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Over $4 million needed for Sudanese refugees in Chad

CHAD, 13 January 2004 - About 90,00 Sudanese refugees are in Chad along the border with Sudan to escape the fighting in Darfur. Movements along the border began in July 2003 with the highest concentration between the border towns of Adré and Tiné. So far, assistance to refugees has been minimal. The raining season, expected to start in June, will render the whole region almost inaccessible, making a quick humanitarian response necessary. A first evaluation shows that UN agencies will require over US$4 million to meet emergency needs.

Not all the refugee sites have been identified, as refugees are scattered in areas poorly accessible all along the border. An initial distribution of some food and non-food items has been made in some areas. However, most of the refugees, some of them displaced for six months, rely on the generosity of host communities and of the support given by the Chadian Government. While some of the refugees brought with them food and cattle, newcomers seem to have crossed with almost nothing. As a result, local stocks are being depleted and a short-term emergency program is required. 

Refugees must be relocated as soon as possible to the four sites already identified around Iriba, Guéréda, Farchana and Goz Beïda, where access to water and other facilities is currently being organized. Food must also reach these localities and be distributed as soon as possible. A first evaluation of the resources required immediately is as follows:

UN consolidated requirement for 3 months (January-March 2004) in US$

 Agency  Food NFI*   Education  Health  Agriculture
 WFP  3,000,000        
 UNHCR    817,422      
 UNICEF      83,000  13,372  
 UNFPA        18,050  
 WHO        140,000  
 FAO          241,889
 TOTAL  3,000,000  817,422  83,000  171,422  241,889

*Non-Food Items for the refugees, including supplies for the establishment of refugee camps

The World Food Programme (WFP) will procure about 3500 tons of food in the area (in Southern Chad or in Cameroon) and arrange for its transport to delivery points in Eastern Chad, from where the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) will distribute it to the refugees. UNHCR will provide assistance to the refugees, including their installation in at least four refugee camps 50-70 Km away from the border. The UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) will provide education services for the children according to the Sudanese curriculum. UNICEF, the UN Population Fund (UNFPA) and the World Health Organization (WHO) will provide basic health support to the refugees, including vaccination. FAO will provide the refugees with seeds and tool kits so that they can start planting as soon as the rain comes.

This short-term emergency programme is intended to bridge the gap until a more comprehensive estimation of the consolidated requirements for the coming 12 months is ready.

For further information, please contact:

Mr. Modibo Touré, UN Resident Coordinator, Ndjamena, Chad
modibo.toure@undp.orgTel: (235) 51 85 27 Fax: (235) 51 93 30




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