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UNICEF sends emergency supplies to El Salvador

San Salvador, 6 October 2005 -- Today UNICEF made a donation to El Salvador’s First Lady and National Secretary for the Family, Doña Ana Ligia Mixco de Saca, aimed to meet the needs of 10,000 people located in 70 temporary shelters – of which approximately 60 percent are children. 

The donation, valued at one hundred and ten thousand dollars (US$110,000) consisted of:

  • 2000 family hygiene kits (calculated to meet the immediate needs of families of 5 members), 
  • 2000 recreational kits for children from 6 to 12 years old who have been evacuated into shelters, 
  • 70 kits (one per shelter) with materials to support psycho-social activities in the shelters, and
  • 70 hygiene kits (one per shelter) with materials for personal hygiene and water purification.

“This donation is an initial step in the wider support of the United Nations to the government and the people of El Salvador through the National Secretariat for the Family, assisting children and their families who have been impacted by this disaster,” affirmed the Representative of UNICEF in El Salvador, Miriam de Figueroa. 

As well, UNICEF made a donation to the Ministry of Health of 50,000 packages of oral rehydration salts and 10,000 water purification tablets to provide 10,000 liters of clean water to families in need. 

Part of this contribution has been possible thanks to donations from the Spanish Committee for UNICEF and the French Committee for UNICEF, in support to emergency preparedness and prevention in the country.

The Representative of UNICEF also reiterated that the assistance of the private sector in this effort has been key, including support from the cable company AMNET which is providing installations for the preparation of the more than 4000 kits being given today to assist families and children in shelters.  As well, more than 100 volunteer students from the American School in El Salvador have joined forces with the UNICEF team to put together the kits, as have colleagues from other UN agencies in the country.    

In the framework of a joint UN response to the emergency, and with a mandate to ensure appropriate and healthy conditions for all children in situations of emergency, UNICEF is supporting immediate actions to ensure adequate materials and attention for the mental and physical well-being of these displaced children and families.  This will be followed by work to assist these families as they return to their homes in the weeks and months to come.

Alter 5 days of national emergency from continuous, intense rains, flooding and landslides, which have added to the already dire impacts of the eruption of the Ilamatepec  volcano en El Salvador, total dead have reached to over 62 and numbers of affected people who have fled for their lives to shelters have reached more than 40,000.

For more information, please contact:

Miriam de Figueroa, Representante UNICEF El Salvador.
Tel.: (503) 252-8800. Email: mdefigueroa@unicef.org




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