable to cope with growing needs.

Measles vaccination for 3.5 million children in Guinea
CONAKRY, 8 November 2003 - UNICEF Guinea, working in close cooperation with WHO and the Ministry of Health, is launching a nationwide measles vaccination campaign targeting all children in the countryside between the ages of 6 months and 14 years old. The aim of the campaign is to reduce the incidence of death from measles to zero in Guinea.  Worldwide, this campaign aims to eliminate measles for good.

Angola launches bold plan to roll out routine immunisation
LUANDA/New York, 22 SEPTEMBER 2003 – In an audacious move to reduce Angola’s child mortality, the Ministry of Health, UNICEF and WHO have launched a program to fast-track the implementation of routine immunisation across Angola.

UNICEF and Partners Push Ahead With Polio and Measles Campaigns for Iraqi Children
GENEVA / NEW YORK, 18 February 2003 - In the shadow of ongoing international debate over a potential conflict in Iraq, health workers are expected to fan out across the country from 23-27 February to immunize more than 4 million Iraqi children against polio, UNICEF announced today. (Press Release)

UNICEF supports $2 million campaign to immunize Rwandan children against measles
KIGALI, RWANDA, 18 February 2003 - UNICEF is supporting a major campaign in Rwanda to immunise over 3 million children against measles. The campaign is part of a global initiative to reduce child mortality and morbidity caused by the disease. The campaign, which runs from 10th to 23rd February 2003, targets children age 9 months to 15 years. Children below 5 years will also receive a supplementary dose of vitamin A. (News Note)

UNICEF, WHO call for Uganda cease-fire for mass immunisation against measles
KAMPALA, 7 October 2003 - The Country Representatives of UNICEF and of WHO in Uganda appeal to all belligerents in Uganda to cease all hostilities between 14th and 21st October to allow for the mass immunisation of children against measles.


GAVI and China team up to vaccinate millions of children
BEIJING / GENEVA / NEW YORK, 31 May 2002 - As part of its commitment to protect the lives of millions of children around the world, the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI) and The Vaccine Fund will sign an agreement on 1 June with the Chinese Government to vaccinate children in China against hepatitis B, with a special focus on the 12 poorest provinces.

Afghan women and their new-borns immunized for tetanus
Friday, 31 January 2003 - UNICEF today announced a week-long campaign to immunize thousands of Afghan women against tetanus as part of a global campaign to eliminate maternal and neonatal tetanus by 2005. Running from February 2-8, health workers and volunteers aim to reach some 740,000 Afghan women aged 15 to 45. (Press release)

Routine immunization of children re-established across Iraq
Monday, 16 June 2003 – With support from UNICEF, the Iraqi Ministry of Health has begun the process of immunizing the country’s 4.2 million children under the age of five against preventable diseases such as polio, tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis, measles and tuberculosis. 200,000 children have been born in the past 90 days. The World Health Organization is also contributing to the reactivation of the Iraq’s Expanded Programme of Immunization by re-establishing the country’s vital disease surveillance system. (News note)

Year's first nationwide polio immunizations to continue fight against debilitating diseases
KABUL, 13 April 2003 - A three-day immunization campaign against polio, the leading cause of disability in Afghanistan, is poised to start across the country this Tuesday, 15 April. This nation-wide operation is led by the Ministry of Health, with the support of the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) and the World Health Organisation (WHO).  (News Note)

A mountain of a health effort
GENEVA, September 23 2004: This week Nepal launched one of the largest public health campaigns ever undertaken in the country, with the aim of saving the lives of 2,500 children each year.

Chinese piano virtuoso named Goodwill Ambassador
NEW YORK, 20 May 2004 - Lang Lang, the 21-year-old Chinese pianist who has dazzled audiences throughout the world with his musical brilliance and youthful exuberance, was appointed UNICEF’s newest Goodwill Ambassador today.

