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Geneva Palais briefing note: 55,000 Rohingya refugee children at risk due to floods and landslides as pre-monsoon rains start in Bangladesh
GENEVA, 1 May 2018 - This is a summary of what was said by Christophe Boulierac, UNICEF spokesperson in Geneva – to whom quoted text may be attributed – at today's press briefing at the Palais des Nations in Geneva.

Geneva Palais briefing note on the situation of children affected by the earthquakes in Papua New Guinea
GENEVA, 24 April 2018 - This is a summary of what was said by Christophe Boulierac, UNICEF spokesperson in Geneva – to whom quoted text may be attributed – at today's press briefing at the Palais des Nations in Geneva.

High risk of disease outbreaks in earthquake-hit Papua New Guinea - UNICEF and WHO
PORT MORESBY, 9 April 2018 – UNICEF and the World Health Organization (WHO) have cautioned about the high potential of waterborne and vaccine-preventable disease outbreaks in earthquake-affected areas of Papua New Guinea.

Multiple earthquakes in Papua New Guinea leave children traumatized: UNICEF
PORT MORESBY, 28 March 2018 – One month after a series of earthquakes of magnitude 5-7.5 hit four Highlands provinces of Papua New Guinea, children are still in shock and suffering significant trauma and stress which could have negative consequences to their long-term well-being, UNICEF said today.

Lifesaving UNICEF supplies reach Papua New Guinea to help children and families hardest hit by earthquakes
PORT MORESBY/SYDNEY, 23 March 2018 – UNICEF has this week delivered 23 metric tons of relief supplies to Papua New Guinea, including tents and tarpaulins, water purification tablets, hygiene kits, blankets and learning kits as part of ongoing efforts to help children and families who were hardest hit by recent earthquakes.

Nearly 19 million newborns at risk of brain damage every year due to iodine deficiency
NEW YORK, 1 March 2018 – Nearly 19 million babies born globally every year – 14 per cent – are at risk of permanent yet preventable brain damage and reduced cognitive function due to a lack of iodine in the earliest years of life, according to a new joint report by UNICEF and GAIN released today. More than 1 in 4 of these children – 4.3 million – lives in South Asia.

Cyclone season and threat of violence loom over 720,000 Rohingya children in Myanmar and Bangladesh – UNICEF
GENEVA/NEW YORK, 23 February 2018 – Urgent efforts are needed to help more than 720,000 Rohingya children who are threatened either by the approaching cyclone season in Bangladesh or by ongoing violence and denial of their basic rights in Myanmar, UNICEF said today.

UNICEF on standby to support governments of Samoa, Tonga and Fiji as Cyclone Gita intensifies
SUVA, Fiji, 13 February 2018 – As Tropical Cyclone Gita, the strongest storm to ever hit Tonga, intensifies and heads towards Fiji, UNICEF offers its support to the affected Pacific island countries of Samoa, Tonga and Fiji.

More action needed to improve security and humanitarian access in Myanmar if Rohingya children are to return safely - UNICEF
COX’S BAZAR, Bangladesh, 24 January 2018 -  Improved security and unimpeded humanitarian access in Myanmar are essential before Rohingya children can be returned from Bangladesh, UNICEF Deputy Executive Director Justin Forsyth said today.

Geneva Palais briefing note: The situation of children in Rakhine State, Myanmar
GENEVA, 9 January 2018 – This is a summary of what was said by Marixie Mercado, UNICEF spokesperson in Geneva – to whom quoted text may be attributed – at today's press briefing at the Palais des Nations in Geneva.

Nearly 386,000 children will be born worldwide on New Year’s Day, says UNICEF
NEW YORK, 1 January 2018 –  Approximately 386,000 babies will be born on New Year’s Day, UNICEF said today. Of these, over 90 per cent will be born in less developed regions.

17 million babies under the age of 1 breathe toxic air, majority live in South Asia – UNICEF
NEW YORK, 6 December 2017 – Almost 17 million babies under the age of one live in areas where air pollution is at least six times higher than international limits, causing them to breathe toxic air and potentially putting their brain development at risk, according to a new UNICEF paper released today. More than three-quarters of these young children – 12 million – live in South Asia.

Geneva Palais Briefing Note: Urgent measures to improve hygiene practices underway inside Rohingya refugee camps
GENEVA, 21 November 2017 - This is a summary of what was said by Christophe Boulierac, UNICEF Spokesperson in Geneva – to whom quoted text may be attributed – at today's press briefing at the Palais des Nations in Geneva.

Bangladesh steps up vaccination for new Rohingya arrivals as measles cases rise
COX'S BAZAR, Bangladesh, 10 November 2017 – An increase in the number of suspected measles cases among the newly arrived Rohingya and their host communities in southern Bangladesh has prompted the Government and UN partners to step up immunization efforts in overcrowded camps and makeshift shelters close to the border with Myanmar.

Statement on impact of Typhoon Damrey on children in Viet Nam
HA NOI, Viet Nam, 7 November 2017 – Typhoon Damrey that has battered Viet Nam is likely to be one of the worst storms to strike the country’s central- southern coastal region in years. According to the latest report from Vietnamese authorities, at least 4 children died and 2 are still missing.

Malnutrition rates among Rohingya refugee children in Bangladesh appear to be at least double earlier estimates
GENEVA/ COX’S BAZAR/NEW YORK, 3 November 2017 – Preliminary data from a nutrition assessment conducted last week at Kutupalong refugee camp in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, shows a 7.5 per cent prevalence of life-threatening severe acute malnutrition – a rate double that seen among Rohingya child refugees in May 2017, UNICEF said today.

Geneva Palais Briefing Note: Malnutrition among Rohingya child refugees
GENEVA, 27 October 2017 - We are working to get a clear understanding on the extent of acute malnutrition among Rohingya child refugees and a nutrition survey is underway which will give us this data in November. What we already know is that the combination of malnutrition, sanitary conditions, and disease in the refugee settlements, is potentially catastrophic for children.

Violence in Myanmar driving up to 12,000 Rohingya refugee children into Bangladesh every week – UNICEF
DHAKA, BANGLADESH/GENEVA, 20 October 2017 – Desperate living conditions and waterborne diseases are threatening more than 320,000 Rohingya refugee children who have fled to southern Bangladesh since late August, including some 10,000 who crossed from Myanmar over the past few days, UNICEF said today.

Geneva Palais Briefing - UNICEF Rohingya refugee response funding
GENEVA/NEW YORK, 17 October 2017 - Without immediate additional funding, UNICEF will not be able to continue providing lifesaving aid and protection to Rohingya children who have fled horrific violence in Myanmar for refuge in Bangladesh. Almost 60 per cent of the 582,000 refugees who have fled Myanmar since August 25 are children – and thousands more are crossing each week.

World’s second largest oral cholera vaccination campaign kicks off at Rohingya camps in Bangladesh
COX'S BAZAR, Bangladesh, 10 October 2017 – A massive cholera immunization campaign started today near Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, to protect newly arrived Rohingya and host communities from the life-threatening diarrheal disease. 900 000 doses of the vaccine have been mobilized and are being delivered by more than 200 mobile vaccination teams, making it the second largest oral cholera vaccination campaign ever.

UNICEF’s preventive plan to mitigate the risk of Acute Water Diarrhoea (AWD) and Cholera among Rohingya Refugees
GENEVA/DHAKA, Bangladesh 6 October 2017 - This is a situation update from Maya Vandenant, Chief of Health, UNICEF Bangladesh, – to whom quoted text may be attributed – for today's press briefing at the Palais des Nations in Geneva.

Joint statement by Emergency Relief Coordinator and United Nations Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs, Mark Lowcock and UNICEF Executive Director, Anthony Lake
DHAKA, Bangladesh, 4 October 2017 -  We leave Bangladesh moved by the stories of suffering that we heard from refugees fleeing the violence in Myanmar – and all the more determined that the United Nations do all it can to assist the Government of Bangladesh in coping with this crisis.

Statement from UNICEF Representative on the drowning of Rohingya refugee women and children in the Bay of Bengal
COX’S BAZAR, BANGLADESH, 28 September 2017 - “The tragic accident that this evening cost the lives of at least 14 people – including several children – in the waters of the Bay of Bengal is a grim reminder of the extraordinary risks that desperate Rohingya are taking in order to escape the violence engulfing their homeland.

Statement by Anthony Lake, UNICEF Executive Director, on children affected by the violence in Rakhine, Myanmar
NEW YORK, 5 September 2017 – “More than 125,000 Rohingya refugees have fled across the border from Rakhine State, Myanmar, into Bangladesh since 25 August, as many as 80 per cent of them are women and children. Many more children in need of support and protection remain in the areas of northern Rakhine State that have been wracked by violence.

UNICEF statement on the impact of the drug war on children’s rights in the Philippines
MANILA, 22 August 2017 - UNICEF Philippines is deeply concerned about the impact of the war on drugs on Filipino children.

New Indonesia report highlights critical role of ending child poverty and violence to achieving sustainable development
NEW YORK/JAKARTA, 18 July 2017 –The Government of Indonesia and UNICEF today launched a new report showcasing the progress towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals that the country has made for children, acknowledging challenges and highlighting the crucial role of preventing violence against children in reducing poverty.

Myanmar’s investments in children’s early development are paying dividends
YANGON, Myanmar, 15 June 2017- Investments in the health, nutrition and well-being of the youngest children in Myanmar are yielding dividends, UNICEF said as momentum is building up towards the global celebration of Father’s Day on 18 June. 

UNICEF Child Alert on Myanmar: Fruits of rapid development and reconciliation efforts yet to reach remote, conflict-affected regions
GENEVA/NEW YORK, 23 May 2017 – Unresolved conflict, poverty and under-development are preventing children in more remote parts of Myanmar from reaping the benefits of the reform and reconciliation efforts being undertaken by the Government, says the UN children’s agency, UNICEF.

Statement attributable to Thomas Davin, Representative, UNICEF Thailand, on the indiscriminate attack in Pattani
Bangkok, 9 May 2017 – “According  to reports, children are among the dozens of people injured in the bomb attack on a large and busy shopping centre in Pattani, Thailand, this afternoon. UNICEF condemns such indiscriminate attacks on civilian areas, where children and their families are known to be present. No child’s life should ever be put at risk in this way. This is wholly unacceptable.”

UNICEF welcomes Indonesian Women’s Ulema recommendation to avoid child marriage
JAKARTA, 28 April 2017 - UNICEF welcomes the recommendation issued by the Indonesian Women’s Ulema Congress to end child marriage and to raise the legal marriage age for girls from 16 to 18.

