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Teen radio reporter from Tanzania to speak at Paris Climate Agreement signing ceremony
Getrude Clement, 16-year-old radio reporter from Tanzania and UNICEF climate advocate, will give the opening speech at the Paris Climate Agreement signing ceremony in the UN General Assembly Hall on Friday, 22 April 2016.

Climate change and poor sanitation threaten water safety for millions: UNICEF
New York, 21 March 2016 – On the eve of World Water Day, UNICEF said the push to bring safe water to millions around the world is going to be even more challenging due to climate change, which threatens both water supply and water safety for millions of children living in drought- or flood-prone areas.

Lions Health partners with UNICEF and Unilever to create an innovative global health campaign
LONDON, 17 February 2015 – Lions Health together with UNICEF and Unilever today launched the Young Lions Health Award, an exciting new competition for young creatives and marketers that aims to improve challenges facing global health systems in developing countries.

FC Barcelona Foundation, Reach Out To Asia and UNICEF launch ‘1 in 11’ campaign
NEW YORK, 9 January 2015 – FC Barcelona Foundation, Reach Out To Asia (ROTA) and UNICEF today launched the ‘1 in 11’ campaign to extend educational opportunities to marginalized children in Bangladesh, Indonesia and Nepal, with the goal of expanding to more countries.

UNICEF and Socialab announce winners of "First 72 Hours" – a global innovation challenge for emergencies
NEW YORK/SANTIAGO, Chile, 27 May 2014 – UNICEF and Socialab, a leading Chilean innovation non-profit, today announced the winners of a four–month-long innovation challenge aimed at creating new solutions for people hit by disasters.

UNICEF calls on football fans to take the protection of children into their own hands
NEW YORK/BRASILIA, 16 May 2014 – UNICEF Brazil has launched an app that allows users, with a few taps on their smartphones or tablets, to report cases of abuse, violence or exploitation of children.

The European Union and UNICEF launch ‘Voices of Children in Emergencies’ campaign
BRUSSELS/NEW YORK, 15 May 2014 - The European Union and UNICEF today launched a campaign to highlight the situation of millions of children around the world affected by disasters, catastrophes and conflicts -- by giving some of these boys and girls the opportunity to tell their stories.

Schools for Africa campaign expands to help millions more children
NEW YORK, 15 September 2009 - Education for millions of children in Africa received a major boost today as UNICEF, the Nelson Mandela Foundation...

Children, young people unite online to address climate change
DAEJEON, REPUBLIC OF KOREA, 20 August 2009 - Children and young people across the world are joining forces to address climate change with a new...

Historic moment expected as millions and millions of South Asian children prepare to make an ordinary act extraordinary
KATHMANDU / NEW DELHI,  9 October 2008 – In what is thought to be the biggest ever exercise of its kind, more than 120 million children across South Asia...

Children’s voices important in climate change discussions
NEW YORK/NUSA DUA (BALI), 12 December 2007 – Two days after the presentation of the Nobel Peace Prize to environmental experts, UNICEF...

Ishmael Beah Appointed UNICEF Advocate, on the Anniversary of the Convention on the Rights of the Child
NEW YORK, 20 November 2007 - On the occasion of the 18th anniversary of the adoption of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, author and former...

International Peace Day commemorated in DRC with mass child survival campign
KINSHASA, 21 September 2007 -  UNICEF and partners commemorated the International Peace Day in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) by launching...

On Labour Day, Lao Trade Union leaders call on working dads to protect their families from HIV
VIENTIANE, 1 May 2007 – Leaders of the Lao Trade Union today launched the “Caring Dads” campaign aimed at inspiring working fathers to care for children and..

Days of Peace campaign begins to reach remote conflict affected areas
MANILA, 27 April 2007 - UNICEF Representative Dr. Nicholas Alipui, Tuesday, led an unprecedented field mission to remote communities in Mindanao to deliver essential child health services under the Days of Peace...

Young people speak up on the status of girls
26 February 2007 - Media Advisory

A new website for UNICEF in Tajikistan
DUSHANBE, 12 December 2006 - A new website for UNICEF in Tajikistan was launched today giving outsiders an insider’s view of the lives of children in this mountainous Central Asian country.

President of Serbia, National Goodwill Ambassador and others join UNICEF celebrations in Serbia
BELGRADE, 12 December 2006 -  A 12-day-long programme in Serbia marking UNICEF’s 60th anniversary with the theme “Remembering the Past and Looking towards the Future”...

UNICEF celebrates 60 years for children
NEW YORK, 8 December 2006 - Six decades after its inception as a temporary relief agency, UNICEF is marking its 60th anniversary today, celebrating its many achievements on behalf of children all over the world.

IKEA, Save the Children and UNICEF joint campaign: ‘A smile is worth so much’
IKEA, UNICEF and Save the Children will join forces for children worldwide again this year, following a successful 2005 effort that raised over €2 million euro for life-saving programs through its  “€1 is a fortune. . .  A child’s smile is worth so much” campaign.

Shakira, UNICEF launch Campaign for Peace in El Salvador
SAN SALVADOR, 6 November 2006 -  UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Shakira Mebarak joined the “Make the Difference by Not Being Indifferent" campaign, in support of the fight against violence in El Salvador.

FAQ: “Smurfs: What’s it all about?”
In case you haven’t heard: UNICEF in Belgium has created a unique and attention-getting video message about the impact of war on children.  The 30 second TV ad – to be run free by Belgian broadcasters in the late evening hours – is part of a campaign by UNICEF in Belgium to raise awareness about the many ways conflict destroys children’s lives.

