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A community health volunteer visits a household to discuss key health practices in the village of Soufroulaye, Mopti Region. She uses a flip chart with pictures for easy understanding.

C4D seeks to accelerate achievement of key results in UNICEF's Medium-term Strategic Plan (MTSP) for the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) by:

  • Increasing knowledge and awareness
  • Improving and building new skills
  • Maintaining and increasing demand for products and services
  • Improving the performance of service providers 
  • Changing individual behaviours and collective practices
  • Influencing attitudes, social norms and power relationships
  • Enhancing self esteem and promoting self efficacy
  • Changing national and local policies and legislation

Through: • Studies and research (evidence)
• Mass communication and advocacy – disseminate information/messages and echo the voices, perceptions and requests of children, women and families of vulnerable groups to influence political dialogue
• Local communication/ social mobilization – influence families through mobilization of the civil society (NGOs, grass roots communities) and leaders and  involve the communities.
• Interpersonal communication/ social dialogue – involve and empower families and social networks to influence and strengthen social norms and collective behaviour
• Monitoring & Evaluation



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