UNICEF humanitarian airlift arrives in Madagascar in aid of thousands affected by Cyclone Enawo
ANTANANARIVO, 17 March 2017 – A cargo flight carrying 79 tons of humanitarian supplies has arrived in the capital of Madagascar as part of the UN Children’s Fund’s (UNICEF) ongoing response to Cyclone Enawo which caused significant damage in the northeastern part of the country and has affected much of the rest of the world’s fourth-largest island.

UNICEF seeks $42 million emergency assistance for children caught in conflict and crises in East Asia Pacific
BANGKOK, 6 February 2017 – As part of its annual global humanitarian appeal, UNICEF is seeking $42 million to deliver lifesaving aid for children in emergencies in two countries in the East Asia and Pacific region. The two East Asian countries that feature in the 2017 Humanitarian Action for Children report are DPR Korea and Myanmar, where children are affected by conflict, food shortages or natural disaster.

UNICEF concerned about serious violations of children’s rights in the northern part of Rakhine state reported in OHCHR report
YANGON, Myanmar, 3 February 2017 - UNICEF has just seen the report of the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights and is very concerned about the reported serious violations of children’s rights in the northern part of Rakhine state.

Statement on the ASEAN Foreign Ministers’ Retreat on the situation in Rakhine state
YANGON, Myanmar 20 December 2016 – On behalf of the UN system in Myanmar, the Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator, Ms. Renata Dessallien welcomes the convening by the Government of Myanmar of the ASEAN Foreign Ministers’ Retreat on 19 December in Yangon and its outcome.

UNICEF statement on grave risks to children in Rakhine State, Myanmar
NEW YORK, 8 November 2016 - “Worsening inter-communal conflict in Rakhine State, Myanmar is taking a terrible toll on children -- especially those living in the northern part of the state, where thousands of children have been cut off from humanitarian assistance in recent weeks. 

Thousands of children in urgent need in flood-ravaged North Korea as bitter winter looms
Pyongyang, 7 October, 2016  – After disastrous flooding in North Korea in August and September left tens of thousands of children in urgent need of humanitarian assistance, a second wave of danger looms with winter approaching.

Statement on violence in Narathiwat Province, Thailand
BANGKOK, 6 September 2016 – UNICEF is deeply concerned about the continuing violence in Thailand’s restive southernmost provinces and its impact on children, including an explosion that killed a five-year-old girl and her father in Narathiwat Province this morning.

UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Katy Perry meets children facing immense challenges in Viet Nam
HANOI/NEW YORK, 1 June 2016 – Following a visit to Viet Nam, internationally acclaimed singer-songwriter and UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Katy Perry is calling for increased focus on children being left behind in one of Asia’s fastest growing economies.

Agnes Chan named UNICEF Regional Ambassador for East Asia and Pacific Region
BANGKOK/TOKYO, 7 March 2016 – UNICEF today announced the appointment of Agnes Chan Miling as its newest Regional Ambassador for East Asia and the Pacific Region. 

Over 40 per cent of Fiji’s children affected by Cyclone Winston, as school year begins
SUVA, 1 March 2016 – More than a week has passed since Tropical Cyclone Winston ripped through Fiji, leaving a trail of devastation in its wake. The latest data indicates that an estimated 347,000 people (40 per cent of the country’s total population), including 120,000 children, are directly impacted by the second-strongest storm to ever make landfall (second only to Super Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines).

Cyclone Winston, Fiji: UNICEF eyewitness update
NEW YORK, 21 February, 2016 - In the wake of Cyclone Winston, UNICEF's main concern is for children, pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers across Fiji.  Little is yet known about the status of communities living on the outer islands of Fiji that were directly under the eye of Tropical Cyclone Winston- as communications remain down for many. 

Cyclone Winston, Fiji: UNICEF eyewitness report
NEW YORK, 20 February, 2016 – Alice Clements from UNICEF Pacific is in Suva, Fiji and experienced Cyclone Winston. 

Statement on children following the Australian High Court finding on offshore detention of asylum seekers
BANGKOK, 9 February 2016 – “The Convention on the Rights of the Child, to which Australia is a signatory, underscores that the best interests of a child must be a primary consideration in all decisions and actions affecting that child.

Asia-Pacific region facing a ‘hidden epidemic’ of HIV among adolescents, new report finds
BANGKOK, 30 November – The Asia-Pacific region is facing a ‘hidden epidemic’ of HIV among adolescents. There were an estimated 50,000 new HIV infections among adolescents aged 15-19 in 2014, accounting for 15 per cent of new infections.

UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador David Beckham sees how his Fund is helping children in Papua New Guinea
MOUNT HAGEN, Papua New Guinea/LONDON, 5 November 2015 – UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador David Beckham today met children receiving treatment for malnutrition at a UNICEF-supported hospital in Papua New Guinea.

UNICEF applauds joint call from four main religions in Myanmar for religious tolerance for the sake of children
YANGON, Myanmar 21 October 2015 – UNICEF welcomes the joint statement released by Interfaith for Children, calling for the respect of religious freedom and tolerance as essential conditions for every child to grow and develop to her/his full potential, regardless of their or their parents' religions. The call was made within the inter-faith consensus that children's needs and rights must be put at the centre of the 2015 elections, and as attempts to promote religious divides for political gains are reported. 

UNICEF concerned about children in unreached areas affected by Typhoon Koppu, appeals for $2.8 million USD
MANILA, Philippines, 19 October 2015 — UNICEF is on high alert after Typhoon Koppu (local name Lando) made landfall in the Philippines on Sunday morning. The slow moving typhoon has brought torrential rain and strong winds, causing floods, landslides, flying debris, power outages, downed communication lines, and damaged roads and bridges.

Pacific region prepares for strengthening of El Nino: UN
SUAVE, Fiji, 14 September 2015 - The United Nations is urging Pacific Islanders and their governments  to prepare now for a looming El Niño emergency with the potential to affect more than four million people.

Progress made but more to be done to ensure all children are born free of HIV & syphilis in Asia-Pacific: UN
BANGKOK, Thailand, 14 September 2015 - The Asia–Pacific region has made significant progress in efforts to eliminate HIV and syphilis, but thousands of mothers and children have yet to feel the benefits.

UNICEF calls for $9.2 million USD for children affected by Myanmar floods, as supplies arrive
YANGON, Myanmar, 7 August 2015 – UNICEF has called for $9.2 million USD to fund urgent humanitarian assistance for children affected by the Myanmar floods. So far, the floods have killed at least 88 people and affected over 330,000, including over 112,000 children.

Children in Myanmar face a ‘double catastrophe’ as floods hit the most vulnerable, UNICEF says
YANGON, Myanmar, 3 August 2015 – Vulnerable children in Myanmar face a ‘double catastrophe’ as floods add to the hardship faced by children living in poverty and those recovering from violence and conflict, UNICEF has warned. Myanmar has suffered from severe weather for weeks, with winds and rains from Cyclone Komen that made landfall in Bangladesh on 30 July, adding to the damage in recent days.

Children’s lives at serious risk if DPR Korea drought continues, UNICEF warns
BANGKOK, 8 July 2015 – Children are already suffering as a result of drought in some parts of DPR Korea and many more may be at serious risk of malnutrition and disease if it continues, UNICEF warned today.

UN Messenger of Peace Lang Lang wants every child to get the best start in life
BEIJING, 15 June 2015 – United Nations Messenger of Peace and world renowned pianist, Lang Lang, added his voice to ensure every child has the best start in life and make early childhood development a global priority, as he joined UNICEF’s early childhood development campaign.

Child maltreatment in Asia-Pacific is costing countries US $209 billion each year, says UNICEF
BANGKOK, 2 June 2015 – Child abuse and violence is costing countries in East Asia and the Pacific around US $209 billion/year, equivalent to 2 percent of the region’s GDP, according to newly published research commissioned by UNICEF. This is the first ever costing of child maltreatment in the region and was conducted by a team of global experts using a proven methodology previously employed in Australia and the US.

Katy Perry calls on Viet Nam’s young professionals to help improve children’s lives
HO CHI MINH CITY, Vietnam, 15 May 2015 – Katy Perry, UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador and global pop superstar, made a special stop-over to Ho Chi Minh City where she gave the keynote speech at Forbes Viet Nam first-ever Under 30 Summit

Racing against time for children and families in Nepal: IKEA Foundation gives €3 million to UNICEF emergency relief efforts
GENEVA, 29 April 2015 – In the aftermath of the violent earthquake that hit Nepal with devastating force on 25 April, IKEA Foundation has contributed €3 million to UNICEF to support emergency relief efforts.

UNICEF prepares response as Typhoon Maysak nears Philippines
MANILA, Philippines, 1 April 2015 – The Philippines is bracing for Super Typhoon Maysak (local name Chedeng) which is expected to make landfall over the country’s Eastern Bicol region within the coming days. UNICEF has prepositioned essential supplies and has staff on standby should a humanitarian response be needed.

Myanmar peace agreement – UNICEF Statement
NEW YORK, 31 March 2015 – “The successful conclusion of a National Ceasefire Agreement (NCA) between the Government of Myanmar and representatives of 16 ethnic armed groups is welcome news for children in Myanmar, who have suffered from some of the longest-running civil conflicts in the world.

Cyclone Pam: new appeal for children amid critical funding shortfall - UNICEF
NEW YORK/VANUATU, 24 March 2015 – UNICEF has only around fifteen per cent of the money it needs to get life-saving aid to thousands of children and their families, after Cyclone Pam wreaked havoc in Vanuatu and other Pacific islands.  The children’s organisation revealed the huge funding shortfall as it announced a new US$4.8 million humanitarian appeal, as part of a wider United Nations US$29.9 million ask for Vanuatu launched today.

Cyclone Pam: UNICEF flash alert #4
NEW YORK, 22 March 2015 – New eye witness accounts and key facts on current situation for children and UNICEF’s ongoing response to Cyclone Pam.

Cyclone Pam: UNICEF flash alert #3
NEW YORK, 19 March 2015 – New photos, eye witness accounts and key facts on current situation for children and UNICEF’s ongoing response to Cyclone Pam.

Cyclone Pam: UNICEF flash alert #2
NEW YORK, 18 March, 2015 - Key updates, new photos, b-roll and interviews on current situation for children and UNICEF’s ongoing response to Cyclone Pam.

UNICEF to send emergency supplies for cyclone-affected children and families in Tuvalu
SUVA, 18 March 2015 – UNICEF is dispatching emergency life-saving supplies to communities in cyclone-affected Tuvalu. The archipelago nation comprised of nine islands with a population of about 11,000 people has declared a state of emergency, following tidal surges caused by Tropical Cyclone Pam.