UNICEF welcomes UN Millennium Project "investing in development" report
NEW YORK, 17 January 2005 – UNICEF today welcomed the UN Millennium Project  report directed by Prof. Jeffrey Sachs and his team, calling it an "indispensable road map to reaching the Millennium Development Goals."

UNICEF and Cathay Pacific celebrate 13-year partnership
NEW YORK, 9 June 2004 – Celebrating the 13-year partnership between UNICEF and Cathay Pacific Airways, which has raised more than US$ 6.5 million since 1991 on behalf of UNICEF as part of its ‘Change for Good’ programme, UNICEF Executive Director Carol Bellamy honoured Cathay Pacific Chief Operating Officer Phil Chen at a ceremony Wednesday here at UNICEF headquarters.

UNICEF launches public service campaign
NEW YORK, 28 May 2004 – UNICEF today announced the creation of a new series of public service announcements highlighting the fundamental rights of children to health care, education, equality and protection.

UNICEF intensifies support in fight against cholera in Mozambique
MAPUTO, 27 January 2004 – With the cholera outbreak in Mozambique affecting more and more people, UNICEF has intensified its support to the affected locations in close collaboration with the local authorities, the World Health Organisation (WHO) and NGOs. “The prevention activities are key to limit the impact of the current outbreak. UNICEF is supporting the door-to-door information campaign by activists in Maputo City, the provision of posters on cholera prevention and their dissemination in the schools of the capital,” UNICEF Representative Marie-Pierre Poirier said on Tuesday. In addition, UNICEF is supporting radio discussions on cholera prevention, broadcast by the Child-to-Child-radio network of Radio Moçambique.

Trick or Treat for UNICEF, an American tradition
NEW YORK, 27 October 2003 - Good ideas often have humble beginnings. Such is the story of "Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF," which started in 1950 when a group of young trick-or-treaters went door-to-door on Halloween with their pastor in Philadelphia.  At each door, they not only opened their bags for candy, but held out empty milk cartons to collect coins for children in need overseas. They collected $17 and sent it to UNICEF. The result was much bigger than those children ever imagined.

The promise of Liberia's back-to-school effort
MONROVIA/NEW YORK/GENEVA, 26 September 2003 - UNICEF today urged the war-weary people of Liberia to fully support the campaign to return Liberian children to school.

First mass measles vaccination in 3 years in Tubmanburg, Liberia
MONROVIA, 29 AUGUST 2003 - The first mass immunization measles campaign following the cessation of hostilities in Liberia will be launched today in Tubmanburg, Bomi County, by UNICEF and its partners.   Tubmanburg is a base of the Liberians United for Reconciliation and Democracy (LURD), one of the two rebel groups in Liberia, and is home to thousands of displaced persons, the majority of whom are women and children, from Gbarpolu and Lofa Counties.

Zambia's measles campaign reaches record numbers
LUSAKA, 26 August 2003 – In one of the biggest health campaigns in Zambia’s history, nearly 5 million children between the ages of 6 months and 14 years were successfully vaccinated against measles. During a Measles Campaign Awards ceremony on 21 August, the Minister of Health, Dr. Brian Chituwo, announced that 4,955,647 children had been immunized, representing coverage of 108 per cent (Target: 4,600,916). The National Measles Campaign, which was held from 7-13 June, is part of a larger global effort to halve the number of measles deaths by 2005.

Pledge! Fox Kids, UNICEF drive for girls' education
Friday, 4 April 2003 - Fox Kids Europe (FKE), the leading pan-European integrated children's entertainment company, today announced the launch of an online campaign to collect pledges in support of UNICEF's Go Girls! Education for Every Child campaign, a major part of UNICEF's '25 by 2005' initiative to get more girls into school in 25 priority countries by 2005. (Press release)

Jimmy Carter calls for urgency in fight against Guinea worm in West Africa
Tamale, GHANA , 4 February 2004 – Today 650 kilometres north of Ghana's capital city, former U.S. President Jimmy Carter and senior officials from The Carter Center, the World Health Organization, and UNICEF made a historic visit to the endemic Guinea worm village of Dashie to urge Ghana to finish the eradication of Guinea worm disease.

Amusement parks to raise money for UNICEF
NEW YORK, 24 July 2002 - In a ceremony here today, UNICEF and the International Association of Amusement Parks & Attractions announced a global fundraising alliance for children under the banner: "Your Change for A Real Change."

UNICEF and Salvadorian government campaign to prevent illegal immigration of children
SAN SALVADOR, 19 August 2003 – The Minister of Foreign Affairs of El Salvador, María Eugenia Brizuela de Ávila, and the Representative of UNICEF in El Salvador, Juan Carlos Espínola, launched the Central American radio campaign called “La Ruta del Norte” (The Route to the North) on Monday, a programme aimed to persuade mothers, fathers or guardians not to send their children to the United States illegally.

After war, it’s Back-to-School for Liberian children
GENEVA/NEW YORK/MONROVIA, 3 November 2003 - UNICEF today said that it expects hundreds of thousands of children to return to studies during Liberia’s Back-to-School campaign – thousands of them for the first time in their lives.

UNICEF launches emergency vaccination campaign against hepatitis B in Peru
GENEVA, September 2003 - UNICEF has launched an emergency vaccination campaign against hepatitis B for two ethnic groups in a remote region of the Peruvian Amazon, whose existence could be threatened by a prolonged outbreak of the disease.




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