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UNICEF and the Catholic Church: Activities Report

For the past twenty years, UNICEF and CELAM have worked together in specific activities on behalf of children. Following this path, common footsteps have been taken and important history has been written together by both organizations. Some of the highlights include the following:

First Stage: Child survival and development (1983-1987)
UNICEF and some Episcopal Conferences

In 1983, UNICEF launches the Health Revolution, a programme received by the Holy See with a very optimistic and positive response, consequently endorsing its memorable commitment in favor of health and the wellbeing of children.  The Catholic Church supported this initiative with its network roster around the globe and more so in the developing countries.

The first experience of co-operative work between CELAM and UNICEF started when the National Secretariat of the Social Pastoral in Colombia produced the “Road to Health for Children” manual, and trained promoters in 20 jurisdictions. In 1985, both entities participated in the National Survival Plan, which was developed by the Colombian government. This programme was successfully implemented in Venezuela through the Pastoral da Criança from Brazil, which takes care of the holistic development of children from 0 to 6 years of age.

Second Stage: Children's Social Pastoral (1987-1993)
UNICEF and the Latin American Church work together

This second phase took place when a stronger and official alliance between UNICEF and the Latin American Catholic Church, was implemented.

In 1986 in Londrina and Brasilia, a convention of 15 Latin American Bishops was held for the purpose of evaluating progress on the collective work between UNICEF and the Brazilian Episcopal Conference (CNBB). The Latin American Secretariat of CARITAS, SELAC, joined this effort by promoting co-operation programmes at the national and diocese levels,  motivating their active participation throughout the country.

n 1987 the Children's Pastoral was launched to continue with this successful endeavour. Educational materials were produced, training workshops were implemented, and regional and sub-regional conclaves were held throughout Latin America. As part of a stronger commitment, in 1991 a co-operation agreement was signed between UNICEF and CELAM, oriented to address child survival activity in support of integrated early childhood development programmes (IECD), as well as child protection, and focusing on the mother and family in general.

Third Stage: Educating for peace, democracy and development (1993- 2002)

In 1993, a third co-operation phase was launched, when the formal Co-operation Agreement between CELAM and UNICEF was introduced. Following the World Education Summit in 1990 (in Jomtien, Thailand), education programmes became a priority and implementation took place by integrating communities as partners, where protection and legal promotion of women, children and family rights were of greatest importance.

Based on these premises UNICEF and CELAM launched the “Children's Social Pastoral and Education for Peace, Democracy and Development of the Human Being and Society” programme. This became the umbrella for the “Right to a Name and Nationality” programme and the movement for children's rights campaigns.

Several programmes were created  within this third phase, such as a high-risk HIV/AIDS preventive education Pastoral, and a drug-addiction preventive project, all within the frame of caring for the poorest, promoting better living conditions for the integral development of children and adolescent's throughout the region.

The joint operations carried out over the years represents the road to an alliance of hard work between UNICEF and the Catholic Church, with the sole purpose of favoring the poorest and most vulnerable people on the Continent, the children and adolescents of Latin America.

The responsibility for continuing this mission is a commitment we undertake with great generosity and enthusiasm.

Catholic Church and UNICEF: Activities Report [PDF]

Catholic Church and UNICEF: Activities Report [Word]



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