Measles prevention campaign underway in Vanuatu, amid fears of disease outbreak - UNICEF
SUVA, 17 March 2015 – An emergency vaccination drive is under way in Vanuatu to protect children hit by Cyclone Pam, as fears grow of a serious measles outbreak.

Cyclone Pam: UNICEF flash alert
NEW YORK, 16 March, 2015 – Key updates, new b-roll and interviews on current situation for children and UNICEF’s ongoing response to Cyclone Pam in Vanuatu.

At least 54,000 children affected by cyclone Pam in Vanuatu
NEW YORK, 14 March 2015 - It is estimated that at least half the population of Vanuatu has been affected by cyclone Pam. Of these, at least 54,000 are children.

Sendai World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction: UNICEF experts available for interviews
UNICEF experts are available at the 3rd World Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction, taking place in Sendai, Japan. UNICEF will call for increased investments in safer and more protective environments for children, both in humanitarian and development contexts, and for the involvement of children and young people in national and global dialogues.

FC Barcelona Foundation, Reach Out To Asia and UNICEF launch ‘1 in 11’ campaign
NEW YORK, 9 January 2015 – FC Barcelona Foundation, Reach Out To Asia (ROTA) and UNICEF today launched the ‘1 in 11’ campaign to extend educational opportunities to marginalized children in Bangladesh, Indonesia and Nepal, with the goal of expanding to more countries.

‘Build back better’ has worked in Aceh – UNICEF
BANDA ACEH, Indonesia, 25 December 2014 - Commemorating the tenth anniversary of the Indian Ocean tsunami, UNICEF commended the people of Aceh, Indonesia’s western-most province, for their resilience and their achievements in rising from devastation.

UNICEF – Tsunami 10 years on
NEW YORK, 23 December 2014 - “The Indian Ocean tsunami changed lives around the world forever.  Entire communities were obliterated in moments.  Families were robbed of children, sisters, brothers and parents.  In an unprecedented expression of international grief and solidarity, millions of people across the globe mobilised in support of one of the largest relief efforts in history.

UNICEF mobilizes to reach children and families affected by Typhoon Hagupit
MANILA/NEW YORK, 8 December 2014 – As Typhoon Hagupit wreaks havoc through the Philippines, UNICEF is acting quickly to support the Filipino government’s response to the emergency, providing lifesaving supplies and services for children and women in the areas hardest hit by cyclone-force winds and heavy rains.

Thai media continues to violate children’s rights, including the regular disclosure of the identify of child victims
BANGKOK, 27 November 2014 – Children’s rights continue to be regularly violated in Thai newspaper and television news coverage, according to a media study supported by UNICEF Thailand and released today.

One year after Typhoon Haiyan: building stronger, resilient communities
MANILA, Philippines, 8 November 2014 – A year after Typhoon Haiyan left more than 6 million children in need of emergency assistance, UNICEF is helping build stronger more resilient communities that are better prepared for future disasters.

Myanmar Military releases more than 100 children from armed forces
YANGON, Myanmar 25 September, 2014 – The Myanmar Armed Forces (“Tatmadaw”) released 109 children today, demonstrating its continued commitment to professionalize its security forces, ensuring that they become and remain ‘child free’.

UNICEF China expresses solidarity with children of Yunnan affected by the earthquake
BEIJING, 4 August 2014 - UNICEF China expresses its condolences to families who have lost loved ones in the earthquake in Yunnan province on Sunday and are ready to work with the Government of China to provide emergency relief. 

More than 3 million children in Thailand do not live with their parents: UNICEF
BANGKOK, Thailand, 23 June 2014 - About 21 per cent of children or more than three million children in Thailand do not live with either of their parents due to internal migration, a significant phenomenon that may have a long-term impact on the children’s development and well-being, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) said today.

Rising costs in Myanmar put strain on UNICEF’s resources in Yangon
YANGON, Myanmar, 22 May 2014 - The end of foreign sanctions and the opening up of Myanmar has benefitted millions of children paving the way for greater progress, however they have also led to higher operational costs for UN agencies and other aid organizations.

Going the last mile for children in China
BEIJING, 16 May 2014 - At the conclusion of a five day visit to China, UNICEF Executive Director Anthony Lake commended the Government of China for its commitment to address socio-economic disparities facing the country. He also discussed with the Government, the continued need to prioritize efforts to reduce inequity, especially for children in the remotest corners of the country. 

UNICEF: Progress for children in Philippines after typhoon; long road ahead
MANILA, 7 March 2014 – Four months after Super Typhoon Haiyan ripped through the central Philippines on 8 November 2013, a growing sense of recovery is notable in the reopening of health centres, clean water flowing again through community taps, children back to learning in temporary schools.

UNICEF urges "child-free" protest sites after violence claims three young lives
BANGKOK, 24 February 2014– The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) today urged the Government, pro- and anti-government protest leaders and parents to protect children by keeping them away from all protest sites after the latest round of deadly political violence claimed the lives of three children and severely injured two others.

UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador David Beckham applauds public’s response to Typhoon Haiyan
MANILA, Philippines, 14 February 2014 – UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador David Beckham has made an emotional journey to the Philippines to meet children saved from the devastation of Typhoon Haiyan almost 100 days after the super storm landed.

UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador David Beckham meets children in typhoon-ravaged Tacloban
TACLOBAN, Philippines, 13 February 2014 – UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador David Beckham journeyed to Tacloban in the Philippines today to meet children saved from the devastation of Typhoon Haiyan.

UNICEF prioritizes the hardest hit children as Typhoon-damaged communities move down the road to recovery
MANILA, Philippines, 7 February 2014 – Three months after a massive Typhoon devastated the central Philippines, the long trek back to normalcy for children hardest hit by Typhoon Haiyan has begun.

Thailand: UNICEF expresses ‘deep concern’ about violence against children in the far south
BANGKOK, 5 February 2014 – UNICEF today said it was deeply concerned about the continuing violence against children in Thailand’s restive southernmost provinces, including the killing of three young boys in Narathiwat Province on Monday night. 

Devastation of Typhoon Haiyan still haunts children
MANILA, 17 December 2013 – UNICEF Executive Director Anthony Lake, after a four day visit to the Philippines, said that he was deeply impressed by the spirit of the people and the communities working with the government, United Nations and other partners to rebuild their lives and futures.

Breastfeeding is life-saving for babies in Philippines typhoon emergency
MANILA, 28 November 2013 – UNICEF and the World Health Organization (WHO) today called on those involved in the response to the Philippines’ Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) disaster to promote and protect breastfeeding to avoid unnecessary illness and deaths of children.

School equipment distributed in Tacloban, Roxas, as UNICEF aid flows into Philippines
TACLOBAN/MANILA, Philippines, 26 November 2013 – UNICEF is distributing School-in-a-Box and recreation kits in Tacloban and Roxas, to serve children still living amidst the chaos left by Super Typhoon Haiyan.

Children in typhoon-hit Tacloban, Philippines, receive vaccines against measles, polio
TACLOBAN/MANILA, Philippines, 26 November 2013 - Children in Tacloban – the city hit hardest by Typhoon Haiyan – were today vaccinated against measles and polio in the first phase of a mass campaign by the Government of the Philippines with support from UNICEF, the World Health Organization (WHO), and other partners. They also received Vitamin A supplements to help improve their immunity against infections.

Sir Roger Moore calls for more help for the Philippines
COPENHAGEN/NEW YORK, 20 November 2013 – UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Sir Roger Moore today visited UNICEF’s global humanitarian supply warehouse in Copenhagen and called for continued support for children and their families in the Philippines whose lives have been devastated by super typhoon Haiyan.

Keeping children safe is critical in aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan
MANILA/NEW YORK, 19 November 2013 - Keeping the youngest survivors of Typhoon Haiyan safe and protected is a key priority while their homes and communities are being rebuilt in the aftermath of the devastating storm, said UNICEF today.

Water supply back to full capacity in typhoon-devastated Tacloban
Tacloban/Manila/New York, 17 November 2013 - At least 200,000 people affected by Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippine city of Tacloban and six surrounding districts are now receiving clean water for cooking and drinking, as the first water treatment plant came back to full operating capacity last night.

Life-saving UNICEF supplies for children reaching areas affected by Super Typhoon Haiyan
MANILA/NEW YORK/GENEVA, 15 November 2013 - Amidst the huge devastation caused by Super Typhoon Haiyan, critical life-saving supplies for children are being delivered by UNICEF in Tacloban, Ormac and Roxas, the areas most affected by the disaster.

UNICEF appeals for US $34 million for the children of the Philippines, as Haiyan crisis deepens
MANILA/NEW YORK/GENEVA, 12 November 2013 – UNICEF is appealing for US$34 million to aid the four million children of the Philippines affected by Typhoon Haiyan when it ripped through the archipelago four days ago.

NBA and NBPA team up to donate $250,000 to support critical UNICEF relief efforts in hard-hit areas of Philippines
NEW YORK, 10 November 10, 2013 – The National Basketball Association (NBA) and National Basketball Player’s Association (NBPA) today have teamed up to donate $250,000 to the U.S. Fund for UNICEF in support of UNICEF’s emergency relief efforts in areas of the Philippines ravaged by Super Typhoon Haiyan. The latest estimates indicate that as many as four million children could now be affected by the disaster, and the donation will aid UNICEF in providing children and families with immediate necessities including food, water, and medicine.

IKEA Foundation donates Euro 2 million to UNICEF to reach children and families affected by Super Typhoon Haiyan with critical supplies
GENEVA, 11 November 2013 – IKEA Foundation has donated Euro 2 million to UNICEF to support relief efforts in the aftermath of the Super Typhoon Haiyan that struck the Philippines on 8 November.

As number of children affected by Super Typhoon Haiyan rises to 4 million, UNICEF steps up emergency response
MANILA/NEW YORK/COPENHAGEN, 10 November 2013 –  UNICEF is rushing emergency supplies to areas of the Philippines ravaged by Super Typhoon Haiyan on 8 November, as the latest estimates indicate that up to 4 million children could now be affected by the disaster.

Up to 1.7 million children could be affected by devastating impact of Super Typhoon Haiyan in Philippines: UNICEF
NEW YORK, 9 November 2013 - As the full impact is being assessed of Super Typhoon Haiyan, which tore through the Philippines over the last 48 hours, children are expected to be amongst the most affected with some 1.7 million children believed to be living in the areas hit by the emergency.

