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Campaign against FGM/C

"Facts for Life" Campaign


How the campaign was developed

A billboard from the campaign promotes exclusive breastfeeding for the first 6 months of life.

The Campaign is intended to reach:

•  Facts for Life gestures should, of course, be made by mothers, but also by grandmothers (musokoroba).

• The “Facts for Life” campaign is intended for mothers and grandmothers so that they can fully play their roles.

• The campaign also seeks to promote community dialogue for adoption of lifesaving gestures. To that end, it is intended for all community stakeholders involved in children’s health: grandfathers, fathers, tradipractitioners, marabouts, health workers, etc.

Under the supervisory authority of the Ministry of Health and in partnership with UNICEF, the content of the “facts for Life” campaign was developed from scientific evidence and the results of socio-anthropologic research on health, nutrition and development of the mother, newborn and child conducted in 2009 in all cultural circles of Mali .

Under the supervision of the Ministry of Communication and New Technologies, communication channels were selected taking into account the coverage.

Given the multimedia coverage opportunities, the campaign intends to provide access to correct and complete information on facts for life and their benefits to at least 750,000 Malian households.

Dissemination channels of the campaign


•  9 micro-programmes of about one minute each, produced in French and 5 national languages:

– 2000 TV programmes in all (= 30 hours)
– 45 000 Radio programmes in all (= 750 hours)

• 8 public education and entertainment programmes of about 45 min
• 1 TV/Radio products

Mobile telephone:

Texts will be sent to all subscribers of Orange company (3 million) through educative SMS messages.


Large posters (12M2) and small posters (40cmx60cm) displayed in 74 towns/councils spread out in the country, and 15,000 small posters in health centres, schools, town halls, etc.

Written press:

Posters will be published in the national press and community press.

Philatelic products:

A stamp was produced to inaugurate a thematic series of stamps on the four facts for life to be disseminated throughout the country.



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