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Keynote speeches, plenaries, addresses, remarks and comments posted here have been delivered by UNICEF Executive Director Ann M. Veneman, with additional speeches delivered by UNICEF leaders and experts.

Remarks by Carol Bellamy, Colombo Press Conference

Remarks by Kul Gautum, Deputy Executive Director of UNICEF, to launch The State of the World's Children 2005

Remarks by Carol Bellamy, Executive Director of UNICEF, to launch The State of the World's Children 2005
UNICEF Executive Director, Carol Bellamy, launches the State of the World's Children Report 2005.

Address by Nikola Kokorus, 14 year old landmine survivor to Nairobi Summit on Mine-Free World

Bellamy addresses Nairobi Summit on a Mine-Free World
Calling landmines a “deadly attraction” for children, UNICEF says countries that care about children must stop producing landmines.

Bellamy addresses UN budget committee on staff security
NEW YORK, 4 November 2004 - "Today our staff face an unprecedented level of risks and threats.  Since January 1, 1992, 219 civilian staff members have lost their lives due to acts of violence. (...) The situation cries out for action."

Carol Bellamy remarks on Iraq School Survey
GENEVA, 15 October 2004  - "It’s a major milestone for Iraq because it is the new government’s first comprehensive look at what’s happening in a key social sector," said UNICEF Executive Director Carol Bellamy.

Statement by Bellamy on launch of the Vitamin & Mineral DAR report for China
BEIJING, 3 September 2004 - Speaking at the Beijing launch of the “Vitamin and Mineral Deficiency: A Damage Assessment Report for China”, UNICEF’s Executive Director Carol Bellamy praised the Government of China and the Ministry of Health for their extraordinary efforts to reach over 90 per cent of China’s 1.3 billion population with iodized salt, protecting a total of 133 million infants from brain damage due to iodine deficiency over the last ten years.

Bellamy addresses the 24th International Congress of Pediatrics
CANCUN, 16 August 2004 - IPA Congress Presentation by UNICEF Executive Director Carol Bellamy; UNICEF Plenary Session on Child Survival, Health, and Development.

UNICEF Executive Director Carol Bellamy addresses the Executive Board
NEW YORK, 7 June 2004 - Carol Bellamy address the annual UNICEF Executive  Board.

UNICEF Executive Director Carol Bellamy remarks at Kampala press conference
KAMPALA, 28 May 2004 - UNICEF Executive Director Carol Bellamy says the global community must do more to help the 1.6 million people displaced by the civil war in Uganda.

Carol Bellamy addresses the 2nd Intergovernmental Conference on Making Europe and Central Asia Part of a World Fit for Children
SARAJEVO, 13 May 2004 - UNICEF Executive Director Carol Bellamy remarks at an intergovernmental conference, where Government Ministers from across Europe and Central Asia gather in Sarajevo to nail down commitments to children’s rights.

Karin Sham Poo, UNICEF Deputy Executive Director, addresses the Barcelona Forum 2004
BARCELONA, 14 May 2004 - UNICEF Deputy Executive Director Karin Sham Poo addresses the The Nobel Prize Laureates Meeting at the Universal Forum of Cultures (Barcelona Forum 2004), an innovative platform through which to explore and analyze the major cultural and social challenges facing the world of the 21st century.

Statement by UNICEF Executive Director to Security Council on Children and Armed Conflict
NEW YORK, 20 January 2004 - Carol Bellamy, Executive Director of UNICEF today condemned the appalling violations of the rights of children in times of war. Addressing the annual Security Council meeting on children in armed conflict, she called on Council members to work harder to end the use of child soldiers, the killing and maiming of children, abductions, attacks on schools and hospitals, and sexual violence against boys and girls.

Secretary-General's message to Ministerial meeting of polio-endemic countries
NEW YORK, 15 January 2004 - The Secretary-General's video message to Ministerial meeting of polio-endemic countries on their role in ensuring global polio eradication.




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