Myanmar Armed Forces discharge 42 children and young people
YANGON, 7 July 2013 – The United Nations Resident Coordinator and UNICEF welcomed the discharge today of 34 children and 8 young people by the Myanmar Armed Forces, or Tatmadaw, in line with the Government’s commitment to end the recruitment and use of children by the army in Myanmar.

UNICEF prepares to support Myanmar as Cyclone Mahasen approaches Rakhine
SITTWE, Myanmar, 15 May 2013 – As Cyclone Mahasen threatens to hit the communities in Rakhine State, where thousands of people are displaced by conflict, UNICEF is ready to support the government of Myanmar to respond to humanitarian needs.

Myanmar Pledges Stronger Combat against Child Malnutrition
NAYPYITAW, Myanmar, 15 May 2013 - The Government of Myanmar reinforces its commitment in the fight against child malnutrition by signing the Membership Letter to join the global Scaling up Nutrition (SUN) movement countries.

UNICEF supports China Government in earthquake response to assist children
BEIJING, 23 April 2013 - With more than 190 deaths and over 12,000 injuries counted so far – and remote communities affected being reached by Government rescue teams – the full scale of devastation following the Lushan County earthquake in Sichuan province is becoming clearer.

Myanmar armed forces release 24 children; more expected to be discharged in coming months
YANGON, 20 February 2013 – The Myanmar Armed Forces, or Tatmadaw, has officially discharged 24 children in Yangon in line with the government’s commitment to end the recruitment and use of children under the age of 18 years in the armed forces.

UNICEF gives assistance Rohingya children and women in shelters in southern Thailand
BANGKOK, 14 February 2013 – UNICEF began this week delivering footballs and other play and recreation supplies to eight Ministry of Social Development and Human Security shelters caring for Rohingya children in southern Thailand.

Urgent action needed to improve water and sanitation for displaced in Myanmar’s Rakhine State despite some progress
Sittwe, Myanmar, 21 December 2012 – Tens of thousands of people displaced by conflict in western Myanmar’s Rakhine state and living in temporary camps have inadequate sanitation, poor hygiene conditions and limited access to safe water, increasing health risks to people in and near the sites.

DPRK national nutrition survey released
PYONGYANG, 13 December 2012 - “Modest but significant,” was how UNICEF’s representative in the Democratic Republic of Korea, Desiree Jongsma...

UNICEF calls for end to violence against children in Thailand’s deep South
BANGKOK, 12 December 2012 – A UNICEF official today urged an immediate halt to violence against children in Thailand’s restive southern provinces, where...

Prevention of water-borne diseases and support for malnourished children a priority for UNICEF in Rakhine State, Myanmar
BANGKOK, 13 November 2012 - Since unrest broke out in Rakhine State in Myanmar in June, UNICEF has provided urgently needed help to save severely...

Maternal and neonatal tetanus eliminated in China
BEIJING, 5 November 2012 – China has been declared free of one of the world’s major causes of preventable death of mothers and newborns...

Finance and social sector Ministers from Asia and the Pacific meet to brainstorm quality investments that will improve children’s lives
HA NOI, Viet Nam, 24 September 2012 – Government representatives from 16 countries across East Asia and the Pacific began a three-day meeting today...

UNICEF mobilizes response to Yunnan Earthquake
BEIJING, 14 September 2012 – UNICEF is mobilizing to send urgently needed support for children affected by the 5.7 magnitude earthquake which recently...

Timor-Leste: Ban Ki-moon and Gordon Brown visit UNICEF-supported school
DILI, TIMOR-LESTE, 16 August 2012 - UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, UN Special Envoy for Global Education Gordon Brown, and Director-General...

UNICEF: High prevalence of child maltreatment in East Asia and the Pacific - stronger focus on prevention needed
NEW YORK/BANGKOK, 7 August 2012 – Unacceptable physical abuse is causing long-term damage to the lives and futures of far too many children in...

UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Jackie Chan meets young trafficking survivors in Myanmar
YANGON, 7 July 2012 – UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador and martial arts icon Jackie Chan concluded a three-day visit to Myanmar today...

UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Jackie Chan in Myanmar: “Children are not for sale”
NEW YORK/ YANGON, 3 July 2012 – Celebrated actor and UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Jackie Chan arrives in Myanmar this week on a three-day mission...

UNICEF Rings Alarm Bells as Breastfeeding Rates Plummet in East Asia
Bangkok, 1 May 2012 – UNICEF is worried about major declines in breastfeeding rates across East Asia and today called for greater attention to the critical importance of breastfeeding for children’s survival and cognitive development, as well as economic development in the region.

First Mother-and-Baby Friendly Hospital in the Pacific
HONIARA, 30 April 2012 – The Ministry of Health and Medical Services and the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) today declared the National Referral Hospital in Honiara, Solomon Islands “Mother-and-Baby Friendly”.

Children and the 2011 Japan Earthquake and Tsunami: UNICEF at work
Media advisory

Philippines: UNICEF launches appeal for $4.2 million to assist children and families affected by Tropical Storm Washi
MANILA, Philippines. 20 December 2011 - UNICEF is today delivering water and sanitation supplies to assist in the provision of clean water and sanitation...

Viet Nam survey shows disparities for children and women persist
Ha Noi, 16 December 2011 – Viet Nam’s Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey (MICS) 2010-2011 report, launched today in Ha Noi, reveals persisting...

UNICEF study provides new insight into how poverty affects children
BANGKOK, 22 November – A new UNICEF study analysing child poverty in East Asia and the Pacific emphasizes that poverty affects children in vastly different...

East Asia-Pacific children highly vulnerable to climate change impacts
BANGKOK, 14 November 2011 – According to a UNICEF report, Children’s Vulnerabilities to Climate Change and Disaster Impacts in East Asia and...

UNICEF provides 300,000 water, sanitation, hygiene items for flood victims in Thailand
BANGKOK, 10 November 2011 - UNICEF is providing more than 300,000 water, hygiene and sanitation items, including bars of soap, chlorine drops for...

UNICEF calls for funding to prevent nutrition crisis in DPRK, especially among children
GENEVA, 1 November 2011 – UNICEF today called on the international community to fund its nutrition programme in the Democratic People’s Republic of...

UNICEF providing 20,000 mosquito nets to protect flood-affected families
BANGKOK 27 October 2011 – UNICEF is providing 20,000 insecticide-treated mosquito nets to help protect families evacuated to temporary shelters and...

Massive flooding in South East Asia affecting millions
BANGKOK, Thailand, 21 October 2011 – Heavy seasonal rains and frequent cyclones have led to massive flooding across South East Asia affecting over eight...

UNICEF sends emergency supplies to flood affected areas in Philippines
BULACAN, Philippines, 6 October 2011 – UNICEF Philippines today delivered 3,000 hygiene kits and 3,000 water kits to stricken families in Bulacan and...

Greater investment in youth vital for future Asia-Pacific economic development
BANGKOK, 5 October 2011 – UNICEF and the Asia-Pacific Interagency Group on Youth called on regional governments to focus greater energy on...

UNICEF and Sansiri announce partnership for children
BANGKOK, 8 September 2011 – Under the theme of “Children are everyone’s business”, UNICEF and Sansiri Plc, one of the largest real estate companies in Thailand...

AusAID provides funds for measles outbreak response campaign
Dili, Timor-Leste, 06 May 2011 - AusAID signed an agreement to fund US$865,855 through UNICEF to support measles control...

Statement by UNICEF Executive Director Anthony Lake on Japanese earthquake and tsunami
Statement - 14 March 2011

Timor-Leste launches National Birth Registration Campaign
DILI, TIMOR-LESTE, 22 February 2011 – Children in Timor-Leste get a further boost in claiming their rights with the launch of the National Birth Registration Campaign...

Government of Indonesia, religious leaders and UNICEF commit to promotion of breastfeeding as best start for children
JAKARTA, INDONESIA 21 December 2010 – As Indonesia commemorates national Mothers’ Day this week, influential leaders from the government and the country’s...

Asia-Pacific governments agree to speed progress towards the elimination of new HIV infections among newborns
VIENTIANE, Lao PDR, 26 November 2010 – Asia Pacific governments and UN officials have agreed to accelerated efforts towards eliminating the transmission...

UN backs Vientiane declaration on Cluster Munitions
VIENTIANE, 12 November 2010 - The United Nations has hailed the outcome of this week’s high-level meeting in Laos of signatories to the Convention on...

Asia-Pacific governments commit to increase cooperation for child rights
BEIJING, 6 November 2010 – Governments from 28 countries across Asia and the Pacific today committed themselves to improving the rights...

Officials from 28 countries gather in Beijing for strategic talks on child rights
BEIJING, 4 November 2010 – Senior government ministers and officials from 28 countries across Asia and the Pacific gathered in Beijing today for the...

UNICEF provides support to victims of Indonesian natural disasters
JAKARTA, Indonesia, 28 October 2010 – Following this week’s double natural disasters caused by an earthquake in Indonesia’s West Sumatra province...

UNICEF responds to the devastation of Typhoon “Juan” (Megi) in north eastern province of Isabela, Philippines
MANILA, 22 October 2010 - Super Typhoon Juan (Megi) hit Northern Luzon on 18 October 2010 and left much of the region, notably, Isabela battered and...

ADB, UNICEF join forces for children with major agreement
NEW YORK, 23 September 2010 – The Asian Development Bank (ADB) and UNICEF today signed a major agreement, joining forces across Asia and...

UNICEF, WHO: Nearly 100 million children to be vaccinated against measles in China
BEIJING, CHINA, 1 September 2010 – Nearly 100 million children across China will be vaccinated against measles from 11-20 September in one...

UNICEF ready to provide assistance to landslides-affected areas in China
BEIJING, August 11, 2010 – UNICEF is preparing to respond to requests for emergency assistance for children and families affected by the devastating...

Myanmar achieves maternal and neonatal tetanus elimination
YANGON, MYANMAR, 3 June 2010 - Myanmar has achieved maternal and neonatal tetanus elimination (MNTE). The country’s status was confirmed in...

80 per cent of primary schools destroyed in Qinghai Earthquake
BEIJING, 21 April 2010 – The 7.1 magnitude earthquake which struck near the town of Jiegu in northwest China, took a heavy toll on schools.

UNICEF mobilizing for Qinghai earthquake disaster
BEIJING, 15 April 2010 –UNICEF will send urgently needed relief supplies for children affected by yesterday’s massive earthquake. The response will...

Fiji and Solomon Islands hit by two hurricanes: UNICEF ready to respond
SUVA, 15 March 2010 – Two extreme cyclones, Tomas and Ului, are striking Fiji and Solomon Islands at the same time...

