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United Nations Development Group call to action

BUSAN, 25 November 2011 - “We must work with common purpose to reduce inequities, improve lives, and secure a better future for all."

This Fourth High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness comes at a time when there is urgent need for our concerted and effective action:

  • It is less than a month since the world marked the birth of its seven billionth inhabitant.
  • More than one billion people still live in extreme poverty and chronic hunger, with their daily lot made even harder by rising fuel and food prices, natural disasters -- including those which are climate-related—and too often by armed conflict and violence.
  • In the Horn of Africa, 13 million people affected by famine and drought are in urgent need of humanitarian and development assistance.
  • Millions of people have been affected by natural disasters, particularly floods this year.
  • A widening economic crisis is threatening the financial stability of the world's wealthiest countries and could have an even more damaging impact on the poor.

At this critical juncture, developing countries and their peoples look to us gathered in Busan to be part of the solution to the challenges they face. They expect us to help them reduce the vulnerabilities of the world’s poorest to dramatic global events, to increase their resilience and to realize sustainable and equitable growth through development support. They expect continued commitment and contribution from all partners: developed countries, the global South, multilateral organizations, civil society, philanthropic foundations, and the private sector. We cannot fail them.

We call upon all gathered in Busan to work effectively together in order to meet the challenges of our times.

  • We must support inclusive growth and sustainable and equitable development which
    reaches the poor and marginalized wherever they are.
  • We must address inequalities between women and men—because that is fair and just
    and it's also good economics.
  • We must do more to help developing countries rise out of poverty. We must give the aid
    we promised.
  • We must be more effective in our collective efforts and in using development resources
    for maximum results.
  • We must help save lives through better healthcare, nutrition programmes and a more
    focused effort to eradicate hunger.
  • We must build a stronger future by investing in the education and training of our young
  • We must invest in protecting and preserving our planet for future generations.

No one country, group or organization can provide solutions alone. We only achieve results when we are united in vision and in action. With the convening power of the United Nations, we can offer a platform for all development partners—Member States, civil society organizations, philanthropic foundations, the private sector and others—to act forcefully and responsibly to banish poverty and hunger and work decisively and effectively for a safer, more equitable, more prosperous, and greener world.

For more information, please contact:
Rita Ann Wallace, UNICEF New York:
Tel + 212-326-7586




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