Afghanistan declares “National Day of Unity for Children”; polio eradication near
20 May 2003 – Afghanistan's President Hamid Karzai has designated today, Tuesday 20 May, “National Day of Unity for Children”. The announcement comes as the drive towards a polio-free Afghanistan enters the last mile with the start of the second “National Immunization Days” campaign for 2003, which aims to vaccinate 6 million Afghan children from 20-22 May. The National Day of Unity for Children commemorates the work done so far on immunization, education and other child rights and commits to several important initiatives for children. Carol Bellamy, Executive Director of UNICEF, joined other UN agencies in welcoming the declaration. “Promoting unity through child rights is one long-term solution to problems of ethnic conflict and political instability,” she says, “But to be effective those rights must kept at the top of the agenda today and every day. That means taking action and delivering the services these children need.” (Press release)

Business-like approach to funding health programs in poor countries may save more than two million lives in 5 years
NEW YORK, 1 February - Two years after its official launch at the World Economic Forum annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland, the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization, or GAVI, reports that its goal-oriented approach to development aid could raise basic immunization rates in funded countries by 17 percentage points and increase coverage of hepatitis B vaccine from 18 to 65 percent by 2007, ultimately saving more than two million lives, according to new data released at the World Economic Forum today.

Indian Government launches Hep B vaccine drive for children
ROME, 11 June 2002 - UNICEF said today that global success in lowering child malnutrition could only be achieved through comprehensive action on numerous fronts - including many not directly related to food.

Over a half-million children get polio vaccination in Northeast Sri Lanka
COLOMBO, 21 October 2003 - Over half a million children in Northeast Sri Lanka were immunized against polio last Saturday during the UNICEF-supported Subnational Immunization Day. The day marked the final round of this year's polio vaccinations, the first of which took place six weeks ago and achieved 96 per cent coverage.

Bombing in Nepal destroys crucial vaccines
KATMANDU, NEPAL, 23 September 2004 - UNICEF notes with grave concern recent reports of the destruction of a health facility in Panchawati VDC in Udayapur, Nepal.

First ever campaign to immunize Afghan women against tetanus set to begin
Sunday , 26 January 2003 - A groundbreaking campaign to immunize Afghan women against the killer disease tetanus will be launched on Saturday, 1 February by His Excellency Hamid Karzai, President of Afghanistan. The campaign, which is supported by UNICEF, aims to reach every woman of child-bearing age between now and the end of 2005 as part of a worldwide effort to eliminate the disease by that date. (Press release)

Low investment in immunization and vaccines threatens global health
DAKAR / GENEVA / NEW YORK, 20 November 2002 - The State of the World's Vaccines and Immunization report, released today warns that if urgent and strategic action is not taken to close the gaps in funding, research and global immunization coverage, the world will see the re-introduction of old diseases and the emergence of new infections. The report will be launched in Dakar, Senegal, at the 2nd Partners' Meeting of the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI).

Experts say urgent action needed to ensure stable vaccine supply
COLD SPRING HARBOR, NY, 23 October 2002-Public health experts today called for urgent action to address current shortages of key vaccines and to improve the stability of future supplies. The call was made at a scientific colloquium organized by the Sabin Vaccine Institute held in Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, New York from October 23 -25. The colloquium will examine the current shortages of vaccine supply affecting industrialized and developing nations, and propose long-term solutions to remedy vaccine shortages.

Immunization in Americas needs a shot in the arm
HAITI/NEW YORK/WASHINGTON, 23 April 2004 -  As the first ever “Vaccination Week” in the Americas kicks off across tomorrow, UNICEF and the Pan American Health Organisation (PAHO) warn that millions of children in the region are not fully protected against deadly childhood diseases. 

Bellamy sees improvements for children in DPRK
SEOUL, 17 March 2004 – Despite international isolation and a political impasse with the West, efforts to save and improve the lives of North Korean children are working, the head of UNICEF said today, citing vastly improved immunization rates and better systems for finding and treating cases of severe malnutrition. 

Religious and traditional leaders ally with media to back child survival
DAKAR, SENEGAL, 20 October 2004 - In a statement issued today, African religious and traditional leaders committed to using their institutions and influence to give all children every chance for a healthy start in life. They emphasized the need to prioritize marginalized and hard to reach children.

UNICEF launches emergency vaccination campaign against hepatitis B in Peru
GENEVA, September 2003 - UNICEF has launched an emergency vaccination campaign against hepatitis B for two ethnic groups in a remote region of the Peruvian Amazon, whose existence could be threatened by a prolonged outbreak of the disease.




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