UNICEF airlifts emergency supplies for school children in Mongolia
ULAANBAATAR, 2 March 2010 - ­Urgently needed supplies to assist nearly 4,000 school-age children in the hardest hit areas of the dzud winter...

UNICEF: Severe winter ‘dzud’ pushes most of Mongolia to disaster status
ULAANBAATAR, MONGOLIA 12 February 2010 – In response to weeks of freezing temperatures and heavy snows that have left more than half of...

UNICEF Solomon Islands: Schools to open despite emergency
SUVA, 15 January 2010 – Widespread landslides, flash floods, damaged schools, water contamination and reports of diarrhoea, red eye...

UNICEF boosts relief efforts to tsunami-struck Solomon Islands
GIZO, SOLOMON ISLANDS, 5 January 2010 – UNICEF Pacific is providing immediate support to the victims of a tsunami that hit Rendova and...

UNICEF Pacific on stand by to support cyclone affected children and families in Fiji
SUVA, 15 December 2009 - UNICEF in the Pacific is on stand by to support children and their families affected by Cyclone Mick that hit all major...

UNICEF and Xinhua join forces to promote children’s rights
BEIJING, 5 November 2009 – UNICEF and Xinhua News Agency today signed a Memorandum of Understanding outlining joint plans to promote...

Needs of children and women prominent in appeal for communities devastated by recent floods in southern Laos
VIENTIANE, 22 October 2009 - UNICEF and other UN agencies have joined the Government of the Lao PDR to launch an international appeal for funds to...

UNICEF seeks $3 million to meet immediate needs of children affected by Indonesian earthquake
JAKARTA, INDONESIA, 9 October 2009 — As part of the UN Humanitarian Response Plan to last week’s earthquake in Indonesia, which was launched...

UN Flash Appeal of nearly $75 million for assistance to victims of Ketsana/Ondoy
MANILA, 7 October 2009 - The United Nations and the Government of the Philippines  presented today in Manila a joint appeal seeking $74,021,809...

Nearly 70,000 children return to classes following Indonesia earthquake
JAKARTA, INDONESIA, 5 October 2009 – Less than one week after a major earthquake devastated the Indonesian province of West Sumatra, nearly 70,000...

UNICEF rapid response team on the ground in Samoa
SUVA, 5 October 2009 – A team of six emergency personnel are currently conducting rapid assessments in Samoa to ensure that the urgent needs of children...

UNICEF ready to meet urgent needs of children affected by Indonesia quake
JAKARTA, INDONESIA, 2 October 2009 – UNICEF emergency personnel are on the ground in the Indonesian province of West Sumatra to ensure that the...

UNICEF Pacific is mobilising $200.000 for supplies and assistance to Samoa and Tonga
SUVA, 1 October 2009 - UNICEF Pacific office based in Suva, Fiji, is sending a team to Samoa and Tonga to assist with a rapid assessment on the needs of...

Tens of thousands of Indonesians forced to flee homes after deadly quake
JAKARTA, 1 October 2009 – UNICEF Indonesia is deploying emergency staff to the province of West Sumatra to assess the immediate health, water...

UNICEF provides immediate assistance to children affected by tropical storm Ondoy
MANILA, 28 September 2009 - UNICEF has provided $143,000 in supplies to address the urgent needs of affected children and their families in the...

Government of Lao PDR and UNICEF reaffirm their commitment to children
VIENTIANE, 23 September 2009 - The needs and rights of children will remain a key priority as Lao PDR moves towards its broader development goals...

Government of the Republic of Korea and UNICEF sign agreement to strengthen collaboration
NEW YORK, 22 September 2009 - The Government of the Republic of Korea (ROK) and UNICEF signed a new agreement today to strengthen collaboration...

Despite regional efforts, trafficking continues to take heavy toll on children
BANGKOK/WELLINGTON, 1 September, 2009 – A recent assessment of child trafficking programmes in seven countries in East and Southeast Asia...

Children, young people unite online to address climate change
DAEJEON, REPUBLIC OF KOREA, 20 August 2009 - Children and young people across the world are joining forces to address climate change with a new...

Asia and Pacific database on education launched by UNICEF and UNESCO
BANGKOK, 17 August — UNICEF and UNESCO go online today with a one-stop Education for All database for Asia and the Pacific that enables governments...

Government of Japan provides $5.6 million to health programmes in Sudan
KHARTOUM, 29 July 2009 – The Government of Japan will sign a new agreement with UNICEF tomorrow, making available US$ 5.6 million...

Japan will assist children and families in IDP camps and host communities of northwest Pakistan
TOKYO, 15 June 2009 – Internally displaced children and their families affected by conflict in northwest Pakistan will receive $4 million in...

Global aid agencies call for greater investment in life-saving vitamins and minerals
BEIJING, CHINA, 12 May 2009 – Seven of the world’s leading development agencies are calling on governments and other partners around...

UNICEF continues support for China earthquake recovery, detailed report on aid for children and women released at one year anniversary
BEIJING, 11 May 2009 – One year after a devastating 8.0 Richter scale earthquake hit China's Sichuan province, extensive assistance from...

One year after Cyclone Nargis: Myanmar on hard road to recovery
Yangon/Geneva, 1 May 2009 — Communities devastated by Cyclone Nargis one year ago have faced formidable challenges during the year of recovery and rebuilding.

Building back better: 200th school opened in Indonesia
BANDA ACEH, 19 February 2009 – UNICEF and the Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Agency for Aceh-Nias (BRR) today opened SDN 34, the 200th school built by UNICEF.

Japan first government to donate to UNICEF for Gaza crisis
GENEVA, 23 January 2009 – The Government of Japan has stepped up with a donation of $3 million to support UNICEF’s relief work in Gaza following the recent crisis.

East Asia and Pacific countries discuss measures to address economic crisis on children
SINGAPORE, 6 January 2009 — At the start of a new year mired by a worsening economic crisis, key leaders in East Asia and the Pacific began discussions ...

China and Ghana broadcasters win 2008 International Day of Broadcasting Awards
NEW YORK, 11 November 2008 – UNICEF presented the 2008 International Day of Broadcasting (ICDB) Awards to China Central Television and Ghana ...

180 days after Cyclone Nargis: Relief efforts on track but support is still needed
YANGON/ GENEVA/ NEW YORK, 31 October, 2008 — Six months after Cyclone Nargis hit Myanmar’s Ayeyarwady Delta, relief efforts are on track but support...

UNICEF and WHO China Statement on contaminated infant formula
BEIJING, 24 September 2008 - UNICEF and WHO Offices in China have observed with great sadness and concern the unfolding story of tainted infant formula produced...

120 days after Nargis: Children’s needs are being met but threats remain
YANGON, 1 September 2008 — Children’s needs in Myanmar are being met four months after the cyclone hit the Ayeyarwady delta and the Yangon division, UNICEF said today.

UN support the Lao Government in its response to the flooding emergency
VIENTIANE, 19 August 2008 - United Nations agencies have commended the Lao government for its successful measures to handle the floods that....

UNICEF "Champions for Children" gala brings stars together to support children's causes
BEIJING, 12 August  2008 – With the world’s attention focusing on the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, UNICEF China hosted a “Champions for Children”...

Strengthening the cold chain system to preserve vaccines in Myanmar
YANGON, 12 August 2008 - UNICEF and WHO handed over a new cold chain facility to the Myanmar Ministry of Health today...

UNICEF: Nearly 700,000 children still in need of assistance in Myanmar
YANGON, GENEVA, 25 July 2008 - Close to three months after Cyclone Nargis slammed into Myanmar, nearly 700,000 children under the age of 17 are still in need of longer ...

UNICEF to support water, sanitation and hygiene in China's quake zone
BEIJING, 1 July 2008 – Now that more than 5 million people have been relocated to temporary shelters due to the 12 May Sichuan earthquake, provision of safe water ...

Young leaders from around the world convene at Junior 8 Summit
CHITOSE CITY, HOKKAIDO, JAPAN/ GENEVA, 2 July 2008  - In a few hours, young people from G8 countries and the developing world will open the fourth annual  “Junior 8” ...

More than 10,000 schools in Sichuan badly damaged
BEIJING, 5 June 2008 – According to data recently collected, more than 10,000 school buildings in Sichuan were badly damaged by the 12 May earthquake.

UNICEF to focus on damaged schools in unreached areas of Myanmar
YANGON, MYANMAR, 28 May 2008 – UNICEF will work with the Ministry of Education to reopen schools in some cyclone-affected areas by 2 June.

Too many children still need life-saving relief in Myanmar, says UNICEF welcoming government’s response to ease delivery of aid
NEW YORK, 23  May 2008 –  UNICEF says that too many children still need life-saving assistance in Myanmar three weeks after powerful cyclone Nargis hit the country.

UNICEF assists post-earthquake child support mission
BEIJING, 21 May 2008 – The Government of China has organized a high level mission to Sichuan - with support from UNICEF - to provide immediate...

School collapses as major earthquake hits China
BEIJING, 12 May 2008 - UNICEF China is deeply concerned that large numbers of children could be affected by a major earthquake in Sichuan Province.

UNICEF flying in emergency supplies to Myanmar
NEW YORK, May 9, 2008 - A Thai Airways plane carrying UNICEF emergency supplies landed in Yangon today, carrying three million water purification tablets.

Injury a leading killer for children in Asia
BANGKOK, 11 March 2008 - Children in Asia are at great risk of dying from injuries such as drowning and road accidents. Surveys from Bangladesh...

UNICEF Executive Board members visit child friendly school in northern Lao PDR
OUDOMXAY, NORTHERN LAO PDR, 13 February 2008 - Children at Nongboua primary school in Oudomxay’s La district laid on a warm welcome...

Maldives launches its first national campaign on drug prevention
MALE / MALDIVES, 5 December 2007 – A nationwide campaign on drug prevention and promoting recovery among addicts entitled “Wake Up” is being launched today by...

UNICEF, Special Olympics champion cause of children with intellectual disabilities
NEW YORK/WASHINGTON DC/SHANGHAI, 3 October 2007 – A partnership to advance the rights of children with intellectual disabilities was announced today by...

FIFA and UNICEF launch Goals for Girls! campaign on eve of Women’s 2007 World Cup
SHANGHAI, 7 September 2007 - The fifth Women’s World Cup – which begins in China on Monday – forms the backdrop for a joint campaign between UNICEF and...

UNICEF calls for protection of schools and learning spaces in Timor Leste
DILI / TIMOR-LESTE, 10 August 2007 – UNICEF strongly condemns the destruction and vandalizing of schools, learning spaces and play areas during the ongoing unrest in certain parts of Timor-Leste.

Experts gather to discuss remaining pockets of iodine deficiency in China
BEIJING, 30 July 2007- Vice-Minister of Health Wang Longde opened a meeting today of national and international experts who gathered in Beijing to discuss global progress on iodine deficiency disorder (IDD).

Manchester United stars speak out on children and HIV
GUANGZHOU,CHINA, 27 July 2007 - Manchester United stars Ryan Giggs, Rio Ferdinand and Dong Fangzhuo took time out of the club’s Far East Tour for a meeting with three children whose lives have been affected by HIV/AIDS and have suffered from stigma and discrimination as a result.

Water and sanitation to be provided to thousands of displaced children in Eastern Chad
TOKYO, 20 July 2007 - Some 30,000 internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Eastern Chad, including 18,000 children, will have better access to clean water and sanitation as a result of emergency funding of $1.18 million from the Government of Japan to build new boreholes and communal latrines.

WHO and UNICEF call for renewed commitment to breastfeeding
MANILA, 20 June 2007 – Exclusive breastfeeding rates in East Asia and the Pacific are just 61per cent at four months of babies' lives and even lower, at 35per cent, at six months. And yet science has...

UN agencies call for concerted effort to rapidly scale up access to HIV testing and counselling services in Asia and the Pacific
PHNOM PENH/CAMBODIA, 4 June 2007– Fewer than 10 per cent of people infected with HIV in HIV in Asia and the Pacific are aware of their status.  This is a...

UNICEF and IPU Join Forces to Stop Violence against Children
BALI / INDONESIA, 2 May 2007 - At the 116th Assembly of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU), meeting in Nusa Dua (Indonesia), UNICEF and IPU members said more...

On Labour Day, Lao Trade Union leaders call on working dads to protect their families from HIV
VIENTIANE, 1 May 2007 – Leaders of the Lao Trade Union today launched the “Caring Dads” campaign aimed at inspiring working fathers to care for children and..

Days of Peace campaign begins to reach remote conflict affected areas
MANILA, 27 April 2007 - UNICEF Representative Dr. Nicholas Alipui, Tuesday, led an unprecedented field mission to remote communities in Mindanao to deliver essential child health services under the Days of Peace...

UNICEF: Urgent appeal for funds for hard hit Solomon Islands
GENEVA,  4 April 2007 – UNICEF appealed for urgent funding to respond to the people affected by the devastating tsunami that swept through coastal villages...

UNICEF Deputy Executive Director applauds Viet Nam’s efforts for children
Hanoi, 27 March 2007 -- UNICEF Deputy Executive Director Mr. Kul Gautam has congratulated Viet Nam for its achievements in improving the lives of children.

Largest-ever survey on situation of children and women in Thailand shows progress and challenges
BANGKOK, 9 March 2007 – Thailand has made significant progress in improving the situation of children and women in recent years, however...

Child nutrition survey shows improvements in DPRK, but UN agencies concerned about holding onto gains
PYONGYANG / GENEVA, 16 February 2003 - Malnutrition rates among children in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) have improved considerably over the past four years, according to a new survey, but the UN agencies that announced the findings today said the gains could be lost if international support for humanitarian assistance to the country continues to slacken. (Press Release)

Myanmar joins global measles-control effort
YANGON, 14 January 2007 – A brightly-painted papier-mâché doll sold in the shops outside pagodas has become the symbol for Myanmar’s national measles vaccination campaign, part of a national measles strategy launched today in Yangon.

UNICEF launches global web site in Chinese
NEW YORK/BEIJING, 15 January 2007 – UNICEF launched its Chinese-language web site today bringing information about HIV/AIDS prevention, girls’ education...

UNICEF-supported report on Maternal and Child Survival in China Launched
BEIJING, 11 January 2007.The report launched today confirms that while China is on-track for reaching MDG's four and five, there remain serious concerns about slowing progress...

UNICEF sends aid to Aceh flood victims
BANDA ACEH, 27 DECEMBER  2006 – Emergency UNICEF supplies are on their way to help tens of thousands of people affected by severe flooding in parts of Aceh.

Indonesia to ratify mine ban treaty
JAKARTA, 8 December 2006 - Indonesia moved a step closer this week to ratifying the International Mine Ban Treaty.

Girl rights role model Marta launched to promote gender equality in Timor-Leste
DILI/TIMOR-LESTE, 10 November 2006 – The Office for Promotion of Equality (OPE), which comes under the Office of the Prime Minister, with UNICEF, officially launched the Marta Communication Initiative on 10 November 2006.

Thailand launches national Avian Influenza awareness, prevention campaign in schools
BANGKOK, 10 October 2006 - A nationwide school-based campaign aimed at helping Thai children and their families protect themselves from the threat of Avian Influenza was launched Tuesday by the Ministry of Education (MOE).

UNICEF opens standard-setting schools in Indonesia’s Aceh
BANDA ACEH, 18 September 2006 - The first of 367 permanent schools for Aceh and Nias were officially opened on Monday with support from UNICEF.

Putting young people to the fore of the AIDS response
BEIJING, 10 September, 2006 - China’s Vice-Minister of Health Huang Jiefu officially launched the Campaign on Children and AIDS on behalf of the State Council AIDS Working Committee Office (SCAWCO). Vice-Minister Huang pledged the Government’s enhanced commitment to putting a broad alliance of children and young people to the fore of the national AIDS response.

Back-to-school campaign in Timor-Leste ready for roll out
DILI, 1 September 2006 – Timor-Leste’s Ministry of Education and Culture and UNICEF will launch a nationwide ‘Back to School’ campaign on Monday 4 September to encourage over 200,000 children to resume formal education at the start of a new school year.

Elimination of Iodine deficiency disorders
HANOI, 24 August 2006 – Viet Nam has achieved the international goal on elimination of iodine deficiency by 2005– the Ministry of Health announced today at the Ten Years Review Symposium of the National Programme on Iodine Deficiency Disorders Control in Hanoi.

Malaysian website to empower young people to resist experimenting with drugs
KUALA LUMPUR, 30 June 2006 - Young people in Malaysia can now log-on to www.whatareyoudoing.net to learn about drugs and why ‘using is for losers’.  The website is part of the ‘Keep the Music Clean’ campaign designed to engage, educate and empower young people to resist the temptation to experiment with drugs.

Nutritional screening to save lives in Timor-Leste
DILI, 30 June 2006 – The Ministry of Health of Timor-Leste, supported by UNICEF and other partners, plan to begin the nutritional screening of displaced children in the capital, Dili, today to assess the scale of malnutrition as the country enters its third month of emergency.

UNICEF sends emergency supplies to help victims of South Sulewesi floods
JAKARTA, 23 June 2006 – UNICEF is airlifting emergency supplies of hygiene equipment and water containers to flood affected districts in the Indonesian province of South Sulewesi.

Measles vaccination to target 30,000 displaced children in Dili
DILI, 12 June 2006 - The Ministry of Health and UNICEF will launch a mass measles vaccination campaign on 13 June targeting all children aged six months to 14 years living in displacement camps in Dili, the capital of Timor-Leste.

UNICEF responds with aid for families still displaced in Timor-Leste
DILI, 9 June, 2006 - Around 66,000 people are housed in more than 35 camps in Dili, and the number of camps and internally displaced people changes daily as the crisis in the capital stretches into its third month.  The internally displaced population currently represents about 40 per cent of Dili’s population of 170,000. 

UNICEF provides aid to Timorese displaced by conflict
DILI, 30 May 2006 – Aid has begun to reach the thousands of Timorese living in camps around East Timor’s capital city of Dili, displaced by conflict.  The Australian army’s presence in Dili has improved the security situation and UNICEF and other agencies have been able to reach people living in crowded conditions and in desperate need of food, access to clean water and sanitation, and protection for children.  There are an estimated 70,000 residing in camps in Dili alone and another 45,000 who have moved to the districts.

Timor’s childhood under threat
DILY, 29 May 2006 – Ongoing ethnic and political tensions in Timor-Leste have escalated into large-scale civil unrest in Dili, with the districts practically cut off and isolated from the capital city.  As people flee the conflict, children's lives are being uprooted.

UNICEF supplies arrive in earthquake zone
Emergency supplies for people made homeless by Saturday’s earthquake are being distributed in the most affected areas of the devastated city of Yogyakarta today.

Executive Director Ann M. Veneman on the earthquake in Indonesia
NEW YORK, 27 May 2006 - "We are saddened to hear of the devastating earthquake in Indonesia and express our heartfelt condolences to all those who have suffered injury or loss. So often in natural disasters children and the elderly suffer disproportionately because they are least able to react quickly."

Viet Nam: Partnership for water supply and sanitation
Hanoi, 23 May 2006 – UNICEF and 13 other international organizations have joined the Government of Viet Nam in signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on the establishment of Viet Nam Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Partnership, an unique partnership which aims at better coordination and more effective support for the improvement of water supply, sanitation and hygiene situation for rural communities and schools in Viet Nam.

Lao television drama highlights dangers of child trafficking
Vientiane 26 May 2006 - Lessons of Life, a compelling television drama about a Lao teenage girl who is trafficked abroad, had its national premiere on Lao Television today. The original ninety minute anti-trafficking drama was produced to warn young people of the dangers they face and to stimulate awareness and discussion.

Viet Nam Eliminates Maternal and Neonatal Tetanus
HANOI/MANILA/BANGKOK, 28 February, 2006 - Viet Nam has eliminated maternal and neonatal tetanus as a public health problem, the Ministry of Health of the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam, the World Health Organization (WHO) and the UNICEF announced today. 

Tsunami Generation of Children See Hope for the Future, According to UNICEF Survey

NEW YORK, 22 December 2005 – One year after the tsunami dramatically changed their lives, children in India, Sri Lanka and Thailand feel hopeful about the future, while children in Indonesia are recovering at a slower pace, according to a survey of tsunami-affected children released today by UNICEF. 

Children, the Focus for Islamic Solidarity
A new report says action is urgently needed to tackle a range of problems facing over 600 million children in the Islamic world, from poverty and disease to education and protection.

Manchester United announces four year plan to lend sports leadership to UNICEF to deliver development targets for children
BEIJING, 26 July 2005 – Manchester United today announced a four-year pledge to use their leadership in sport to assist UNICEF, the United Nations Children’s Fund, in achieving its development targets for children.  Speaking at a press conference in Beijing Manchester United Chief Executive David Gill was joined by Manager Sir Alex Ferguson, Ryan Giggs and Chinese player Dong Fangzhuo *.

Seminar on Children affected by HIV/AIDS held in Beijing
20 JULY, 2005 - A one-day Seminar on “Care and Love for Children affected by HIV/AIDS” opened this morning at Beijing’s Great Hall of the People.

New HIV/AIDS data reveals gravity of situation for children in Asia and the Pacific
3 July 2005, KOBE, Japan - More than 1.5 million children in Asia and the Pacific are now orphaned by AIDS, according to new regional data, making protection, care and support efforts for children more urgent than ever. 

UNICEF and Viet Nam celebrate 30 years of progress for children
HANOI, 23 June 2005 --  UNICEF gathered with Vietnamese government officials today to celebrate a 30-year nationwide partnership that has dramatically improved the health of women and children, assisted in halving poverty and increased access to education.

Six months after tsunami, UN agencies say hardest work lies ahead
GENEVA/NEW YORK, 23 June 2005 - Six months after the tsunami ripped through communities across the Indian Ocean last December, the development agencies most involved in the recovery effort said the toughest challenges still lie ahead - including the complex issues of where to re-establish housing, how to quickly restore livelihoods, and what to prioritize now that the immediate relief phase is over.

School construction in Banda Aceh kicks off as six month mark nears
JAKARTA, 16 June 2005 - Work has started on a fast-track building programme that will see two hundred temporary schools built in one month across the tsunami-damaged region of Aceh, UNICEF said today.  

EAPRO consultation concludes: violence is not inevitable
BANGKOK, 16 June 2005 – “Violence is not inevitable but rather an injustice that can be ended by recognizing that peace is a human right and that this responsibility belongs to everyone,” more than 250 delegates proclaimed at the end of the three-day Regional Consultation on Violence Against Children.

UNICEF says HIV/AIDS education in Myanmar can save thousands of lives
YANGON, 10 June 2005 – Following her recent visit to Myanmar, UNICEF Regional Director for East Asia and the Pacific, Anupama Rao Singh, said that actively educating Myanmar’s children about HIV/AIDS will save thousands of lives. 

Central Asian Countries Agree to Improve Quality and Access to Education by 2015
Dushanbe, 9 June, 2005 – Concluding a 3-day meeting in Warzob, delegates from five Central Asian countries committed to speeding up the common education reform process in each country in the face of limited resources for investment in the education sector.

Government of Lao PDR, UNICEF launch media awareness campaign to protect young people from dangers of trafficking
Vientianem, 1 June 2005 -  The Government of Lao PDR and UNICEF today launched a multi-media campaign designed to raise awareness of the risks posed by trafficking and protect those most at risk from its dangers.  Lao youth music celebrities will perform a concert in Vientiane, the nation’s capital, to mark Children’s Day and promote the campaign’s themes.

UNICEF supplies 200 new temporary school buildings to Aceh
BANDA ACEH, INDONESIA, 26 May 2005 - UNICEF is building two hundred temporary primary schools in the areas of Aceh worst affected by the tsunami.  The buildings would cost $US 2.3 million, or about $11,500 each and were designed to be used while permanent classrooms were being constructed.

Channeling adolescent potential to bring about change
BAMAKO, 23 May 2005 - Mr. Ezio Murzi, UNICEF Regional Director for West and Central Africa, launched today in Bamako the new publication Adolescent Programming in Conflict and Post Conflict Situations. The publication provides a set of recommendations to encourage adolescent participation in community development and peace building during crises.

UNICEF helps Indonesia fight back against polio
JAKARTA, 5 MAY 2005 - UNICEF is supporting the emergency vaccination of children in a district near Jakarta, Indonesia, on 5-6 May in an attempt to halt the spread of an outbreak of polio.

UNICEF to support US $90 million in rebuilding tsunami affected schools
JAKARTA, May 4, 2005 - UNICEF will support the Indonesian Government through Ministry of National Education by allocating US $90 million to rebuild 300 destroyed primary schools and repair another 200 damaged schools in the tsunami devastated province of Aceh as well as Nias island in North Sumatra province.

Jackie Chan, UNICEF/UNAIDS Goodwill Ambassador says stop discrimination against people living with HIV/AIDS
HANOI, 25th April – At the conclusion of his first mission to Viet Nam, UNICEF/ UNAIDS Goodwill Ambassador Jackie Chan called for an end to discrimination and stigma towards children and families infected or affected with HIV/AIDS. 

Jackie Chan, UNICEF/UNAIDS Goodwill Ambassador on 6-day mission to Cambodia and Viet Nam to highlight AIDS and landmines
HANOI/PHNOM PENH, 18 April 2005 - Action film superstar Jackie Chan will return to Cambodia and make his first official visit to Viet Nam in his capacity as a UNICEF and UNAIDS Goodwill Ambassador.

New rapid nutritional assessment survey of Aceh released
ACEH, 15 April 2005 - A survey of more than 3700 households in the aftermath of the tsunami in Aceh confirms the immediate nutritional needs of high-risk groups in tsunami-affected areas have been met.

Lao PDR high level leaders focus on mother and child health
VIENTIANE, 6 April 2005 - Over 200 high level participants from central government and provinces gathered with donors and international agencies in Vientiane today to celebrate World Health Day on the theme: “Make every mother and child count”.

School children across Lao PDR help test salt for iodine
VENTIANE, 1 April 2005 – School children across the Lao PDR are helping the government this week with the push to wipe out iodine deficiency disorders by the target date of 2006. In all 142 districts of the country, children are bringing salt from home to school where it is being tested to determine if it meets national standards for iodization.

Bellamy - “when China achieves, the world achieves”
BEIJING, 24 February, 2005 - Carol Bellamy addressed government leaders, UN agency heads, programme partners, children and the media this morning at a Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM) and UNICEF cosponsored forum in Beijing on “A Decade of Achievement for Children”.

MTV Asia AID concert to benefit UNICEF
BANGKOK/GENEVA/NEW YORK, 3 February 2005 - On her arrival in Bangkok to attend the MTV Asia AID concert, UNICEF Executive Director Carol Bellamy said she was delighted that MTV had refashioned its annual awards show into a global benefit that enables young people to contribute directly to the tsunami recovery effort.

For tsunami homeless, sanitation a critical concern
NEW YORK, 25 January 2005 – Hundreds of thousands of tsunami survivors living in temporary camps face a growing risk of water-borne disease due to flooding of toilets and inadequate numbers of toilets and bathing facilities, UNICEF said today.

Hundreds of schools destroyed by tsunami
NEW YORK, 14 January 2005 – Children in some of the areas affected by the Indian Ocean tsunami began returning to school this week even though the disaster destroyed or damaged over one thousand schools and killed thousands of teachers.

UNICEF Ambassador David Beckham launches UNICEF global TV campaign for tsunami emergency appeal
LONDON, 12 January 2005 – Newly appointed UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador David Beckham, will speak out for the Tsunami affected children in a UNICEF TV campaign urging support for the organisation’s work to meet their immediate and long term needs. 

Tsunami-affected families in Myanmar receive more UNICEF assistance
YANGON, 11 January 2005 – UNICEF has delivered emergency family kits to children and families in tsunami-affected areas of Myanmar’s Ayeyarwaddy District. The UNICEF kits are packed with blankets, clothing, utensils, soap, mosquito nets and other essential items to help families contend with the after-effects of the recent tsunami disaster.

UNICEF brings the healing power of play to traumatized children in the Maldives
MALE, 6 January 2005 – “If I were a superman, I would have stopped the waves with my powerful hands and helped everybody” says Ali Zian, a 10 year old boy, as he shows off the superman he’s just sketched and colored on a drawing sheet. Zian is one of the 332 children on the island of Huraa where UNICEF distributed recreational kits containing  foot balls, crayons, dolls, drawing boards and books as a first response to address trauma and shock.

Clinton Foundation and UNICEF launch Tsunami Water and Sanitation Fund
NEW YORK, 10 January 2005 – Former U.S. President Bill Clinton and UNICEF Executive Director Carol Bellamy today announced the creation of a joint initiative that will bring safe drinking water and sanitation systems to children and families affected by the Indian Ocean tsunami.

UNICEF support gives relief to Somalia Tsunami victims
NAIROBI, 10 January 2005 - UNICEF is providing crucial support to help alleviate the suffering of communities in villages along the coastline of Northeast Somalia (‘Puntland’) most affected by the recent tsunami.

UNICEF mobilizes child trauma experts
PHUKET, 10 January - UNICEF said today that a team of specially trained child trauma experts from Thailand have been mobilized and are now commencing work in provinces hardest hit by the deadly Tsunumi.

Clinton Foundation and UNICEF to make tsunami relief announcement
MEDIA ADVISORY, 8 January 2005 - On Monday, 10 January 2005, Former President Clinton and UNICEF will make an announcement related to ongoing philanthropic efforts aimed at public health.

How to protect children in the tsunami zone
LONDON, 8 January 2005 – Measures to protect children in the Tsunami zone from exploitation, abuse, and criminal trafficking are needed immediately to prevent them from slipping between the cracks, UNICEF said today, outlining the key steps essential to protecting orphans and other vulnerable children.

UNICEF welcomes British Airways support of tsunami relief efforts
NEW YORK, 5 January 2005 – UNICEF welcomes the support of British Airways for making a weekly 747 freighter flight available to UNICEF to get humanitarian supplies to tsunami-stricken countries.

ATP commits $25,000 to UNICEF relief effort
CHENNAI, INDIA, 31 December 2004 – Tournament organizers of the Chennai Open have joined with the ATP to commit financial support to relief efforts benefiting victims of the tsunami which has devastated Southern Asia. The ATP, governing body of the international men’s professional tennis circuit, will donate the $25,000 sanction fee for the tournament and direct it in full to UNICEF emergency relief efforts in the southern Indian state of Tamil Nadu, of which Chennai is the capital.

Hundred of schools damaged in the Maldives
MALE, MALDIVES, 31 December 2004 - Hundreds of schools in the Maldives are now known to have been damaged by the Asian tsunami that struck the archipelago.

From Indonesia: First UNICEF relief arrives in Indonesia
JAKARTA, 31 December 2004 - Emergency medical kits for 200,000 victims of the Boxing Day Earthquake and tsunami arrived in Jakarta airport today on route to Sumatra tomorrow.

After the torrents, the next threat is standing water
NEW YORK, 29 December 2004 – UNICEF warned today that without immediate, wide-scale action to provide safe water in the communities hit by Sunday’s massive ocean flooding, millions of people will be at grave risk of water-borne disease.

UNICEF calls for aid to tsunami-struck countries
NEW YORK, 27 December 2004 – UNICEF is rushing relief assistance to the countries hardest hit by massive ocean flooding following Sunday’s earthquake, working to meet the urgent needs of hundreds of thousands of people who survived the tsunamis but now need shelter, water, medical supplies and other urgent assistance.

Bellamy: UNICEF ready to respond to quake victims in South Asia
UNICEF country offices circling the Indian Ocean are assessing damage from the Sumatra earthquake that touched off a series of tsunamis early today, killing thousands of people and leaving hundreds of thousands of children and their families in jeopardy.

Buddhist art promotes compassion for people living with HIV/AIDS
VIENTIANE, 20 December 2004 –Over this year’s festive season in the Lao People’s Democratic Republic, Buddhist monks will be encouraging the Lao people to show love, sympathetic joy, compassion and equanimity to all, including those living with HIV.

Philippines: UNICEF makes urgent appeal for typhoon devastation
GENEVA/MANILA, 3 December 2004 - UNICEF is making an urgent appeal for US$800,000 to meet the needs of children and families suffering from the devastation inflicted by a recent succession of tropical depressions and typhoons.

UNICEF hails world’s first regional agreement on human trafficking
YANGON, MYANMAR, 29 October 2004 – Today ministers from China, Cambodia, Thailand, Lao PDR, Viet Nam and Myanmar signed a landmark memorandum of understanding that sets forth a framework of action to fight human trafficking.

Child trafficking requires action in Lao PDR
VIENTIANE, LAOS, 26 October 2004 – Child trafficking is an important problem for Lao PDR which requires urgent action, according to the first national study on the subject released today by the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare and UNICEF.

Asian children and societies still being crippled by landmines
BANGKOK, 30 August 2004 – As landmines and other unexploded ordnance (UXO) continue indiscriminately to maim and kill children across the region, UNICEF called today for governments to redouble their efforts to prevent conflict-related injuries, which represent the fourth leading cause of all fatal injuries worldwide.

UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Sir Roger Moore raising funds for children orphaned by AIDS in China
BEIJING, 6 August 2004 - Sir Roger and Lady Kristina Moore touched down safely in Beijing on Wednesday 4th August, and have already begun their mission to raise awareness and funds for children orphaned by AIDS in China.

Children on the Brink 2004 - Global orphan numbers would be falling without AIDS
BANGKOK, THAILAND, 13 July 2004 - By 2010, sub-Saharan Africa will be home to an estimated 50 million orphaned children, and more than a third will have lost one or both parents to AIDS, according to a biennial report on global orphaning released today by USAID, UNAIDS and UNICEF.

Former Prime Minister of Thailand leads the fight against HIV/AIDS
NEW YORK, BANGKOK, 15 September 2003 -  At a ceremony today at UNICEF'S New York Headquarters, former Prime Minister of Thailand, Anand Panyarachun, received an award honouring his years of service to the children of Thailand.  UNICEF presented the award to Panyarachun at its Executive Board meeting.

First UNICEF awards for youth leadership announced
BALI, 6 May 2003 - UNICEF today announced the winners of the inaugural UNICEF Award for Youth Leadership in East Asia and the Pacific.  (News Note)

Leaders urge East Asia and Pacific to do their utmost for children
BALI, 5 May 2003 – President of Indonesia, H.E. Megawati Sukarnoputri, opened today the Sixth East Asia and Pacific Ministerial Consultation on Children calling on all nations of the world to work hard for the protection and well-being of children.  (News Note)

East Asian and Pacific nations act for children
BALI, 7 May 2003 - Twenty five nations in the East Asia and Pacific Region Wednesday, May 7, decided to step-up action against child sexual exploitation and trafficking.  (News Note)

UN taskforce meets to address infant infection with HIV/AIDS
BANGKOK, May 10 –  UNICEF will convene tomorrow the UN Regional Taskforce Meeting on prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV in Southeast Asia and the Pacific. More than 700,000 children under 15 are infected worldwide with HIV/AIDS every year, almost all through vertical transmission of the virus from mother to child during pregnancy, delivery or breast feeding. As the epidemic spreads in Asia and the Pacific, the number of children infected is rising. Years of hard-won progress in child survival are set to be reversed.

UNICEF and H&M in partnership for girls' education and HIV/AIDS awareness
UNICEF today announced a new partnership and thanked the global fashion company H&M for its donation of $1.5 million toward UNICEF girls’ education programmes worldwide and HIV/AIDS prevention programmes in Cambodia. The donation will be given over a three-year period.

UNICEF calls for change in justice systems on behalf of child prisoners in E. Asia and Pacific
BANGKOK, 18 March 2004 – A UNICEF report released today calls for urgent improvements in judicial systems for children and young people in East Asia and the Pacific.

UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Sir Roger Moore to Visit Cambodia
PHNOM PENH, 16 October 2003 – Sir Roger Moore, a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador and popular actor, will visit Cambodia October 22-26 to promote the increased consumption and production of iodized salt to combat the threat of mental retardation and other disabilities caused by iodine deficiency.

Iodine deficiency still leaves millions of children at risk of mental retardation
BEIJING, 15 October 2003  –  Despite major advances over the last 12 years, millions of children are still being born in households where iodized salt is not consumed, putting them at risk of developing the mental disabilities caused by Iodine Deficiency Disorder, UNICEF Executive Director Carol Bellamy said today.

Japan gives major boost to education in Afghanistan
TOKYO / GENEVA / NEW YORK, 26 July - The Japanese Government has donated $10.8 million for education programmes for displaced children returning to their villages and refugee children returning to Afghanistan, UNICEF announced today, saying the funds were urgently needed to keep up with the large numbers of children seeking to resume learning.

Single-dose Nevirapine should be available to HIV-positive mothers
UNAIDS, UNICEF and EGPAF today expressed concern about the South African Medicine Control Council’s decision to discontinue use of single-dose nevirapine for prevention of mother to child transmission.

Indian icon Shabana Azmi tells South Asian leaders to ‘get real’ about HIV/AIDS
Bangkok, 15 July 2004 - Indian film star and social activist Shabana Azmi told participants at the XV International AIDS Conference in Bangkok that South Asian leaders must do much more to help protect their young people from the threat of HIV/AIDS.

UNICEF assists schools affected by recent violence in Thailand
BANGKOK, May 3 – UNICEF is sending school supplies to the three southern provinces in Thailand affected by the recent violence. since January 2004, an estimated 30 schools have been destroyed in southern Thailand, affecting some 5,000 students. Teachers have been intimidated and there is a fear that some schools may not reopen after the current holiday due to security considerations, according to UNICEF.

Jackie Chan wraps up mission to Cambodia
PHNOM PENH, April 28 – Newly appointed UNICEF/UNAIDS Goodwill Ambassador Jackie Chan Wednesday wrapped up a busy three-day mission to Cambodia during which  he played with HIV-positive children, blew up landmines, met Prime Minister Hun Sen and pledged to do “whatever I can do” to promote the cause of children.

HIV/AIDS in Europe and Central Asia; Young people are the solution
DUBLIN, 22 February 2004 --  “HIV/AIDS has a young face and it is essential, therefore, for young people to be at the heart of a new and effective pan-European prevention effort,” said UNICEF Executive Director Carol Bellamy on the eve of the Irish EU Presidency Conference on HIV/AIDS: Breaking Barriers, Partnership to fight HIV/AIDS in Europe and Central Asia.

Dramatic improvements in child health and education noted on Timor Leste's second anniversary
TIMOR LESTE, 20 May 2004 - As Timor Leste, the world’s newest nation and youngest democracy, marks its 2nd anniversary on May 20, it can also celebrate dramatic improvements in health and education services for children, says UNICEF.

Humanitarian aid needed for children in Aceh
BANGKOK/JAKARTA, INDONESIA, 23 May 2003 - A humanitarian crisis is exploding in the Indonesian province of Aceh, where 23,000 children have been displaced and 425 schools destroyed because of renewed fighting in the province. (News Note)

Japan donates $2 million to UNICEF to get children out of orphanages in Central Asia
TOKYO/GENEVA/NEW YORK, 31 August 2004 – The Government of Japan is donating more than US$ 2 million to UNICEF to get children out of orphanages and other residential institutions across Central Asia. The announcement coincides with a tour of Central Asia by Japanese Foreign Minister Yoriko Kawaguchi, which ended today.

UNICEF warns urgent action needed to end child trafficking
INDONESIA, 29 March 2004 - On the eve of a UNICEF sponsored regional conference on child sexual exploitation and trafficking in Medan in North Sumatra, UNICEF warned today that urgent action was needed to end child sexual exploitation and trafficking. Surveys conducted in the region showed that trafficking of children was lucrative, well organized within and across countries and linked to criminal activity and corruption.

More Afghan children protected against measles thanks to immunization campaigns
KABUL, 3 August 2003  -  Even more of Afghanistan’s children are protected against measles today, thanks to a one-month immunization campaign spearheaded by the Ministry of Health, and supported by UNICEF, WHO and other partners. The campaign, which was held across the country in June 2003, reached more than 5 million children aged nine months to five years.

Vitamins & minerals for children fortifies economic development in China
BEIJING/GENEVA/ NEW YORK, 3 September 2004 – China’s massive drive to reduce the damage done by vitamin and mineral deficiency, particularly to children, is paying rich dividends for its economy, UNICEF and the Chinese Ministry of Health announced today.

Mongolian Buddhists join fight to prevent HIV/AIDS
ULAANBAATAR, MONGOLIA, 12 April 2004 – Buddhists monks from the Dashichoiling Monastery, one of the some 150 Buddhist monasteries in Mongolia, are joining the global fight to prevent HIV/AIDS in the country. Mongolia is a country with only four reported HIV positive cases but it is in a highly vulnerable zone sandwiched between China and Russia, where HIV/AIDS prevalence is alarmingly high.

Bellamy sees improvements for children in DPRK
SEOUL, 17 March 2004 – Despite international isolation and a political impasse with the West, efforts to save and improve the lives of North Korean children are working, the head of UNICEF said today, citing vastly improved immunization rates and better systems for finding and treating cases of severe malnutrition. 

UNICEF urges demobilization, integration of child soldiers
Bangkok, 30 October - Noting that up to one quarter of the world's estimated 300,000 child soldiers are currently serving in the East Asia and Pacific region, the head of the UN Children's Fund (UNICEF) Wednesday called for new and concerted efforts to demobilize them and assist their reintegration into society.

East Asia and Pacific region at forefront of action to counter the commercial sexual exploitation of children
BANGKOK, 10 November, 2004 – New initiatives in East Asia and the Pacific are leading the way in combating the commercial sexual exploitation of children, according to senior government officials from across the region.

2005 CBD: Country Programme Evaluation Royal Government of Cambodia / UNICEF 2001-2005
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